The Power of Our Words


I'm writing this in response to a news story recently released this week, whereby a radio host posted an instagram pic. She was skinny-shamed, being told to eat something, etc, etc

The Power of Our Words

Why have we as a society, gotten to the point where we feel we have the right to speak such negativity into other people's lives. If she gained weight to please the masses, no doubt she would then be fat-shamed.

Some might say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and her posting her image on such a forum as social media invites such comments. Some may call her an attention-whore for even putting it up in the first place, but that also just proves the point that we, both as a collective, and as individuals, have no filter, just because we see something.

I am struggling to understand how, as an 'audience', we feel the right to express what we are thinking so freely, with no thought to how it may affect someone else. Some might say that's the risk of posting a picture on the net, but I could argue that this also translates into our every day dealings with people.

Having freedom of expression, could be argued as being a right. A right therefore is a privilege that we are all entitled too, some moreso than others, depending on the community or government you are a part of or subject to. As such, I would think, we also need to have some responsibility with what we express and how we express ourselves.

Drawing an analogy from the US, with their right to bear arms, entitles them to exercise their right to possess, own and handle firearms, under some semblance of guidelines and legislation, but does this give them the right to shoot their guns with no thought to whom it could harm or injure? No...likewise, what we say needs to be exercised with prudence, wisdom and discretion, too.

The Power of Our Words
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  • Stacyzee
    People should really grow a back bone. No matter how you look , people will always have a "flaw" they see in you. One person cannot be everyone's idea of perfection... its best to just live for yourself. Love you to bits. Have your own driven self confidence.
    I am a beautiful black woman who regularly gets told she like a model in every day life.
    I felt racism by a user on here because all he could see was a "black woman with braids", the stereotype, nothing else.
    He refused to see the beauty in me because I wasn't white, no matter my features I wasn't good enough because I was not like him.
    This came from someone older age 39, balding and overweight. Someone I wouldn't look twice at in real life.
    If people are looking for everyone to love their appearance, they'll be sadly disappointed. It's merely impossible no matter how beautiful in the eyes of some that person may appear.
    Everyone has a "shame" story. This woman is no different.
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    • Shaft50

      So true, @Stacyzee... I too have felt that, but it will not define me...

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  • archiz
    Well said ^^
    I think she looks great by the way
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    • Shaft50

      I thought so too...
      Thank you! x