5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You


I would like to say off the bat that if you're a person to use "white privilege" as a demonizing term. Don't. It's not really an insult. White privilege and male privilege are an actual thing. They may not be strictly enforced as law, but they are indeed a product of society as we are still slowly regressing from discrimination towards the minority.

My reasons from writing this myTake.

I've noticed at lot of people annoyed by the term "white privilege", saying it doesn't exist , saying that mentioning it is discrimination, or that it's a product of fake liberal news outlets, etc.

It's really annoying to see other white people get so angry at the mention of it, even though it's a product of socioeconomics.

So here are 5 reasons why I believe the phrase 'white privilege" shouldn't offend you that much.

1.) It's not even that offensive...

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

"That phrase is discriminatory!"

Look, white privilege is the least offensive term against white people, it's a punch up term. Anyone can be super privileged, but I hate to break it to you, this is not the majority oppressing you, it's factors of society attributed to you, which is honestly not the worst thing you'll hear.

There are not a lot of racist and demeaning terms of white people besides honkey or cracker. Many communities of a certain race as a majority may call you these things, but they could also just follow you home and kill you. Personally I'd be a little more offended if someone was racist towards me and used it as a way to invoke physical violence.

2.) If you're white and poor, you're in the minority.

"You don't know what it's like to be white and poor!"

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

If I you're white and grew up in a poor neighborhood, you're part of the 20% of white people who have, versus the 43% of black people in the same unfortunate situation, and that only counts those who have grown up poor and remained that way.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

White privilege is not the implication that if you're born white you're born rich, it's the evaluation that most white families live in a safe or valued area, that provides properly funded education, a relatively low crime rate, and high income housing.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You
5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

3.) White privilege exists, and here's why.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

I hate to break it to you, but the model white collar worker in the eyes of America, is a white man (or a white woman if we're being generous.) And a blue collar worker is a Latino or Black man. We see types of people as labor workers, and others as symbols of success.

Look , there's not a lot I can say about the discrimination part, and there are different ways a person can grow up in poverty. They can be black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, first nation, Middle Eastern , etc. However, with the previous generations segregating neighborhoods based on race in it the 1920's-40's when people were still migrating, it definitely gives Caucasians a leg up.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

Using tactics known as block busting and red lining, the past generations of those who have lived in cheap housing that's extremely unlikely to rise in any value based on its location. Exploiting deep racism to segregate cities like Chicago or Baltimore.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

It's why most neighborhoods in the west and south side of Chicago are predominantly black or Hispanic, due to blockbusting, (the method of getting white families to move out of certain neighborhoods by tricking them into believing their property value is going down, or telling them that they're going to have black neighbors, then filling the low income housing that remained with black or Hispanic families in their place)

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

and red lining (selectively raising or lowering prices/market value to residents of certain areas based on the racial or ethnic composition of those areas.)

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

*zoomed in on the south side*

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

This puts future generations of those who have lived in America since, in a segregated environment of which they can rarely escape.

4.) Denying its existence doesn't make you look very smart.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

I've seen many try to claim that poverty is a choice, and race doesn't have a hand in your economic situation. Or that there's no proof of actual segregation in history. Or my personal favorite, when people try to claim that it's an attack on white people, that the facts and history behind it don't matter.

Please do us all a favor and stop embarrassing yourself.

The facts are in front of you and are not fabricated. Acting as if it's some sort of conspiracy is as relevant as believing the earth is flat.

5.) You're white, accept it.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

People bring up something they call "white guilt" This term is often used when claiming that our future generations are going to be brainwashed into believing all white people are devils, or that white people are becoming submissive because they're guilty of being white.

Grow up.

Nobody is threatening your white pride by putting socioeconomics in front of you. Nobody is going to make being white into the lesser race. Nobody is threatening the existence of your race, as you are still going to be the majority for decades to come.

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You

Wrapping up.

I feel I do not have much to say as a Puerto Rican Irishman, but there are many things that I hate about in groups like these who get offended by the implications of society favoring them, yet choose to believe that all data collected about it is either irrelevant or fabricated.

So kindly do me a favor and take a look in the mirror once in a while, or better yet, a book about these sort of demographics.

Have a nice day!

5 Reasons Why the Phrase "White Privilege" Shouldn't Offend You
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Most Helpful Girl

  • cherryphi82

    Thank you. This is a great and informative Take. It's nice to see other white people who actually admit that White Privilege exists.

Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4

    great awesome take. i hope everyone reads this.

