I'm Not Your Average Black Girl


I'm Not Your Average Black Girl

Race is not biological. It is socially and historically constructed. It was bought about to divide and place the "superior race" in power.

A lot of people cling on to negative stereotypes associated with each race. They grab onto the images formulated in their mind by society, and let that be the representation of that entire race.

How can one think any differently?

Society rarely displays successful Blacks; the ones that are constantly mentioned are criminals, thugs, lows lives and no goods.

...."Wow, she's articulate for a black girl".

...."Wow, she's beautiful for a black girl".

...."Wow, she's intelligent for a black girl".

How can something be so callously said, without realizing that your mind set is a part of the problem?

a MUST see video below:

Lets not ignore racism.

It does exist.

By acting as if it is "imagined" you are doing nothing to solve the problem but only contributing to it as well.

Thanks for listening and watching!

I'm Not Your Average Black Girl
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  • lilac_flowers
    Racism is belief that someone is inferior to the racist.
    But stereotypes about race are not racist. They are just observing the majority and creating generalities in one's mind. i. e. Stereotypes.
    I live in a country with a very poor Romani minority. They are always the ones who are beggars, involved with organized crime from smuggling, to human trafficking and living in ghetto's. A small minority of them are rich merchants and break out of the cycle.

    My uncle adopted a little Romani baby girl from a mother who wanted to abort her, just so he could stop the abortion. He and his barren wife raised her as their own. When the girl learned the truth of her adoption, she was devastated about exactly that. She didn't care about being adopted, she cried because they told her her genetics.
    Not because she is racist. She is from that population genetically. But because she was a teen who was embarrassed by the way people she is descended from live. And her opinion of them never came from the color of their skin, but their behavior. She was raised as a "middle class" girl with different patterns of behavior.

    Now I disagree with her. I don't hate anyone as everything from poverty, to poverty-induced family and mental problems, up to things like tribalism are factors which define those living in ghettos. So it's nurture, not nature.
    But that doesn't mean that the average person of the Romani population doesn't fit the stereotype. My cousin is an exception, not a rule. So no, she is not an average Romani girl.

    Racism is an issue, but not an issue of stereotypes in your mind, but an issue of what you do with that stereotype. If I were to use this stereotype to hate someone or discriminate against them because of skin color I'm racist. But if I use the stereotype to watch out for what the majority of that race is like because of the culture and not the genes, then I am simply using common sense.

    Similar thing with Muslims. I'm not gonna rag on people who lived in areas where most Muslims are dangerous and are now careful around a Muslim (but are not hating Muslims). That's not racist, it's basic survival tactic of the human brain: we learned there is danger here often, thread carefully/stay away.

    It's fine, I get it. It's a stereotype, not racists hatred. To alleviate it we need to face it for what it is, not cry racism like little kids and call it a day.
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  • jman46241
    Why are you still paying attention to the media? Any person is beautiful as long as they believe in theirself!
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    • Stacyzee

      Acting as if racism does not exist and that we all have fair opportunity is color blind racism.
      Sure, I'd love to act as if shutting off the television will allow hundreds of years of racism to suddenly disappear, but that's not possible.
      How one is treated is heavily influenced by the images that are constantly put out there and peoples mind sets.

    • jman46241

      I never said anything close to acting like racism doesn't exist! I challenged you personally to make up your own mind irrelevant to what others have to say. This is your life, and opportunistically speaking, Your chance to make a mark against the media!

    • Stacyzee

      "Your chance to make a mark against media"
      That is what I am doing :)
      You see, what contributes to change in society is that we can use social media has a platform to get messages across.
      Have you seen hashtag groups? They are similar to movements.
      I'm simply doing something similar to that.
      Spreading awareness for the voices that are often left unheard :)

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  • Relentless_Hippie
    In my experience I've seen more racism from black people than any other people, and black women especially have been horrid to grow up with. Obviously not all people are the same, but in my experience the most racist people I've met have been black. Nobody else is focused on black people as much as black people think they are.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "I'm not like the other black girls."
    -Pretty much every black girl.

    Let's be honest with ourselves here.
    • Stacyzee

      Did you read the take? Definitely not.

      Lol. You know me personally so of course you have major credibility!

    • I know but in order to get people to believe you, you're gonna have to come up with something a bit more creative to stand out than something that will only serve to blend you in more.

    • Stacyzee

      This take isn't about people believing me or convincing them.
      It is to spread awareness of the struggles of the stereotypes black women have to put up with.
      You failed to miss that. I really think you only read the title and scrolled to comment.

