MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World


MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

At school, the most terrifying, the most hateful, the most violent group is the gang of bullies that bully you whenever you come across them. But that fear for bullies is for the person who's meek in-front of them, the one who's brave and confident will kick off those bullies. But what about a gang with men who slaughter and kill you just for saying "screw you!", will you be able to act brave in-front of them?

It's guaranteed you can't escape from them.

MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha is the world's most notorious gang with members schooled in the violent streets, under the best tutors of brutality who graduated them from knives to guns. Unlike your school/organization's motto, theirs is very different, it is "Mata, viola, controla" or "Kill, rape, control".

Ms-13 is a international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California in the 1980's. The gang is predominantly made up of Salvadoran immigrants who sought refuge in the United States during their civil war. The gang extended it's power to Canada, Mexico and Central America and most of its members are in the Central America. El Salvador is almost under them. Unllike most other gangs, they prefer to make killing with the use of machetes and knives so that it makes the murder more personal and agonizing. With their faces and the whole body covered with tattoos, just looking at them makes a person shriek.

MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

The immigrants who fled from El Salvador to Los Angeles came in contact with Mexican gangs, so they had to show their power and soon the whole city knew who Mara Salvatrucha was. This gang which formed to protect from other gangs however end up becoming an international threat. It operates in 42 states in USA and according to the FBI they've got more about 50,000 members. It is said that it has ties with the Al-Queda terrorist group.

As I said before, they're graduates of brutality that they could make El Salvador a bloody land. So with their power over El Salvador, San Pedro became the world's capitol of murder. Some of them were trained for the El Salvador's civil war as well, so think about their skills for a while. In El Salvador there are separate prisons for the MS-13 members where guards are too scared to enter.

MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

This gang is very popular for their tattoo art for the members cover themselves with tattoos from head to toes. You can find some members tattooed with the quote "Forgive me mama for my crazy life." They accept what their life deserves to be. These tattoos can be information about the person. Now most members refuse to get tattooed so they become harder to be recognized, memorized and to be discovered. Their tattoo art includes devils, skulls and related to exhibit their lives are filled with evil; and sometimes you can find crosses along with skulls and devils to show their life struggle between good and evil.

MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

Ms-13 are strong rivals with the gang Barrio 18 (The 18th Street Gang). Therefore killing members of Barrio 18 is a must for all member of MS-13. Once these two gangs signed a truce in El Salvador, but as you can understand it did not last long; after an year, it dissolved. So what would have become the result? This lead to the deadliest month El Salvador had ever seen and least 16 people were killed everyday.

In July 13, 2003, near Washington, near the river, the gangsters from Mara Salvatrucha killed 17-year-old pregnant Brenda Paz. They learned that she, being a gang member, became an FBI informant and participated in the witness protection program.

In October 2016, 35 MS-13 members were arrested in Long Island in relation to several killings in Brentwood, NY, most notably the murder of two teenage girls, 15-year-old Nisa Mickens and 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas. The girls were beaten to death, their bodies found 50 feet from each other, close to an elementary school.

MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

How does one become a member of this gang? There's a special initiation ritual for that. First you must kill someone from the rival gangs. Then then gang will vote you whether you can become a member or not. If the reply is "yes", then you have to suffer a brutal beating for 13 seconds. A few members will start beating you brutally as a member counts "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three..." This initiation beating can lead to one's death.

MS-13 earns money in different ways including human trafficking and drug trafficking. They bring young women from Latin America or kidnap them and force to become prostitutes. Within MS-13, women are seen as objects to have sex with and physically and emotionally abuse. There's an initiation process for women who want this lifestyle, as there is for men. In some cases, instead of having to take a beating from everyone in the clique, women have to sleep with all of the homeboys.

Women of MS-13 become drug mules because they're regarded with less suspicion. A 2012 study in Honduras discovered 20% of the MS-13 members were women. There are several cases of women trying to leave MS-13; all were murdered.

MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

Like all other gangs MS-13 have their own gang signs. The gang uses signs, including devil horns because of an early association with Metal music. MS-13 members usually only wear the white and blue, the colors of the Salvadoran flag.

MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World

So, this shows how many brutal people live in this world. We've got to reject evil and follow the right paths. Never come in contact with a MS-13 member, because the end result of it will be death!

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MS-13, The Most Lethal Gang In The World
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  • ladsin
    I've met a lot of Aryan's who would probably disagree.

    I do have a friend who's about to go home to Salvador for a month or two (legal stuff with his citizenship application) and he said he'll likely have to give them a payment.
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  • JimRSmith
    Sounds horrific.
  • John_Doesnt
    I'm pretty sure the Corleone family is more badass.
  • Iron_Man
    Those people make me sick I can't stand those people bunch of cowards that dont fight hand to hand one on one. Nasty real trashy people. The true Mexican people are not that way at all. Always very nice and courteous and friendly
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  • Logorithim
    Good point about avoiding these guys, and they essentially run prisons they're in.
  • BronzedAdonis
    id definitely be sure to drop the soap
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  • Anonymous
    As a group they are a viscious gang. As individuals they low-life, cowardly, pussies!
    • DarkBlack9


    • Anonymous

      Seriously! They can't do $hit unless their boys are around. THat's why they're a gang!

    • Anonymous

      And while they curse gays, Many of them practice homosexuality.

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