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    what about japanese privilege like i experience everyday here in japan because i pass as "pure japanese" but if my true ethnic background is revealed there is a SHARP contrast in how people treat me, in both business and personal relationships from men i go on dates with suddenly assuming that i am LESS CHASTE and CAN'T CLEAN MY HOUSE, etc to landlords refusing to rent me an apartment due to having a caucasian last name - until they meet me in person. that's when i get the ok. all smiles, very happy😄

    or how about the people who gasp and stutter when i have to write my name on forms in front of them because they thought they'd been talking to a HUMAN but then they found out...

    oh wait that's not racism, that's just xenophobia and it's not a problem (*^^*)

    • Kkaos

      And that's exactly why I prefer Asian countries.

    • @Kkaos oh? because they feel so ashamed because they mistakenly assumed and WANT to think that i am a WILD sexual animal when in reality the vast majority of japanese men and women lose their virginity around age 13-16. i lost mine at 19 and japanese men tell me i'm too shy and conservative sexually.

    • Kkaos

      No, not for that reason. The sex issue is a problem, I've seen many Japanese sex tourists which is a problem. But I'm talking about the nationalism, it's refreshing.

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  • lumos

    As a white person, it baffles me whenever I see other white people who want to deny that most of us have it well because of our race.
    Sure, white people can still live in poverty, face hardships, suffer from disabilities or mental health problems, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of white people have it a lot easier in many of these aspects, simply because they're white. So even if a chunk of us do suffer in some way, statistics show that the majority don't. Especially when it comes to socioeconomic status.
    This doesn't mean we're awful. We are not in control of the fact that we were born white. But what we do with our privileges determine who we are. We should use our privileges to help others in any way we can. We should help elevate those who aren't as fortunate as us. That's what really shows whether we're assholes or not.

  • ladsin

    Haha I think I largely agree. Thanks for the Take

    • I saw a myTake from someone complaining about the term "white privilege", so this is kind of a response to that and I hope whoever wrote it sees this.

    • ladsin

      I think it's quite silly, albeit understandable, that people don't want to admit that by simply being born a certain color that they may have had a bit of a better head start.
      I think this is one of my preferred explanations.

    • Yeah I've seen this video. I can understand why people would think that way, does it make it less annoying and less of a motivation for me to write this myTake? Nope.

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  • azzntittiz

    Blacks create this environment and situation for themselves, trust me I know and suffer from the self inflicted damages of the black community.
    Let me give you a little story, black men hate to work and so do black women, but because of maternal instincts, black women end up doing more work to feed their offspring, leaving the black men to feed off of her labor. When black women have black daughters they don't encourage you to be better then them, they envy you, abuse you and train their sons to be just like the father, cycle continues.

    I am a hardworking, multi talented, somewhat accomplished black woman. I have been abused by everyone in my life, I get bullied for having ambition and the men try to submit me by shaming me, pitting women against me, I am always working ten times harder to get things done. Black men have robbed me and also I cannot find black women who think like I do so I am an outcast.

    I do not get married because the men hate that I seem to good for them, they try to impregnate me or threaten me into lowering my value to accommodate their ego. When I conduct business with my hard earned money, I have to put up with banter and difficult behavior from the men that I am usually smarter than.

    Because of this behavior around me, I am 30 with three banks accounts with savings, but I've lost so much thanks to my non productive environment of poverty loving people. I have to watch my back and sleep less than other to get out of this place I don't belong.

    • You cannot fault people for wanting to avoid blacks, they aren't capable of more than they've already accomplished. Oh, and my family live off of me and then say they hate me, after abusing, not supporting and abandoning me, they still I am the devil. All they do is talk about my lighter color and say that's why I'm more successful. My mom told my siblings not to play with me when I was 13, she told them I am white and would look like them if I bleached my skin. Tried to sell my pussy to old drunk men because of how I look but never took interest in my career ventures.

      She beat me and bullied me because I was driven and all the men who wanted to screw or marry me worked to devalue me, while they had no ambitions. As soon as I am friend with someone they start to bleach to look like me but they never copy my work ethics.
      Look I don't support racism and bigotry, but take it from me, you can't try to help people who don't want help and trust me most of them don't.

    • Keep fighting, and move on you will be fine. You have to leave that toxic past behind.

    • @monkeynutts Notice that two black men and a woman downvoted what I said when I said nothing wrong?, leave them alone to be primitive and underachieving. They just like to get free stuff, and to live around white people they can blame and leech from.

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  • 1derfulguy

    I actually am offended, and I will tell you why:

    I am white, and I also have a personality disorder. That means that I struggle A LOT in life, especially in connection with anything that requires social skills. And that is 99% of life. I struggle with romance, I struggle with work, I struggled with education.

    I can't count the number of parties I attended back in high school where I felt completely alone, afraid and miserable.

