Life is A school.


Life is A school.

Yes life is a school, so do not waste your time on things that will not promote you spiritually. Just like in a normal school, there is a scorecard for everyone in the school of life. To be a good student in the school of life, you must take the lessons that comes your way seriously. Yes every event no matter how minute or big it is has something to tell us. These lessons could range from love, forgiveness, patience, hope, perseverance, tolerance, to kindness. A lot of people on earth are not new but are simply repeaters of a particular class. Do not be deceived in the school of life, there is no victory without any battle, no promotion without success. One may ask when will this scorecard be presented to him/her, yes a time will come when our period on earth will be over, this could be compared to the end of a semester or session in any normal school. Your performance will displayed to you, no cheating here. This period does call for panicking, but total reflection of our lives in all aspects. If there area areas you have left wanting, please make sure to correct the mistakes. There is a higher power that brings to everyone, what he/she deserves, align yourself with this power, and the journey will be more clearer. A dull student who has that desire to improve, simply attaches himself or herself to a stronger person to put him or her through studies which hitherto he/she has been weak. In everything you do or plan to do pause and think of the end, how it will affect your scorecard, and how it will affect the society as a whole. Be guided by Love.

Life is A school.

So next time something happens to you, ask yourself what lessons can I learn here. Remember no hating, always, forgive, as these tools will help smooth your journey.

Life is A school.
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  • Adigelunar
    learning from mistakes is the best
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  • Cccgala
    I've learned a lot from this myTake.
    Great myTake!
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    • akanetuk

      God loves Everyone, mistakes separates us