Why SJWs are Obsessed with Canada


Canada, it's every Social Justice Warrior's wet dream. From our extensive gun laws to our universal health care system people in the US seem to think it is some sort of paradise.

In this myTake I will be examining their views and shining some reality on the situation.

Gun Laws

The main driving force in the US is this absurd notion that by making it harder for people to purchase guns legally will reduce gun crime. There is this obsession with semi-automatic rifles especially the AR-15 or any gun like it. The Orlando shooter used a Sig Sauer MCX but the media didn't care to wait and get the facts on the gun used or the fact that the FBI didn't look into him more closely.

The above video was by Cenk from the Young Turks. It was made 2 years ago when a terrorist named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau opened fire in Parliament Hill. Sure he used a Winchester Model 1894 and not an AR-15 but a little known fact is that he got his gun ILLEGALLY.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau already had a criminal record since he while high on drugs tried to rob a McDonalds in 2011. It is illegal for any individual with a past criminal record to purchase a firearm, especially someone with no fixed address.

AR-15s are legal in Canada we just have restrictions on the amount of rounds per magazine and the license that you need to get (restricted license) to be able to purchase one . However, if you wanted to you could figure out a way to get a fully automatic machine gun in Canada or find a way to convert a semi-automatic to a fully automatic.

It's all a matter of how dedicated you are because we all know criminals don't follow the law.

We do have less shootings but they have been on the rise recently.

In Canada there are 3 types of firearm licenses

1. Non-restricted

-long rifles or shotguns used for hunting

2. Restricted

-handguns that are not prohibited;
-semi-automatic, centre-fire rifles and shotguns with a barrel shorter than 470 mm;

-rifles and shotguns that can be fired when their overall length has been reduced by folding, telescoping or other means to less than 660 mm

3. Prohibited

-handguns with a barrel length of 105 mm or less and handguns that discharge .25 or .32 calibre ammunition, except for a few specific ones used in International Shooting Union competitions;

-rifles and shotguns that have been altered by sawing or other means so that their barrel length is less than 457 mm or their overall length is less than 660 mm;

-full automatics;

-converted automatics, namely full automatics that have been altered so that they fire only one projectile when the trigger is squeezed

Grandfathered status allows the possession and acquisition of prohibited firearms that are already registered in Canada, but not the new importation of prohibited firearms into Canada.

Universal Health Care

Every time I hear Americans complain about their health care system and say they want the same thing as we have in Canada I laugh. They have no idea what they're talking about.

Canada's health care system is only slightly better than the one in the US. According to the World Health Organization Canada's health care ranks 30th in the world while the US comes in at 37th. The best is apparently in France.

Unless you need emergency care or live in a town with a smaller population, you will wait a long time. Also ambulance rides are not free. The costs vary by province/territory which is why it is prudent to buy medical insurance that covers the cost if you're at high risk and would need to use one.

It is important to mention that not everything is covered. Only basic medical and emergency services are covered. So eye care, dental, plastic surgery, casts, therapy and other non-essential services are only covered by private medical insurances.

The video below was done by Steven Crowder a couple of years ago in the French speaking province of Quebec.

The same issues that are shown in the video are still present today across the country because everyone has an equal right to health care and it is difficult to find a private establishment. Each province and territory is different however so I can't speak for all of them. This is a result of not receiving enough funding and lack of competition.

Last year 52,000 Canadians went overseas to get medical care and successful Canadian doctors tend to leave to practice in the US since they earn a lot more.

But hey at least all deliveries and abortions are free. Yup that's right. All abortions without any restrictions are FREE (so long as they're done in the province/territory the woman is a resident off and has a valid government health insurance card) and are a constitutional right. No parental consent is required for those under the age of 18 and abortions can be performed at any time.

So I guess SJWs would be celebrating that. Personally I see that as rather extreme.

According to pro-choice activists in Canada, access to abortion is easiest for those who live in bigger cities and there are still cases of receptionists and doctors turning women away and referring them to pro-life organizations.

Feminist Prime Minister

Take it away Lauren, I'm sick of the constant feminist references.

The one thing she didn't mention was the gender parity cabinet actually has one-third of the women getting paid less than their male counterparts and being sworn in as ministers of state which is a lower position. None of the men in Trudeau’s cabinet are ministers of state.

