For all excuses just to hate China


Trigger warning for sinophobes

Of course it would be a lie to say that there's no issues going on in China. There still are many of them but it doesn't mean your country is better and flawless. Sure they probably only heard about the bad news in China which is actually easy to address because of today's media like the world news being controlled by USA which hates China for how successful they became economically With media brain washing people and China being one of the most hated country in the world being said, I'll start pointing the common excuses people come up to hate China.

Products made in China are fragile AF!

For all excuses just to hate China

China makes almost everything and all people see is the fake and imitations they make. Ignoring the fact that they don't even take the credit when they make stuff for companies. For example you make say Chinese cars are crap. Of course because all the good quality parts are bought from China and just assembled in other countries and claim they made that car leaving the poorer quality ones in China behind. (They choose the best handles, breaks, wheels or etc.) The power of rebranding. Toyota, Nisan, Honda or etc. are Japanese brands. They're just brands but where they are made or the parts are actually made in China. And of course they have to make use of those crappy stuff left because it would be a waste to throw it away. They'd just sell it for a cheaper price for poorer people to have a taste to the expensive stuff other companies sell. And they complain about "Imitations". When people say Chinese products are fake, they also forgot the original products still came from China. You can ask China to mass produce 1000 pcs of your invention. They're already making 10000 of it before you get to announce it so I can't blame them.

Chinese eat dogs or bats or any other animals!

For all excuses just to hate China
For all excuses just to hate China

This had been the excuse to be a supremacist. It's not just China who does it. There are other tribes who do it too but China just being iconic here because of it's fairly large population and China being the most modern one of them all. Well yes in fact there are groups that do but there are also that don't. But the common complainers about this are dog lovers. I'm a dog lover too but the reason why those groups who don't eat dogs and even I don't stop them is because we're not a supremacist. We just like to respect their point of view and culture. They've been doing it for thousands of years way before dogs were domesticated as pets. I'm not gonna assume you're a vegan tho but chances you probably eat meat and eating pork, beef, lamb, chicken or etc. doesn't make it any different. If a vegan bashes on you, you wouldn't like it right? Because if you're gonna hate vegans bashing on you but you bash on China anyways for that reason, it's gonna be hypocritical and it doesn't make you any better. Another example is India and they don't eat beef because for them it's sacred. But people in other countries eat burgers, steak, beef curry or etc. anyways and you don't hear Indians complaining about that because they're not supremacists.

I blame them for the COVID-19!

For all excuses just to hate China
For all excuses just to hate China

The current excuse people have to come up. It's not like China is exempted for the Covid 19. They are not living in luxury while watching the world burn. And in fact there are way more people dying there than in your country. I have to admit that they spread it also because of their population but it wasn't intentionally. So to those who complain about China polluting the world just don't take responsibility of what their country do too. China never complain about other country's trashes being sent there just to be recycled and 90% of the world is making China manufacture stuff for them. But it's just time they stop taking all their garbage. Now with that going on, what are they gonna if China sends them back? The current economy right now is collapsing yes but haters just don't wanna take time realizing about China being one of the backbone of the global economy the world is depending on.

For all excuses just to hate China
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  • ShadowofRegret
    Personally, I like the chinese, I think a lot of people (especially in america) are too self-righteous, they like to think of themselves as a shining example of moral superiority while pointing at everyone else and telling them how bad they are, especially the extremely patriotic ones.

    There is good and bad in every nation, they want to say such things about China, but chances are, there are people doing the same kinds of things in their own nations.
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    • You can't forget China is the worlds biggest dictatorship, since one does not have democracy

    • how can anybody respect them

    • Easy only those people who actually see their benefits respect them also they take less credits because of medias you portray.

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  • Dchrls78104
    You seem to have omitted another important one: that America and the west owe China several trillion US dollars. Maybe they're afraid that one day the Chinese government will come to collect...
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    • Well I'm not exactly mentioning "all" of them because that will involve other countries and I don't wanna start anything with them.

    • All reserved until they start comparing China to their country.

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  • Misterpoll
    Hi Aiko, interesting question, I try to answer you since I'm a psychologist, so the first thing I would like to tell you is that all the big countries are hated for different reasons, obviously the first is people's ignorance, but why do they hate? for historical rivalries reasons, cultural, political differences etc. all the big countries that are hated precisely because their citizens are everywhere, even the USA are very hated in the world.
    About the Chinese products, I would say that if people buy very cheap products, it is normal that they are fragile, but there are a lot of quality Chinese products, just think of the great electronics brands, such as ASUS, Haier, JBL, Lenovo etc. About COVID-19 is started in china but i don't think it was the fault of the Chinese peoples there were planned actions by European and American masonry, but I don't want to go any further on this speech here. I don't care about what the Chinese eat, nothing changes if you eat beef or reptile meat etc., as you rightly said. BUT LET IT BE CLEAR I would like to tell you that hatred is now widespread for everything, if we talk about music, movies, clothing, sports, and everything related to culture. Over time groups and social subgroups that hate each other have been created, it is something you cannot fight alone, but each of us as a parent could teach their children that cultural or thought differences should not be hated to avoid conflicts, in short, just choose the people with whom to share your passions, thoughts, etc. we are not obliged to assert our culture over that of others; You should avoid peoples who hate cultural differences because they cause havoc in society, you can try to explain something to them if you have some friend who hate for the nationality etc. but if they don't understand, don't waste time, just leave them alone. I personally never hated a country or a culture, i just choose to deepen the cultures that interest me :-)
    • I never said those other big countries aren't hated now did I? Not surprised tho but I'm still posting my point of view here. You can blame china but you can also blame other countries too. It's not only China's fault but I'm not even saying it's china's fault. It may start there but the cause is somewhere else. I'm making this mytake not to stress myself but because I have a lot of time here and I'm doing it for me and to trigger haters here.

    • did u read what i've wrote? I didn't blame anyone, i love China XD, click on contunue reading

    • I did read and I never said you.

  • hellionthesagereborn
    They do make crappy parts and while some are good, they also bug them to spy on other nations.

    They do eat weird things, nobody really cares in general but they do think its weird and they have every right to do so (because you know damn well china bashes americans and American cultures all the god damn time (and have done so to our leaders faces no less).

    As for corona virus, this is china's fault not because they created the virus intentionally but because they have so low health and safety standards that it allowed for this to be created when it would otherwise not have happened.

