Being Physically Attractive Won't Make You Immune to Bad Things


No one is immune to bad things happening to them. It doesn't matter how attractive or unattractive you are.

Being Physically Attractive Won't Make You Immune to Bad Things

It won't make you immune to creeps and stalkers.

If you're attractive, more people will pay more attention to you. There will be more people who want to check you out because they're more curious about you.

It won't make you immune to an unsuccessful career and low salary.

There's too many attractive people who are poor or just in the middle class. If you have no ambition, your attitude sucks, you're not smart enough, and you're lazy; you won't make it far even if you are attractive. If you're applying to med school, the admission's office won't be looking at your face. They would be looking at your grades and accomplishments. It's the same thing with job applications.

It won't make you completely immune to depression and other mental disorders.

Maybe attractive people are less likely to develop depression and other mental disorders, but that doesn't mean it's impossible for an attractive person to have a mental disorder.

Being Physically Attractive Won't Make You Immune to Bad Things

It won't make you immune to rejection.

There are plenty of possibilities of why you got rejected. It could be that the other person is taken, doesn't like your attitude and your personality, doesn't like your past, doesn't like your habits, and/or etc. Just because you're conventionally attractive, it doesn't mean everyone will find you attractive. It doesn't mean that every straight person of the opposite gender will be sexually attracted to you. For example, you could have an attractive face but they could be turned off by your height, race, color complexion, nose shape, face shape, or whatever. It's because it doesn't mean that all your genes will make a good combination with everyone else's genes.

It won't make you completely immune to all other medical disorders and illnesses.

There is proof that facial symmetry is what indicates a good immune system and it is true that attractive people have better immune systems than everyone else, but having a strong immune system won't make you %100 immune to everything single virus and bacteria that could ever exist in this universe. I rarely get sick and I am more likely to survive ebola if I get it because of my good genes, but I don't know for sure if I'm completely immune to everything. Attractive people are less likely to have other health problems as well, but again, nothing is %100 preventable.

Being Physically Attractive Won't Make You Immune to Bad Things

It won't make you immune to bullying.

There are a lot of stories of attractive celebrities and models who were bullied in their childhood. Jealous people will root for you and perverted people might sexually harass you. Attractive people can be subject to sexual harassment. I was sexually harassed in middle school because I'm averse to touch and girls thought my distress makes me even cuter...

It won't make you immune to getting cheated on.

No one is immune to that. There are so many stories of attractive people, including celebrities and models, who got cheated on by their partners. If you're attractive, your partner could still take you for granted.

It won't completely prevent you from being in an abusive relationship.

An asshole can exist in any relationship. Your attractiveness might not stop them from hitting you or emotionally abusing you. My brother has been in an emotionally abusive relationship and Rihanna was hit by Chris Brown. Enough said.

Being Physically Attractive Won't Make You Immune to Bad Things

Sincerely, it's me again, the brutally blunt honest 10 out of 10 guy

Being Physically Attractive Won't Make You Immune to Bad Things
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Everyone has their own issues, whether they're rich or not, attractive or not, famous or not, etc. No such thing as a perfect life.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.
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  • CubsterShura
    Don't we all know this already? And not only that but attractive people can even be notorious and ignored by the opposite gender.

    I noticed that you tend to exaggerate this topic a lot. Yeah we are kinda sensitive about attractiveness but not as much as you think.
  • azzntittiz
    People will say, "of course attractive people are humans and we know their lives can suck too", then later say..."attractive people get things handed to them, they don't go through anything".
    Fuck humans.
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  • imfiyin
    Being Attractive does not mean anything in a way we are all like each other an all the same just different face shapes and appearances so by judging someones facial features.
  • BrittBratt2416
    Well duh who actually believes it would? Thats just silly, being attractive may have its perks but doesn't make someone invincible in world. Lol
  • babyblueeyez
    For arguments sake, I don't find Rihanna attractive and many many people agree Cara Delevigne is an overrated and and unattractive model.

    I am good looking though and I must say I do have it very easy.
  • KadBitty
    Who'd have thought it, good looking people are human too, with human lives and the ups and downs that come with it. Thanks for letting us know!
  • cinderelli
    you're right.. there's no such thing as a perfect life
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  • fueledbythc
    Girls seem to just stare at me and leave me alone. However, when i talk to some girls, they light up and get very smiley. I don't know if they find me ugly or attractive.
  • Pomegranate139
    Isn't knowing that just common sense?
    I refuse to believe that there are people out there who think attractive people are immune to bad shit.
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  • Apope16
    Hollywood is different than real life. An authentic take tho. I wish i had an attractive girlfriend but many ate stuck up or mean.
  • 404filenotfound
    I'm not sure what the point of this is, people complaining about how easy good looking people have it?
  • worldscolide
    Very good points. I will point out that being attractive can get you better access to things and assist in making you more successful.
  • zagor
    Yeah, a girl I always thought was beautiful growing up, a classmates little sis, died of cancer. Another girl I thought was so hot shot herself at 26.
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    Yep a drunk driver or brain tumor doesn't care if you look hot
  • sp33d
    Indeed, you can get run over by a truck just like anybody else.
  • samsmoove
    It sounds like someone ugly is ranting and projecting about there problems
  • manmore
    It won't, but it would make your life 10 times easier. So what's the point of your mytake?
  • DizzyAster
    Sounds like common sense and you are saying attractive people don't have common sense.
  • johnsmith567
    Yeah it is actually some girls that really sad are the real beautiful ones
  • Asad1ONE1
    LOL yes looks aren't everything, but a pretty BIG something. No one has it easy. FAIR.
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