Life is a School: part 2

Life is a School: part 2

In relation to my recent question on GAG"what is your goal in life". I want to throw more light on this as my response here forms the basis for part 2 of mytake "life is a school". There is a price to pay for everything in life. Nothings comes free, to be a good student and graduate with flying colors and return home to paradise( your home) you must pay attention to the lessons while here on earth, otherwise you keep repeating classes, and become a permanent student of earth which at the end you get thrown off. No need sitting and waiting for anything in life. Whatever you want in life, strive for it. If you want happiness, love, peace, and hope, you have a part to play. Our state of mind for example happiness is connected with or or activities, thoughts and words. Negative actions, words and thoughts will always pull us down, while positive words, thoughts and actions like showing love, giving hope will always pull us up. The Creator in His infinite wisdom put together the spiritual laws that ensure that we get a taste of what we have given to others. This is laws act automatically and is no respecter of color, size, and status. These spiritual laws is similar to the human laws we have in our Constitutions the only difference is that we can evade physical laws but Spiritual laws are unavoidable. This laws will always find us out wherever we are. Some people call this Karma, sowing and reaping and so on. So it is wise to swing along with these laws and enjoy happiness rather than swing against the law and stay sad and depressed. So every activity we take part on earth either adds negatively or positively to our scorecard, and this at the end will determine if we will graduate from the school of life. So choice is ours and the key is in our hands, therefore we have no excuse than to act and think right.

Life is a School: part 2
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