    They also mass murder people and harvest their organs to sell for transplants (about 2,000 people in the entire country are signed up for organ donations, yet they perform over 10,000 a year. They have killed and harvested the organs of Falun Gong praticioners as well as the recent hong kong rights that saw protestors arrested and then they just disappeared. They claim that its from executed inmates but they only perform a few thousand of those a year that doesn't match the numbers.

    They have gulags where they torture and "reeducate" the Hui people, Chinese muslims. They are tortured and forced to write essays on why they are what is wrong with china and explain why china and the socialist regime is great and wonderful in order to try and avoid being tortured as badly.

    The Chinese people are not hated, no one has issue with the Chinese people as individuals, but the nation, its CURRENT culture that causes it to be one of the largest polluters in the world, commit countless human rights violations, that endorses slavery (its officially illegal but its still very much practiced. China has an estimated 3.8 million slaves.), etc. etc., that's what people have issue with.

    If you where to admit that these things are happening and holding china back, that this is not what the Chinese people are about but rather is a product of the constant social engineering at the hands of the Chinese government, fine (I would agree with that). But acting as if legitimate criticism is unfair? That is unacceptable. By your rational no one is allowed to argue or criticize any one for their behavior and I can guarantee you that is something that you personally don't believe as it pertains to other cultures and nations (as china is constantly ridiculing other nations).
    • " But acting as if legitimate criticism is unfair?" No I'm talking about people making excuses. You can already see them here tho as I said it from the start, "Of course it would be a lie to say that there's no issues going on in China. There still are many of them but it doesn't mean your country is better and flawless."

      Also also the virus? It's also china's fault yes but it doesn't mean it's not other countries fault too. "So to those who complain about China polluting the world just don't take responsibility of what their country do too. China never complain about other country's trashes being sent there just to be recycled and 90% of the world is making China manufacture stuff for them."

    • Never proclaimed my country is flawless, it is objectively better. We don't kill people for being different for starters, our government doesn't harvest people for organs, we don't kill off all life in our rivers to the point where only algea grows their, we don't have gulags where we torture and brainwash people because they are different, its not illegal to question the government, we don't have a social credit system that forces conformity of opinions on our people etc. So yes we are infinitely better then china. That has nothing to do with the value of the historic Chinese people mind you, that is not something that can really be defined in my opinion as better or worse, but from a legal perspective, treatment of others, corruption, environmental, and moral perspective at the moment china is lacking in all those things. Individuals of course are different, but as a whole china is awful. They had a fascinating culture that had a lot of value to give to the world before, but that's gone now. The Chinese government destroyed it and many Chinese people allowed it to happen (many by buying into the communist regime, others simply because they didn't want to be mass murdered and currently because they don't want to be harvested for organs or sent to gulags where they will be "reeducated" with torture (all things that don't happen in the US).

      Doesn't mean my nation doesn't have its problems we absolutely do, but we are not mass murdering people, we are not torturing people because they are different, we don't imprison people or make them disappear because they question the government etc. As for the virus, yeah, acutally it does mean its china's fault and not every one elses. It was created in china due to negligent conditions, that's no ones fault but china's.

    • No one is making china do anything, china is choosing to do what it does. Don't act like china is a slave state. Now do I think its shitty, sure, I don't think we should be throwing money at a violent evil dictatorship, especially one that routinely tries to screw over their business partners and violate international laws and as well as human rights. I don't think its a good thing for businesses to have no ethics and send things to china knowing that china doesn't give a damn about any one or anything, but that is not something I personally have control over beyond telling people not to do it and to try and cut out those companies from my life as best I can.

      That doesn't mean china is a victim for this, they are the ones pushing for it and exploiting it. Again, that is different from individual people, that is different from china's culture historically, that is different from the Chinese people, but again, do not claim that legitimate criticism is some how hateful or an excuse, its not.

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  • Honestly, "a lot of issues going on", I view as a huge belittlement. I'm sure most people aren't claiming that their own nation is flawless just for criticizing China.
    The fact of the matter is that it is an extremely oppressive, authoritarian state, and have official tactics of propaganda, lies and promotion of authoritarian, Chinese-styled socialist, anti-democratic values in place on the international arena. Society is heavily censured, its newest form of control being the internet regulations, and the population is ruthlessly regulated by numerous police forces, including the innermost Gau bou, secret police who either, "invite to tea" or abduct political dissidents and, "dissuade" them from going against the regime. They are continuously combating the promotion of democratic values with regional neighbors and deny places such as Hong Kong a fair legislative system, and Hong Kong are even waving and propagating for a return to British governance seeing as the last governor, Chris Patten, introduced a fair democratic election process before leaving, that was reversed by China. They've also constantly been on Taiwan's back for being a successful Asian democracy, cooperating with nations like North Korea, Pakistan and Burma to isolate them economically, and have inflamed tensions between Pakistan and India for their own gain when they dammed the Indus river valley.

    As for Covid-19, they might not have started it intentionally, but they arrested the doctor who wanted to warn the world of it, who later died of said virus. And they have even gone so far as to scapegoat my country, Sweden, as a country doing poorly against it, and have claimed that the virus was placed in Wuhan by American military.

    And I have never heard of any such thing that China is burdened with the world's trash, I wouldn't take news articles as a fact for that matter either, maybe that's true and maybe not. What I do know from statistics is that while the US last year ended up as the highest reducers of carbon emissions along with the EU, 80% of all raised emissions was represented by Asia. So I do not go along with your narrative here that China is merely misrepresented by, "big bad US". And you do clearly have a degree of bias in the matter. China under its current communist rule *is* an enemy of the west, and a dangerous force.
    • Arresting doctors who wanted to warn the world of it? Well that's the kind of propaganda i'm talking about. When it is illogical to actually arrest a doctor in the world of it while many people more and more are actually dying their compared to your country. And how realistic if they just go to china to address their issues without even leaving their themselves. Well yes that's the American controlled media for you

    • That's hardly propaganda as we know for a fact the doctor in question is now dead and he was indeed stopped from warning the outside world. As for the rest of your paragraph, I honestly did not understand a word of that.

      I am reading several books on the matter of China's regime including, China's Foreign Policy by Alice Monroe, and Authoritarianism Goes Global by John Hopkins, feel free to look any of those up. So it is not a matter of media. But clearly you are a loyal Chinese individual who'd never admit to your country being messed up so going back and forth with you is a waste of time.

    • Just like a lot of other countries who don't really admit their country is messed up but really wanna criticized and you know invade other countries. Sure the chinese foreign policies and a lot more your talking about the exist but so does yours. But this mytake is just for haters who don't wanna take a look at their own country's flaws.

