Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

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I think love at first sight is impossible, i sometimes see questions on here about love at first sight and see quite a few people who seem to believe in it, here are a few reasons i don't see how it is possible.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

- Love isn't all about looks.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

Love at first sight is genuinely all about looks, sure you can see someone and have mutual attraction with them, get to know them and then become something more, but you can't love someone just by looking at them, that is just attraction.. love is much deeper than finding someone attractive.

-You know nothing about them.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

Love is something which grows over time, you can't love someone you know nothing about, it can take years to truly know a person let alone seeing someone in a room and "falling in love" what you're feeling is more likely "lust at first sight"

-It sounds like something out of a Movie/Not realistic.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

I'm a hopeless romantic myself and i'd really like to find what i'd consider true love, but i know love at first sight in reality is ridiculous, even though one of my favourite movies is Titanic.. in reality, they didn't actually love each other because they knew each other 3 days, they were deeply infatuated which could of turned into love eventually, but they didn't really know each other, i think a difference between love and infatuation is love lasts and infatuation often does not, even though both emotions can feel just as strong.

-Everyone who told me they found love at first sight, is no longer together.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

This one is personal to me and me only! yes i'm sure you know people who said they found love at first sight, and they're still together, i personally have not, every single person i know who told me they felt "love at first sight" broke up, and it just even more proves to me that it was just infatuation and there feelings for one another did not last.

-Its a shallow concept.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

It's almost saying love is about someones outer appearance rather than who they actually are, how can someone say just by looking at someone made them fall in love? love is about loving someone for everything they're not because they're beautiful or attractive its because you love them for all there faults and funny little quirks, if you think you love someone because you think they look really good, that is not love.

Do you think love at first sight exists, why do you, or not?

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Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.

Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.
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  • CubsterShura
    Nah. Many people fell in love at first sight and lived happily ever after. Real life is more bizarre than fiction.

    Most people underestimate love at first sight because a) they never witnessed it and b) they think people fall in love by looking at the face so it's shallow.

    It's not. People fall in love at first sight with unattractive people as well. This is not about looks it's rather about the person's aura/vibes/energy/whatever that heavily attracts you towards that person and you feel like you two are a perfect match. Some say that they fell in love by looking into their eyes. This can happen because eyes actually tell us a lot about the person.

    About a decade ago the news of a real couple went so famous in media. It was about a man who fell in love at first sight with a blind woman. He did not even know that she was blind until he contacted her family to send a marriage proposal for her. Even after he got to know that she is blind, he still wanted to marry her. They got married.
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  • TripleAce
    Oh but on the contrary madame
    Actually I've had love at first sight
    Its actually everything you said but the opposite.

    It is about looks
    But within the first 30 mins you develop this equilibrium and connection so fast. Its an organic connection and energy that immediately feels as if you've known tbem for years and both wonder where the hell you've been for the last 10 years
    And it just continues to sky rocket at the speed of light until you are in love. Nothing will stop it. We even had distance between us like 6-8 hours for months lol didnmt stop it. It even happened again lol recently. Maybe im just a hopeless romantic though ya

    --> thats pretty much love at first sight
    --> an important note: love doesn't mean it will last. Lasting together forever takes more than love. I still love the girl im not with even though im not with her
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    • I think your description is very accurate, I touched on the concept of intuition. I totally agree.

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  • JimRSmith
    It's a very shallow concept, and I can't see how it can have any basis whatsoever in reality.

    I think it's romance, for the most part, people saying when they're in the honeymoon phase, that it was love at first sight.

    But as you correctly say, how can you know them, if you've only just seen them? Plenty of attractive people have a rotten core...
  • Allie_Oops
    Love at first sight is 100% possible though it's not nearly as common as people say it is.
  • MScifiwriter
    Indeed, love at first sight is implausible. It's basically saying you fell in love with each other for their looks. I've heard people say, "from the first time I looked into her eyes, I was in love" or "The first time I smiled at me, I knew we be together for ever".

    It's never, "the first time we spoke and I heard her/his thoughts on quantum mechanics and string theory, I was in love". Because that would involve actually getting to know the person's mind and critique your interest in each other before allowing yourself to become enthralled by each other's physical looks.

