Happy Thoughts: The Holidays are Coming, so Help Yourselves and Help the U. S.

Happy Thoughts: The Holidays are Coming, so Help Yourselves and Help the U. S.

So evidently, there was this crazy election in the past week. It freaked some people out. It elated others. It was, in brief, quite the event.

I imagine the debates will continue through the end of the year, though it's likely that this particular president may earn more scrutiny than any U.S. president in history. Hence, politics might be more "in your face" than ever before, even once we're well into 2017. This will only translate to more arguments and accusations and general bad feelings.

Well, in the meantime, my suggestion is to focus on something a wee bit cheerier. The holidays are basically upon us and regardless of how you celebrate or what/who you worship or what you value, it's a good time to focus on that which really matters. Plus, by being all optimistic and happy, you can help stimulate the economy, which means whistling while you walk can have a two-pronged positive effect. :)

If you're satisfied with the election results, you're already in a good mood. You're ready to see what the next four years bring and you're relieved that the Democrats and liberals have been forced to relinquish their vice-like hold on the country (at least in part). So, you have no excuse: Get out there and celebrate. Get with friends, toast the future, go do fun things like movies, concerts, shopping, travel, etc. This activity alone is a positive thing because not only are you spreading good vibes (the liberals should love this Kumbayah side of the proposal, anyway, but I'm getting to them), but you're also stimulating the economy.

Happy Thoughts: The Holidays are Coming, so Help Yourselves and Help the U. S.

Democrats and all the other people moaning and groaning about the election: It will only make things worse to sit home and grouse about it online. That does nothing. All it really does is make your mood worse - as you will invariably butt heads with the very people you dislike, and you certainly won't sway their beliefs - and you're not actually doing anything. Regardless of who's in the White House, it's always a good thing to step outside your door and be active. You'll be happier, first of all (which in turn leads to greater productivity and a far better self-image), and even the smallest contribution to the economy can be a big deal during the holiday season. Just purchasing gas or a Christmas card is enough for one outing, you know? Put a smile on your face and a little money in the U.S. till.

In short, there's no reason for anyone, the celebrators or the complainers, to exacerbate any existing problems in our country by getting all angry and moody and, well, inert. Stopping isn't an option. Press forward. You will improve your state of mind, likely improve the state of mind of those around you (good cheer really is infectious), and help the economy function like the well-oiled machine it can be when everyone is pitching in.

Besides, what's done is done. Nothing you can do about it now. It's not selfish at all to focus on you, especially when that focus also involves friends and family this time of year. Cherish that which is is most dear and valuable to you, make it known that you're striving to be happy and forward-thinking, and yeah, buy a few things. Don't go nuts; don't put yourself in significant debt, or anything, because that really will make things worse down the road. But the overwhelming majority of you can do at least a little, even if it's just to make someone else happy for a day.

Happy Thoughts: The Holidays are Coming, so Help Yourselves and Help the U. S.

Rather than worry about what the new government is going to do, take care of yourself and if everyone does this, the government won't have to step in as much, right? Take some responsibility for your life and for the next few months, put your happiness and mood at the top of the priority list. Go for a jog, buy a little something for someone, work a little extra overtime so you have some spending money. Smile at people while you're doing it. People can argue all day long over what this country was founded on but in principle, the simple a priori truth of the matter is that this country was founded on, and can only operate at peak performance, on thing thing: Activity.

It's a very general term, of course, but I suggest we all embrace everything it could mean in the immediate future. If we do, things will look much brighter in January, I promise. :)

Happy Thoughts: The Holidays are Coming, so Help Yourselves and Help the U. S.
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  • Idonotgivearatsass
    No, I refuse to go out and do anything, my preferred method of entertainment is to sit at home on my ass and play games on my PC. If I do buy anything, it's for me and me alone (though technically that's still helping the economy, but I'm not doing it to make anyone be happy). What if I don't want to be healthier or happier, what if I happen to be happy just the way things are... not everyone needs to do "stuff" to feel better about themselves you know, one size does not fit all!
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    • Fathoms77

      That sounds... lonely.

    • @Fathoms77 Not one bit lonely, I have friends, lots of 'em, just don't hang with them. I don't particularly get along with my peers, I prefer a younger crowd and that just bothers people, not that I care what others think mind you.

    • Fathoms77

      Well, um, maybe I read that wrong but... if you have "lots of friends" but don't hang out with them, how exactly are they friends? :P

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Most Helpful Girl

  • miamigirl1970
    By in large American's have wanted to " have someone in charge" that was not part of the "good old boy political network" Now we have him, someone with no past political experience, and guess what, that isn't good enough either... I just don't get it. Holiday shopping it is! Great Take!
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  • karahiri
    Clearly, you'll be celebrating. Don't let my kumbayah-ing distract you. If the point of this somewhat condescending take was to make people feel more united, you failed.
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    • Fathoms77

      I won't be celebrating at all. Trump is borderline crazy; I said a hundred times I didn't vote for him.

      All this post really proves is that people of a certain stance are just NASTY when they don't get their way, and are incapable of seeing things any other way.

    • karahiri

      I don't think I misread your condescension, though I am wrong about who you voted for.

    • Fathoms77

      You misread the condescension, too. I just want people to buck up and stop being so doom and gloom. :)

  • Saoirse_Nua
    I think by tomorrow the US will be back to somewhat normality maybe another spike of around DT's inauguration but even that will fade and we will just end up discussing it an issue at a time unless some other big story breaks - I think we will go back to pre primaries mode in 2015 - You can even see it now if you examine it online in 24 hours blocks, interest is dropping like a stone.
  • Jenn1991
    I am gonna spend all my Christmas money and build a bomb shelter then stock it with twinkies and hunker down and await Armageddon. Geeze the loonie you kooky Americans put in the White House has the nuclear codes! Its only a matter of time...;)
  • Hidden_P
    I'd rather not have anything to do with you to be honest.
  • reixun
    I don't feel as dreadful about the election as I did immediately when I found out he won.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    This election has really stressed me out. I don't know if I can enjoy my holiday plans normally.
  • Adigelunar
    good job
  • KrustyTheClown
  • Anonymous
    Its just my mother and myself this Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas, so Im content with the holiday