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  • jeemm
    I love most Asian cultures, traditions and countries including China. That being said the thing about some Chinese people consuming dogs isn't just about food... They boil them alive and/or beat them to death while there are multiple of more preferable and humane options they could choose instead to put the animal down. I don't know how small of a minority of people it is that do those things but it certainly does exist and it's supposedly something of a tradition or a celebration or a festival type of thing that doesn't exist anywhere else in the whole as far as I know. You can google stuff like "Chinese boiling dog alive". Those that even end up on the internet are a small portion of them.

    My opinion was only about this as I believe the virus situation to be something that could happen in a multiple of other countries.
    • Well of course that is a flaw than they have but again it's not just china who do it but other tribes too. Well yes be can be inhumane but that don't harm other human beings like what other countries do that just shoot anyone for their race, school shooting, they try to be conservatives because they don't like their country to change culture and their race and skin color but they terrorize and invade other countries anyways because supremacy. Not better than boiling dogs alive. That's why despite that China is a peaceful country because they respect each other no matter how inhumane you think they are.

    • Your defense is , yea they kill millions of people , but it they could kill 10's of millions of people. Great defense.

    • @888theGreat in your strawman fallacy. Guess that's what you're only good at.

  • Daniel3035
    I find it soo funny how you're using the idea of " I don't stop them is because we're not a supremacist. We just like to respect their point of view and culture." what about Muslims then are you respecting their views and culture?
    As typical Chinese people always full of it ironically the only race to have a flat face yet are two-faced.
    You justify eating shit by saying a small minority of uneducated individuals do it? That's like saying a man killed a woman yesterday so I can do it? If those tribes etc knew it could cause them disease would they do it? Probably not. Ironically you should know after SARS that these animals cause disease but do you learn? No.
    Please leave and stop justifying your weird eating fantasies we wouldn't be in this if not for your people.
    I don't even think your like us you look different for one I mean who else on this planet has a face like yours and think differently how many of us look at stuff like bats and think mmmm yummy? No one but your kind.
    • Yeah they're muslims respecting their point of views and cultures doesn't mean it's not ok to defend yourself if you're going to be a victim of it. If they believe killing humans and terrorizing is a good thing, defending our territory is a right because not belief is affecting us. What are we even to defend on our selves about the chinese point of view? I find it funny how your nation is trying to be a nationalist or a conservative because they don't like their skin colors or culture to change but they judge and, terrorize and invade on other countries anyway. Funnily hypocritical.

    • Except are the even doing the disease intentionally? It's just you assuming that sars actually came from those animals. But it came from sick animals before you start strawmanning and your swine flu isn't different. Yes and looking for more excuses to be racist like your racial shooting biases which you try to justify a lot.

    • But you just said you're a dog lover too? So if they're harming dog they're victimising your opinion.
      And where exactly have Muslims attacked you? I have never seen in the news china bombed by Taliban or isis if you can call them Muslim. In fact, it actually says in the Qur'an it is forbidden to kill a person so I don't know what you're talking about.
      You find it funny how my nation? Sorry, which nation? There's a lot of nations and actually us democrats call that a country. And I don't know what you're talking about not liking to change skin colours? Here in the UK, we have different cultures from all over Christians, Muslims and actually many Chinese as well especially students so I don't know what you're talking about. We were about let your company Huawei install 5g in our country clearly that was a mistake.

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  • andreasderjuengere
    'Hate' is a tool for the intellectually poor.
    I do have a number of points where I don't agree with Chinese culture, or ways of economical procedures.
    But my 'hate' would not give a solution to any of those; it rather produces even MORE problems.
    • Yes that's it people can't just disagree but they just choose to be haters to make themselves seem cool.

    • Seeing a downvote: let me add that the cowards and the frightened ones also use hate as a tool.
      Many 'westerners' are living in a 'bi-polar' world; only the extremes count. Compromise is not an option.

  • silvermoon84
    I have nothing against Chinese people. I live in New York, the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States, and if I’m directing anger at anyone for COVID-19, it’s the Chinese government as I feel they could have handled the outbreak better than they did. Also, the Chinese government tried to blame the United States military for the coronavirus pandemic even though it was determined by the WHO that the virus originated in that Wuhan seafood market. In all though, I’m equally annoyed with President Trump for taking as long as he did to start preparing for the virus and now the number of confirmed cases in the US continues to rise at an alarming rate. We have over 10,000 cases in my state alone. I’m not one of those Americans however that condones hate crimes against Asian people or Asian Americans. I realize what’s happening in the world now is not the fault of the Chinese people.

    Lastly I’m annoyed with some of my fellow New Yorkers for going out and not going into self quarantine like the government is telling us to do. The only way to slow down the spread of the virus is to stay home so just stay home until this passes over.
  • medanne
    I have always respected every country. But it is China that still allows dangerous stock markets, acted when it was too late, did not warn of the real danger and hid numbers of both infected and dead people.

    Now the whole world is screwed, with thousands dying. And of course they're the ones supplying other countries with masks etc.

    China needs to stop weaponizing racism. China is not a race, it is a country. And they've done it all wrong.
    • medanne

      By the way, I'm a doctor in Spain. And we're about to top China's death toll.

    • It still exist tho but I'm saying it's racist to disagree with their habits. There still is no excuse for racism as this take is made specially for haters not people who just disagree. "Now the whole world is screwed, with thousands dying." <-- It may originated in China but there are numerous factors that different other countries caused it. It's not like china is the most polluted country of all. We got Inda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and more and they also have their own filthy stock market. A factor I'm talking about is trashes being sent to china just because they're ok with it while senders have the decision not to do it.

    • medanne

      I would be blaming it on any other country that keeps those live stock markets if it had originated there. The modern world is global and we all need to be aware how infectious diseases are much more likely to spread around the globe than they were 100, or even 50 years ago.

      All countries that allow such markets should all be blamed, but of course people are going to set their eyes on China now. Discriminating Asian people is racist, but I don't think it's racist to accuse the Chinese government of their part of blame.

      The so - called "Spanish flu" 1918 outbreak, by the way, did not even originate in Spain. We were just the only ones reporting cases because we were the only European country not involved in WW2 (we had our own Civil War going on).