The women who are ministers of state will have the right to attend all cabinet meetings and will have signing authority but they will be paid less "the [Prime Minister's Office] says it cannot yet state exactly when and how it will fix it the problem". So in the meantime they'll be earning $20,000 less than they're supposed to.


When it comes to refugees there are 2 reasons why Canada is taking the initiative.

1. People need our help.

2. Our population isn't growing fast enough so we need more people to fund our social programs through taxes.

There are of course issues with letting in people with radical views that are not compatible with our own. The individual doesn't need to be a Jihadist, Islamism (Political Islam) in its own right is very dangerous.

When we have individuals that want shariah law, oppose the state of Israel and are hostile to our way of life we are creating the conditions for the erosion of our pluralistic society. Not all beliefs are created equal which is why I'd actually like for certain questions to be asked during the interview process with the asylum seekers.

Ironically many Trump supporters wouldn't pass this type of vetting.


Why SJWs are Obsessed with Canada
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  • Anonymous
    I find that life is always a struggle between the rich and the poor. The rich are always admired and imitated. The poor are frowned upon and avoided from. Fatness is associated with wealth in developing countries. Fatness is associated with poverty in developed countries, because everyone can be fat, even poor people. So, the effort is trying to be thin and healthy, which is not obtainable for the poorest of the poor or people who are living by the weekly paycheck.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    Trudeau is just kinda out there
    Is this still revelant?
    • People love him heck even the girl from Vox had "fuck me eyes".

    • Waffles731

      I can't imagine why, he acts very sheltered

    • The guy is everywhere. I can't turn on the TV without him being in the news.
      Harper was more the quite type that would work things out but Trudeau is more of the outgoing type that engages with the public.

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  • AleDeEurope
    I wanna marry Lauren Southern xD

    But yeah, Canada is the worst when it comes to SJW, like seriously, it's ridiculous. The main problem is dumbass Trudeau, who's giving them a platform to spread their lies.
    And Canada is a great country, always liked it, but damn, the people there seem to be mostly a pain in the ass with their stupidity.
    Many Canadians (usually girls) on GAG are exactly the same. Feminist, man-haters, SJW, PC, and annoying as fuck (not all, there's a few that are great).

    I mean, they invited BLM to a gay pride parade, they were boycotted, and they gave in to their demands... are you fucking stupid?
    In a few years, all Canada will become a safe space.

    After all these years, Barney Stinson was right.
    • Forgot to say, you'll have a huge influx of SJW and PC people if Trump wins... Canada will become the US's dumpster... good luck with that XD

    • Get in line buddy Lauren is mine ;)
      I know that if Trump wins, Canada will become a dumping ground for America's SJWs.
      There are some Canadians that would immigrate to the US if Trump wins.

      We don't have the right type of right wingers here. They're too focused with keeping marijuana illegal and being completely stuck in the past on most issues that they're losing support. I've reached out to them hopefully they'll listen to my suggestions otherwise I'll have no choice but to form my own party.

      Heck I even emailed the troll Milo Yiannopolus in hopes of getting him to come to my university.

    • I would love to go to a Milo's talk xD

  • Levin
    It's settled. Canada and the US suck. Britain it is :D
    • Lol you guys have your own problems no country is perfect.

  • Thisperson98
    Some people in the US doesn't understand that socialism doesn't work.
    • What do you think of our gun laws?

    • The gun laws are way too controlling.

    • I also forgot to mention that before someone can get a license aside from the paper work the person has to pass the Canadian Firearms Safety Test which includes multiple choice questions and a practical test to see if the individual knows how to handle a firearm.

  • meatballs21
    The health care one is great. I paid over $200 for a dental check up, I paid $70 for a small prescription. I need chiropractic treatment to stay functional and that's $60 a visit. At least you can go to emerg and not be handed a bill because OHIP covers that.
    • Our health care is better than America's but when you look at numerous rankings for health care systems for developed countries Canada comes in second last whith the US being in last place.

  • front2back
    It's basically only a slightly more sane and slightly better version of the United States.
    When some of my classmates said they were moving to Canada after my state's governor made a law against trans people using opposite sex bathrooms, I politely informed them that the way of life wasn't much different other than it was much much colder. And none of them seemed to know what "Calgary" was despite it being a major city in Canada.
    • I'm assuming you're from North Carolina right?
      The law does nothing it's not like there's a cop standing in front of the bathrooms and checking people's genitals. It's more of a statement against the trans then anything else.