    I KNOW there are problems I don't encounter because I'm white. I am aware of that. I also know that you can't measure life using one dimension, race. Wasn't intersectionality supposed to deal with that fact? I guess not, I guess it just became yet another way to pile all the blame onto white cis males.

    I see plenty of people from racial minorities EVERY FUCKING DAY that are more privileged than me. Because they have, you know, social skills.

    I am sick and tired of being told by people from the in-crowd who are fashionably liberal and often hold college degrees (I don't) or have cushy jobs (I sure AF don't) that I am privileged because of my fucking skin color. They can fuck off or come help me in my minimum-wage job or next time I am sitting by myself at some social gathering.

    • As an autistic man I can sympathize, however it's very likely that people like you are still born in areas of opportunities.

      Mental health is an entirely different side of the spectrum, and I appreciate you for mentioning it, but don't view white privilege as some way of putting white people down. Because it's factual, but it's shouldn't be used that way as I put in my disclaimer.

    • Sure. That is true. I just disagree entirely with identity politics. And I do think the notion of privilege is very much used to score points (or clicks) against white people, partly by people from a minority background, but ESPECIALLY by the various offspring of the rich working in news media.

      I would consider myself a complete wanker if I dedicated my professional life to writing hate-filled screeds about how privileged so-called "normal" people are, and how everything is their fault.

  • disgustingweebtrash

    And the solution to "white privilege" is what?

    Taking Whites forcefully out of high-up positions and placing minorities into them?

    Implementing a "white privilege" tax which takes money from rich white people and giving tax cuts to poor blacks and leaving the poor whites to starve whilst alienating the rich white class?

    Increasing spending on welfare?

    Genociding white people? <-- this seems like the solution many left-wing degenerates want.

    • you guessed it

    • @Goochbreaker I didn't remove your comment, I responded to it in fact. I don't even think you can remove comments on this site.

    • @Goochbreaker I don't have the energy to report you. And I certainly don't have the energy to reply to you on every opinion. Have a nice day big funni man.

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  • I'm sorry I can't get over white people trying to defend and cry out over white privilege being a thing. It really pisses me off. I'm homeless and have been poor since I was born. Everyone has the same potential to grow technically. It's not a race thing it's a class thing. Stop making it a race thing, by talking about it you're making it about race. STOP.

    There are more homeless white men than any other race or gender. So what? Who cares? Regardless of whether or not more black people live in poverty or not we should be focused on ending poverty all together and not a certain demographic. As a white guy I couldn't line in a black community, the land lord me and my mom were talking to to get a place told us that is wasn't a good idea, and he's black! He owns the complex. When he found out we were white he whispered to us and told us he had a better place for us to live more ethnically diverse...

    With privilege is bullshit and saying it exists while being white doesn't make you look all the smart.

    • Nah.
      I prefer facts and actually reading someone's myTake. ;)

    • I read your entire take. And your "facts" don't mean shit. I'm a white disenfranchised male living in a car with my white mother who was born into poverty herself. So sorry if your so called bullshit "facts" offend me for being wrong.

    • I seriously doubt that considering how contradicting yourself.

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  • This is utter crap. The poverty rates of blacks has nothing to do with "white privilege". That's just moronic. Why create a make believe invisible, unprovable, unmeasurable force, which supposedly makes white peoples lives infinitely better then blacks even though the top highest earning groups in the US are Asians and jewish, a mystical force that makes white people immune to bad things, again which you cannot prove exists in any way what so ever (but can prove the exact opposite of) even though African immigrants out earn most white ethnic groups. Why do that if personal actions account for all differences in those statistics? Blacks are more likely to be poor? So what, what does that have to do with white people? They are more likely to be poor because they are more likely to drop out of school at all levels, they are more likely to not go to college then any other group, despite the fact that their are multiple programs that help pay for their education (and at lower levels pay for their school lunches (which white people don't get) and pay for their transportation (which white people don't get). We have programs in place, like race quotas (that only apply to minorities) which give blacks not just an edge, but a substantial edge and whites (and Asians) a substantial handicap, when it comes to college admissions, the equivalent of 200 additional points on their SAT for blacks and Hispanics, and a negative 200 for Asians and 180 for whites (because Asians despite being the smallest group are "over represented" in universities (because their families heavily encourage education and hard work (which they then, like whites, get punished for). They live in crappy neighborhoods and have worse schools, why is that? Because they are far more likely to have children out of wedlock (over 70% of the black population is born out of wedlock and about 65% will be raised almost exclusively by a single mother) which means half the income is being generated. In fact fatherlessness accounts for ALL of the black communities problems. Fatherlessness has been shown to increase rates of depression, substance abuse, criminality, academic failure, poverty, poor health (due to higher stress levels and cortisol levels which also increases chances of heart disease (which blacks are also more likely to suffer from)), etc. etc. Why are their no businesses or job opportunities in black neighborhoods? They are 9x more likely to commit armed robbery. Seeing a trend?