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  • PurpleStorm
    Go ahead, hate, it's useless and won't solve anything. But if you have nothing better to do with your time...
  • You're a bit too triggered about this. You can just not listen when people talk shit. And just because you have something produced in China doesn't give them the right to steal your intelectual property, I don't know why you're defending that.
    • I'm not saying that not country is flawless. I'm talking about your excuses. So you're just going to assume i am triggered about this, that will only make you not triggered one assuming things. Or probably you are triggered with china

    • Lynx122

      ? Sure dude everybody has a problem with China. I didn't even make any excuses for anything. I'm neutral about China but if you wanna keep writing stupid stuff then maybe you'll succeed in making me have a negative opinion about China.

    • And also everybody has a relation with china so? Propaganda vs propaganda then. I'm not saying you're actually hating china but i'm talking about excuses but did i say you? And they even say that china is a perfect country? You can read the first few sentences if you want to.

  • mattmanyah2
    China likes putting out propaganda. uigurs remind me of Jews in Germany and I'm not going to sing any praise for a country like that... Not to mention their terrible reporting on this virus that has the globe on shut down.
    • So is USA and their big CNN fake news. They can abuse it because it's the world's news but only controlled by them.

    • List the things that are "fake" on CNN.

    • @supercutebutt Most of them. While they can be true at some point, it's also cherry picked. And ofcourse they don't mention about what's going on in your country to the world as if you're such angels.

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  • BruceJender
    So are we just going to forget the CHINESE whistleblower doctor who warned us about what was happening in Wuhan? How the Chinese government covered up and CONTINUES to cover up how serious this virus really is.

    Cry me a fucking river. Who fucking knows now how many people might still be alive if China wasn’t run by a communist regime.

    Downvote me all you want, you know I speak nothing but the truth.
    • Oh and FYI... I don’t hate China or Chinese people, I hate your fucking government and those who run it. They have jeopardised ALL our lives.

    • So are we just going to forget that how your news always cover up for you like cnn a world news controlled by US as if the country such an angel. Let's forget your been throwing trash is there which is a factor why the virus had while you owe them trillions of dollars. Let's also forget the fact that they're also making virus vaccines for it to stop because there are in fact more people in their dying than in your country and china is not exempted in the virus. Cry me like a river when i put a trigger warning for sinophobes you. And let's not forget about shooting biases and school shooting going on. Try to be conservatives will you because you don't like your country to change color and culture yet terrorizing other countries anyways. Yeah nothing to hate about your government in your place

    • china is one of the most corrupt communistic counties in the world kid..

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  • I'm a Chinese-Filipino and I still love China. A lot of people hate China because of the people who give it a bad reputation.
    • Their own government you mean?

    • Not only the government but the people too. Some are uncivilized and the places can be chaotic.

    • What I explained is facts that have been verified

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  • SaraSmithishere
    Yeah, China, thanks for SAR, COVID-19, the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu, and more.
    • And thanks for your trashes too

    • And your trillion dollar debts

    • And making us manufacture for you, cherry picking on China with CNN world news which you control, hiding your debts to everyone and your excuse to terrorize other countries while being conservatives (low key racism) and more. Thanks a lot

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  • Janishope20
    Well no doub that we in the west have finally found out that we'd been builded up an Frankenstein out of controle. The sad story is that every westeren country had trown billions into China, and closed there eyes for the fact that China still is a Regime controlled by the Comminist party, with no absolute no kind of democraty, so only a little child must belive information from China, only thing we know is the planted the Virus in Europe, and then suddelly were able to reduse the virus in China. Guess Trumph were right all the time , to be aware of everything China do. But when this horrible pandemi is over and the West has overcome the worst fears and their economies have recovered some of the many billions of euros it will cost. Then one must hope that the childish belief that globalization is only good will be over and that we start to concentrate on creating jobs in the West, and not in the East, and at the same time we begin to be far more cautious about leaving production of everything to Chinese. This will certainly require a decade of slow growth, but this will be well spent in the long run.
    • Oh Trump sure predicted that when because he knows how much trashes he put there. But still tho trump owes them trillions of dollars in debt

    • And talking about the virus is a way to hide that

    • I'd think only brained washed chinese , think this thing happend by accident, knowing the Chinese regime wouldn't mind killing a thousand of there own , to make things look as an accident, but its hard to belive that if so the virus suddenly ended so fast.

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  • yucychan
    Definitely, there are some things that the Chinese government and local officials could have done better to control the situation. However, as of now, where the virus have spread everywhere already, just simply blaming China for everything is not helping at all. No one wants this pandemic to occur, much less the Chinese.
    We need to move on and protect our loved ones, take good care of hygiene, avoid large crowds and travelling for the time being etc.
    Of course, there are always gonna be people who are using this virus to justify their hatred and discrimination towards China. And probably not only China, but towards all Asians in general. I saw news that a Singaporean guy was beaten up in UK by a local group for no good reason other than his skin color, accusing him of having the virus which he didn't. I'm quoting this example because it is not an isolated case. I know cases where people where people are just calling out Asians (specifically Orientals) accusing them of spreading the disease when they are not even from Mainland China, they just accuse them simply because they look Chinese.

    As one who has been discriminated before just because of my skin color, it really sucked. I don't get to choose to be white, black, yellow, red or purple. So the hate just makes no sense. I just hope that this virus dies off soon and everyone is safe.

    In the meantime, listen to some Jamiroquai. I just simply love Jay Kay.
  • Bananaman177
    For all excuses just to hate ChinaFor all excuses just to hate China
    • For all excuses just to hate China

      Downvote me some more, you stupid cowards, I have plenty more where this came from.

    • Yes you have more of those cherry picked minority there. That's what your cnn is good at like world news controlled by usa spreading propaganda to cover up their mistakes they made to lots of countries like china trillions of dollars. And thanks for your trashes which is a factor of why the virus started.

    • *like owing

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  • Bratsondanielle
    I don't really blame them for Corona but they definitely surprised the world with it. Had been nice to have had a warning. Instead they covered it up. The first doctor who was vocal about it "disappeared " and then I still don't hate China but when you write that our country is not better I'm like uuhhuu lol but ofc I never been to China...
  • Electric_Dreams
    China is primarily responsible for the COVID death toll which is now over 1 million worldwide. They're primarily responsible due to their rampant negligence, oppression of essential information, progression of misinformation, and rampant lies.

    Just because they've got it bad too, that has no relevance to the fact that they are to blame. China is the ONLY country, that could do this to the world. All the right conditions. Sure, many countries could start such a virus.. but it would not spread nearly as fast AND those countries are not such an essential part of the rampantly dysfunctional world economy. I say rampantly dysfunctional because China IS an essential part of the global economy, so much so that an abundance of other countries are highly reliant on China for essential products, and so what happens now? Well.. I don't gotta' say it, because it's happening.

