The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West


So, in recent days, you may have noticed a shitstorm going down this year, of various things happening causing huge political affect. I'm here to just explain what this might mean from a political and societal standpoint.

The important thing to remember is the two main countries this has happened in; one is the US:

The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West

And the UK:

The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West

This is important because the two share a common heritage, and that's important because it's ingrained in the people's attitudes; the conservative nature, the desire for individualism and the roots of capitalism and ideology. All of these are shared in both countries because many Americans stem from British roots, and the general British conservatism has stayed with the US. Granted, a few things have been added and some have been taken away, but generally, it's a similar culture, and this explains Isolationism starting in these two countries.


Well, the drive for independence and sovereignty, and self-governance and arrogance; not wanting to help other people you barely know when you can help yourself. I.e., pragmatism. You may or may not agree with this, but I've found this to be a common reason as to why these two countries have latched onto these two earth-changing decisions. Now, other countries can and have done these things before, but these two are so mind-boggling because they've happened in what was considered previously tolerant, accepting, content societies.

The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West

There are other reasons too; ear is a huge factor, for instance, which is why a lot of people fear a Trump presidency But in the UK, people don't tend to buy into things as easily, which is why Brexit is actually a bit more complex, because politicians have had to ground themselves as solid candidates, and then start pushing towards their agenda. Throw in some lies and you have a result you want. In the US, Trump's presidency is so shocking, because of how loud he's been, so vocal, so hateful, and yet he's still be president, and no one knows where he's going with anything he says. He's unpredictable.

Whatever you think, it's safe to say the first few years of these two things are going to be tough. With money values falling, it will be hard, but don't lose hope, wherever you are, even if you're not into all this isolationism, like me. There will be a chance to try with freedom and liberalism again, because that's what politics does: one movement starts, then a reactionary forms, sometimes the reactionaries are successful (Brexit, Trump and Putin) or sometimes they fail, but politics bounces back regardless, and new movements form to push back to the way things were.

Good luck to everyone.

The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West
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  • Righttobeararms83
    Bit over dramatic. The British have been talking about leaving the EU for years and voted to do so, the main reason the British wanted out of the EU eas the cost and when the financial crisis hit British taxpayers were forced to bail out a lot of countries. there's a feeling in the UK that the EU is unaccountable and the fact that they dictate laws, immigration, trade and that the EU is one big gravy train doesn't help matters. The British people have been very vocal about this but the EU and pro EU politicians were arrogant and ignored them thinking they'd never leave.
    Trump being elected is another matter I think he only got to br the Republican candidate because the Republicans thought Hillary couldn't be beat. Honestly America may need to become more isolationist and look after its own first as we have high levels of people on some form of welfare, earnings are low, we have god knows how many homeless, riots in the streets nearly every month, crime riddled neighbourhoods, gas shortages, water short ages, failing schools and low literacy rates, decaying infrastructure, a nation divided more now than in a long time and a whole range of problems. Maybe time America took a seat popped a beer and let Germany take a crack at Syria while we fix up our own house. If Trump delivers what he promises he will be elected again.
    I will say one thing about Putin as I watched him for years he did warn Obama and Hillary about arming militia groups in Syria well he turned out to be right because those groups became ISIS. He's also publically stated that America keeps destabilising countries and arming terrorists which is very true.
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    • i think the problem in this country (UK) is that we've never tried to be European, the British government has always been reluctant, and most of us can see that the referendum was a move by Cameron to sway support from UKIP to the conservatives again, a gambit which really didn't pay off for him. lot's of things infuriate me about the referendum, but i won't go into that, because i don't want to unload all that anger on you, but i do agree with your points here, and infact, i agree with trump on his war policy, the US just needs to take a chill pill, they need to get involved in relief programs, and leave the wars to the people inside that country.

      I'm not so fond of Putin though.

      He's great to make memes out of, but his methodology of governance is very dictatorial, and he uses his media to promote anti-west rhetoric.

      (ps. the UK does have clauses in the EU, have a good day)

    • Putin's a dictator in his own country, are you really going to believe a dictator? As for destabilizing, the problem with that is we destroyed our best weapon against terrorism, the neutron bomb (look it up, 4 of those would have ended terrorism in an instant). Instead we are going to let China rule the world in our place, because that's exactly what's going to happen, we are never going to be number one by stepping aside.

    • @Idonotgivearatsass is he, that could be just western media bias and government propoganda, the recent Clinton campaign demonstrates. What I do know is that Russia is a multi racial and cultural country that doesn't have the problems America has.
      America has the Rod of God supposedly, last usef in China.

