How the West Will Fall, Part 1: The Loss of the Protestant Work Ethic


After my smash hit "The Song of the People's Champion", I figured I'd write a series of Takes that aren't poetic in nature. Instead, this will be a series addressing what I consider to be ills in modern society and why they merit correction. Note that I firmly believe we're headed on the right track, as Brexit and Trump's ascendance signal to me that the sleeping monster of the traditionalist electorate is finally being awakened. However, there's still much work to be done, and as such I'd like to address one of the many issues that have come to my attention: the loss of the Protestant work ethic.

The Protestant work ethic was best formally articulated in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, a series of essays by Max Weber that were later translated into an English book form. Weber was a prominent German sociologist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who argued that industry was a God-given virtue that helped propel society forward.

How the West Will Fall, Part 1: The Loss of the Protestant Work Ethic

The basic premise of the Protestant work ethic is that hard work is a perhaps divine practice and gift with an inherent form of honor. Regardless of whether the work is trifling, dirty, difficult, or low-paying, it is meant to imbue a sense of independence, frugality, and morality. There is a certain pride that comes with seeing your work done and done well, a pride that a man will value and not want to lose.

Alexis de Toqueville, a French historian who visited America in the 1830s in an effort to discern what made it great, published in his Democracy in America that America could easily lose its great status and strength if its citizens found "a taste for physical gratification" and that "society is endangered not by the great profligacy of a few, but by the laxity of morals amongst all."

What Toqueville saw in America's greatness was a willingness to labor without a materialistic goal in mind. As long as its capitalistic system endured on the merits of the Protestant ethic, it would be a driving force for good. What Toqueville couldn't expect is the America of today - a soft, doughy, and libertine society where an increasingly slothful and self-absorbed population with an increasingly long laundry list of demands for its government.

How the West Will Fall, Part 1: The Loss of the Protestant Work Ethic

Unprincipled men can easily take advantage of such a situation, and thus led to the American government of the past few decades - a bloated, half-retarded bureaucracy that only knows how to throw money at its problems. Despite an ever-increasing budget for entitlements, poverty levels remain roughly the same.

How the West Will Fall, Part 1: The Loss of the Protestant Work Ethic

Modern liberals often like to construe this poverty as systematic oppression and the Protestant ethic as a malignant lie meant to keep laborers indigent and under the thumb of the wealthy. In reality, more is being done now than ever for them. Money has consistently been poured out in disgusting amounts - especially in inner cities - ever since JFK's Great Society in the early sixties.

No, the problem is that many of them represent the worst in our society - the kind of self-absorbed, inane creatures that live for the adoration of a few other insignificant maggots on social media. They are the parents who let their children run the streets unsupervised, if they are involved in their lives at all. They will buy 22" rims for their piece of crap car but cannot manage to pay the electric bill. This is what happens when the Protestant ethic is sapped from society in exchange for "poor you" handouts - a total lack of the thrift, self-respect, and industriousness that comes from a healthy exercise in honest labor.

How the West Will Fall, Part 1: The Loss of the Protestant Work Ethic

The great Founding Father Benjamin Franklin - an ardent subscriber to the Protestant work ethic - popularized the phrase, "God helps those who helps themselves". Even for those with marketable skills, an exercise in hard work is always beneficial. If our society can once again see the dignity in tilling a field or building a home, perhaps it will have less time for vapid social media and debauched casual sex with everyone in sight.

"The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor." - Proverbs 12:24

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How the West Will Fall, Part 1: The Loss of the Protestant Work Ethic
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  • Paris13
    Thank you for the kind Invite Here, dear. Beautifully Done, hun, as well.
    I agree "Back on Track" with Getting Trump into the Hot Seat and Making Much Needed Changes and Rearranges, by Voting for the Right Man for this Big Job. The Dow has never Looked Better, and With his 100 Day Plan, for the Next 4 years, as He puts this Game Plan together, Along with Appointing the Best from the Rest to Stand beside him, things are Set to go into Motion with this Man. I have Never Seen anything Quite like this with Fast track!!
    Hopefully, Paid Clinton Supporters will Go home and leave Trump Alone, by Inauguration Day January20 2017, so Things can Begin a New Beguine at Last that will Last. I Don't trust Barry that He just May be this "Lame Sitting Duck," who Calls upon a Martial Law and All, putting a Monkey Muslim Wrench into Lefty Wings and Things, because He is this Sore Sport. xx
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    • Paris13

      *I agree lots of work to be done. xx

Most Helpful Guy

  • AleDeEurope
    Why work when you get handed the necessary to survive? That's the mentality of many. That's why communism doesn't work, cause when everyone gets the same for the same thing, society doesn't evolve and it'll start eating itself.