    After though, do the rest of the world's nations correct their economy by cutting out China and becoming self-sufficient again? .. that would be good right? Yeah but China would have a big problem with that, and might be inclined to go to war.

    Cold hard facts are more than enough justification for me to have a huge problem with China as a nation. Not its people; many of the nations people are quite probably the most victimised by said nation.
    • It is also cold heart facts that your government also lie and hiding their flaws also to hide their debts. Making propagandas on how earth started even though there are more factors than that. Also i never said china isn't responsible i said they are but yours is too. As i have also stated there they're making china a dump site just because china accepts recycling their garbages.

    • You are correct.. unfortunately all governments seem to have elements of corruption, lying, and destruction caused upon other nations.

      China though.. well they really are a special kinda' corrupt and dangerous...

    • Death tolls are only 149,000 world wide right now not one million.

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  • SpiderManFan2002
    Well I definitely disagree with the Chinese government on their human rights record and especially the Uyghur situation in China.

    But that doesn't mean I'm going to be racist to the Chinese. You can't stereotype a whole ethnic group of people, or a whole nation based on the bad things you hear. There's good and bad in all communities.

    And I tend to go by MLK's quote: "Judge a person by the content of their character". You can't judge somebody just because they're Chinese- their ethnicity doesn't speak for them.

    I find the excuse "Chinese is a nationality not a race" stupid. Because Chinese can also be an ethnicity too- and Chinese people all around the world are facing racism due to COVID-19.

    The virus is no excuse for racism. Racism will not solve a global pandemic and it won't get rid of it either and it doesn't help- you can't blame every single Chinese person for COVID-19, that's absurd.

    All I can tell you today is to stay strong in a time like this. I'm a British Pakistani Muslim and I've had my fair share of stereotyping too- especially on G@G. You know, the old "Muslims are terrorists" or "Pakistanis are terrorists" and they just assume all sorts from their uneducated minds. Honestly, the amount of stereotypes I've come across for Muslims and Pakistanis is so much. I actually wrote a MyTake about it myself a while ago: The Reality of Being a British Pakistani Muslim Girl.

    The problem with the Sinphobes, the racists, the Islamophobes is they're ignorant and they aren't even willing to learn about another culture or a different set of beliefs. Their minds are too small to comprehend, that just because two people look similar doesn't mean they're the same. They're not very bright in the first place.
  • opnbuk59
    I can understand how you feel you love your country as you should once you start bad mouthing your Homeland on foreign soil your showing your lack of love and support for it feeling national pride gives you a good feeling inside but again i agree with you about one country being better than another no person on this planet is better than the other this craziness need to stop just look at what is really going on around the world we are so divided, governments of most Nations secretly devising ways to kill each other why to be number one the best that's ignorant we all of us around the world yes we have varied lifestyles cultures but that's the beauty to come together share each other's cultures not look down upon elevate yourself above others and it's not about which country produce this or that we are dependent on each other and all this wanting to destroy another country people just why look at us now the whole world lock in doors what purpose does it solve, or servers and who gives a dam which country is better what good is it when you destroy our only home we got, it has to stop why can't people of this world learn to just work together come together sure some countries have it better than others so why watch another who isn't as fortunate suffer instead of building up their country to same standard as yours this hate saddens me hate because you don't look like me ignorant, no one is hating on China but yes you produce low priced products for us to buy but this is another deadly virus coming from China in how many years and no one country is innocent this should be a wake up call of all people of every nation to tell their leaders enough, no more wars no more destruction people just want to live their lives raise their family enjoy what was created for us stop wasting billions on weapons take care of what cares for us please enough already try peace
  • t_dog473
    I have nothing against Chinese people, and in fact I'd consider some of the closest people in my life, people who I call my brothers Chinese. That being said, the Chinese government is a horrible thing, and a horrible force in the world.

    Where to begin? Maybe the fact that they're the worlds biggest dictatorship with a president who appointed himself president for life and wrote himself into the constitution. How about the fact that if journalists criticize the government they are imprisoned or killed. Maybe the restrictions on people of faith, Christians are forbidden from gathering and it's even worse for Muslims, millions of which are imprisoned in so-called "re-education camps". How about the decades of forced sterilization of Chinese women? I could go on, but I'll lastly mention the fact the Mao's cultural revolution is the single bloodiest event in history with the murder of anyone who opposed it, murders from this event is estimated to be between 60 and 100 MILLION people. Even at the low end that 10 times more than the Holocaust.

    On the topic of COVID-19 or more accurately SARS-CoV-2, it's confirmed now that the Chinese government knew about the virus weeks before the government made any statement on it, and when they did they lied. They knew that it could spread human to human. They knew that the virus was extremely easy to spread and similar to SARS and yet the government approved a massive lunar new year festival where some of the first people became infected with no connection to the wet market where it supposedly began. In addition to that the president allowed 5 million people to pass through Wuhan well aware of the problem. Any scientists were threatened to keep silent and three doctors where found dead surrounded by mysterious circumstances after speaking out about the danger on the internet. To say nothing of all the bullcrap happening with the Hong Kong situation.

    The Chinese government is evil, that has nothing to do with Chinese people.
  • Izumiblu
    Uhh the world did not make China take garbage or manufacture stuff. China’s economy is largely based on their cheap labor a market which is controlled by the CCP

    The CCP intentionally misinformed the world on what was taking place regarding wuhan virus. They will pay the price for it too because it’s going to force America and the EU to diversify their supply chains. India and Brazil are nicely poised to take advantage.

    Truth is there is no significant racism towards the Chinese people that manifests in a globally harmful way. It’s the gross dishonesty and malfeasance of the CCP that is harmful to Chinese people.
    • "made in China" actually is the most common thing you find in markets, clothing stores, machine shops or whatever. You are not making us indeed but you're still our customers though. But nope we're not doing it anymore that's why we're not accepting it. Also before you start strawmanning about "making china do it" you make with reserved for you but that's not automatically make them slaves. Not only their labor is cheap but the world orders a lot from them.

    • Izumiblu

      They can choose not to do it. The CCP chooses to position the labor market of China as a competitive advantage and they structure their policy to keep it competitive so we in the west will continue to buy it. The entire supply chain of the world is built this way. The only slaves in this are the slaves created by the CCP, in forced labor situations. Otherwise it’s all entirely voluntary from both sides. And you’ll continue doing it to the extent you can because that’s what your government wants.