  • drakeondegrassi
    great article. wish more folks in the US would see it.
  • NotTheFBI
    Oh great, don't blame themselves for the shit they do... so who do they look to;
    • Well SJWs don't blame us, they fantasize about us and blame the Republicans.

  • Curmudgeon
    What is too bad is that under Prime Minister Steven Harper, Canada was moving in the right way, even as the Obamunists were ruining us down here.
    • Harper lost touch with the people and was becoming a tyrant. If he stayed any longer he might as well have crowned himself king. He was good in the beginning but then the power got to his head.

  • Bieberfan4life
    I hate living in Canada because
    - it's expensive ( buying a house in GTA or Vancouver is impossible unless you're a millionaire)
    -it's cold ( harsh winter months are no fun)
    - high unemployment rate
    - unfriendly people ( Canadians aren't nice!!!)
    - shortage of doctors
    I moved to Canada from half way across the globe six years ago with my family. I hate living here. I'm planning on moving to the states or going back to Asia. I've already become a Canadian citizen so now I can go outside the country when ever I want yayyyy!!!
    • Well it's not all bad. Canadians tend to be on average nicer than most people maybe you just had a bad experience. Heck I missed my bus to work once and some guy gave me a lift. Random guy just asked "Hey where you going?" I told him where I was going and it turned out it was on his way.

      It's pretty warm right now you should definitely make the most of it. I'm hoping to go to the CNE with some friends soon.

      There's always awesome stuff in Canada you just have to keep your eyes open for something that might pop up. Like National Hot Dog Day which I sadly missed.

    • Are you sure Canadians are not nice? because I've spoke to Americans who have been in Canada and they mentioned that Canadians are super nice and they wish people in the US were friendly like them.

    • @QustionMan most major cities In Canada offer lots of sport and recreational activities. I love skiing , snowboarding and tobogganing ( winter has it's perks!!!) I live in Saskatchewan and this place is BORNG. There is jack do in this province ( besides pay tax). I was planning on moving to Vancouver but after looking at the skyrocketing real estate prices I changed my mind. I think Canadians on average use the word " sorry" 5 times more than the rest of the world's population. We maybe more polite but friendly? Nah. I would rather live in a less expensive, tropical country with affordable house prices and hospitable people ( might move to malaysia).

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  • FallOutBoy2001
    My main reason for wanting to move there, actually, was the much better track record of LGBTQA rights.
    • What rights do you not currently have?

    • But gay marriage is already legal in the USA... 😂😂

    • We do have equal rights but they've had them for longer.

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  • Alex88F
    id like to move to Canada and tbh this Whole liberalism looks like a copy cat of swedish liberalism. sucks to say it but Canada can do it better!
    just adopt me please!
  • NinjaZero420
    These people you speak of hate two things with an irrational, white hot intensity;White males and the United States.
    So they will side with anything (ANYTHING!!!) against them.
  • helloitsmethere
    I want to have universal health care.
    Why? Because I have a chronic illness and my medical bills are pilling up.
    • I'm sorry to hear that but it shouldn't be the responsibility of others to take care of you.

    • True... but it's expensive af

    • NatashaJ

      But you also will use the services its not like they only like certain people in Canada have universal health care if you could get a doctor appointment for free (not paying at the end of the appointment) why wouldn't you want that?

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  • Jager66
    I'm a staunch anti Feminist but I kinda like Trudeau, for a Feminist he's fairly soft, it could have been MUCH!!! worse like Rachel Notley the PM of Alberta, that woman is fucking crazy. He's not perfect though, not by a long shot, but no leader ever will be.

    Besides, we NEED election reform, legalization of weed, and and assisted dying bill. 3 things the conservatives would have never done or fought to the death. Trudeau might even redo the prostitution laws, he's got a minister looking into it, something that BADLY needs fixed.

    Another positive of Trudeau is that it's likely, in my opinion, that the conservative parties are FINALLY! going to have to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Instead of the type of conservative that would prefer we went back to the 1950's, like Harper.
    • To an extent I agree. Trudeau was able to push the euthanasia law forward while the Conservatives kept delaying because they didn't want it to pass. Proportional representation is something I'd like to see. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals took 184 seats which is 54.4 per cent of the new total of 338 seats — with 39.5 per cent of the popular vote.