    • Personal choice is to blame NOT white privilege. If it was white privilege then that would mean all groups would be treated worse and be doing worse then whites which again, is not happening. As for the real estate bullshit, okay yeah that did happen to some extent in the 50s. So what? That is not today so its irrelevant. Currently the higher rates of violent crimes are what is causing people to not want to live around poorer blacks. They are responsible for half of all murders in the united states according to DOJ statistics. They are responsible for over half of all violent crimes. They commit hate crimes at twice the rates of whites, are responsible for 80% of all interracial violence (being the ones who initiate it) are responsible for all interracial rapes (statistically speaking), a police officer is 20% more likely to be shot by a black suspect then a black suspect is to be shot by a police officer. Its quite clear, the problem is fatherlessness and irresponsibility.

  • Jesse_kittenpup

    we are not privileged. i grew up everyday wondering if we would be eicted from our apartment. i guess im in the minority. if i wouldn't have been adopted i would have been in worst. we are in the same predicament as every ethnicity

    • Statistics exist because of factors. It is nobody but financial ancestors fault that this is a thing.

    • no one cares about YOUR personal life. we are stating facts of the majority of white people.

    • Jackblue

      @realistincanada Perhaps you should call it majority white privileged then. Of course if even one single white person does not have it it demonstrates that it is not something that we can inherit.

  • BigJake

    So you admit that not all white people are privileged, yet you defend the racist concept that whiteness implies privilege all the same? You basically destroyed your own theory right there. And then you say those who deny "white privilege" don't look very smart? Wow, get a clue, my man.

    • There's no contradiction. A very high percentage of whites are privileged, however it does not mean that all white people are comparatively living privileged lives. Privilege is not a stereotype, it's a statistic, and one that you should have the humility to admit to.

    • BigJake

      You should have the humility to admit when you've failed to make an argument that passes prima facie. Assuming privilege based on skin color is no less racist than claiming dysfunction based on skin color. Claiming "all white people are privileged" is akin to claiming "all black people are criminals."

  • passinby

    White privilege is having a photo of a white guy with the label ignorance across his face and sitting back and taking it. I challenge anyone to post a photo of some other race with that same label. This site is pure racism and they would never pull this down.

    • I didn't want it to be the cover photo, that wasn't my intention and I contacted the mods about it.

    • passinby

      That photo and this site's handling of it is confirmation that SJWs are the most racist people to date. The most hilarious part is the you cite crime data from the epicenter of the liberal kingdom Chicago. Why are liberals not held accountable for that rather than some nerd white guy with a banner across his face? And by the way you originated the photo I assume.

    • Well it's were I live so... I didn't really intend for the photo's point to be served as the white person being ignorant, just being ignorant in general.

      Chicago is one of the most segregated cities in the US, and it's a good example of how blockbusting and red lining shaped the opportunities of past and present generations.

  • genericname85

    white privilege is often used in an accusatory context where you as a white person are accused of being the perpetrator of misfortune for the minorities, which i think can not stand.

    yes we have white privilege i'm not denying that but if you tell me that it's my fault the others have less privileges, then i stand up and combat your ignorance.

    • so what i'm saying is that you're right, the term is neutrally and objectively true but the way it is often used to guilt trip a majority into obedience is just not right.

    • That's the point of the disclaimer

    • i think my take would be a perfect disclaimer for your take.
      The Idea of "White Privilege" is Racist and "Male White Supremacy" is Sexist! ↗
      it seems to me that both our takes combined would be the perfectly rounded take on the issue.
      i should be able to link your take to mine xD that would spare me some of the annoying discussions i have in my take ^^

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  • psychoticallyawkward

    But the earth is flat. Just kidding. You know I ❤️❤️❤️ this!

  • Rissyanne

    I dont get offended by something that doesn't exist.

    • It very much exists. You are being ignorant. Only people such as yourself who have full advantage of it will not realize it. Many white people are aware of this privilege and they therefore understand that they have an advantage over coloured people, simply based on the colour of their skin , although not all white people can get the benefits.

    • Kkaos

      @realistincanada Prove it. Also explain why you use racist terms such as 'coloured.

    • @Kkaos can you explain why this myTake doesn't prove anything? And site specific points?

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  • BellePepper

    This is a *really* good take. You should be super proud of writing it and I’m sorry many people aren’t putting in the same effort you did

    • Jackblue

      He is not putting any effort, he is just repeating statistics created by people who already have decided what conclusions to draw.