      Also China isn’t a majority of goods in American markets. Our imports in total were $3.1T of which China was less than $600B.

      Even as we have reduced our trade with China through our policy our economy has done quite well. China’s economy has been anemic and the wuhan virus situation has only served to expose the CCP for what it is. The world will continue to diversify out if China became the government cannot be trusted there.

    • "They can choose not to do it" While that's an option, there is also an option not to depend on China's landfill then later blame them for pandemic. I mean it's partly their fault but that doesn't mean others don't take responsibility for it. If it started in your place because China refused, it won't make it any better. If you don't see "made in china" often, there are also chances that America may have imported from other countries that also sourced form China. Even sources came from there just to be reassembled in other countries and have it re branded.

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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I don't really care about eating dogs, and I'm not super bothered by the products.

    These are pathetic excuses for excusing China from being hated.

    These are trivial compared to the bullshit they do on the reg and it is perfectly valid to shit on China.

    I don't blame the Chinese people for what the Chinese government does. That's the problem, the government. Ignoring WHO rules, ignoring intellectual property laws, currency manipulation, the freaking Uyghurs, military expansion into atolls in the South China sea, veiled threats, all the other viruses out of China and now this thing? Nuh uh, not cool, no sir.

    If eating dogs and cheap products are the best you can come up with as to why people are hating on China then please fkn spare us. We don't need to hear it.
    • You mean you don't need to hear it. Only people who gets brainwashed by media and are you even one?

    • "You mean you don't need to hear it."
      Correct.. and the majority of the population... basically anyone who has even glanced at china.

    • And did I say this is for the majority of the population? No. This is made "specially" for them.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    I don't hate them, but I do not trust their government. Having so much of our medicine and critical materials made in China in a very bad idea. Better to have a supply chain that is domestic or at least more local like Mexico or Canada. Heck, if U. S. companies moved production from China to Mexico it would also eliminate a big part of the reason why people risk their lives to flee across the border without papers.
  • TonyBologna25
    I completely disagree with how they run their country under communist policies. I also completely disagree with their initial approach towards covid-19 as transparency wasn't of value to them towards other countries. Sure, tribes eating bats might be normal is some small hidden cultures around the world, but it's not normal to the rest of the world populous for a reason. It's taboo for a very good reason- and that's the fact that it's a fucking bat and it's not sanitary. China was also responsible for Bird flu and SARS for starters.

    China seems to have a repeating pattern of spreading deadly virus's throughout the world due to large parts of their country being overpopulated unhygienic, and not following any regulations that come even close to our Food & Drug administration. China is good at manufacturing products in mass quantities for a cheap price. Typically not the best quality. I can say that confidently working in the engineering field. They've had numerous accounts of child labor and treating their employees like slaves. This is why they can manufacture products for the entire world so fast and cheap. This is how they've excelled economically so well. By exploiting human beings for cheap labor. It's the same concept of what wells Fargo was doing back in 2007. I do not condone that.

    So I completely disagree with this China praising rhetoric. I'm not going to look at a Chinese man, and think negative thoughts, but I will look at how they run their country in a negative way. Their inability to follow basic hygienic standards that the rest of the first world does has costed us way too many lives. How they treat their people is absolutely disgusting as well. They are attempting to control the American media with the leverage they have, and Americans aren't even trying to fight back from what it seems like.

    China's inability to practice good hygiene and standards of enforcing food regulations has completely disrupted our economy as well. Millions of Americans are losing their retirement. How would you feel if you put a hefty contribution into an IRA and 401k your entire life, turn 60, and have someone tell you that you've lost 40-50% of it. Now you can't even retire and have to work at that age just to support yourself. That's happening to millions of Americans right now. Lay-offs are starting to occur and it's only going to become worse. Millions of Americans now can't afford their mortgage forcing the federal reserve to print a trillion fucking dollars that's not creating a bubble and inflating the market to severe amounts.

    The fact that you're taking away any accountability when that many lives have been lost and disrupted is mind-blowing. Try telling that to the victims who have lost family members and friends and now have mourn. Try telling that to Americans who have lost everything.

    China does need to take accountability, so that they can get their shit together once and for all. That way, we minimize the chances of another catastrophic outcome. We don't just say "It's okay China... we know it was an accident... AGAIN" - No, this shit needs to be stopped and accountability needs to take place so that we can avoid things like this in the future. This take is absolute bullshit and I'm surprised that anyone agrees.
  • EricBooth999
    There are MANY reasons to hate the CCP, more than there are reasons to like them. It’s not even the Chinese people, although the majority of them have been brainwashed by the CCP and believe their country is the greatest place ever, content with their lack of freedoms. The Chinese people have a long, and beautiful history. On par with Europeans. I have no problem with them.

    When it comes to the Covid-19 outbreak, it is China’s fault. If it came from a wet market, it’s China’s fault for allowing these places to exist in the 21st century. If it came from a Chinese lab as I believe it did, it’s also China’s fault and I have absolutely no problem blaming your government. You are all slaves to the CCP.

    I honestly hope that one day the west comes together, to destroy the CCP and reinstate the ROC as the government of the mainland. If it must be done by force, then that is how it must be. Millions of Chinese would die which is a shame but the time is fast approaching for the destruction of your government.

    If the call is ever made to take the fight to Xi Jinping himself, I will be among the first to stand up, fight, and probably even die for the freedom of the Chinese people. Democracy is not the greatest form of Government but at least we in the west have the freedom to do whatever we wish to, say whatever we wish to, without worrying about being thrown into a camp or something.

    Quit defending your garbage government, they have done nothing but oppress you. The CCP uses propaganda to make you believe they care about you. They certainly learned well from Dr. Goebbels, Premier Stalin, and Chairman Mao.
    • There are also many reasons to hate your governments too like making propagandas to hide their flaws and debts. And you don't think the world news controlled by one country has brainwashed the world. I'm not defending the "garbage government" they have however I'm pointing out the hypocrisy

    • All governments lie. Not everybody can handle the truth without becoming a threat, all governments know this. All governments have their flaws. There is a huge hypocrisy when it comes to the media and how they talk about China but the Chinese media does the same. The goal of every government is to ensure their people are content, and part of that stems from having enemies of your state, and allies.

      For the US citizens this is Russia and for the Chinese, it is the American people.

    • But after all this mytake is made for one sided haters who got brainwashed by medias made by racists not exactly defending the chinese government.