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  • VomitV
    What pseudointellectual bullshit. The stock market is already soaring again, your "tolerant" crybaby paradise was never a thing (at least not in the US), and straight lmao at implying this is at all a bad thing. Maybe with our companies' balls not held in a taxation vicegrip, we can actually pay US workers in tech and manufacturing a decent wage instead of giving the jobs to filthy foreign shitskins.
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    • you do realise most of the success you're experiencing right now is the same argument a lot of Brexit campaigners talk about, i mean sure, you might be right, but that's the same with any argument, the fact is, Obama is still in power in the US, and for the last 8 years he's stabalised your economy, brought in affordable healthcare, helped people in countless countries, and ended a couple of wars (he hasn't started any). not bad.


      the whole reason the world is like this today, is because 75 years ago, all our ancestors fought in a war to protect democracy, liberalism and freedom, and by saying exactly what you've said, you're basically throwing away all the things they and we've worked for in the last 70 years.

    • VomitV

      So much wrong shit again. Obama's only job growth has been in minimum wage positions, socialized medicine has a lot of problems, he donated aid money to third world shitholes that hate us, and withdrew from, not ended, two wars. Add on shit like drone warfare, the deficit, his inflammation of the race war here, and he's a pretty fucking awful president.

      Don't even get me started on WW2, or that other shit you mentioned. Jesus Christ, "democracy"? You couldn't define democracy accurately if your life depended on it. Democracy is an interracial porno. It's two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. Democracy is baby's first communism. It's why America teamed up with filthy Bolshevists and Jews to attack our Aryan brothers in Germany during WW2.

      Isolationism is a great policy and was working swimmingly for America until you damn Euros dragged us into both World Wars, and France specifically dragged us into Vietnam. You could make the argument that Europe was also responsible

    • Would you enjoy paying $20,000 for an iPhone, or $40 for a single apple or orange? Because that's exactly what you'd get paying workers that build tech a decent wage (most tech isn't built in the US because labor is to expensive for labor intensive devices). Don't get me started on manufacturing, the unions only caused their own problems by continually demanding increased wages, at some point the horses back is going to break (don't tell me someone assembling a motor vehicle is skilled and needs to be paid $35/hr to operate a machine).

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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very wise, mature take for an 18 year old - I have been around a long time and I can't recall any period of uncertainty comparable since the 1980s, ironically since Reagan/Thatcher (i. e a massive lurch to the right) - The right celebrate these figures but they were so divisive, I remember the street parties when Thatcher announced she was resigning.
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    • thanks for that, i really appreciate that, and i've been studying the Thatcher years, i find it really interesting, often my parents talk about it, the miners strikes are something in particular that really fascinates me. i am curious, do you find this to be a similar period to that of thatcher, and if so, do you think it may end up the same way?

    • Yes I do - Thattcher and Reagan became icons of the right and despised by the left - The right try portray these as the glory years - If they were so good how come when Thatcher passed away, "Ding Dong, The Witch is dead" got to number 2 in the charts much to the horror of the BBC and MTV UK.
      As how it will turn out, if the 1980s is anything to go by, the rich will get richer and poor will get poorer - Tax cuts being paid for by slashing benefits.

  • WhirlingWinds
    Wanting to control your borders, wanting your parliamentary sovereignty back and wanting your Supreme Court to be the highest court in the land makes people isolationist? You're equating Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to isolationism? I think you need to read the definition of isolationism because the UK will still be apart of the United Nations and The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Wanting a sovereign nation state which millions of British and Commonwealth soldiers died for in two world wars is not isolationist.

    You preach about freedom and then you cast Parliamentary sovereignty and independence off as minor inconvenience because you believe in the dying European Union project. If you want to talk about arrogance, then look no further at a young British child lecturing Americans on their political landscape.

    This is the ramblings of someone who believes he is more clued up than he actually is. It's riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions. The word Liberalism banded around like beer at a party with no real understanding of what Liberalism means. It means not displaying the intolerance you have posted in this farce of a MyTake.
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    • alright, okay, let's say you're right, then it would be contradictory for a man like farage, who pushed for parliamentary sovereignty, to then say we don't need a parliamentary vote on what the government does for brexit, this keeping us out of the loop mentality is breaking the US and the UK,, Trump may be good or bad but what i can say is he's an isolationist, he wants to put the American peop0le first, i did not say this was a good or bad thing, and the European Union formed around the 70's, the UK helped to right the bills of rights written into it, and even form it's parliament based on the of the UK's. i don't think this take is perfect, i'm rarely happy with what i'm saying, but what i was trying to get across was that there is a distinct correlation between British decedents and the desire of isolationism and Independence.

      i apologise if i've caused any offense

  • Gommers
    What's it like to be retarded? I don't expect a real answer because you have no frame of reference. It's what you call a rhetorical question, don't trouble your little head trying to figure it out, we don't expect you to.
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    • well, i don't know, have you heard of the dunning-Kruger effect? basically, i could be completely retarded and have no intelligence whatsoever, but wouldn't know anything about it because i think i'm the best at what i do, even though i may be shit, applies to everyone, you do the maths.

