Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology


On June 26th, 2014, my best friend began to date a Feminist – perhaps even a Feminazi. Moreover, after my long interactions with her, one could no longer ignore the nobility and irrationality of her crusade.

Understand, in any social science, from Economics, dating, seduction, psychology, and beyond, the rules are all relative.

Parallel to stereotypes, there is always a certain truth, but it is human nature to think in patterns, therefore there is always an exception to any rule or stereotype in social science.

Lastly, my understanding of Feminism and Feminazis may be limited. Respect everyone’s opinions on here – any inappropriate comments will be blocked or reported.

1. Fight for equality

Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology

Parallel to climate change, denying women get paid less is foolish – as a business owner, I see it happen often. If someone paid you less for doing equal work or would not hire you simply due to race or gender, naturally, it would infuriate anyone.

2. Victim’s mentality

My college experience, put mildly, was unlike most. The amount of bullying and harassment was so severe that I had to transfer colleges. Post-traumatic stress, physical assaults, GPA loss, a year and a half of time lost, and close to $50,000 of loss were the costs of this bullying.

75% of the bullying came from sororities, while the rest came from a fraternity. The school and police ignored and even mocked me when I tried to report them.

As a fighter, I went back, and well, they now run away from me. Even after 4 and a half years, I still wage my unholy war against them – lawsuits are also coming.

Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology

Here’s the rub, I do not blame women kind nor the world for my unfortunate treatment. The sense of extreme inequality and powerlessness I faced, an experience shared by many women, often blame men or the world for their problems.

While it is human nature to always point fingers at someone, all humans will have to face adversity, from passive aggressive morons at work, to the jerk off on the road. Moreover, I still respect women, but naturally, I’m more careful.

I blamed myself for my losses and not fighting sooner, despite being 400 students versus a nobody like me. You are the master of your own fate, no more no less.

3. Play fair

My best friend's crazy girlfriend would go into a rage when we talked about women in general, but had no problem stereotyping about men or other races.

Once again, it is human nature to see what you want to see. Moreover, it is human nature to focus on the bad things, and typically, only the bad things.

When you wake up, you’re not thinking about how lucky you are to have water, or a TV, or even a roof. As a world traveler, I’ve seen poverty in the extreme - trust me, only a few Americans have the right to complain.

Feminism has come a long way, and because of their crusade, conditions have improved monumentally – many do not see this due to being stuck on current issues – only.

Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology

4. Women can do no wrong

When speaking to the police and school, there seemed to be a bias that women were incapable of such harassment.

The constant articles online, the news, and beyond about feminism often paint a black and white picture. It’s always the man’s or world’s fault. Therefore, women are always the victims.

Let’s be clear, no one is truly innocent. Even babies and children often manipulate (try to anyway) adults or other children to get what they want. I’ve seen both men and women do incredible immoral acts. Only the dead and gods can be perfect.

5. A woman doesn’t need a man

Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology

Naturally, as with all rules or statements, this can be interpreted in many ways. Assuming my understanding is succinct and for simplicity, let’s focus on a general POV – income, protection, emotional satisfaction, the whole 9 yards.

As a strong observer of people, without a doubt, we humans evolved to be part of a group – it’s a survival instinct. 20,000 years ago, with no technology, cops, guns, internet, who in your opinion would be an easier kill, the lone human or the one in a group? It’s no coincidence that carnivores often go for the youngest or out casted animals.

Every human, from the psychopath with no conscience (Ted Bundy anyone?), to my loner cousin, needs to be with someone in the long run. The lesbian will still need a woman, the gay guy will still need a guy, the straight guy or girl will still need the opposite sex.

Physically, you may be able to do everything on your own. Psychologically, your mind will break in the long run. A woman can’t do everything nor can a man.

We all have roles to play in this life – if you don’t like this, move to a desert or a forest and don’t come back.

As an extremely independent person who had to learn how to fight, date, and make friends on his own, I still need companionship. I can’t fight against nature.

Alas, those that become feminists often do so due to environmental and/or personal dramatic experiences. If it’s the latter, as a man, I apologize on behalf of us men; we sure can be cruel at times.

Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology

To reemphasize, as a social science, there will be Feminists or individuals who do not align with these observations, however the odds are not in your favor.

Why I Disagree With Most of Feminist Ideology
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  • youtoo
    Hi Anon, I'm very sorry to hear that you were bullied so severely in college. As a woman with family members who became sorority sisters, I can tell you first hand that the personality changes exhibited were astounding, negatively speaking. The vast majority seem to be vicious as a rule. I'm glad you're seeking justice, so that maybe this won't happen again to someone else.

