Why china will likely become the next global superpower... and why we should embrace it.

Why china will likely become the next global superpower... and why we should embrace it.

I never thought I'd set foot in here again. So much i wanna say on the topic, so much anger, sorrow, resentment and everything else in between to the point that my mind feels like its constantly on overdrive processing everything...but I'll try to sum it up.

Simply put china is slated to become the world's largest economy by the end of this decade and eventually overtake america in this regard, but the reason this will likely happen is not because of anything china does in particular....be it military, hacking, sabotage or anything else....no.

This will happen through nothing more then americas own hubris. American discourse and perhaps western discourse in general, is fueled solely by an unholy combination of ego and spite. Nobody actually cares about making things better, only that they "Win" and the objects of their hatred are made to suffer. How many times have we seen people preach on about morals and the like, only for it to come out that they have done things far worse in comparison. Or how about people who talk about equity and eating the rich...until they get their hands on money, then suddenly they don't wanna share? Both would imply they actually care about the troubles of others, but it becomes very clear that they are only doing all this to get as much as they can for themselves.

It's nothing more then bluster and grandstanding, people who promise the world but simply want power for themselves, and this becomes more apparent the more blatantly violent certain activist types become when faced with criticism or hard questions. In fact it's gotten to the point where you start to realize....the right to vote is completely useless, because if you can't vote the way you want without somebody demonizing you or calling you a horrible person, traitor, etc....are you truly free?

So what does china bring to the table that the US doesn't? What makes me so sure this is going to happen? One word....Results.

The Mega Corporation Tencent buys out a lot of video game studios outside of china....but aside from that they are very hands off when it comes to how they manage them. LoL, Warframe, Path of Exile, they are basically just "Make us money, we don't care how you do it" Which in my opinion is something companies like Activision and EA could learn from. Like imagine a Chinese company is more reasonable then many in the west.

Then you got Tiktok which shockingly enough is on the lower side when it comes to toxicity, a new site called trovo that allows you to succeed without resorting to ebegging like twitch, oh and of course we can't forget about genshin impact or another upcoming game called Lost soul aside. One that has proven to be widely successful and the other thats shaping up to be equally amazing. But what do we get out of the west? Well i'd say E3 2021 is a nice collection of western garbage...cept Xbox they genuinely been impressing me as of late but thats besides the point. Hell I've even started to use South China Morning Post because....why not? it's not like western MSM is any more trustworthy.

Not to mention they are the largest supplier of lithium batteries, so they got the energy sector down pact, which pretty much powers EVERYTHING these days.

and finally with Chinese universities to graduate you are basically required to study abroad and travel, while in many western universities they just become glorified indoctrination centers with many never knowing or caring about anything outside of their home state. Resulting in a very narrowminded and arrogant view of the world, believing that america right or left is the only country that actually matters and everyone else just has to deal with it. This mentality goes so far back but i would take forever to go through it. All i'm gonna say is watch this video on Woodrow Willson. AKA The man who served as the catalyst for everything that is wrong with america today.(No i am NOT exaggerating.)


Now you might be asking, But masa? how could you have such a view on china? Don't you care that they are communist and committed countless human rights atrocities?
First off most of that, comes from western MSM news outlets, you'd have to be daft to still think they have any credibility.
Second at this point China is communist in name only, sure a lot of the market is government controlled, but i'd honestly argue that in many ways china is more capitalist then the US at this point due to how cutthroat their business culture is.
Finally lets assume the CCP didn't get into power, and the great leap forward didn't happen, its very likely we would be facing the very same problems with china that we face today.
Dominating the Global Market, Overbearing Sea Territory, Undemocratic System and Controlling Hong Kong and Macau, all this would likely happen anyway just due to china having the largest population on the planet.

Truth be told i've only just recently come to consciously come to terms with it, but subconsciously I've likely checked out of the idea of being an American long ago. Due to American politician infighting, disingenuous activists and simple arrogance, this is something that has likely been at the core of American culture for decades now, maybe even its inception. China being the world top dog will happen and the only way it can be stopped is if america pulls its head out of its ass, and make a genuine effort to make things better. But lets face it so many people active in politics won't be satisfied until the US becomes like France in WW2, completely defunct. So that will never happen, and frankly i just can't bring myself to give a shit anymore. America will either get its act together or it won't and honestly i don't care either way.

I wanna make this very clear that i don't WANT this to happen, but at the rate things are going i see no other outcome happening. Chinas rise to the top seems inevitable, might as well make peace with the idea....Besides with each passing day the lines of differences between the 2 countries get ever more blurred to the point where i struggle to find one that's actually tangible. So if i'm gonna get stuck with a government where my thoughts on how the country should be run doesn't matter anyway, can i at least get the one that's actually competent at what they do?

Why china will likely become the next global superpower... and why we should embrace it.
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  • RealMarek
    For those criticizing the Wuhan lab leak, keep in mind that the US funded research in that lab, possibly to do an end-run around the ban on gain of function research here.

