3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future

3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future

Let's take a second and forget about every other possible problem that will impact us in the future, like climate change, and instead just focus on the human side of things. These are some of the weird problems that every day people will face decades from now:

(1.) Setting Age Limits on Life

3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future

One of the most wonderful parts about living in our modern world is that people are living longer...a lot longer. Back when Social Security was created in 1935, you had to be at least 65 years old to retire and receive benefits. The average life expectancy in 1935 was only about 61 years old, but remember this was an overall average and plenty of people lived longer than that. In 2011, the average life expectancy was nearly 79 years old, and as the years go by people will live longer, and longer, and longer...

NOPE. You see, people need to die eventually. We were never made to live forever. We live, we reproduce, we die, and our offspring starts the cycle all over again. There will soon come a point that not only will the age for Social Security benefits be raised (because allowing these now actually healthy old people to just stop working and drain government money for decades isn't going to fly), but there will be age limits too. Not only because of benefit drainage like previously mentioned, but because overpopulation is a big issue and having a bunch of old, non-reproducing, non-working, non-tax paying, and resource draining humans around isn't useful. Society needs young and active adults to function properly. So, there will eventually be end caps on how old someone can live until they're deemed non-useful anymore and need to be euthanized.

(2.) Possible Racism Against Clones or Cyborgs (or the opposite!)

3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future

"She's not like the rest of us, she's one of THEM! "

Yes, being a human clone or cyborg/bionic person may not be a fun way to live in the future. While we may have been optimistically promised now about curing crippling deformities and limb loss through the magic of technology and science, it may end up being what divides us. We tend to think racism is just something that past humans did, and we aren't like those barbarians! We're much more civilized than them!

Nope. Now, discrimination against separate races of humans may be a thing of the past decades into the future, but discrimination against "non-humans" (or rather SUB-humans, as they'll be known), could be a very real thing. Those who are mere clones, soulless & worthless copies, will most likely be 2nd class citizens who do grunt work and possibly just serve as test subjects or organ farms for their originals. Those who need bionic modifications to function normally (like bionic limbs, bionic eyes for the blind, bionic ear drums, etc.) will be seen as unnatural, and real human beauty will be desired.

However, the total opposite might happen. The bionic people will be stronger, smarter, more precise, faster, and more when compared to other humans. Some might even PURPOSELY remove and upgrade their old human organs to become better than everyone else. A regular human might become the 2nd class citizen here. He's a moron and slow compared to the other upgraded ones. This might also might take form as classism, since those who can afford the upgrades are most likely the wealthy. As for the clones, using their collective mindset and natural ability to work together from being the same person might give them an edge over everyone else. Maybe only the best of the best people are clones, and since they're all the "same" person, our society might be littered with Olympic athletes, geniuses, and models everywhere...and you'll just be a flawed human.

Of course, this might not happen at all. Human cloning may never be a thing in society, and if it is, it's possible that normal humans will become accustomed to these clones and integrate them well into society. Let's not forget that bionic people already exist (those with artificial hearts and limbs, for example), and they aren't seen as some monsters, if anything just shining examples of what technology can do to improve our lives. Us humans have also been getting better at this whole "tolerance" thing the past couple of centuries, so what's to say we won't have it nailed down by the time the new "races" of humans arrive?

(3.) Real Sęx Will Have to Compete With Simulations

3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future

Sęx robots are already a thing. Not only that, but we've already invented some pretty clever toys for ourselves to make masturbatiǫn more enjoyable. There's virtual reality pǫrn, and it won't be long before the tech becomes cheaper and easier to obtain. Soon, humans will have to compete against robots and simulations for sęx.

"Now hold on", you might say, "Real sęx with a real person will ALWAYS be better than with some robot!" You're right! For now at least. Those robots are soon going to be nearly perfect. They'll have amazing bodies with realistic and warm skin. They will do whatever you want them to, whenever you want them too. They'll have realistic sęxual organs that feel and perform like the real thing. The robots will act and react the same as a real person would during sęx, and after, if you enjoy cuddling. They'll artificially love you just as good if not better than any person. This will change how humans see intercourse with each other. Real sęx might even end up being worse than the robot's loving.

Let's not forget societal factors, too. About a decade ago, having a male sęx toy was a rare and frowned upon thing. Nowadays, everybody knows what a fleshlight is, and even though it's still looked at as the "loser" thing to do, they keep selling more and more of them. The same thing will happen with sęx robots. At first it will be rejected for being seen as something only desperate people get, until the stigma dies out and it becomes commonplace. Let's not forget that whole overpopulation problem too. Governments may severely limit the number of children people can have and if people can have children in the first place. They'll likely encourage and possibly subsidize these robots and simulations so that less people will be interested in the real thing.