  • Jupiter1
    I don't need excuses to hate China. They've been doing stuff for centuries that's making it very easy for anyone to hate them. Corona virus is the latest icing on their shitty cake.
    • So is your country doing stuff for years. Also your trashes is a factor on what trigger the shitty icing on the cake.

  • cohenrique
    Looks like some people can't distinguish between "China" as a Nation State, and "China" as a People Group.

    The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is a bane to this planet.
    • I agree with that. But most folks don't know the difference or just don't care.

  • MackToday
    You're a good party comrade for posting this, you're organs get harvested last.
    • Ahh yes more Sinophobe who just ignore the sinophobe warning.

    • MackToday

      Yes we all very sinophobic here no eat bat soup , look like hairy monkey, no listen to great chairman mao. Hay, can you get me a deal on a set of lungs cheap?

    • Yeah but soup? If that's your problem you also probably eat chicken soup or whatever you eat. You so call it food but do they care? No. They're not supremacists like you

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  • The_Sword
    your cognitive dissonance and vulnerable narcissism is conspicuous.
    • And what about your western supremacy? So yeah it's ok for you to be hypocrites I see.

    • The_Sword

      you are an identity politics racist and bigot. Please go see a psychologist about your mental projections, it's sad that ideologies exist that let you disguise your rotten mentality in an orthodoxy of spewing 'safe' generalisations that insulate your hateful and brittle heart in the midst of a vile bandwagon of vicious and dogmatic group think.

      Who crowned you the neo-colonialist of spewing the only true generalisations?

      You are exactly what you profess to hate: you have no principles, just decadent tribalism trying to justify itself anyway it can.

    • And you don't think you are? What about you this guy sing your own rotten mentality and just to actually look for something to judge in other countries but not your own? Also i put a trigger warning for people like you because i know there are always people who just want to look at the things i said that they don't like even though i pointed out in there that china is not a flawless country. But doesn't mean yours is too

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  • Shamalien
    Nobody makes china manufacture anything. It's not our fault their society is run by a communist dictatorship. Fuck china, fuck china, and fuck china. Most brainwashed people on the planet with the worst government since nazi germany
    • Yeah sure and you'll see "made in china" in almost everything in stores. And here we have a winner for being the first example of a hater here.

    • Shamalien

      what's ur opinion on the communist government of china?

    • No opinion. They're fine with it and not complaining. It's just people like you complaining for them

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  • tmo318
    Lol your funny. China knew about this deadly virus since November it’s on record. They still allowed travel and could have warned the world. Who are the 2 million Muslims still in captivity in China at a “re-educated center” aka concentration camp?
    • Also you're something to be laughed at. That's the CNN news for you spreading propagandas like that and only blame china for everything

    • tmo318

      So cnn is lying about uighurs in captivity? It wasn’t cnn where I learned that, you can just google that fact. Just like how the virus did start in China

    • Yeah I just googled the facts Also it makes me wonder why only blame when all your trashes go there? Yeah it's a way to hide your trillion dollar debts to everyone.

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  • ShellyShocked
    China caused corona virus, America caused Trump so fair is fair.

    But seriously, if you know people who eat bats and other unregulated, disease carrying animals tell them to fucking stop.

    When the hillbillies where i live eat possum or groundhog i dont say "oh its just their culture to be inbred shitheads leave them alone." I say "quit eating that! Here's a 20 go buy some food that didn't get run over first!"

    When people are stupid and a danger to society you stop them not make excuses for them.
    • People only said it started there please you're actually going to blame china for the cause of it, have you ever considered the fact that there are also other countries that have many wet markets other than China? We also have india, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Philippines, Indonesia and more that has many wet markets. Also yes blame it on how they eat bats strawmanning like how all bats carry disease. Can we also see all pigs have swine flu social stop eating pork?

    • Pigs are domesticated, they get antibiotics, shots, and are regularly tested for diseases. You gonna tell me they do that with fucking bats? Get outta here😒

      The CDC and WHO said it started in wuhan china. Thats what im going with. doesn't matter where, anywhere that has those kinds of unregulated cespools is a potential cause of the next ebola, SARS, corona virus, the list goes on. Including here in the US where sometimes people eat squirrel, rabbit, fish from the Ohio river. Its disgusting and dangerous no matter who does it. China started this one though so instead of playing the "they were doing it too" game, just own it and try to convince people to stop it.

    • And its not fucking racist to call out stupid cultural practices. Is it racist to tell muslims who practice honor killing or jews who cut baby dicks and suck the blood to, i dont know, maybe not fucking do that? Itd be racist if you said all muslims or all jews do that, but not to call out the few that do and tell them to stop being savages.

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  • Kaneki05
    One reason to hate china. It's a dictorship. That is not a reason to hate the people who have to live under a dictor rule tho.
    • If you're from UK there are also many reasons to hate yours but we're still given the choice to actually hate or not.

    • Kaneki05

      China legit has people protesting because china has a dictorship goverment. So just like them i hate china for what it has become.
      And i hate the uk too we have dumbass boris but he ain't a dictor yet but tbh prolly getting there.

    • And that's the problem right there. You complaining for them. It's not the majorty's concern there.

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  • Agamogenesis
    Thanks for writing this MyTake dude I'm taking a break from the internet for a few days to give myself some peace of mind. But I really appreciate this MyTake and it helps me process everything a little better.
  • JimmyQ
    Dude, save your energy. It is a pretty well known revelation that China is the BEAST that has been foretold in the Book of Revelations.

    You worship the dragon (Satan).

    You kill and/or imprison any spiritual leaders who openly preach Salvation through Jesus Christ.

    You kidnap children to sell their organs on the open market.

    Human beings mean nothing to you, except maybe a hearty meal when cooked to suit your taste.

    And yes, it is a known fact that your people created this virus with the intent to murder as many people as possible.

    So, you don't like it. Tough toenails. Go peddle your propaganda somewhere else.
    • In your belief the dragon is satan and little do you know christianity is actually spreading their. The kidnapping of children part actually a minority there in crime is actually everywhere in the world because there is also a child molesters in your place who killed children afterwards. So you go peddle your propaganda elsewhere

  • Dargil
    I do not blame China for what they have done to us directly and indirectly. I blame US leadership. Obama all the way back to Daddy Bush. Every country should act in its own best interests. Globalism is a cheap excuse for self or corporate (not national) interest.

    It is good we are now oil independent. The next step for Orange Man is drastic reductions in our dependence on a Totalitarian, Communist Dictatorship. Agree, Aiko?
  • pokefan117
    Fuck them china people. Bringing the corona to the states.

