Why Do We Let the Minority Rule Us and Why Are People So Cruel to Foreigners?

So I watch the news every now and again, I've recently stopped because I'm trying to stay away from negativity which is pretty silly because this is what's happening n the world I live in and I should keep informed.

So I was watching the news last night and again I heard about the corrupt officials and the fighters who surrender to them. Basically, we're all fucked in my opinion because there is about a total of 300 officials in every country and a country has an average of at least 6m people. Now you're telling me that when the Trumps and Zuma of the world are wasting state resources on houses and holidays we as the people just sit back calmly and say "aw man i wish we didn't have to pay so much taxes."

From what I've heard from people in America and read in articles online, Trump is a racist, corrupt individual who basically hates women and wants to destroy the country. (I will not lie i admire his business sense) but he is treating a country as if its a company and that's wrong.

In South Africa, before Rhamaposa came into power there was the old president named Zuma and he wasted over 500 billion South African Rand in upgrading his estate (taxpayers money). There is also currently Malema who has now created his own political party which basically focuses on destroying the white minority but is, in turn, destroying the countries economy and basically fucking everyone over.

Why Do We Let the Minority Rule Us and Why Are People So Cruel to Foreigners?

We have the officials in Iran and Iraq fighting for their nations which has caused an influx of refugees worldwide. Another one of these fights many people don't know of is the one between Eritrea and Ethiopia which is also causing thousands of people to flee their homes in search of a better life.

Do you think anyone ever thinks 'gee I wish there was a war in my country that would make me fear for my life and the lives of my children and family members just so I can have a fucking reason to leave." I'll let you know, refugees have the greatest pride in their countries, they love their countries full heartedly but because of circumstances they were forced to leave. And South Africa and America, as well as many other countries with corrupt officials, aren't that far off from causing a series of their people running away from home.

Why Do We Let the Minority Rule Us and Why Are People So Cruel to Foreigners?

Being forced to leave your home and go to a country whose customs and people you don't know isn't fun, especially if you're doing it as a provider for kids. Leaving your whole family history behind just so you can protect your kids.

Honestly, fuck everyone who thinks a refugee is a problem in their country. You don't fucking know what it's like to be forced to leave and goddammit! Stand up for your fucking selves. We live in a world where you can communicate with dozens of people worldwide at the touch of a finger- what's the point of having so much power if we're all too meek to use it. this is exactly why people are taken advantage of when it comes to taxes and going with things you just plainly don't agree with.

Why Do We Let the Minority Rule Us and Why Are People So Cruel to Foreigners?


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  • The minority (the "1%") have the money. The xenophobes have the stupidity.
    These days Money and Stupidity are bosom buddies.
    Both have access to the power.


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  • uhm refugees reached eastern Europe. stopped at borders, taken into custody and in refugee centers to be taken care of, as ordered by Merkel, the self proclaimed ruler of Europe.

    Interviewed they said "we want to go to Germany, Sweden". It's not about fleeing for fear of death, it's fleeing because someone promised them they will be paid to sit around in countries like Germany & Sweden.

    Don't tell me that Eritreans and Ethiopians knew about Sweden.
    Don't tell me that Eastern Europe is not safer than their own countries that they fled.

    No, refugees are not a problem when they come in 20-30-50 per year. They settle, local governments and authorities have the time and logistic to help them integrate, they learn them the language, they give them a job. The immigrant takes the customs and way of thinking of the adoptive population.

    It's the case of an arab family not sure if from Syria. They ended up in Sweden back in the 90s. They were helped, they integrated, girl was one of the Swedes, all speaking the language, all well seen in the community.

    But immigrants are a problem when they come in hundreds of thousands per year. At that point, no government is capable of being so flexible to accommodate and integrate that many people in a way that does not cause problems for the future.
    Plus it's the psychological factor of the immigrants that just reached this new land to oppose the integration because they live among themselves. They aren't on their own, they support each other into living the same lifestyle from back home, same values. It's the psychology of the group. Read books, look into studies. They will keep doing that they did in their own country, they will refuse doing anything that will require them to learn, work, be active and receptive to changing their ways. Why? Because they have their own around.
    That's the problem. The huge numbers that provides the immigrants with no intention to adapt.

    It's the case of a 14 year old immigrant from Afghanistan that ended up in Sweden.
    He and other 20 lived in a home that was transformed in a refugee center.
    He raped and then slight the throat of the girl mentioned above.
    Raped and slight her throat. She was working there because she felt she needs to give back.

    Good laudable intentions from a perfectly integrated individual that was raised in the spirit of the community she ended up in VS the guy that immigrated with all his neighbourhood in a new country and kept his habits.

    • Story from Germany before and after immigration. There was this little town in the south of Germany. People growing fruits and vegetables would make packs of 3-5 such fruits/veggies, put them on a table in an open air market, leave it there with a note that said 2 euros and next to it a bowl.
      Whoever wanted to take a pack, left 2 euros in the bowl. Nobody was standing guard.
      Bikes were being left around in the street by kids and they were finding them in the same exact spot the next day. It was magic.

      Now, bikes are being stolen, people take their trash bins inside because otherwise they disappear, they lock their doors, they pull the drapes so nobody can see inside, people not going outside after dusk.
      I have examples from Sweden as well.