    Not to mention I think the divorce rate in America is a good indication that love at first sight, is infatuation at first sight. By the time the two people finally realize the type of person their in a relationship with, they've been married for some time.

    At any rate, I do hope to find love myself soon, but her physical looks are merely what will indicate that she takes care of herself and exercises. I want to know her personality, interests, and intellect.
  • lizziepooh03
    I agree with you... I do not think love at first sight exists.

    I guess it comes down to how people know they are in love. To me, love takes time, it takes knowing someone (inside and out) and knowing I will take all of them - the good and the bad. To me, that takes years.

    I do not trust people's judgment if they fall too soon and/or too quickly. I do not find falling soon to be a good thing. I think it shows a lack of good judgement, if I am honest about it.
  • agirlwhoneedshelp
    I thought think its love at first "sight" like most people here. I genuinely believe it's something physiological that attracts us to one another. For example, have you ever seen a ridiculously sexy woman, but don't wanna date her? Have you ever seen a cute girl or a decent looking one and can't get her out of your mind? There is something working deeper than just physical attraction working in my opinion.
    • I get that logic actually I agree, but I don't think that feeling is love, but I agree that feeling isn't always only about looks.

    • Yea I get what you are saying. I guess it's the closest description to say "love at first sight"

  • c_hurley16
    I think it's more attraction/lust at first sight than actual love. But i do believe we can feel deeply attracted to someone we just met, and feel some kind of bond or connection with them (whether they feel it too it's a different story! Although i'd like to believe they do)
    • "But i do believe we can feel deeply attracted to someone we just met, and feel some kind of bond or connection with them"
      absolutely i've felt this, but i know it isn't love as i don't really know them.

    • c_hurley16

      And sometimes it's better when you don't. Once you know something about them that you don't like too much, it's like all that energy suddenly dies and it leaves you feeling empty for a bit.

    • Yes, i've felt that too lol.

  • JDavid25
    I agree.. Love at first sight is a silly notion really.. Now somebody said somethin about havin an instant connection with somebody, and I agree that that can happen.. But even that ain't love.. It means y'all just have a special connection that can easily lead to love..
    • Yup, Instant connections are 100% real instant love is a fantasy.

    • JDavid25

      Exactly.. :)

  • EpicDweeb
    Quite frankly in a certain regard you're correct and in another you're incorrect. Allow me to explain...

    Love at first sight does not exist. BUT two people can FALL IN LOVE at first sight. Being "in love" is a mental state bordering and sometimes overlapping on infatuation. It turns off the reasoning centers of your brain and prevents you from thinking logically about a person. Puppy love is I think something similar. Point being two people can have an interest and attraction to each other that borders on infatuation from the moment they first meet. Whether or not that's love is another matter partly dependent on what you define as love. If love is defined as a certain behavior and action then it's hypothetically possible to display that along with being in love from your first meeting of a person, if it turns out they compliment you well just as a person the relationship could go well and you could live a happy loving life together. I think that's the sort of thing "love at first sight" comes from.
  • windknowsmyname
    Weither love at first sight is or isn't your reality is totally fine. But i wouldn't go as far to say that it doesn't exist. Though it might not happen in your very existence doesn't mean its nit happening.
    I could say a person cannot tell if they want to sleep with said person upon first impression.
    Well one night stand is word. So obviously that debunks my argument. But in my reality i can't see that, i dont, nor do i like the idea.
    At 1st sight you can build this flawless image of said person and trick your mind into thinking he/she is the shit. When you mind and emotions are in play you start have feelings and build attraction.
    But thing is you have push yourself. Looks plays a factor. Much like speed dating you dont have enough to go off of besides looks and how they act.
    Example. Guy sees girl walking pass him. In a seconds he thought about how good she look, how successful she is, her body, how can you talk to her and more things. He is now drawn to her and already feel he knew her for years.
    Girls its different but simple. Meh, just sayin.
  • Jmcmanning
    Until you experience it 1st hand - you will never believe it. It is possible and it is more than just about looks. You feel an instant connection with that person to where they feel like you've known them your entire life and you can talk to them about anything (which normally you can and do). Good luck to experiencing it yourself. When this happens, it's at the least moment you'd ever expect it to happen.
    • gigi7

      I've felt this. At the least expected moment. We both did. But
      distance :(

    • JDavid25

      Well, that's a connection not "love" at first sight per say.. But I do agree that this can happen.. Love always requires growth...