    Regarding conflict in Taiwan, China has a critical advantage because the way our carrier groups are outfitted we could not get within striking distance of mainland targets without putting the carriers within range of China’s anti-ship missiles. Also, our fleet is aging.

    The American defeat in Afghanistan will give China access to its minerals and contribute to its belt-and-road initiative, as the Taliban have allied with China.

    The decline of America is accelerating: A divided population with little in common to unite it, people flooding in despite lack of well paying jobs for people already here, decaying infrastructure, stagnant wages, inflation finally setting in, and a feckless, hubristic, elite that despise the people they serve while running a byzantine, maddeningly inefficient bureaucracy. Collapse will not be pleasant. If at all possible, have extra food on hand and have something other than dollars that is worth something.
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    • anylolone

      Seriously? "but the US funded it" yeah, faucci funded it, illegally.
      China has no hope of taking taiwan, at all, even without foreign help, offensive wars are absurdly hard, specially these days, specially against a nation which is miles away technologically speaking, specially if you nation has a food problem. "but they can move" if you shoot, you show where you are to people with ballistic missiles.

      China can't carpet bomb taiwan, if it does, it becomes useless. It didn't even managed to take hong-kong, hong kong is basically just expenses for china now and will be in perpetuity.

  • 888theGreat
    China has biggest economy now after the virus. America will never acknowledge that. They have the biggest Army. More ships in navy. Will soon have the reserve currency. Makes 90% of the worlds products. Population is more educated. Have most resources. Probably the most gold and silver.

    Problems are that their people are not free. Can't say many things out loud. Must worship God in private and can't own a bible. They have spotters that report to party leaders on what you are doing. Have a one party political system. People have no rights and can't sue the Government for anything. They send Christians and political opponents to concentration camps to have their organs harvested for other party members. They allow only two children and have others aborted. Some are allowed for adoption. Men are more valued than women. Women are still treated as second class citizens.

    I will never accept their system or how they run their country. I am on Asian sites and can't talk freely with others on there. They block many of the things I say. To the point the people say I couldn't see what you just said.
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    • pjf1958

      It took China, launching a virus at us to become the worlds economic leader. Once the world finds out, China will be 3rd world again forever!!!

    • pjf1958

      You all look alike

    • pjf1958

      You"re a troll

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  • stri_dante
    china has historically done an exceptional job at creating a complex internal market within their territory. the external powers obviously knew that, yet they chose to share blueprints and production lines simply because of labour costs and profitable export contracts.

    whether the long term consequences have been accounted for and there's a next thing coming, or if it truly was some human error, that we will only know when the time comes.
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  • Floppy2112
    I am not embracing it. Not because I care if they are a superpower that much, but because to be that, they must displace us. At least that's the way they see it. And, most importantly, if they want to be that, they need Taiwan. And Taiwan means war. There is no way around that conundrum.
    Second, yes, they have human rights atrocities. And that's not from the MSM as the MSM largely covers for China. There is more than plenty of evidence of the Ughur Muslim concentration camps. There is no reason to dismiss that out of hand. Plus add lab leak which in itself is a big enough reason for war, there is problem with China displacing the U. S. I agree we have not only participated, but also encouraged it in many ways. And the things that need to be done to ensure our security, like bringing our manufacturing base back to the mainland, is not happening. So not only is conflict already a high probability, it's inevitable at this point. Hence, we cannot just embrace it. This CCP is the same CCP that Mao brought about, any doubts about that is just plain naïve.
  • SlightlyEccentric
    Fuck China. They suppress their own people harder than only one other country (give you a guess which one). Hardcore surveillance, social credit score, nazi style concentration camps, and mass executions and ethnic cleansing. Why would any insane person ever embrace this country that has had a 5000 year long history of brutality, genocide and what would be considered nothing less of crimes against humanity for millenia?
    • Sabretooth

      they also benefited greatly due to Trump's childish incompetence and stupidity.

  • pjf1958
    I agree with you on the 'Hubris' that is America. Only a true narcissicist could marvel at their 'comrade in arrogant arms'. This is one unenviable trait that we both share.
  • rcljr
    China will never be a stand alone superpower, they can’t even design their own military weapons, they have to steal plans and copy US or Russian equipment.
  • Noahcepticeye
    Didn't read it (that's a lot) but I agree with you that I think china will become the next global superpower
  • Jersey2
    China will be a lousy leader. And their citizens will not have the personal income of people in many other countries.
  • Smegskull
    Things look more threatening than they are.
    China's infrastructure is rusting away because everything was built cheap so though it presents the face of a first world country it will soon have to build itself from scratch again.
    China's population is heavily aging even compared to america.
    Their corporate giants keep getting slain because the government is paranoid the companies will have more power than them. You mention Tencent who's share price is falling because the CCP is breaking it appart into less threatening pieces.
    And, their army is largely untested so success in an attempt at any use of force is dubious at best.
  • anylolone
    lol! Nope!

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