The List Of 5 Common Religions


Monotheistic Religions

Only one god with one identity is worshipped


A religion based on the Torah and the Talmud and having as its central point a belief in the one God as transcendent creator of all things and the source of all righteousness.

The List Of 5 Common Religions


A religion based on the Koran as its sacred scripture and teaching that there is only one God and that Mohammed is the last prophet.

The List Of 5 Common Religions

Soft Polytheistic Religions

One god with multiple identities is worshipped


A religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Most forms of Christianity hold that Jesus is the son of God and is the second person of the Trinity, through whom humans may attain redemption from sin.

The List Of 5 Common Religions


A religious, philosophical, and cultural tradition that developed in India with the composition of the Vedas, characterized by belief in a supreme being of many forms and natures, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth, by the desire for liberation from earthly evils, and by belief in reincarnation.

The List Of 5 Common Religions

Non-thesitc Religion

No gods are worshipped


The teaching of Siddhartha Gautama that life is permeated with suffering caused by desire, that suffering ceases when desire ceases, and that enlightenment obtained through right conduct, wisdom, and meditation releases one from desire, suffering, and rebirth.

The List Of 5 Common Religions
The List Of 5 Common Religions
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  • ladsin
    Islam and Christianity are oddly enough cults of Judaism and then each have their own subsequent cults which is funny to me.

    The only thing I would add would be under Islam. I think you have to remember to talk about the Hadiths because those are very important, otherwise very well done 👍🏻
  • John_Doesnt
    Do Mormons count as a religion? Or door-to-door salemen?
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    • Anonymous

      they count as a form of a christian religion.

    • ladsin

      Christian cult

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