    JK dont cry baby
    • Of course you don't f*** yourself for bringing your trashes in China while you owe them trillion dollars.

      Jk don't cry baby

  • WadeDanielSmith
    China has the hottest and smartest women, so what's not to like?

    China will rule the world, they have God's blessing. The USA is toast. Chinese are more moral and freindly than Americans.
  • zagor
    I don't blame China, but they need to do away with these fucking "wet markets"! This isn't the first time this kind of shit has happened; SARS and Ebola came from similar circumstance. In fact after SARS the government shut them down but then relented after a couple months. EVERY country needs to ban that idiocy. I hear they banned them again, but they need to stick to the ban this time.
    • I agree. Specifically wildlife. That alone would go miles.

  • JimboGB
    That is one perspective I guess lol I don't think you should look at this situation through the lens of identity politics. China have issues regarding food standards and until they close the Seafood markets which are a hygiene nightmare and the cause of this global pandemic, they should expect repercussions, loss of business and anger at the collapse, debt, suffering and inflation to come.
    • Also because media only shows the minority and people like you start to generalize. "hygiene nightmare" You forgot there are also countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Philippines and more but nope brainwash people just like to point out China. Also just because they do that doesn't mean your country don't. The controller of world news trying to hide their country's debts to China AKA one of the greatest trader of the world.

    • JimboGB

      What the majority of people do is ask themselves how disease outbreaks keep originating in china? Whether it is the 1956 Asian Flu which killed four million people worldwide or the Sars virus in 2002 which killed almost 1,000 and infected many more worldwide, those of us not consumed with identity politics can see a pattern emerging here. I want our government to sanction china for the costs and damage they have caused to our economy, and the untold suffering and death to our older generation. If the Chinese don't want to meet us half way, we should just write off that debt we supposedly own them.

  • China:

    1) Communists that doesn't allow freedom for its people.
    2) Use Abortion to control their population which is murder.
    3) Use Social Points and punish their people when they say anything they deem critical of their oppressive government control
    4) They eat dogs and cats which is immoral
    5) They cheat economically by stealing ideas, copyrights, and plans which they agreed not to do when they trade union
    6) They pollute the environment by not following standards.

    Other than that they are angels. Only an idiot , sorry college graduate) would support China and defend them.
    • It's not like they're concerned about it. Yeah i know they get arrested if they do but still majority is still fine with the way they live. It's just people like you who just wanna complain for them. Abortion being murder is just your point of view. Do I have to mention that pro choice is not in China only? They eat cat and dogs but you're talking about the minority there and in your point of view, it's immoral. It's not different from eating any other kinds meat. As if china is the only country that steals idea. If you're gonna complain then why is the world still depending on their manufacturing skills? If your invention is so good, beat china to it simple. It's not their fault they're so good at mass production. And what about your trashes going to china just to be recycled? It's kinda like dumping your trashes to your neighbors just because they don't mind or just because they agree then later complain them for pollution. And you think you're so smart with your supremacy? You're basically saying "They're idiots because I disagree with them" That doesn't make you better. They don't call you idiots for having a western point of view do they?

    • 6) If you are Christian or score to low on social points they send you to hospitals to and take out your organs and sell them. Oh by the way, you can't live without your heart or kidneys.

    • No they try to kill you for having western point of view. They still patents and copyrights already given. US should not allow anything made in China to be sold in US. All US companies should not be allowed to go to China to make anything. China should be fined for destroying all the other countries economies.

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  • MaximisPryme
    I have nothing against China, but one thing we all can agree on, is that the government should create policy to crack down on the standards of wet markets across the country, if not banish them completely. They are a thing of concern, especially now that it was a breeding ground for a currently un-treatable disease that put their own country, as well as many others, into a state of emergency.
  • Gedaria
    You have to be very careful at pointing fingers. Hitler did this he pointed the finger at the Jews to all Germany's problem and look where that lead the world.
    Same with eating something, no matter what you eat it either make you sick or kill you. It doesn't create a virus. Like when Aids started it was transmitted by blood to blood contact.
    The most common explaination is a guy having anal sex with a monkey then having anal sex with a guy and Aids was born.
    Whether that is true it was the only feesable explaination. Plus being a more prevalent disease in homosexuals.
    Same with this coronsvirus, it's complex, virus it tends to attract in different ways and pinpoints certain people.
    Which leads me to believe that this was a manufactured by whom, I don't know. To what ends I don't know.
    Let us hope we find the tools to defeat it...
    • And is there even something wrong with Jews that made it reasonable to point them out? I'm pointing out haters because of also haters are pointing out whoever they just wanna hate.

  • joeblow123
    The Chinese people are the primary victims of the Chinese government. I don't fault the people. They already have a gun to their heads. It is the Chinese government that I fault for the COVID-19 virus and for allowing it to spread.
  • NewtoTheSouth
    I would say USA is more hated than China around the world. Do you agree or disagree with that?
    • Well sure but china is not controlling the world news media USA do so we can easily brainwash people across the world

    • No I don't agree but they're both probably not well liked.

  • behnam1999
    First, to all those who are babbling about Democracy and such things... I have to say there is no real Democracy in the world.. And even some of the countries that are famous for their Democracy and Freedom are not democratic and free really!

    Second.. I do not think that a democratic government is the best type of government. It's all about majority.. And it only works when the majority of people are all knowers and literate in terms of politics and can make the best dicisions.. The best decision does not have anything to do with the minority or the majority.. It does not have anything to do with numbers. Democracy is more idealistic than being realistic.
    • Third, so many countries that US claims are dictatorships... are not really dictatorships.. Even if they are a dictatorship.. US caring about human rights and bringing liberty to other countries is a joke.. Qaddafi was said to be a dictator.. I do not have enough information to say if he was or not.. Anyway, Americs didn't like him.. America claimed it wanted to bring democracy to Libya.. But today.. Take a look at their country.. It's divided into two parts, eastern and western and they are killing each other and their weapons come from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and US.. America doesn't want a safe world..

      So please do not blame China for not being democratic.. Because I do not believe you.

  • Jltakk
    I don't hate China, I hate the CCP and whats its done to its own people for decades for non-offenses. Thats not even bringing up Mongolia, Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Angola, Serbia, etc. The government is amongst the most corrupt on the planet.
  • Meropatrick
    I dont hate on chinese people, but of course they did the environment injustice. And now i am suffering financially because of this crises and in many other ways.