I Hate People Who Are Neutral!


Being an extremist is a good thing. That's why I'm happy Trump is in power :)

1. Neutral people play it safe

There is nothing that agitated me more than people who are indecisive and cannot come up with a formal, educated decision. Sometimes taking a side means knowing where you stand and having a say. To be in the middle is to play it safe, and sometimes safe is a good thing, but where do we draw the line?

I Hate People Who Are Neutral!

2. Neutral people can be seen as passionless

Let's be honest- Trump is passionate! Whether it is to make America great again or even his views on immigration, he holds a fire in his views and I love it! If a neutral person can't make up their mind repeatedly on issues of significance, it can be seen as they don't care, or have not developed a sense of passion.

I Hate People Who Are Neutral!

3. Neutral people can be deemed as cowards

To be an extremist has the potential for backlash and for people to be upset. You can't please everyone when you take one side of the spectrum. The neutral party who will try to appease both sides can be seen as a coward. That is never a positive thing in my books.

I Hate People Who Are Neutral!

I Hate People Who Are Neutral!
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  • FakeName123
    Extremism causes a lack of empathy for the other side. Just like democrats lack empathy for certain demographic groups - so do republicians.

    I am moderate, because I am listening to both sides and decide for myself - and not let my politicial affiliation decide for me - what my stance on certain issues are.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    Why add Trump to this? Maybe you should've just written a mytake entitled: why I love Trump. And then say: because he's not neutral.
    And this is about it...
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  • Nicolás25
  • castratedwhiteguy
    It all depends upon what the person is passionate about. For example, the people who are rioting because Trump won the election are certainly passionate but, on the other hand, they are also useful idiots who are destructive and dangerous. We could live nicely without that kind of passion...
  • zagor
    So being rational and looking at all sides is bad? The problem is, as in the last election, how are you supposed to vote when you agree mostly with one party but differ on a couple things that are very important to you? The idea that you are all in with one platform or the other one, is bullshit.
  • MrOracle
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  • Bandit74
    I wanted to hate you back but I just felt too indifferent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • CisScum
    I feel like this is a trump post with make-up on, nice try trump supporter I see right through you.
  • LivingLife94
    You should be like Ted Cruz, a religious nutcase. He's extreme
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  • Library
    They won't be so neutral if they hate you back 😂
  • fsu19
    This MyTake sucks
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  • Adigelunar
    goood pointt
  • Autumn-Bunny
    Erm okay
  • MissSakura
    thanks for sharing
  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    Make America great again!