Oh, did I mention that robot marriages will become a thing too? After all, these robots will have almost perfectly human intelligence and will experience emotions, like love. To the human and their robot partner, this love is just as real as anyone else's, and soon you'll see humans and robots growing obsolete together, raising families of cyber babies.

Okay so maybe the cyber babies is a bit of a stretch.

So yeah...

3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future

Humanity is far from doomed or anything, but the goal of this take here is to show you that lifestyles and societies are going to change and become much different decades ahead. Something we have never thought about before will become leading social issues in the future. Thank you for reading!

3 Weird Problems Humans Will Have in The Future
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  • Phoenix98
    Setting Age Limits on Life
    You do know that people back in the biblical times often lived to be hundreds of years old right? often times dying around age 400 if it was of old age.

    The human life span has been getting shorter as time goes on not longer nor would the governments of the world ever grant people immortality besides it's not possible to create.

    Possible Racism Against Clones or Cyborgs

    Cloning would never be used in such a widespread and idiotic manner and scientists can barely create a cloned sheep and couldn't create one without horrible health and adverse side affects.

    Our military and scientists can again barely make functioning robots now let alone high tech cybernetic parts even if they could it would again never be used widespread it would be restricted to military use only.

    Real Sęx Will Have to Compete With Simulations
    Again never going to happen you'll never have that human element, bond or connection, you can't give machines what can never be replicated no matter how hard you try. This also ties in with I said above.

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    • gaaxure

      I have to agree with you on cloning & robotics, at least in the foreseeable future but rest... There's no proof of average human lifespan ever exceeding 80 years, let alone going into triple digits. And we are actually having problems caused by sex toys giving women much more intense orgasms than vanilla sex could ever produce, and thus ruining normal sex for them. It's not that far fetched, that some people will opt out of messy real sex and instead choose something like direct brain stimulation or something like that.

    • Phoenix98

      @gaaxure Have to disagree with you there bud. ( she thing )

      That's not because toys are better its beviase they either can't get men or their men are selfish lovers.

    • Riggers

      ''You do know that people back in the biblical times often lived to be hundreds of years old right? often times dying around age 400 if it was of old age.''.

      Haha, What? Bollocks.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • theargentmoon
    Aw, the robot thing is kind of cute! I honestly thought human-like, complex A. I. was purely science-fiction until one of my profs briefly brushed upon the possibility of human A. I. (it was a quantum mechanics lesson, as you may have guessed... fun stuff). I hope I'll be able to see such progress in the future :)
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    • SmokemJay

      Yea... we're already there. All they have to do is give them intelligence...

    • @SmokemJay If only it could be done as easily as it sounds :( But then again if it were easy to create human A. I. that would probably lead to some trouble...

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Over population isn't a thing, in fact most industrialized nations are suffering from negative birth rates and in one area in Russia the government actually created a "love day" where they would pay you to take off work, go home and have sex, that's how bad their population growth is. We already have cyborgs, their every where actually every person with an artificial pace maker, artificial heart, and now people are starting to have implants in the body modifying community though obviously not as crazy as in movies. But will their be prejudice (since their not technically a different race) against them? Well I don't think most will care if its for medical reasons (one man actually has an implant that allows him to hear color because he was born actually color blind, he cannot see any color what so ever) or isn't harmful I think people will see it as a novelty. However if they start getting implants that give them an edge in school and work, then yes I do think their will be prejudice against them. As for sex bots, well I think that its unlikely to be an issue for women since lets be honest the vast majority of women are wired to want a man who takes charge while a robot would simply do as they are told, plus women, according to a study actually like drama if their partner is upset that means they care and a robot will never be upset will never create drama and never be ambitious or will take charge. For men however, I think it might very well be an issue as porn has already done some pretty sever damage, men are less likely to approach and engage with women now then previously and porn has created some negative affects in men who partake in it significantly. Sexbots would only excaserbate the issue. Men really don't care or want a woman who is well, everything a woman wants in a man, so a sexbot for men wouldn't have those issues thus allowing them to indulge in sex when ever they wanted. This could be damaging if they reach a sophisticated enough level.
  • Errhh
    😯😬! What crazy person would trade a real life companion for a cold material robot?😬 Probably a trump supporter 😂😂
    • front2back

      I didn't vote for Trump, actually.

    • Errhh

      Um.. and who said you did? :/ lol 😂 weird!!! 👀!

