The Rise of Super Canada: A Potential New Superpower?


-NOTE: This is a theoretical article about what I think may happen in the years to come.

Now, in my last Take, "The Re-Rise of Isolationism in the West", I covered how the US and UK are having rising isolationist views, probably due to the common ancestry and general attitude of British people (I am British btw). But there is one nation i failed to cover there: Canada.

The Rise of Super Canada: A Potential New Superpower?

Now these topics often get very heated and I try not to offend as well, but if I do, I'd like to apologize in advance (I should have done this in the last post).

I've no doubt you've probably seen the reports about people migrating to Canada, and this is no surprise really, Canada is different than a lot of other countries in the world. In reaction to this sentiment of being left out and not being listened to by their government, instead of electing or listening to an extreme politician (like Trump, Farage, le Pen, or Duterte), they elected Justin Trudeau:

The Rise of Super Canada: A Potential New Superpower?

Trudeau is a Liberal moderate, and already i can tell that some Americans here are going to have red flags going up in their head as soon as I say Liberal, but hear me out. Unlike a lot of other leaders, Trudeau has lead a platform that has Humanized him; he is seen in Canada as not just a politician, but a trusted politician, a man the people can lean on. This is in part due to his campaigning, as he has not just campaigned for the little man, but for everyone, and when he's made a promise, he's followed through on it, even CETA, a very highly controversial thing for anti-globalisation activists.

I think he's going to have a long set of terms ahead of him; three at the most, but all of these arguments are why I think as many other nations start to break alliances and retreat inside their borders, Canada is going to become a very open place for a lot of people. And in fact, they'll probably start to experience something close to a golden age.

Canada might even start to become a dominant power in politics and the world itself and this isn't just thanks to one man, but an entire nation sticking with each other, on knowing they're bucking the trend by making friends, building alliances and working together, in a time when this won't be as common.

The Rise of Super Canada: A Potential New Superpower?

Watch out Russia, the world's new superpower is coming for you.

PS. I just want to say, I know Trudeau isn't perfect- no one is - but I feel he's showing he's a normal person and a leader, and this has helped the Canadians to connect with him, and to trust him. If any Canadians want to rectify this or feel they don't agree with any of this Take, please say so, and we can talk it out in friendly debate.

~From, the UK~

The Rise of Super Canada: A Potential New Superpower?
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  • reixun
    When the vice alpha is trying to overtake the alpha well GUESS WHAT
    USA isn't going down.
    • I wish i was Alpha with girls but i'm beta :'(

  • Spencer10
    Just an FYI... I am very very happy to be Canadian right now. But PLEASE stop these type of posts. I want how great it is to live in Canada to remain top secret. I love the wide open, non populated non polluted spaces that we have way too much ;)
  • Saoirse_Nua
    If Canada lurches to the right, we are beyond fucked
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  • zagor
    Not gonna happen. The population is less than that of California. Yeah, there is a lot of land, but much of it is tundra, forest and water.

    Maybe if global warming gets really bad...
    • don't forget, population doesn't always play a part, many of the European powers didn't have particularly large populations, but because of their innovations and political stances (albeit very aggressive) they managed to dominate the globe, i don't think there's anything that could stop Canada, maybe not from leading the world, but they could lead a significant political backlash against the far right.

    • zagor

      Harper wasn't exactly a liberal. And some of Canada's laws aren't exactly supportive of civil liberties.

  • Redstang88
    Interesting, but very inaccurate. Trudeau is nothing near what you think. He is widely hated throughout western Canada. He is no leader- he is a drama teacher and a master of ass kissing.
    He made over 300 promises in his campaign, he's already broken most of them. He has introduced policies that had approval ratings of less than 10%, even among his supporters.
    There is a very large conservative population here, mostly in the West (the only reason we still have a viable economy), and he's shits all over us because the Liberals in the East like it that way.
    Sorry America, you weren't the first to elect an unqualified loudmouth dictator. At least Trump has some marketable skills.
    • Redstang88

      And he is extreme. He's as extreme left as it gets.

    • i wouldn't say Trudeau is extreme left, if he was he would've dissolved your parliament and declared his nation communist. but i will say he's definitely a strong and somewhat aggressive liberal, which might be what you need, it doesn't matter the approval rating of a leader provided he makes the country the best it can be. From what i've seen of global perception of Canada, it's considered one of the friendliest countries, one of the most respected countries, and by this post i was suggesting Canada could become a haven for people around the world who feel extradited from their country by the sharp shift in politics from the moderate centre to the right. case and point the UK is becoming more right wing by the day and it's tearing us apart, America has that Donnie guy who continuously lies and contradicts everything, he even called the BBC fake news, a corporation that's revered around the world for it's fair coverage. Canada will rise a little bit in popularity at the very least.

  • Loveherbut
    Well im thinking of moving to Canada i started to think about my optiones
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  • TheFlak38
    Trudeau is merely a cuck.
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  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    Can't believe I just read that shit :/
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  • Anonymous
    Your missing 4 very important points first Canada is huge it work out that if every canadain had a equal amount of land we each would get 1/3 of a square kilometers second we would have to spend most of are gdp and send 10% of are intire population to run a super powersized military let alone build it three were a export nation selling are natural resources so we need tge us strong to keep up trade with and lastly most canadain don't want to be a super power where just happy where we are
    • i'm not saying you do, but i feel with the decline of nations like the UK and the US, Canada will more than likely remain as strong as they are or get even stronger, more people would likely want to go there because of minimal discrimination and good services, not necessarily because its a military power.

  • Anonymous
    Maybe Super Canada can help keep Russia in its place.
  • Anonymous
    Lolwut? That lazy Canada full of immigrants?
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