    • @Jackblue and yet it’s still more effort than you put in. Amazing

  • QueenofCups

    As a child of white privilege, I totally agree with this myTake.

    • Glad you could find it relatable. XD

    • You should move into a real slumy area. Solidarity sister.

  • Celtero

    I mean... Technically the concept of white privilege justifies racism. If I'm middle class because I'm white, then that means blacks are poor BECAUSE they're black. The problem with this is that it implies blacks are inferior, and cannot compete in today's market.

    It's not a privilege of race, but a privilege of culture and community. There are aspects of black culture that are very destructive. A lot of the time they're not encouraged to have ambition, and if they succeed they get labelled a coon or or an oreo. Most black children, around 77%, grow up without a father. There's more incentive for a woman to have illegitimate children since she can get more money on welfare then on a black man's paycheck. Nobody's around to "kick the kid's ass" (discipline) when they get in trouble or get bad grades.

    Sure there was institutionalized racism in the past, but now black people have certain advantages. They have affirmative action, such as diversity quotas and getting up to a bonus 230 points on the SAT while Asians get -50.

    You can blame whitey all you want, but we're not forcing young black men, roughly 5% of the population, to commit 50% of the nation's murders, (mostly other blacks.) We're not forcing them to have bastard children. We're not forcing them to do anything! I don't wake up in the morning thinking "gee, what can I do today to make black people's lives harder?"

    If they lived in an impoverished area with low opportunity, couldn't they scrounge up some money for a train ticket to somewhere with opportunity? They could work at some lame job to pay for their cost of living while renting a place with several roommates. They could take out student loans and go to school part time on weekends. They could graduate a couple years later after working really hard and start making good income and later buy their own house and car.

    The thing is, people like you convince a lot of them that white racism is what magically makes them poor. And if those asshole whites would just stop being so damn racist then prosperity would befall them like manna from the heavens. So they'll continue spawning bastards, they'll continue committing crimes, whilst blaming slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow for all their misfortunes.

    Familiarize yourself with Chris Gardener, maybe read his autobiography which tells tales about his shit childhood as a black man. He's proof that with enough hard work and determination, anyone can achieve greatness for themselves and their family.

  • ellewilko

    In some places there is definite privilege, but can we all agree the the worst privilege is that of the 1% that fucks everybody regardless of colour?

  • Kiran04

    How about fuck no? "White privilege" is the largest piece of racist propaganda I have seen in my lifetime, and anyone who uses the term is a racist piece of shit.

    • Why?

    • Kiran04

      Because it's a racist concept to begin with. The west is the greatest place on Earth to be any minority in where your rights are enshrined in law regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation or what have you. Meanwhile, in countries and the middle east and parts of Asia, being gay is a crime and being a woman means you're property. Only complete and utter morons are stupid enough to blame white people for their problems while majority non-white countries are where human rights go to die.

    • Did you read the myTake?

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  • Astoriana

    The people who most need to hear this won’t understand it... as you can already see.

    • To be fair I doubt they even read it... I tried though

    • Astoriana

      You are probably right.

      I imagine that they see the words White and Privilege and come armed with tears and excuses.

    • I wanted to put a white baby crying for the first point, but the guy in the suit with a really tiny violin is too funny to me.

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  • Kkaos

    Haha, so let's summarize this.

    @realistincanada Makes a lot of claims, is incapable of providing any proof for those claims in his own words and instead tries to shaft people off to read some study because he's either too lazy or ignorant to speak for himself. Fails to understand what a rhetorical question is and then attempts to insult you, which is hilarious. Nice try.

    @itsallover Same applies, makes claims yet unable to actually construct her own argument complete with proof and evidence. Seems to think that she can make whatever claim she likes and it becomes OUR JOB to research and find evidence for whatever she comes up with. Completely failing to understand that the burden of proof lies with her. Clearly not dealing with a lawyer here. And to top it off with a cherry of immaturity on the cake, blocks you if you push for evidence. LOL.

    @SketchForger Has shown promise with a relatively well written take, still waiting for that evidence with regards to incomes though. We know whites don't earn the most on average, so where exactly is the privilege coming for modern day whites? I want to see some real cold hard evidence here.

  • nakesia

    I think White people are privileged because of their skin tone. I have white friends who don't think so. They think they have suffered like the blacks. They think this way because they are not rich. But, they have other benefits that I try to explain to them. I think they know, but don't want to admit. White people have everything and they get away with everything.

