Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Proof That 9/11 was an inside job

First lets talk about flight 93 that was hijacked and crashed in shanksville Pa, the first thing you can notice from the picture down below is there are no skid marks where the plane crashed which is impossible, every single aviation crash has skid marks on the ground.

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Now lets talk about the bodies, there were none found at shanksville, the medical examiner on site surveyed the crash and no body parts, no bodies not even a spot of blood was found anywhere in this crash site. Now lets talk about the Surviving pass ports of passengers and other items found at this crash site. (mind you they want us to believe that Jet fuel burns at 800° to 1500°F, not hot enough to melt steel (2750°F). (keep that in mind for the next part )

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!how could this be? the entire plane, its passengers, luggage and all are missing just a bunch of parts filled in a man made hole. notice how these items are all perfect condition, almost like they didn't even try to cover it up? you would think if all those on board of flight 93 was completely vaporized you wouldn't think that any of these pieces such as a pass port, a box cutter, and a bandanna to survive?

The World trade center Attacks

Now lets talk about the planes first, if some of you didn't know airplane wing tips are very fragile and cannot slice through 17 inch steel beams no matter how fast that plane was travelling.Not to mention the nose of the plane is very fragile also here is a photo of a nose of a plane that was damaged by a bird strike.

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Now this is an image of the plane hitting the second tower (notice the nose of the plane exiting the building? this is scientifically impossible.

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

how did the towers collapse?

Now we will get to the part of how the buildings actually collapsed but first i would like to tell you something really quick, This building burned just over 24 hours until fire fighters got it extinguished

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

The North Tower collapsed at 10:28 am, after burning for 102 minutes. After the South Tower collapsed, FDNY commanders issued orders for firefighters in the North Tower to evacuate.

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Never before in history has a steel high rise building collapsed simply because of fire. On 9/11, by coincidence, three such buildings collapsed in ten to fifteen seconds, almost free fall speed.

And some will say the world trade centers burned with such a high degree because of the jet fuel and the paper that was in those buildings, this is false, There is evidence of thermite that were used in both towers, here is an example of what that looks like. There are people to this day still dying from the inhalation of thermite and the dust from those buildings falling. fire fighters, police officers, paramedics, average workers, children.

(this picture shows flakes of thermite in the dust samples taken from the world trade center rubble)

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Evidence of Thermite Or thermate Used to cut the columns

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

How did the World trade center 7 collapse?

there was no plane, there was no damage to the building's structure there was just a floor fire. tell me what this looks like to you? (Sure looks like a controlled demolition to me.)

Who owned the word trade center complex?

Just months before 9/11, the World Trade Center’s lease was sold to Larry Silverstein. Silverstein took out an insurance plan that ‘fortuitously’ covered terrorism. After 9/11, Silverstein took the insurance company to court, claiming he should be paid double because there were 2 attacks. He won, and was awarded $4,550,000,000.

The pentagon

Proof That 9/11 an inside job!

Now wouldn't you think the pentagon at the time had more than one camera and very high tech camera's? rather than this 1 fps video released from a security gate?

Now what do you think about the pentagon? this will change your mind very quickly, (watch below)

Now for those that just think i am a conspiracy theorist, explain this? the day before it happened the same spot wand offices where that trillion dollars in transactions (files/paperwork) were stored at.

This was spoken on 9/10/2001 a day before 9/11/2001

Now how can a plane fly through the pentagon walls?

The pentagon walls are built with the same concrete that is used for nuclear reactors. Watch the video below! something very evil happened on 9/11 we will never forget those who were killed.

The Victims of 9/11

The victims of 9/11, those who were in the building's during the collapse and hits from the planes were most likely vaporized, now with most collapses of buildings, bodies are usually found pancaked in between building floors and debris.

Chief medical Examiner

2,996 victims

<300 whole bodies were found

20,000 Body parts Were found in the rubble

6,000 body parts were found as small as 5 inches

200 pieces = 1 person

1,630 were identified

800 identified only by DNA

1,119 Not identified (41%)

Deaths by area of attack

World Trade Center

Pentagon Building

Total number of people who died in the 9/11 attacks

Casualties in the World Trade Center and Surrounding Area

Residents of New York
Persons in North Tower (Tower 1)
Persons in South Tower (Tower 2)
Residents of New Jersey
Employees of Marsh Inc.
Employees of Aon Corporation
Port Authority police officers
Police officers
1 firefighter was killed by a man who jumped off the top floors

Casualties on the Airplanes

Casualties on the Airplanes
American Airlines Flight 11 (North Tower)
United Airlines Flight 175 (South Tower)
American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon)
United Flight 93 (Shanksville, PA)

Casualties inside the Pentagon

Military and civilian deaths

We will Never Forget The victims of 9/11


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