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  • capturemyheartnow
    We cannot ignore races. Races are important. But we should give equal importance to all races. At a biological level future medicine will depend on the racial characteristics. Racial significance is importance. Unless we know about the race we cannot know about that person. Genetics of race is an absolutely important subject.
  • jacquesvol
    Please, read the American Anthropologists Association's Statement on Race: www.americananthro.org/.../Content.aspx
  • MrShinyPants
    Yeah, racism is stupid and pointless as is stereotypes and division are too, each race has its merits and awesomeness and downfalls. Don't see why someone would say " wow she's beautiful for being a yada race" or " she's well adjusted for a blah blah race" as I see it I say " wow, she's beautiful" and "I love she has a sharp quick mind" etc..
  • helloitsmethere
    Comments I usually get:
    "Hahaha oreo"
    "You do not sound black"
    "Where are your curves? Aren't black girls supposed to have curves?"
    The list goes on...
  • deraz24
    Agree 100%, it's crazy how far we've fought to get to where we are today, to still be fighting as hard as we are still.
  • EvilPimp
    It seems like black people are always out to desperately prove that they're not this, not that. I could give a fuck about how anyone feels about me, If fools are dumb enough to believe all blacks are the same oh well, fuck em.
  • pr3ttybr0wn
    DISCLAIMER: This is going to be offensive to some.

    I guess I am lucky to live in a predominately black area where I am able to insulate myself from nonblacks who would feel comfortable saying things like that to me openly. they might THINK it but they have enough respect/common sense to keep it to themselves. Black people are the most hated race and it's not really wise to live/work/socialize in environments that don't have a large number of blacks. you could end up internalizing anti-blackness from society and start to hate yourself or jump to others approval.

    I think black people can start supporting our own businesses and infrastructure that way racism won't be so damaging to us
  • zombiebabe
    good take!
    racist people are stupid and narrow minded
  • Fathoms77
    Yes, racism is dumb.

    And it really depends on environment because I've heard plenty on all sides. A few examples that I've heard growing up:

    "Wow, he dances good for a white guy."
    "Wow, he's a good basketball player... for a white guy."
    "Wow, he's actually pretty nice for a white guy."

    The last I heard just a month ago, in public. This group of minorities (I won't mention which race) was laughing about it in a restaurant in reference to their white waiter. I'm never offended by anything but this was just disgusting, as the implication that white people are meaner by default, or generally not nice to people of different ethnicities (i. e., racist).

    And of course, a white guy can't stand up and say anything against it because in regards to this issue, he's always wrong. Yes, welcome to racism on ALL sides. ;)
    • Stacyzee

      Yes, racism can be on all sides of the fence. However, the one thing that differs is the group that has been in "power" for hundreds of years are the Whites. The rest of the races are still trying to "catch up" and make things fair in all walks of life (educational system, hiring process, criminal offenses (minorities are more likely to get harsher sentences) etc. So, while White people may hear racist comments thrown at them unfortunately no one takes it has seriously because they've never been suppressed as a group.
      Sadly racism is serious no matter what!

    • Fathoms77

      I get all that. But frankly, they're being suppressed right this instant. Experiments are being done now... three applicants for the same job with the same big companies; exact same resumes, same age, same approximate look, etc. Two were minority and one was white. The white applicant never got the job, ten times out of ten.

      I have a cousin, a musical prodigy who has performed at Carnegie Hall, that didn't get into one of the most prestigious music schools in the country because he was a "privileged white male from an upper-middle-class family." That is honestly the reason.

      As of this moment, I fail to see how white people have any power whatsoever. If I had stood up in that restaurant and denounced that group for being blatantly racist and offensive, I would've been tossed out and everyone would've hated me. Had the situation been reversed; had there been a group of white people laughing about a black slur, and a black person stood up to complain, everyone would've applauded.


  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    It does exist. Stupid take.
    • Stacyzee

      You read nothing lol. The whole point flew over your air filled head. You're the stupid one for not reading and talking out ur ass.

    • I stopped seriously reading after you said race isn't biological. Practically, genetically, it is. So your article reads: it doesn't exist... it does exist.

      Technically, everyone is their own race and the only realistic people who could be duplicates are siblings, having the same DNA as someone outside of that is astronomically high. But you won't destroy race by saying it isn't biological and then it is some social construct. Biology translates TO society and history, they're mutually inclusive.

      How's that for air out the a**.

    • Stacyzee

      Please read the book called: Race and Racisms A critical approach by Tanya Maria Golash-Boza. It has the information I stated. Race is biological to those with a racist mind set.

      'It doesn't exist... it does exist"
      That was in response to those who live a blind lie saying "We are all the same. The only reason why Blacks don't excel is because they don't try". Those are colorblind racists who think we all have the same advantage in life. We don't. It's a fact. Just look at the statistics.
      So before you come jumping at my head, understand what is being said first.

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  • bruce3
  • Adigelunar
  • DiegoO
    Womens are all beautiful :)
  • MissSakura
    so good
  • Anonymous
    "Wow, she's beautiful for a black girl"

    Race obviously does exist, and that's not even the issue.
    Sorry, but thinking that most black girls aren't beautiful isn't racist either.
  • Anonymous
    There is proof of races.
  • Anonymous
    One I hate most- things like "oh but you're not REALLY black, like black black, you're a lawyer!" or "yea, but you're not a real black, you're a banker" and crap like that. So what is a real black? I didn't know career came into it. Those are even directed at black people who grew up poor, so not that people are trying to say they were privileged and went to better schools or something.
  • Anonymous
    racism will get worse now..