  • djmzes
    Love cannot happen at first sight.
    It is lust or attraction.
    Cuz love requires patience and commitment and compromise.

    If you are not ready to compromise and accept the weakness of the other person then you will never be in love.

    Also love is a journey and not a destination.
  • FatherJack
    Agreed... it is a false notion. There are many people that believe no genuine love can exist between woman and man , many men believe a woman is incapable of loving a man at all.
    • thats sad, i think men are amazing.

    • FatherJack

      Thank you for your appreciation !! Sadly , this mindset is growing among men of all age groups , but you will likely agree , feminist & other misandrist propaganda has poisoned the minds of girls / women , hence so many treat males like dirt... or even less !!

  • 2opaz
    The corrected term is Lust at First sight. I've only been in love once and that was after being around her for a long time.
  • VegetaSSB
    i agree with all your points, love at first sight is a completely shallow concept based on physical attraction only and it probably won´t work well in long term, altought someimes it really does.
    • Yes, it can turn into love sure, but not before you’ve spoken or know anything about them. 😊

    • VegetaSSB

      Yes, that is it.

  • Astoriana
    I know exactly one couple who had a love at first sight meeting where it worked out. They stayed together until she died of lung cancer a few years ago.

    So out of all the “it was love at first sight!!!” meet cutes in the world, that’s the only one that I know of where it worked.
  • Sinister
    I understand & accept this is your personal opinion, but just because it was love at first sight does not necessarily mean it will be something lasting. Some people will experience love at first sight at a very intimate & deeper level than most people only because it was meant to only last for a short time to make that person believe that love exists & that they are deserving of such a love. Certain things happen in a way for a reason to which we may not know or could fully understand as to why it even happened in the first place whether in the moment or months after. I think that certain people have all sorts of experiences for how they come across the feeling of love with whomever they see & want or are with. I firmly believe we go through all kinds of relationships/dates/FWB until we can find such a person who makes all the pain & happiness complete worth it irregardless if it lasts. Of course we all wish things can last, that's where we have to put in the work to keep it going until death or the bitter end when for some they cannot go on because what they once had is diminished.
    I used to be such a person who would never say that love at first sight exists, until it did happen & then I put in the work. It was some of the best moments of my life & if I was not a risk-taker I would've completely missed the whole experience. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  • GracefulCharm
    Love isn't at first sight, lust is at first sight.

    I don't know if I love a girl when I first see her. But I do know if I wanna go inside her. Love is something that only happens when you love what is really inside of them. Not sex, bad pun. I mean who their character is.
  • Logorithim
    I'd agree with your points, but I'd also add that a lot of people think they are experiencing love at first sight when they encounter someone who reminds them of a person they did love or fits the profile of their idealized love.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Here's my closest interpretation to "love at first sight" that I apply to myself:
    I met my current boyfriend in high school and immediately got a big crush on him. I felt like I had to have him or some kind of "destined to be together" feeling. Unfortunately, I already had a boyfriend that time. Years later, I met my crush again (this time, in college) and he later became my boyfriend. Now, 20+ years later since our 1st date, we're still very much in love with each other! We're now engaged to be married back in our homeland (USA) next year. I somehow feel I was meant to fall in love with him that 1st moment I saw him. <3
    • Lovely :) <3

    • Makaha

      That's awesome! Congratulations! Where & when exactly are you getting married? Just kidding!

  • broken_heart_at_48
    I'm almost 50 well a couple years away and back in my younger days I was a bit of a player. I had several girls I was hooking up with but I wasn't sneaking and lying I was straight up with them. When I met my wife I was messing with roughly 7 girls. When I first saw my wife it hit me pretty hard and she was 9 months pregnant and gorgeous but she had an inner glow that stopped me in my tracks. So not saying she wasn't hot pregnant but at nine months no woman is at their best so there is more to it then lust or looks. We've been married for close to 30 years and that last few years have been rough but before was amazing. So I do believe in love at first sight. Besides just because the people you mentioned didn't stay together doesn't mean anything because by that rule then love just doesn't exist because majority of relationships fail. So it is what it is. Call it whatever you want. Real or fake. I'm still living it. We met when I was 21 and married at 23. No matter how you meet or start your relationship just remembered it takes work and understanding and a great sex life to keep the fire burning
  • BrittBratt2416
    Well duh.. I don't know anybody who really thinks they can fall in love with someone from just looking at them. You migt think it's love when it's really just attraction.
  • DanishSaint
    Hehe, well I sometimes wish, that our lifes had a bit more cartoon/fairytale wonder to it, but unfortunately I am either too much of a bitter old cynical (not my own flattering remark, haha) or maybe just too solid grounded on the planet and with a terrible imagination ! :-)