  • Ghassan
    3 weird problems that shows how dumb humans will get. Don't get me wrong, humans will be smarter in science, but not in understanding life and what's the real reasons why Marriage existed, why people shame sluts and why and how religion existed. Good take by the way.
  • Tdieseler
    As much i think these are moronic... these makes sense lol... especially the last one because that is real. Cyborgs aren't out yet, but those Mechas are real. the first one is the realest one but i always say "if they did the time..."
  • peachblossomluck
    We already have soulless sub-humans who are pretty much evil robots. They are called NARCISSISTS. Seriously, I liked this Mytake:)
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Putting age limits on people and then euthanuzing them would be murder if they are healthy or are able to get healthy when sick. Clones will not happen at least not soon because look at what happen with the clone sherp named Dolly Will the robots grow pubic hair, be able to go into the water, feel just like a human being inside and outm etc I doubt it.
  • Paris13
    Preparation for a Crisis
    When there will one day, Come One, hun. xx
  • Rawrzz
    The amount of social security you receive is based on... how much you have paid into it. It's not "the government's money", it's "the peoples' money". In essence, social security is just forcing people to save up for their retirements. It's not draining anything. It's money the government wouldn't have had... if people weren't paying into it. The only purpose of social security is to be given back to people. It is not supposed to be used for any other purpose, so the government didn't "have" that money in the first place. That's how it's supposed to work, anyway.

    I'd fuck a simulation. That would be pretty awesome.

    Did you get these from Star Trek? Because Star Trek includes all of these.

    No. Humanity is doomed.
    • Social security stopped working that way a long time ago.

    • Rawrzz

      @SarahsSummer How does social security work, now?

    • Individuals contributions are no longer guaranteed to see their contributions come back to them. More people are withdrawing than contributing
      So the money you and I are paying in are helping fund those 65 and older. That's just the first thing. There's essentially 2 things working against current contributers. Fewer of them putting money in and lowest interest rates slowing growth of the trust fund in history. . This is why the SSA is prolonging the age at which individuals get there full distribution.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    "bunch of old, non-reproducing, non-working, non-tax paying, and resource draining humans"

    Except a fourth issue will come in to play - augmentation. People will get mechanical augmentations starting from something small like mechanical limbs and ending with something akin to a full body mechanization. Within our life times there will be people who are cyborgs in the truest sense of the word - both machine and biological being.
    These "creatures" won't need the same sustenance as other humans and they will be able to "work" - that is if the concept of working will be around by that time. The atomization of the work force will mean that you won't have to be old and senile in order to be a "non-working" human.
  • Jager66
    3 problems I welcome! Bring on immortality, cyborgs and robo sex!
  • Theodorable
    Dad thinks the sex bots will result in a decline of the birth rate.
  • Nik1hil
    You just gave me a headshot!..
    1) aging won't be problem soon!..
    More the 10 civilization have described that being ageless is possible,..
    So people won't grow old!. All they need to discover is how to fix the Segment of DNA that decides our age!.. Right now!.. That chromosome is like a battery!.. It drains with time and our bodies healing rate decreases!.. But if we repair it and make it like it heals itself and grows and stays like a 100% battery forever the job is done!. You will reach your youth and won't die from aging.

    2) sex robots will be useful when we are ageless and wandering on this planet trying not to overpopulate it!..
  • skeptic002

    people are living shorter
    robots people are smarter
    and as for number 3 LMAO LOL HAHAHA
    never gonna happen
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - I wonder how far into future before this becomes serious debate topics
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    Sounds good though i think pepole should be allowed to die when ready no limiting their life spans.
  • Unit1
    Hail sex robots =)

    But for real, this is a nice take... except for your last point on the sex topic.
    Governments will actually PROHIBIT sex toys and porn sites if the human birth rate will decline. I know places where it is.

    Also shaming humans for sex toys and porn does not make the one, who shames a better person than the one, who is being shamed for it. Many of us are just so much out of luck and have nowhere else to retreat than porn and sex robots. It's just saving us from the troubles.
    Isn't it actually a good thing when real sex has to compete with sex robots? There are lot's of things to be learned from.
    Besides that would also save A LOT of money for men on the long run, who just get sex robots instead of visiting the brothel daily.
    What's the worst, that can happen when you have unprotected sex with a sex robot? You get some rust on your dick? Unlikely.
    It's time, that we can get laid at will. Let the sex robots come! I'm waiting for it.
  • Righttobeararms83
    The main problem humanity will have is obesity, you can already see it happening.
    Discrimination will likely take place against normal humans be humans genetically engineered at birth to be superior both mentally and physically like in classic movie Gattaca.
    Real sex is already being replaced with many and the number rising of youngsters preferring porn to the real thing, virtual reality will only make this worse.
    • - Way more people starve than become obese. And not all by choice.
      - Then there is war... The middle east is experiencing bombing at this very moment.
      - We also have multiple nuclear power plants all around the world... scary!
      - Then there are the animal testing, animal exploiting and animal tortures going on everyday.

      Our biggest concern though, as a sustainability major, would be running out of earths resources. Or according to our planets orbit, we will experience another "glacial period". And we already have so many climate issues.