  • zagor

    Actually white privilege isn't really about economics, it is about the difference between the way white people are treated in society as opposed to POC. It helps explain some of the economic disparity but is not defined by it - most poor people in the US are white.

    • That's because a majority of the people in the US Are white, but comparatively there are a lot less white people that live in poverty compared to other minority groups.

  • D_Bone_Steak

    Behavioral differences guy. I know it's hard for you to accept that people's own choices are playing a huge role in the outcome, but the equal opportunity is there already. Some do take advantage of those opportunities and guess what... they succeed. Unfortunately the median of certain demographic's behavioral probabilities is different depending on the demographic.

    Plus I love how most of these pro-white privilege dorks are white kids that are actually privileged. The first black person they ever met was in college and they don't realize those college going types are the better end of the spectrum. Also it's cloaked in this belief that there is no behavioral differences... we're all the same. No we're not. There's a reason there's no such thing as a successful black nation, and there never will be and Black Panther's fiction home is make believe. If we're all the same behaviorally, but just look different... then tell me why dogs look different and yet they behave differently behaviorally.

    No, certain groups resort to 'tribalism' and tend to make different choices. A lack of abstract reasoning skills as compared to other groups of people tend to be the major difference. Thus more violent, less empathy, and a lot less like your bleeding heart.

    Don't believe me... live in the hood for a couple years, I have.

    • Soblfob

      NI read about an African country that used to be a French colony, they fought for independence and won, they abolished slavery, but, the French government forced them to compensate French slave holders for the loss of their "property", obviously they had no money, so they took out a 120 year loan, every Franc they spent repaying that loan was a Franc that couldn't be spent on something that would benefit the natives, Africans are poor because The Word Bank and The International Monetary Fund are deliberately keeping them poor. Banking is wrong, all bankers should be put up against a wall and shot.

    • @Soblfob Keep in mind there were no blacks in south Africa... remnants of them, and signs that they were there, but massacred... by tribal blacks that already left. The arrival of blacks from central/western Africa is the same as the arrival of them into Melbourne Australia, Germany, Sweden, and even the likes of Canada. Where the free money is at basically. That's where they go. Welfare systems bring in vote from people that will vote for the parties that support welfare systems, thus it is encouraged.

      Like Plato said... Democracies end when the people start trying to vote themselves rich. I've talked to feminists and when it comes to economics there's like no understanding that the money isn't limitless. Either taxes must go up and we become poorer to support the newcomers or we limit... or better yet... get rid of them. They're tribal, bring violence and rape, don't work tax paying jobs, suck money out of welfare systems, and do not integrate... and kill each other.

    • @Soblfob But you're talking about the West and northern parts of Africa that the French did their business in. Yes, they used their banking systems to suck the blood out of those people as much as they can. The French at one point just left basically and the people they left are not capable of learning how to feed themselves... they don't make good farmers basically. Just look at an island... one side Haiti and the other Dominican Republic. Just a line through an island... the French side... same story. They literally eat dirt to have something in their belly. It's the same island... same resources... but on one side rape, gangs, violence corruption... all norms for them. Tribal peoples don't make good farmers that can feed themselves and others. They are good at killing everyone on a farm though...

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  • RationalMale

    White privilege--also known as "the cumulative work ethic, morals, and intelligence of whites is pretty great."

    Though somehow the chinese and japanese and koreans you find in the USA manage to have higher average incomes and higher average IQ than whites in the USA. So apparently being a tiny minority population in a country doesn't stop you from being successful or being intelligent.

    Fun fact--a study of over 1.1 million Californians who applied at UC shows that race is actually the single strongest correlation to what your SAT scores and grades are. cshe.berkeley.edu/.../growing-correlation-between-race-sat-scoresnew-findings-california

    Think on that. Race is single biggest factor. Not "do your parents make decent money" or "are your parents high school grads or do they have Bachelor's degrees."

    "White privilege" in part, is simply thousands of years of evolution killing off the lower IQ people in the harsh winters in Europe. We''re literally smarter on average than several other races... and there are literally several other races that are smarter on average than us.

  • AnimeLover249

    I don't believe white nationalism should be looked down upon, you should always be happy with who you are. Just like any other race or ethnicity in the world. Whites are generally more successful not only due to their upbringing, but also their drive to succeed and general awareness about their abilities. In our society, other races are given every opportunity to succeed just like white people. If you're a certain race and looking for a scholarship for example; there are multiple programs for your specific race and heritage you can pull grants from, and the standards for acception rate in college are lower for people of color. Upbringings are vital in the sense that generally non-whites have less of a drive to pursue a passion or career. When they're not as successful as those who worked hard to reach their position when they finish high school, they believe that it's connected to the fact that whites are more successful because society told them that it was. Over generations this creates segregation between races due to POC having the generalization that white people have an advantage that society gives to them rather than conditions, care, and the mental state of them. Victimhood has taken a massive role in today's society in pursuit of validation and sympathy from others, because we've all been conditioned to behave this way.

