The Lack of Class: An Insight Into Society and Shameless Self Promotion

The Lack of Class: An Insight Into Society and Shameless Self Promotion

So I’m sitting here at work. Yet again on another night-shift writing binge. Chilling on Netflix and watching The Addams Family [movie], when I suddenly thought about my partner wanting to buy me roses like Morticia has [just stems] because I’m obsessed with this movie. And I also thought about how similar our relationship is to Morticia and Gomez’s.

And now I’m thinking about #relationshipgoals in general and how incredibly stupid they have become.

I’m not saying that me having a relationship goal similar to the Addams’ is smart. It's just a HELL of a lot better than some of the goals these days.

Girls looking up to Rihanna and Chris Brown [abuse] or Beyonce and Jay-Z [supposed infidelity], etc.

I mean since when is it ok to idolize shit like that. To be totally ok with abuse and cheating because “he/she loves me” or because “but omg we are so hot together”. I mean unless you got some Stockholm Syndrome shit going on you shouldn’t idolize that behavior [and even if you do have Stockholm Syndrome you shouldn't tolerate that shit but medical brain shit ok]. You should want/expect/require better than that.

The Lack of Class: An Insight Into Society and Shameless Self Promotion

And while the Addams’ are a fictional couple/family, despite theit alternative [weird] lifestyle they are [in my mind] a perfect example of what goald SHOULD be.

Morticia and Gomez love each other. Yet they also recognize each other’s faults. And still love those faults. Gomez treats Tish like a QUEEN and Tish treats him like a King. They co-parent their children instead of one parent being more involved than the other. And while seemingly neither of them have jobs [filthy rich] in the sequel when they go for broke Tish and Gomez both go hunting for and for a brief moment hold down a job instead of one working while the other slacks off.

Thats the kind of relationship y'all need to be looking up too.

Where you and your partner are EQUAL. and you both put in the damn work.

Even when I was broke and jobless I would use my last dime to pay for something if my partner let me. I would at the VERY least offer [to which 6/10 times even if I had the money I would get denied]. My partner takes care of me. And I to them.

You can’t drive a ship solo. You need a trusty partner. A co-captian. Not a slave.


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The Lack of Class: An Insight Into Society and Shameless Self Promotion
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  • Kiran04
    I assure you, I can and do drive a ship solo, so saying "you can't" is just factually incorrect. However, society in general pretends that woman are the most amazing thing in the world without actually holding them to that standard. Men have huge standards they are to adhere to in a relationship, while women have almost none. Even infidelity on the woman's side is applauded. While over on the men's side, all the standards are the wrong ones. Wealth, success, and popularity. While wealth and success are nice and even necessary to some extent, having more of those things does not counter balance serious inadequacies in other departments. Money does not trump all. But, when you teach girls to look for wealth and not character, they don't tend to find character.
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  • Idonthaveausername
    I always tell people that the Addams family and the Monsters are both families with great values that everyone should look up to. The mom and dad take care of their children and grandparents and promote creativity and free thinking in their children while instilling in them proper values such as working hard and always sticking together. There's a reason why the sequel is called "The Addams Family Values ".

    I love it when people call me Morticia because I've always looked up to her as a strong woman and a good mother (I didn't really have one). If any guy wants to be with me, he'll have to be my Gomez because I'm not settling for anything less.
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    • Anonymous

      *high five*

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  • Tony1974
    Great post. Too many are looking to find their "meal-ticket'... People used to get married for love and mutual goals... A good partner used to be the goal; it's still mine but my quarry seems to have gone extinct. Too many entitled princesses and and shallow flakes...
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  • Fathoms77
    The words "class" and "modern society" are mutually exclusive, unfortunately.
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  • Zorax
    Very interesting Take, I agree :)
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Enjoyable take - Good read
  • bloodmountain1990
    Great take
  • John_Doesnt
    You might need a boyfriend or two.
    • Anonymous

      Are you illiterate?

    • I didn't read your whole take.

    • Anonymous

      Try that.
      Then hit me up.

  • Adigelunar
  • Omar5881
    This is AWESOME
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