Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!


After getting clubbed ruthlessly here and elsewhere for pointing out that Hillary's sudden takeover of the popular vote count reeked of Al Franken-style shenanigans, some sources have finally shed light on where her "surge" over Trump came from - and why it's fading away. And on why we still need the Electoral College!

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

Let's start with this barrage of reasons for Hillary's yo-yo, and why the Jill Stein intervention is more sinister than you realize.

1. 3 million alien invaders voted

If the thought of La Raza brown supremacists and El Chapo wannabes rigging elections in your country for their own self-interest bothers you, then this finding, confirmed by VoteFraud.org and TrueTheVote.org, should make your stomach curdle.

If your Spanish-speaking neighbor is a US citizen who simply doesn't care about the Syrians massacred by a Hillary-funded ISIS, that's one thing. But if they're criminal intruders, then they have no business being on this soil - let alone hijacking the elections! That's the Written Law of the Land!

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

Sorry, but I was all out of safety pins, for those of you that can't stand the written law.

Suppose Hillary suddenly took the lead over Trump by 2 million, as claimed. Well, suddenly, she's behind by 1 million! Because Los Illegales cannot be valid, silly! (And CalExit sounds like a great idea to me!) Even SNL suggested it for the East Coast. "The Bubble."

Now, I understand not all Los Illegales are out there to break bad. But does it matter? The fact that some are, and that the rest are still illegal, should be enough to disqualify them, right?

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

Tuco just wants "his" money, yo!

2. The Voting Dead

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

There's no real getting around this one. However, the Pew Center on States has confirmed that 1.8 million of the votes cast for Hillary were from dead voters. So subtract about 2 million from her already being 1 million behind Trump, and now she's at not quite 3 million behind him!

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

3. The Clone Army

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

Er...close enough.

According to the Pew Center on States, an additional 3 million votes for Hillary are from voters who voted twice! In the event of these duplicate registries, ALL duplicates are disqualified! But if we're being generous (which would be lawlessness in this case,) we'll say that only one of those voting acts "still counts," and simply disregard the second instance. This means we can subtract another 1-1/2 million votes from Hillary's total!

But since I'm not feeling generous, I'll subtract the ENTIRE 3 million! All those double-voters go directly to jail and Do Not Pass Go!

This now puts Hillary at nearly 6 million behind in the popular vote!

4. Mickey Mouse Votes

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

Just as with the Al Franken election years before, Hillary thought having tons of trucks show up WAY TOO LATE at the booths with votes that the drivers DEMANDED be counted, was going to hold water.

Of all these late arrivals, Bev Harris at BlackBoxVoting.Org has confirmed that 98% of them were for Hillary. That's right: thousands of votes appeared off the backs of trucks, with forged signatures, propping up Hillary, seemingly out of thin air!

In a single county in Minnesota, you can get away with those sorts of shenanigans to overturn the results of an election and win - but only if you're a Democrat. However, these shenanigans are part of the reason why we have an Electoral College in the first place!

Also, did Hillary really think every single state was going to let that stand?

Not sure how many votes we're talking here, but let's assume 4 million. That puts Trump at a 10 million vote lead over Hillary. A freakin' landslide!

Hillary only "won" if invaders, felons, and your dead dog are considered "valid" votes!

In another universe, even Lemon Witch wouldn't want anyone voting in her name, and she is a felon!

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!

Candace: "They counted me? For Hillary, no less? What part of 'I don't get to vote anymore' do these feather-pluckers not comprehend???"

Jessie: "The part where they are supposed to care. Because D'Souza was right. Since Andrew Jackson's day, they are the most successful racket in history."

Candace: "Frog snakes arrive! I turned a security guard into a lime to save you, and get put here. They pull that nonsense on a grand scale, every single election year...and are still walking free? That's just messed up! I...I'm gonna turn them into kumquats! That's what I'll do!"

Jessie: "PRAY that Secret Service did NOT just hear you say that!"

What's new, Scooby Doo? Aw, nothin', Raggy, just voting Democrat again!

So how was Hillary able to pull off her illusion of "winning" the popular vote for three weeks straight?

Population Centers

It's infinitely easier to hide shenanigans in heavily-populated areas, due to the sheer chaos resulting from all the masses. This is also why enough by-the-jugular-seized control over education and culture in a large population center also means masses of the barely-literate, who know nothing of the issues but can be easily scare-mongered into voting a certain way.

Because of this, five cities in the United States, by their lonesome, have (almost) enough population to them to render the entire rest of the nation's votes completely irrelevant for counting purposes.

Thus, those five cities could almost all by themselves choose the next president. The breadmakers, coal miners, et. al., who DON'T reside in these population centers? There aren't enough of them for their voices to matter! Mob rule ensues. The republic was set up to protect such producers from the mob, not to cater to the mob's wishes!

Hence, why we still need the Electoral College.

The Franken & Stein Backdoor

And now, we have Jill Stein - who has nothing to gain, or so it seems - suddenly in bed with Hillary (literally?) demanding a recount. A rather Gore-y sentiment, except the lead is by millions, rather than a few thousands!