  • Look, white privilege does exist to a certain point due to racism, but let me make this clear if a person works their behind off, focuses and has drive they will make it to the middle class or above it.

    One can't sit around and just blame cacausians for crime in their communities, poverty or lack of education.

    The hell with hand outs and waiting for white people to come help.

    Help your damn self and your own people to succeed.

    • wolfcat87

      How recently do you think blacks were allowed to work their way up? My mom's generation was the first with the way things were on the east coast. My nana slaved away working hard her whole life. She was never allowed to make it far. People would withhold her wages and refuse to pay her knowing she would never be listened to by the law over them. She could be fired and replaced at any time in favor of someone whiter. She was an intelligent and beautiful woman, and she was lucky to be pale. She fared far better than many other blacks did. She watched er father be spit on and abused by whites every day in the south. My mom was born into this, and she still had to wait for serious changes to take full effect (not until the late 80's / early 90's) before she could benefit. I had to be bused to white schools in the 90's in FL, because they violated federal segregation and equality laws. Don't tell us what could and could not be done! No one wants whites to help so much as to not hinder.

    • @wolfcat87: Look your grandma generation had a legit excuse. In 2018 there is none. Work extremely hard, save money and figure out away. That simple.

  • Everything you've mentioned is wealth privilege it has nothing to with race. You haven't proven the existence of white privilege.

    • So blockbusting has nothing to do with race?

    • those who moved to low income neighborhoods were not obliged to live there. They did so because of their money available. I won't deny that the people who left because they feared minorities are racist but again, the fact of the matter is any advantage gained from blockbusting that still exists now had more so to do wealth.

    • Most of these properties weren't red lined until these minority families moved in. A little less than coincidental for most.

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  • itsallover

    This is an important read, thank you for writing it.

    I’ve also noted some white people saying that they grew up poor or had a hard life and how can they possibly be privileged? But... white privilege doesn’t mean EVERY single white person fared off better than every other minority. It means that in life, white people have already been given a head start because of their ethnicity.

    This great article by John Scalzi analogises it really well using the concept of a video game, and he also touches upon male and heterosexual privilege too: whatever.scalzi.com/.../

    • I was hoping to do make privilege in another myTake most people that need to hear this don't have that broad of an attention span though...

    • Male*

    • Their heads would probably explode.

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  • Blonde401

    This is so American. This issue isn’t the case here. White privilege is not a thing where I come from.

    • sjoes006

      Awe, your so pretty. Britain has its many whipping horses. Britain likes to segregate amongst its whites. You have your Catholics and Prodys, if your Irish and Catholic God Save you in England if you don’t have an education.

      Go talk Brexit elsewhere. The US only practices what it’s mother country taught them to be.

    • Blonde401

      @sjoes006 calm down, I was merely stating my opinion. And that’s Ireland girl, not where I come from, do some geography. I have an education, and nowhere was I talking about brexit but alright. Embarrassing tbh.

    • Blonde401

      @sjoes006 and don’t lay your racism at our feet.

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  • Tukindz

    The problem with these terms is that they often seem to imply that only this one particular group has privileges. White people definitely enjoy MORE privileges that black people, but you can't pretend that black or people of colour don't have their own.

    It's the same with male vs female privilege, except in that one people still convince themselves that women still have less privilege. To that I say, "maybe in Saudi Arabia"

  • taleswapper

    Absolute rubbish. Assumes the conclusion, and cherry picks the data to support it. Condescension masquerading as education, from someone in no position to be neither. But nice try.

  • SuperNovaRoyalty

    Lol to all the white people who are like "whaaa? we aren't any different from anyone else, we wanna ignorantly deny the privilege that we so clearly have!"

    • If I have any privilege at all... I want to keep it and get some more.

  • SportsBrah

    Hey buddy this is a really cool mytake you have written here. :) If you think that us whites are going to sacrifice the welfare we have built for ourselves over the course of thousands of years I hate to break it to you but its not going to happen. It costed us blood, sweat and tears. I am a European and our people have been enslaved for thousands of years by all sorts of other ethnicities, thats why the Eastern European ethnicity is called Slav, it comes from slave. Arabs even traveled all the way to Iceland to enslave young blonde teenage girls for on the slave market in the Ottoman empire. If you think we don't 100% deserve the welfare we have built for ourselves I would advise you to read a history book or two. Have a great day pal :)

    • Thanks bud. Glad you took the time to read about the actual issue. 😉

    • passinby

      Thanks for that history; I am slav and this is the most insulting take. These people select who was enslaved in their past by the color of their skin. Racists!