    You bring up some very valid points regarding what someone else termed third wave feminism. Most people in general, feminists included, are very black and white in their thinking, because most of us are not taught to think critically, therefore, understandably, we take the path of least resistance. We are all guilty of confirmation bias whether we are aware of it or not, because we are emotionally attached to our ideas. We become our ideas, and our ideas become us, which unwittingly narrows our perspective considerably. I have had some very negative personal experiences because of my gender, such as being the butt of sexist jokes, not being allowed to participate in male dominated activities like fixing a car, being called a slut while "boys will be boys", being mistreated by men that I loved, being belittled intellectually, etc, but I don't use feminism as an agenda to further my own unresolved issues, which may be where the Feminazis are coming from. What feminism really stood for gets lost in translation sometimes, and many young girls are led further astray by famous people with a pen and podium who never experienced the sort of intellectual rigor required to have such strong opinions, such Jennifer Lawrence-esque feminism. Until we can learn to detach our ideas from our emotions, this sort of black and white thinking will continue. That's why humanity's progress will always be slow to crawl, but with some effort we can all strive to see the gray in between all the black and white.

    Thanks for the discussion.
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    • Anonymous

      Yes, I wrote a 43 pg social analytical document regarding what happens to freshmen when they join Greek life. Then it was sent to the school. Mainly, it has to do with narcissism and it's effect on the ego over time.

      I concur with all your points, and the approach is unique. Moreover, I am sorry for what you had to go through, guys can definitely cruel at times. The important thing, as you are undoubtedly aware is to either ignore them or slap (figuratively)) back.

      Thank you as well for reading and giving me a unique perspective!

    • Why did the sorority make the women vicious?

    • youtoo

      Hey Anon, apologies for the wall of text, I didn't have much time to write it so I just stuck with stream consciousness editing lol
      That's really interesting, sounds like a great topic for a research paper. I can agree with the rampant narcissism and egomaniacal behavior! A deteriorating effect most definitely. Unfortunately it looks they're stuck that way too. Thanks for the sympathy, standing up for myself has been an ongoing process that's had it's moments of success and
      You're welcome! Thanks again for bringing it up

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Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4
    the feminist ideology is simple
    "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."
    the feminazi ideology is NOT the feminist ideology

    here's a general rule. if your understanding is limited as you fairly put forth then it is really incorrect to make broad sweeping judgments and proclamations about something. for example the victim mentality. it sucks you were bullied but your singular experience is the rarity while 1in6 women are raped annually on a college campus. so it isn't a victim mentality it is a victim reality.

    the rest are things in you experienced in your "limited experience" so i think that makes it rather dangerous to put forth generalizations about feminism with such a limited experience. I agree about the wage gap. it is something but not what most perceive it to be.
    I know lots of feminist. in fact most of the women i know are avowed feminist. All have said they don't NEED a man but most have said they WANT a man. None think they are better than men, none think they deserve more than men, or think that women can do no wrong. in fact many are very critical of women who exhibit the aforementioned traits

    the feminazi is the rare being. her voice is loud. her position is crass, hypocritical and wrong. feminist walk among you, you probably associate with them every day and you may not even know it. they don't announce their views unless the subject is broached. but their view is simple (as is the view of probably 95% of feminist)... they want to be treated as equals
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    • Anonymous

      Our minds and bodies are constantly seeking equilibrium. In other words, we are always trying to make sense of the world around us, even with limited info. Therefore, I humbly ask you do not use that argument here - no more than I will make the same statement about your assumption that my experiences were "rarity."

      You have no idea how toxic the environment is over there. Sororities have abused thousands of people on that campus, mine were a bit more extreme however - many students also leave because of them.

      Secondly, the victim mentality vs reality is an argument for another time. Nevertheless, you're misunderstanding, it is the way many feminist articles are portraying their problems that I have issue with. For example, on the news, they'll put a picture of an Arabian guy next to a bomb, they won't say he's a terrorist, but the indirection leaves you to assume he is one.

      Thirdly, I never stated they think they're better or superior (you may be just using details, if so, sorry)

    • Anonymous

      Fourthly, the indirection of the articles online tend to create the impression "women can do no wrong."

      Fifthly, I concur with you that they're more feminists than I realize around me.

      Lastly, as someone who works with master psychologists, I have to disagree with your friends who argue they don't need a man - it's unlikely you will hear the same from a man ;) Remember, for pride or to keep face, people will say anything.

      Thank you for your alternative perspectives, got me thinking!

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  • WhateversCheapest
    75% of the bullying came from sororities, while the rest came from a fraternity. The school and police ignored and even mocked me when I tried to report them.

    As a fighter, I went back, and well, they now run away from me. Even after 4 and a half years, I still wage my unholy war against them – lawsuits are also coming

    What college did you go to? I'll make sure I never ever ever go there, that sounds awful. And unusual.
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    • Anonymous

      Hey Whatever! Due to potential lawsuits, I cannot give specific details at the moment, If you're willing, after Nov I can tell you.