    Thanks for sharing ;-)
    And congratulations on making the editorial staff :-) certainly well deserved :-)
  • newbie2015
    I agree. I am head over heels innfatuated, lusting and sweet on the guy I am dating. Our 1st date was the beat date... ever. I have decided one day i want to marry this guy!! But it's only been 2.5 months. And i recognize, if I'm honest with me, thats not love. Love is built over time, with trust, and support during the crappy times. The fresh new date is fun and anyone can be a good mate on one of those. It's how he acts when you have a bad bout of diarrhea and you haven't cleaned the dishes in a week or wjen you run out of gas an hour away and call him for a ride. His reaction to those fun situations is a testament to his love. So i agree. It might be lust or even extremely like at first sight, but unlikely true love
  • oksurething
    The first girl I met at school is beautiful, and she also shares my love for music, sailing and reading. She is intelligent - I can converse with her in Latin - and did I mention that she is literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen?

    I've been in love with her since Year 0, but I haven't worked up the courage to ask her out yet. I'm on good terms with her parents, her brother's in the year below me at school, so I give my handmedown uniforms to him, since I have no brothers, and we are great friends.

    I could go on and on about how great and amazing she is. I've never looked at another girl, except one, but she was nothing compared to her.

    Unfortunately, she's way out of my league. I'm trying to attain a standard that she will appreciate - we share a love for music and the theatre, so I'm writing a musical. I'm planning out a fantasy novel, and I've already written a few piano solo pieces. Boring stuff, but yeah. I'm hoping to finish the musical before her birthday in October.

    Love at first sight does exist.
  • JudgmentDay
    About some time somebody admit this and said it! :-D I give you a big round of applause for this take!!

    @Unit1 Agreed?
    • Unit1

      I do agree. I doubt true love even exists nowadays.

  • MichaelN1991
    Attraction at first site for sure. We approach people that we are attracted and comfortable with. Love comes as a result of many things that come together after a while. We can be e attracted to someone @ first site, which can develop into love, but it won't necessarily resolve into love later. Not all highschool sweet hearts last. Lust and love are different and come with responsibility.
  • findingdreamland-1
    Love at first sight does not exist. It is just myth. I agree with you.
    Love grows by time. You get to know them you like them as they are. You like them more despite their crazy habits. Now that is love:)
  • CT_CD
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    lust at first sight exists and a feeling you like being with someone talking like the way you feel round them for one reson or many etc
    Its up to your interpratation if thats love though.
    what is love?
  • Gedaria
    In the greek language the word love has 5 different meanings , It covers all aspects of life. Most people think of love as the physical attraction, which is covered by eross where we get erotic from. But love can be of a mother seeing her baby for the first time that is instant...
  • DiegoO
    I think the phrase shouldn't be taken literally. True love at first sight only happens between a child that just born and its parents.

    In the case of romantic relationships it's different however taking it to literal in that context its a mistake. More than love it's attraction, and not physical, I think its a special kind that's related to specific behaviors and a specific personality we find very appealing.
  • jibidijibidi
    Love at first sight exist. And it is from God.
    People who are anti the law of God are satanists they like to control people what and what not to do. :)
  • monkeynutts
    No I can happen I have met girls in clubs and knew that I would fall in love with them, later I did, it's not at first sight like your talking about but I think you should acknowledge some people are more intuitive then others. Some people can see how they will feel about a person in the future. Maybe what we need is a new definition.
  • queercoffee
    I totally agree!! You can't fall in love with a person's appearance, love is based on an emotional connection you share with another person, and their mind and soul. It has ALMOST nothing to do with their looks. Appearance CAN affect sexual attraction, but so can a powerful mental/emotional connection (or lack thereof).
  • honesty321
    Yes it exist. But it is not allowed and not accepted and you get rejected. But it does exist even it makes many people extremely jealous.
  • TheUsername27
    ''love at first sight''
    ... is when you both look at each other and you are most likely both each others exact types... i mean it is all lust, not love. The reason why people will then say it is love a first sight is when you actually get on well and find out you are not just physically but mentally meant for each other as it were.
    • Also you can tell by body language quite well as to what sort of a person people are... i could go on... but yh