  • Great take. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and go to the city a lot and there's definitely segregated areas and issues with gentrification, especially with Pilsen. In fact, when I walked to a show, there was graffiti saying fuck gentrification on the sidewalk.

    People who get offended by the term "white privilege" are the same people who get offended by "black lives matter" and "cracker".

  • I'm very tired of that constant whining. Boohoo white people are mean, they are evil, they don't want to give us free stuff when we cry about being victims. And I don't even start white male, who has basically only the right to whip himself and let other people spit on him.
    The "white privilege" bullshit is another way to officialize a racism that isn't called like that. Good thing that this crap is going well only in the US. Keep it for you, we're fine without it.

  • ShesAmerican

    ILLLYYYYYYYY LOL this is such a good mytake like it is seriously so exhausting having to explain this to white people and I get the same annoying ass response

  • planetary

    "White privilege and male privilege are an actual thing."
    They are social constructs. An "actual thing" is something that exists only if you want it to.

  • Political_dude

    I think it is more of "Rich Privilege" than white privilege. I agree with all the points you've made but all of those things (low crime rate, higher education) come with money. At the same time other minorities you've mentioned are poor in general

  • Redstang88

    I’m not offended by it, I just think it’s a load of crap

  • Clap-FLUTES-YesYes

    That's right. Whites are no more special than others.

    However, Black History Month should also offend you.

    • ... Whyyyyyy?

    • Because there's no White History month, so why should blacks be recognized when whites are not?

    • I want you to think about possible reasons we have black history month just for a little bit. And why having white history month wouldn't make sense.

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  • lilaqua

    What get's on my tits is that people wank off constantly about the privilege of gender, race blah blah blah but ignore the single biggest and most debilitating privilege, class and poverty. This kind of thinking really hurts white people, especially white men who come from incredibly desperate situations. Here in Aus it's an even bigger deal because the overwhelming amount of people living under the poverty line are white. I also don't agree with the catholic style form of original sin that gets placed on men and white people which is just horrendous. good take though!

  • lorenzomichael

    I'm only white because I'm not black. No but seriously I have everything I want and enjoy everything I do. Not because of the color of my skin it's because I've earned it or deserve it. cool is cool and hard work is just that. But while I'm here can I get a Mexican discount?

  • sjoes006

    I agree with all but one point: “I hate to break it to you, but the model white collar worker in the eyes of America, is a white man (or a white woman if we're being generous.)“

    The model is white man not woman but the practice is woman in a lot of industries. There are more female doctors, lawyers basically anything other than STEM women are progressing in.

    But yes it is very troubling to me the lack of African Americans in most white collar work places.

    I worked at a large company that was always hiring and interviewing and saw many a black faces in the waiting room and their resume.

    Never saw one hired despite credentials. Not for a white collar role. Only for support roles and even then it was rare. People assume black women will be sassy on the phone or have a bad attitude.

  • HereIbe

    Wow, lots of silliness. Here, I'll do a much better job:

    Suck it up, buttercup. People who get offended at the term "white privilege" are just whiny little bitches who need to put on their big people panties and act like adults.

    • Soblfob

      How dose the fact that other white people, The Queen, Prince Charles, George Osbourn, Jacob Rees-Mog and Donald Trump were born rich help poor white people like me? You might as well say some poor Arab who's just seen his family blown up by the Israelis Air force is priveliged because he's the same race as The Sultan Of Brunie and King What's his name of Saudi Arabia.

    • So... you wear panties?

    • HereIbe

      @D_Bone_Steak, obviously, those whiners who get butthurt over "white privilege" have a long way to go before they can get past panties. Have you put on your big boy panties, yet? Or are you still butthurt over the phrase "white privilege"?

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  • Redrocket69

    Come visit rural Tennessee and you will see plenty of white poverty...

    • And a lot of white people in general...

    • Actually no. The south has the highest concentration of black people versus every other region in the country. There is no privilege to simply being fucking white
      Its a skin tone. Are most wealthy people white? Because of history yes a good portion or majority of the wealthy are white but the wealthy are still a very small portion of our society. Being poor sucks regardless of your race especially in a capitalist society.

  • Vulture051

    I don't mind you saying I have white privilege as long as you honestly acknowledge that your race & gender also comes with privileges.
    That happening is pretty rare though.

  • All of the white people I know who are successful got that way through natural talent or hard work and perseverance. Once the people who use that phrase treat school as a opportunity and work as hard as I have, that's when I won't be offended.