  • Rissyanne
    Your friends girlfriend sounds like a bitch... why would he want to be with someone like that?
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    • Anonymous

      Let's put it this way, we're in a Cold War situation - she doesn't know it - that's how I've designed it. Moreover, he and her have chemistry, but as unfortunate as it sounds, he grew up around extreme personalities, especially his mother.

    • Gommers

      I had a feminist girlfriend of one of my friends get involved in my relationship and ruined it. The girl she ruined it with was my fiancee at the time. She didn't like that her man wasn't the only man in her circle of friends that was making a female happy. So she got involved and lied to my girl about me. The girl that ruined my relationship was a self proclaimed feminist.

      It's not just OP's girl, it's a whole mentality across the group.

  • bente2
    When will people actually treat feminism as it is? This article isn't correct at all times, since you are talking from the pov of third wave feminists, not actual feminists.
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    • Anonymous

      Please read the beginning again

  • IceCubedude
    can't men and women be nice to each other and date those they are attracted to , get married, have kds and have a job and basically live their life without feminisim, social justice who knows what and all these retards out there?

    Being a nice and respectful guy is getting harder with time, girls want to get a reaction out of us, they want to surpass guys but at the same time in some areas they never will, i just dont see the point in being identical to a girl it just doesn't appeal to me, i have no problem being the man in the family, with whatever responsibilties may it bring... however iam starting to wonder if girls actually want to be the women in the family or they aspire to be the men as well...
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    • Anonymous

      The original mission of Feminism, one of equality, while still alive today, I feel has been corrupted today - it's now a crouch for slighted women to make themselves feel better.

      Moreover, the gender role argument is the new cultural wave, but luckily, most women I've met aren't like my best friend's girlfriend.

    • How am i supposed to be nice and respectful when the downvote i got is from a girl, i didn't even say anything bad yet they still hate it, it seems like anything a man says nowdays is wrong regardless of it is

    • Anonymous

      Don't take it personally, often it is the young ones who are reading 2 lines (seeing what they want to see), get emotional, then immediately start whining. Online, you will have all types of people.

  • HadesMkII
    Feminism stems from gynocentrism. Defeating feminism -whatever that means exactly- without addressing the underlying issue is like putting a bandage on a tumor and leaving the cancer alone.
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    • Anonymous

      Could you elaborate?

    • HadesMkII

      Think about it, how come feminism reared its ugly head in the first place? Underlying gynocentric human nature, in my opinion at least.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that could be said for any movement. I won't deny women have suffered throughout history, but my issue is that it has become warped.

  • Touchmehxx
    Income? Yea women deffo should get men to pay for them. I mean we're all in the kitchen right?
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    • Anonymous

      I'm confused. Regarding income, (#1), I believe women should be paid equally - no exceptions.

    • Touchmehxx

      Under the part that says women can't be alone. It says men give the income

    • Anonymous

      Please reread #5 slowly - we're looking at a General POV, not just income, protection, etc. Physically, a woman can do everything if she wanted to - my mother is an example, however my point is that no human, man or woman can be alone forever.

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  • Thisperson98
    Wait are you saying the wage gap is true? Because it is a myth.
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    • Anonymous

      I've seen differently, but as always, any rule or observation is relative in social science. Women may get paid where you live, but by me they don't.

    • Anonymous

      *Paid equally where you live

    • In the US they are paid equally.

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  • JoyGirl
    I am sorry, but I am not a feminist, but I believe I don't need a man. 🙋
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  • Guy83
    I think it's because you're too young and immature. Grow up. Stop carrying a torch for a lost cause. Feminism won. More power to them. Let's deal with real issues now.
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    • Gommers

      Feminism only wins until men stand up and actually fight. Winning by default is not really winning.

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Cool. Wanna fucking cookie?
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  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Fuck feminism
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  • Adigelunar
    +Good post
  • Anonymous
    Feminists and sorority girls are the worse.
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  • Anonymous
    The nature of women has always been known. I'm a PROUD MISOGYNIST and all men should be misogynistic
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  • Anonymous
    Nice take. Feminist women disgust me. I also want equality and I hate when women are looked down on by certain men, but Good Lawd, the women feminists today are the worst bunch of the lot. I almost always start distancing myself from a girl who mentions she is a feminist. I was open to dating feminist women before and they just make every damn thing about equality and being oppressed... it absolutely killed the mood... and damn... the moment i offered to pay... OMG...

    i would date a non-feminist girl anyway, way more polite and fun
    #DateANonFeminist and be happy
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    • Anonymous

      LOL! Younger girls get slighted if you offer to pay, older women get slighted if you don't pay. Thanks for reading my take!