A Moderate Loving Person Suffocating in a World of Hate


To my right, I see Donald Trump, the grabber of pussies and the man who used fear mongering to win an election.

To my left, I see Donna Hylton, a convicted murderer, who sodomized, genitally mutilated and then killed an innocent man for being gay leading the women's march in D.C.

No matter where I look I see nothing but hate. Where are my leaders that can live life without needing someone they have to try and destroy? Why can't I have a leader that is strong enough to ward off terrorism without having otherized innocent people?

I am an American living in the land of the free, built by slavery, and driven by hate.

There are no American heroes left to turn to.

A moderate loving person suffocating in a world of hate

A Moderate Loving Person Suffocating in a World of Hate
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  • John_Doesnt
    You can turn to the American hero Norman Borlaug. He was an American biologist and humanitarian who led initiatives worldwide that contributed to the extensive increases in agricultural production termed the Green Revolution.
    He fed billions, BILLIONS, of people around the world with his revolution in genetic engineering and agricultural science.

    Believe in him.

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