    Nowadays many people have too much without moving a single muscle, usually it's the parent's fault who never taught their kids to work to get what they wanted.
    I honestly don't see a way out of this, to be honest.
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    • Kuranosuke

      The entitlements have to be severely cut back. Few people will force themselves into a proper work ethic.

    • pinkesweet

      Wasn't "Great Society" LBJ''s programs

    • @pinkesweet Don't know.

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  • John_Doesnt
    What an ill-informed rant against liberals and people who don't believe in god/religions. A lot of America's biggest contributors were neither protestant or God believers: Alber Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Stephen Hawking.
    The only "awakening" the electoral college has proved with the last election is that it is a broken system where the majority don't really get to decide.
    And anybody who supports Trump automatically loses my respect for their intelligence.
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    • Kuranosuke

      I think you posted this on the wrong Take.

  • TheFlak38
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    • Kuranosuke

      Well, damn. That addresses just about everything, lol. Agreed on all of that - my European history professor constantly preaches cultural Marxism and it's something I often butt heads with him over in class.

  • TiffyPuff
    Religion has no correlation with work ethic whatsoever.
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    • Kuranosuke

      And I didn't emphasize the religious aspect of it, now did I?

  • DooMguy

    ^ this, all of this ^

    Rei approves

    if I were to talk about this kinda stuff in real life I'd get blown off as 'old fashioned' but you? You understand

    We live in a "throw away" society so why can't we throw away materialism?

    Toqueville knew his stuff. The morals ain't right. These days when a celebrity does something it's all over the news but I think that the guy who sweeps the streets is much more important

    It's a + 1 from me, I'm expecting some good things from you
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    • Kuranosuke

      Thanks to you and Rei <3. I think this one was a little thrown together in my opinion, but the one I have planned for next time about millennial sexuality should blow it out of the water.

    • DooMguy

      No worries, Rei & EVA-00 will always support you. You make it seem easy, if this is thrown together then I'm expecting some good stuff from you

  • Righttobeararms83
    Lol I know from my home country that the protestant work ethnic always depended on Catholics doing the work.
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    • Kuranosuke

      I didn't intend for this take to emphasize on the religious aspect of it, but yeah, they aren't being good Protestants if that's the case.

    • Im just slapping your dick. All in the past.

  • RegularTK421
    I certainly agree with the ideals of the Protestant work ethic. The Protestant reformation was a great movement in history and probably provided the cultural basis for Europe's, and by extension, America's technological rise to greatness. I don't actually believe in Christianity, but I understand it's historical significance, and value some of the lessons it teaches. Though I accept it from a secular point of view.
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  • Senzu_Makadoria
    It's mainly women's liberation that will kill this civilization...
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    • Kuranosuke

      That has some truth to it. Not just sexually, but suffrage as well.

    • A woman's place is at home. Allowing them in public is ridiculous.

      A woman should NOT be allowed to choose what to do with her body. Marriages should either be arranged by fathers or carried out by abductions. A woman's only duty is to serve her husband. The laws on marital rape and wife beating should be repealed immediately.

    • @Senzu_Makadoria I don't know what country you come from, or what culture you belong to... but you're completely out of your mind, and obviously seriously afraid that a woman can do a better job at what ever it is you do. There aren't enough men in this world to do every job out there... we're out numbered. Do the world a favor and crawl back under the rock you came from, then stay there.

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  • Phoenix98
    Sorry but I have no interest in reading what you've written it's way to late at night for this lol.
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  • dipta
    Well, the humanity has been going round in cycles for hundreds of years, with most progress always made after a disaster or hard times, then back to the lack of morals. Such is society, such is politics.

    Simply put, America was made by immigrants who left their countries for many reasons but most to look for a new opportunity somewhere else, to build a better life - I think that's the spirit that Toqueville saw. I don't think such a characteristic is only innate to the American people, but of ambitious people who dream for a bit more not only for them, but for their children, their family, friends, etc.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Whatever floats your U-Boat
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  • BillyB4
    I’m British and I agree with Brexit, but Trump is a moron.
  • Idonotgivearatsass
    Screw morality, who cares.
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    • Kuranosuke

      At fifty-three years, you should be past saying edgy, sophomoric shit like "screw morality". That's for the hormonal teens to take care of.

    • However, I'm calling it like I see it, I don't really care for morals per se, especially when most people see having "morals" as being religious or a code or equated to "religion". They want to project their own "morality" on others when in essence everyone has their own personal "moral" code, what ever it may be or not be even.

    • Kuranosuke

      I wasn't particularly trying to emphasize religion in this take, but some degree of morality is necessary to maintain civilization. Otherwise I could come strangle you as you sit at your computer for the fun of it, or vice versa.

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  • Adigelunar
  • MissSakura
    thank you for sharing
  • legalboxers
    Amazing and hit the nail on the head