    • @sugarchateau those who starve die while to obese become a burden being unproductive in society and serious health problems.
      Some of your problems are current problems especially Nuclear, maybe power plants that idiots built where earthquakes but id say the real danger is poor storage of nuclear waste which is just dumped in caves in the ground essentially, some say Russia has nuclear waste stored in old cold war subs sunk into rivers and in the North pole if that's the case the entire ocean and life on the planet could be poisoned
      Climate change always happens and the climate is always changing. Some say the Sahara desert is only 4000 years old and that all of Egypt was once a green fertile place, once a few hundred years ago ash from a volcano blotted out most of the sunlight and there was a huge worldwide famine. Another Theory that sounds mad is that venus displaced Mars during past human history causing the fall of civilisation.

  • RationalMale
    I'm sure there will be some sex robots, probably. Yet vibrators and dildos have hardly replaced real sex for women, and fleshlights are still something only weird loser guys buy.

    See, for women, sex is much more involved than just an sensation. It's an emotional experience and it relates also to how dominant the man is, emotions, etc. That's why women have lots of sex toys available but still very much want a romantic relationship with a desirable man.

    Men can get by easier with just masturbation, yet we still indeed desire women far more than toys. Not to mention, imagine the public ridicule of a guy who's so pathetic and lonely he buys a sex doll? Ugh. Hell, Penny on Big Bang Theory was still humiliated when her vibrator was found, and her character was a total slut.
  • mits777
    I will never have sex with robot as long as real girls exist <3
    • what if you coulnt tell the difference? as a humanoid in the Westworld series said: "if you can't tell if i'm real, why does it even matter?"

    • mits777

      @supernerd99 Still wouldn't have sex with a robot. A robot doesn't have feelings or emotions and can talk only the things that is programmed to talk

    • true that. but as a phenomenon it will bring forth changes in the world which we can't even currently fathom... .

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  • supernerd99
    true future problems that will arise:
    1) unemployment due to self service robots rising.
    2) ai becoming impossible for us to understand both in mental capabilities and in the things it creates. because ai will create other machines and ai without even any human intervention. and with constant self upgrading and evolution.
    3) privacy becoming impossible. everything will be monitored. even our thoughts. and all minds will be interconnected in a form of a neural meta-internet. neuro hackers and dream stealers will be the criminals of the future.
    4) bioethical issues will arise with perfect baby engineering, and with enhanced bionic humans.
    5) depleting the earth's resourses and becoming even more disconnected from our natural state which will result to even worse autoimmune diseases, mutations etc.
    • no comment on the first part of your take, what you say is not only unlikely to happen its horrid, inhuman and ageist. in older societies elder people were held in high esteem and were loved and respected. the elder of the village was consedered the wisest one whom all wanted to take advice from. what about yuor own grandpa? would you think bout him like that? what about when YOU grow old?

  • Blitzkrieger
    "non-useful anymore and need to be euthanized."

    Hitler is that you?
    • front2back

      Never said I supported it, just that it will be a real consideration for future governments.

    • The idea is around for thousands of years now and the prefered method seems to be genociding what is perceived as undesirables. Often these are people who are not from ones own country.

  • Zorax
    Interesting Take, I can't wait for the future :P
  • Gommers
    No, no, and no.

    5% F--
  • Adigelunar
    thats a good one
  • OrdinaryGentleman
  • Zopaba
  • MissSakura
    good takee
  • Anonymous
    The first won't happen. There may be a limit as to how many children you can have but people will be allowed (or forced) to live as long as possible. Also the last one will stop people having as many children.
    What scares me is that we may not be allowed to die. It's already illegal to commit suicide, though it's hard for them to stop us now. But still people get locked up and forced to do therapy if they get caught trying. In the future they'll be able to stop us easier, so it may be really hard to quit. So it's probably best to kill ourselves now while we can
  • Anonymous
    These all seem pretty ridiculous.
  • Anonymous
    Like I said in 1976 convert to living synthetic. Biological=obsolete and biological=death. Cloning, child birth and robotics are antiquated methods. A truly superior civilization for starters can control atomic structure and control at a whim. A person can look like any thing they want, Also they can control the nuclear binding force that holds atoms together. By doing so you can make any one or anything billions or more times more resisted to damage. You can make a person by converting matter into a person, instill the personality of the parent or parents into that new person. The person will come into existence as both a physically and psychologically developed person. The new person will be instilled with the sum total of that civilizations knowledge and will be constantly streamed with new information. A even more advance civilization will be able to have direct interface with the structure of reality itself. Each person will live in a private dimension that will provide that person any thing that person can think off. These people can live any were in the void of space, toxic and radioactive worlds, in any type of star including a neutron star. A far more powerful civilization can do what ever it wants with a black hole including super massive black holes. Life spans will for starters be measured in billions of years.
  • Anonymous
    Very fascinating and insightful Take. Great job.