11 Reasons Why Canada is the Place For Me

So in this MyTake we're going to discus everything about Canada (the people, environment, money, lifestyle and more) since I've many relatives and friends there and I'm gonna move there very soon.

Let's start with the environment


Canada is one of the best places to be in, in the vacations if you love boating you should know that Canada has an extremely large number of lakes. Also With 42 percent of the land acreage of Canada covered by forests, the country contains 10 percent of the world's forested land, made up mostly of spruce, poplar and pine, Who doesn't like the wide open spaces of Canada?


People will hate me for saying this but I LOVE SNOW. There are many activities and sports you can do in the winter in Canada like skiing, hockey, snowboarding, snow snake and more...., and nothing is better than inviting your friends to your house and opening up some beers with the TV showing hockey game and the heater ON while nobody is outside.


The food in Canada is amazing.


Is there any food better than poutine? You would know the answer to that if you were all about your Canadian pride! The answer, is no (duh) and the reasons are countless. Sure, you could always do the traditional poutine with gravy, cheese curds and fries. Yet there are so many options! Throw some meat on there, some people throw an egg on there, whatever you can imagine I am sure there is a poutine out there for you. It might be around in places other than Canada, but we all know that it’s up here where the best poutine is found.


Here’s a deep-rooted French Canadian dish that dates back to as early as 1600. The flakey pie is said to have gotten its name from the vessel it’s baked in. Tourtiere is typically filled with ground pork, beef, veal or game and a sprinkling of herbs and spices, though in some coastal towns ground fish is used. The hearty meal is most commonly consumed on Christmas and New Years, though Quebec grocery stores keep it stocked year-round.

Where to eat it: One spot that’s famous for its tourtiere is Aux Anciens Canadiens, in (where else?) Quebec City. This joint is renown for specializing in traditional Quebecois culinary treats, with tourtiere at the top of their list.


And now the money in Canada.

There's the American 5 dollar bill:

And here's the beautiful Canadian 5:

One of the things I like about Canada is the colored dollar bills, so there's a faster way to count them. The Canadian dollar is more expensive than the original (American) and also Canada is richer that America.


Canadians are so friendly, Canada was listed as the 4th friendliest country. This list was based on the one released by Forbes that used the data collected by the HSBC Survey of Expatriates as a foundation. “HSBC surveyed 5,339 expatriates in nearly 100 countries between May and July 2012. Respondents rated their host countries on a slew of factors related to economics, raising children and overall experience.”

As some countries had fewer than 30 respondents they were deemed statistically insignificant so the survey’s final ranking only included 30 countries. Also they're very polite and say sorry a lot; Americans make jokes about Canadians that if you put your feet on a Canadian's feet he'll say sorry. Or another joke that Americans make about them is: what would a Canadian guy say if you tell him how stupid he is?? Sorry you feel like that aboot me.

Amazing outdoor sights

Canada is fortunate to be home to countless beautiful outdoor sights. When the weather starts to get a little bit hotter, there is no shortage of natural lakes to cool off in. A study done in 2013 reported that Canada had roughly 3 million lakes, a larger number than any other country. If you’re looking for fresh water, one third of the entire world’s supply can be found in Ontario. If you live up near Nanaimo, B.C, there is a place called “Cathedral Grove” which hosts hundreds of Douglas Fir trees that are over 800 years old. Not to mention that after the success of the 2010 olympics, the world is well aware of the fantastic outdoor sports that can be done in certain parts of the country.

Cleaner Air

Don’t you love being able to take a nice big breath of fresh, clean air on a summer morning? That might not be so easy if you live in a country that has awful air pollution. Thankfully, if you live in Canada that is at the very least less of an issue. A study done in 2011, reported Canada as having the 3rd cleanest air out of any other country. The biggest example of this can be found up in Whitehorse, which is the capital city of Yukon, Canada. Whitehorse has been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the air with the least amount of air contamination on the planet.


Just in case you aren’t aware, health care is a pretty awesome thing. I don’t know about you, but when I go to the doctor I like to worry about my health and not the insane hospital bills that are going to drag me down. For example, when a 20-year-old American went to get his appendix removed (a necessary procedure) the process ended up costing him over $55,029.31! A process that would not come even close to costing the same if done up in Canada. Come for the poutine, stay because the health care is there to help you recover after eating the poutine. Speaking of which…

Legal Marijuana

One of the biggest changes that will be coming to Canada in the next few years, will be the legalization of recreational marijuana. The legalization of marijuana was one of Trudeau’s stances that was talked about continuously throughout the election campaign. The general public’s stance on the drug has been softened as of late, after seeing the success of states such as Colorado have had after legalizing the drug. This will also hopefully minimize the stigma towards the drug, and may lead to more people using it medicinally. Regardless of your stance on the drug, there is no doubt that this will be a monumental change to Canada in the next few years.


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  • First of all, the food in Canada is TERRIBLE. Except for Quebec, but I guess that is because of the French influence as opposed to the British (spotted dick, anyone?) influence.

    Second, the healthcare in Canada is slow an inefficient. How do I know since I don't live there? My Canadian relatives buy US health insurance in case they REALLY need something done.

    Yeah, snow is fun - for a week or two. Let us know how you feel after three months of it.

    But I guess if you are coming from Iraq it will probably seem pretty nice, as you can go out in midsummer without melting, and there aren't a lot of people trying to kill each other.

    • Thanks for your opinion and, yeah it's terrible here, the weather is so hot (except the northern areas), and no day passes without one or two explosions.

    • Yeah, I wish there could be peace in that part of the world but I don't expect it to happen in my lifetime.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Isn't environment and outdoor sights the same thing + food and poutine?
    I get the appeal. I love snow and would also like to visit Canada. not sure if I'd want to live there, though. I'd have to decide once I'm there. xD

  • I'll be moving here if Donald gets in.

  • U can buy weed and drink in Germany at age 16 and u can buy weed in the USA in Colorado its legal


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  • I think Canada is a great place to live. I like that has an abundance of natural areas you can visit. It is pretty cool that we are enormous in land mass and water mass.

    The winters are no different than the northeastern states and of lately (past 3 years) we have had less snow in southern Ontario than New York state.

    The people are pretty nice here overall, however, I do notice a significant difference between the service you receive here at a restaurant compared to the US. We could learn a thing or two from our neighbors to the south in this regard.

    The food is excellent. We have a great variety of restaurants due to our diversity which is really cool. Rather than the standard fare, you can go out for virtually anything!

    I liked your Take on Canada and the fact you are not from here says a lot about our character! Nicely done!

    • Thanks for your opinion, I really like to move to Saskatchewan, Canadians are pretty nice and kind, here's a video showing how Canadians treat Homeless.
      even Americans admitted that there's so many selfish people in America, we know bad and good people can be found everywhere.

      have a nice day.

  • Canada and Canadians are awesome! If I could, I'd move to Vancouver!