  • gobsmacked3
    you take an analytical approach whereas love is very different. it is a bit like magic. it can happen in a blink and leave you wide-eyed and instantly under its spell. on hello, i was in love with my ex
  • Adam_INTJ
    Attraction at first sight exists. Love often comes a little bit later. Nowadays "Love" is so fake and shallow that it's little different from attraction.
    You just have a more meaningful concept of love.
  • Cosytoasty
    I agree, people who claim it does have never experienced love. Because "first sight" without speaking to someone, means you make a judgement looks alone and that is lust.

  • pobly
    love is your brain releasing chemicals when it recognizes a viable mate.
    mating preference also varies significantly based on the hormonal cycle.

    concern over an arbitrary timescale placed on a biological function seems odd to me
  • I really wonder how many men or women will stay with each other after they claim they really love each other if one of them suffer 3rd degree burns to their face and body, let alone claiming those claiming they "love" someone they barely know..🤔

  • Being_a_good_Indian
    It is possible. Love At First Sight DOES NOT Exist.
  • phill5158
    I disagree, I think love at first sight can happen but it is not how it is made up in movies or books of course. It is something that could possibly happen in someones life unexpectedly. You just never know.
  • Mi2mi2a
    Well said. Love isn't something that just pops out of nowhers, it grows slowly and need constant nurturing from both sides to thrive.

    Good Take.
  • LegateLanius
    It does not exist at first sight. This is what I really don't like about Romeo and Juliet. They have a three day love affair that ends with the death of six people for no reason. Spoiled brat that Romeo is.
  • QueenofCups
    I disagree. I believe that love at first sight does it. I've felt it three times, and I'm still with the third person.
  • Coconut_Man
    I do believe in the concept of love at first sight. You can see someone from across a room and instantly have a connection with that person just of their aura and the way they carry about themselves. Many would say "we'll that's just lust and not love". But I disagree. Getting to know that person and falling "in love" a few months down the road just confirms and solidify your original feelings of LOVE when you first saw each other.

    So yes relationships may fail, but that doesn't mean the love you both shared wasn't real... And you can't erase the feelings you once had for someone , even if it doesn't go as planned. 😎
    • I beileve you can feel drawn to someone and have mutural attraction, but that isn’t love 💕 love is something you feel after getting to know someone on a deeper level not just seeing them and liking there aura, what you felt before those months down the line was attraction and chemistry the love comes after.

    • I still disagree. You can feel all those things from the get go if you enter the relationship with an open mind and an open heart. That is something some people don't do because they are guarded with their emotions so it takes longer to break down those walls. But if you go in whole heartedly and it works out. You WILL look back and say it was "Love at first sight" 😎

    • Ok I disagree lol, but understand why you’d class that as love, just that isn’t what love is to me that is just mutual attraction, if you never saw them again after seeing them that one time you thought you felt “love at first sight” I doubt you’re going to be thinking about them in years to come thinking you loved them because at that moment you did not.

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  • FakeName123
    Being rare and it being impossible are two very different things. I also think it is rare, but I don't think it is impossible by any means.
  • Ghost513
    I agree. I've been infatuated with someone at first sight, but it didn't grow into something greater until I got to know her better.

    Sure, she was physically beautiful, but that's not who she was. I could have fallen in love with her just getting to know HER. The fact that she was gorgeous was just a bonus.

    Honestly though, what would I know? It was one-sided and ended up being the most toxic relationship I've had with another human being. All I know is that I still think of how things could have gone, years and years later.
  • Nice222
    I disagree strongly. I fell in love with my wife even before I saw her. I fell in love with her voice long before I met her. Once I saw her it was true love.