But what's the other reason? Simple: holding recounts in key states prevents the Electoral College from being able to cast its votes on time, undermining Trump's lead where it counts.

This is very shady obstruction. And done for this reason, ought to be criminal. Especially since she already conceded!

You can't have it both ways, Hillary! Just because Al Gore tried to (and failed!) doesn't mean you get to be an Indian giver!

Moreover, Jill Stein is operating out of the uber-broke nothingness bottomless pit of tyrant-worshiping, Castro ****-sucking inanity that is the Green Party. A cesspool of Captain Planet DNC politics on steroids, which believes the Saddam of Cuba was "a good man," all remarks from actual Cubans who lived under him to the contrary be damned!

So where is she suddenly getting all of this money from? Certainly not the disgraced Clinton "Foundation," right? Nope. From George Soros! A foreigner! (Isn't that treason? Letting foreigners tamper with election results?)

The Bottom Line

Trump won, fair and square. But that won't stop the Clinton Crime Family from pulling out all the stops to make his victory the most foul, bitter election in US history.

Even as they ****-suck Fidel before he's even buried in his lying-in-torment place, where Hell isn't hot enough for him, and dream of finding more Elians Gonzales to terrorize for being Cuban and not feeling the love for Fidel, the Clinton Crime Family has just learned that they don't get to do it from the Oval Office for another 8 years.

When they left the first time, they vandalized the place like a bunch of trailer trash thugs! But since they don't get to enter the White House this time, they'll just settle for vandalizing the country like a bunch of trailer trash thugs! All the while, they are determined to make Election Years into the most agonizing time in any citizen's life, second only to April 15th.

Oh, so THAT's why Hillary no longer has the popular vote!
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    I agree. It is insanely easy to vote, making it inevitable that illegals would vote and/or people would vote more than once. But on a related note, the purpose of the recount is not to change the outcome of the election, but to try and make Trump appear illegitimate so that if the results are not back by December, Congress will have to vote him in. More fuel for the anti-Trump fire.
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    • goaded

      It's only easy to vote if you're registered, and people don't vote more than once. Half the voting populous don't vote at all. Dead people didn't vote, "illegals" didn't vote. Lots of people who should have been able to vote, couldn't because they were removed from the voting register because someone else with a similar name was registered to vote elsewhere.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Izumiblu
    Having just checked out truethevote, they did not say they confirmed fraud. They said they supported Trump's claim nd have started an investigation that could last for months and that when completed they will report on the type and significance of the fraud.

    I didn't have a look at the other one, but i reckon it probably says about the same thing.
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  • goaded
    1. That bunch of lefties at Fox News say:

    "There's been no indication of widespread vote manipulation, illegal voting or hacking that materially affected the outcome one way or the other."

    • goaded

      2. "More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters."

      But there's no indication that any of them voted and it's hard to remove your registration when you're pushing up daisies.

    • goaded

      3. Duplicate registration does not mean voting multiple times, and the mechanism for "detecting" duplicates (crosscheck) is seriously flawed, ignoring things like middle names, registered dates of birth, etc.

    • goaded

      4. I can't find anything even claiming this, perhaps a link to BlackBoxVoting. Org where it appears?

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  • martyfellow
    All of this is made up, just like Trump's nonsense about the millions of invalid votes. No evidence for ANY of this.

    Only someone with a mental condition would post something like this.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Great info! Nothing new here as far as I'm concerned, but you did a fabulous job of exposing the whole scam - including George Soros. Excellent work!
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  • JohnDoe3000
    This is quite an impressive collection of batshit crazy right-wing conspiracy theories. They're incredibly creative and entertaining, please keep them coming!
  • TheSpartan
    This is why I've been supporting Jill Stein's recount effort from the start; I want it to be proven that Hillary cheated.
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  • grizzlyjake
    This is what I keep saying, Trump won fair and square! You have to exclude all the voter fraud and illegals voting!
  • YourFutureEx
    Trump won, albeit the election was rigged.
  • Adigelunar
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  • bruce3
  • MissSakura
    thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    Felons can't vote...
    Illegals could not vote. If it were that easy the same person could just keep getting in line over and over.
  • Anonymous
    Lmao 6 million. Meme magic is real.
  • Anonymous
    This is a pile of utter bullshit. Aside from siting organizations that are not reputable at all (you realize that's NOT the pew research center, for instance), the claim is what, that Clinton put in millions of fake votes... in states that were not swing states?

    Yeah, that makes sense. Because they'd totally rig the election to lose the electoral college but win the pop vote.

    The only argument is in the top meme, which is whether 5 cities should decide for the entire country. Of course if the entire country is less people who happen to be scattered out more, it's not clear to me, as an outsider, why the smaller group of spread out people should count more than the larger group of concentrated people.

    But that's sort of besides the point, because the real reason for the electoral college was so slave owners could get partial influence from their non-voting slaves. 3/5 of a person, if I recall correctly.

  • Anonymous
    When Trump increases your taxes, cuts your healthcare
    you would wish you voted for someone else.
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    • I voted for Darrell Castle. Doesn't change the fact that Hillary cheated and still lost.

  • Anonymous
    Well here is a bunch of bull with nothing real to back it up.
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