  • RegularTK421
    We need to shift more towards isolationism. You can't disengage from the world entirely, but the world will start resenting and turn against any bullying nation. The U. S, U. K and the E. U have been the top bullying countries for decades. President Obama recently pissed off President Duterte of the Philippines. Now you may think, well the man is crazy, he is shooting suspected drug dealers and many people have died in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he has shifted away from the U. S and towards China. This same reactionary response to U. S social policy intervention has occurred throughout Africa and Asia. Uganda is another notable example, they were not exactly pleased at the notion of homosexual rights being strong armed by the U. S in African nations. Our own country is 18 trillion dollars in debt, our entitlement programs are underfunded, we left one quagmire in Iraq, only to enter two more. Ukraine and Syria for those wondering. We have pushed China and Russia closer together, with both countries making gains at our demise. The world is uniting against our bullshit, it's time to stop being imperialist and imposing, and to protect our vital interests. We need to focus on national security, protecting international trade routes, and domestic affairs.
    • i do agree with the US pulling back slightly and the EU, but i think that needs to happen with all major powers, including Russia and China, especially in proxy-war zones like Syria, but i disagree with the remarks about duterte, he represents a lot of what people resent about isolationism, a hateful outlook on the world, i feel duterte has no respect for any nation, and not even his people. all of this has raised one simple point, a huge disconnect exists, and a feeling of being small and left behind is resonating around all countries of the world. many countries have challenged this by electing people like Trump and agreeing with Farage and marie le pen. and that's what's dangerous, turning to the extremes of politics to solve our problems. an oddity in this is Canada, Trudeau is a moderate, a left wing moderate, and he's built a platform on trust an respect, which is why i beleive while other countries like the US, UK and EU (not a country i know, but Europe in general) may decline

    • - I feel Canada will start to excel in this age of humanity, with a feeling of national pride at being different to the rest of the world. i can understand why a lot of people ant to move there,

    • Only time will tell. We need to respect other nation's sovereignty, unless they become an active threat against our country. Duterte isn't a threat to us, we should leave him be. The Philippines has always been a close ally to the U. S, until recently with the Obama/Duterte conflict

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  • castratedwhiteguy
    This is a revolt by the British and American people against international banks, multinational corporations and treasonous bought and paid for politicians who've been trying to impoverish the first world and strip mine our economy for decades. Global government means you have no representation. Why would we ever want to live like that? What makes you think that unaccountable global government won't rob you? Go Donald! Death to the new world order!
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  • TheFlak38
    Another brain polluted liberal marxist talking about freedom while at the same time supports the oppressive globalist elite, marxist supersystem.
    What BREXIT and the elected Republican party shows is that white people are now beginning to ignore the pathetic labels used against them in an attempt to morally shame them into voting a certain way. They are now starting to understand how and why these labels are used and how disarming them renders them and the ideology that uses them useless.

    Whites across the Western world are finally starting to see what has been done to their nations under the banner of 'diveristy' and 'enrichment' and they see the deceptions that have been used to manipulate them.

    Europeans everywhere are beginning to realise that they have interests specific to themselves as Europeans, interests which do not include the demographic destruction of their nations pushed and supported by the globalist and Cultural Marxist coalition. They are now beginning to see the lies of the left who have sold them out to forced multiculturalism and they are turning to Nationalism in their droves. The days of the treacherous left are finished, like a diseased body they will die a slow death consumed by poison. Nationalism is the new and healthy ideology that is emerging from the nightmare of kosher globalism and the subversion of the Judeo Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.
    Nationalism is the ideology of the 21st century and you lefties best get used to the idea. If you don't like it then you can go and live in deepest darkest Africa to make it more diverse, since Africa is full of Africans.
  • JohnDoe3000
    The thing I don't get is how these isolationists seem eager to work together with their foreign counterparts, I mean you're either isolationist and protectionist or you're not...
  • starryeyedkitten
    light a candle for us okay?
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  • Waffles731
    France is next with marine la penn
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  • HardcoreLiberal
    good and relevant question