      Marijuana I think should be left to the provinces. I'm sure BC would've legalized it by now.
      I'm hoping he legalizes prostitution as well.

      The problem however is that he's fiscally liberal. Most people want a government that's socially liberal and spends money on health care, education and other necessities but one that doesn't push its agenda on homosexuality, gender identity and the debunked wage gap.

      Perhaps this is what is needed to push the Conservatives to the left. I've reached out to my MPP hopefully she'll read my email but I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't take my advise.

    • Jager66

      I agree with you pretty much 100%. I never thought of sending a letter to my MP, maybe I'll go do that.

    • When it comes to MPs or MPPs from what I've heard you have to write more than one letter.
      The first goes to the secretary and only after the secretary responds and you respond back will you see any progress,

      I wrote to an MPP during the strike at York University to point out that the protesters were demanding too much and that there are many issues that affect students that aren't addressed. I got a response from the secretary and didn't bother taking it further since I thought they didn't give a shit. Turns out it's just the process takes a long time.

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  • Reallio
    Fuck SJWs and feminism. Lauren is life <3
  • BruceJender
    Simple, Canada is run by a SJW (i. e Trudeau).
    • Well if the videos didn't make it clear I don't know what would've :)

  • SachaXIII
    So what do you think of Putin?
    • I tried it, it was great

    • How does he have to do with anything?
      He's a strong man that manipulated his people into going to war in Ukraine.
      He imprisons his political opponents or in some cases has them killed. Boris Nemtsov however was not one of those cases.
      He has a youth group called Nashi which is his equivalent of the Hitler Youth.

      He spends millions of dollars on war in Syria while his country isn't doing well.
      He had imported foods destroyed when sanctions were imposed to make Russia look tough but instead he destroyed perfectly good cheap food.

      I could go on and on. I don't get why people are obsessed with him.

  • Anonymous
    Some people seem to have a problem with the idea of social justice.
  • Anonymous
    Would you please take them off our hands? They are way too numerous here in the US! The only thing I am rather keen on is your healthcare system is way better than ours! You know how all births are free? Here in the US I have friends with insurance had a baby born cost them ten grand! With "good" insurance! This was before Obama care even took effect! Healthcare here is like anything else. If you are obscenely rich it is awesome. If you are not obscenely rich, fuck you.
    • Well our country is filled with SJWs. If Trump wins yours will probably try to flee up north. I'd much rather they didn't. We don't have much opposing voices to them as it is.

    • Anonymous

      We do have some, but they are silenced by the sjw media. Even now they are doing a terrific job slandering Trump as sexist/racist/bigot while giving Hillary a free pass on everything from her obvious bad health to her voting record to corruption etc.

  • Anonymous
    Donald trumps vetting policy is very liberal. It protects gays and women.
  • Anonymous
    You forgot LGBT. that the most important and the focus of everything. To blur gender lines, and make everyone queer.
    • We're working on stopping that.

    • Anonymous

      can't stop a monster business like the lgbt they run everything hollywood, the whitehouse.. etc

  • Anonymous
    So your main concerns are Guns, healthcare and immigrants. Sounds like you'll be better off moving to the states.
    • I never said I wanted to move I just wanted to show that our system is not perfect and should not be held up as a gold standard.

  • Anonymous
    To hell with you, the alt-right, and your precious Israel.
    • Waffles731

      I'm rather left wing and I can't argue with a lot of this take, really everthing minus the Universal Healthcare thing but I'd rather adopt the U. K style with private options also being available and the whole feminist prime minister thing as a feminist myself who thinks Trudeau is not really a good feminist

    • Alt-right? I'm a centrist and support for Israel is a bipartisan issue.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, you call yourself centrist while half of your post history littered with anti immigrant diatribes. Who you kidding.

      And yes, support for Israel makes you right wing, it's a colonial state of european settlers that kills and steals from natives. Tell me this, since you seem so obsessed with evils of Islam, why don't you ever mention the religious foundation of your beloved Zionist state, their holy book that states they are the chosen people and everyone else their goyim slave, or the scriptures that tell then they have the right to rob and kill non-jews? Oh yeah, I know why, cause you don't actually care about the religions themselves, you just want an excuse to hate certain races of people while being able to say "I'm not racist". Just like the typical right-wing shitposter.

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