      Sorry but I believe that at the point the local population changes the way of life in a negative way and ends up living in constant fear, then it has clearly gotten out of hand.

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    • simple search on google for "Germany" and you find news about plan to spend 78 billion euros on immigrants by end of 2022.
      78 billions. How much longer do you think these european countries can handle it economically?
      All evidence leads me to think the immigration is not something that happened naturally because people simply wanted a better life. African countries at war or ruled by rebel groups since forever and such immigration did not happen before. Same for immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan. Afghanistan at war with Russia, nothing happened. Syria under Bashar using chemical weapons on his people, nothing happened, no mass fleeing.

    • Now all these people from all the 3rd world countries decided to simultaneously go for Germany & Sweden.
      They did not target their own "brother" countries where they would have been safe from the wars that everyone evokes, but decided to move halfway down the globe for a rather completely different cultures.
      Highly organized smuggling groups with routes and intel to bring the immigrants to Western Europe, boats and whatnot.

      someone pushed these people to leave their countries towards likes of Germany, Sweden, France. Why? Because that someone wanted these high economy European states destroyed without a war.
      And they are on the right path.

      Remember seeing a piece of news around 2014 or something, saying that EU will become the biggest power and the most influential around the globe since best economies are concentrated here. And I was like "wow, that's great news".

      Then the immigrants came as if they were given a sign. Too many coincidences.

  • So many people come over wanting to force our country to become theirs as opposed to assimilating into it.. We also have the right to vet who comes into our borders and we are the country that takes the most immigrants out of the entire fucking world. Yet, people are so quick to judge when we go after people that don't come here legally.

    • You said what I was going to say. The USA doesn’t HAVE to let anyone in.

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    • Your rebuttel is a buzzfeed video? the same people who spew out completely fabricated stories, insane left leaning bias, and various other sexist and racist content? Not a very good counter argument.

    • ^^^^

  • Everything you heard about trump is entirely incorrect, that's what the people who are actively trying to destroy our country accuse him of to try and prevent people from listening to him. Hell more minorities supported trump then previous conservative candidates, trump has actively taken power away from the government and given it to the people, he has reduced taxes, gotten us out of piss poor trade deals that would have benefited every country but the US (like the TPP), terrible agreements (like the paris climate accords which ignore a lot of data and even ignoring that put an insane burden on the US to limit our "carbon emissions" costing us jobs while other nations promised that "at some point in the future they may limit some emissions" while also having the very people who created it admit that it would have no noticeable impact on climate change), trying to reduce illegal immigration that costs our nation over 11 billion dollars a year and has undercut wage increases in jobs that are directly affecting the poor etc. He was not a racist or sexist for over fourty years being in the public spot light, only after he ran for president AND showed that he was actually a contender did he suddenly become (without any evidence) a "racist" based upon the opposition parties accusations, the same party that ignored countless scandals in the Obama administration. Trump is literally only the third US president to ever donate his entire presidential salary, yet some how he is corrupt and stealing money? Again, this accusation is given without any evidence in an attempt from the left to discredit him (because he was an outsider that they couldn't control (they had already beaten the republicans down into compliance) and because he represented a huge paradigm shift that if he succeeds will mean the end of their reign).

    As for the US causing people to flee their countries, name one. The fact is every country the US has ever had war with has already been ruled by a corrupt dictator, they have been in poverty and already had violence from terrorist, from conflicts with their neighbors or from mass genocides commited by corrupt governments. We also are the greatest contributor of aid out of any nation in the entire fucking world. No one, NO ONE, gives as much as we do. So that's bullshit. We also are the most generous country when it comes to immigration as we make 1 million immigrants US citizens A YEAR. As for refugees, many of them don't respect their host nation.

    • That's why you get the huge jump in violence and rapes like Sweden and germany got, the no go zones where even police don't enter because its so violent. Not all refugees are like that but pretending like their are none like that is not juts ignorantly stupid, its insanely disresepectful. NO one owes you shit. They don't have to let you into their country, they don't have to provide you with aid, they don't have to try and stop tyrants from commiting genocide, starving their people, murdering others in an attempt to take land. But they do, be thankful for that. As for south Africa, that's your countries fault, the government seizing land, endorsing genocide (which is exactly what happened in Zimbabwe which ruined their country and plunged their nation into starvation, violence and corruption). That's your people allowing it, no one else. Don't blame the US, don't blame Europe, that's your people, your culture. You contribute to that problem. Everything you have said is bullshit.

  • You'll figure out the answer to this question when you get a real job, try to raise your kids in a safe environment and pay a shitload in taxes to support a bunch of parasites who have no right to live off of your earnings.

    • Illegal immigrants can't get welfare money.

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    • @Rissyanne Get educated and speak out! Support non establishment politicians who will fight to fix the problem. That's what I do, and that's all we can do.

    • I think our vote speak volumes.

  • Refugees need to be welcomed and sent back once their home country is fine. It is the law according to the geneva convention.

    However do not mistake economic parasites and migrants as refugees. People who look like they are from Nigeria claiming to be Syrian to gain asylum in Europe need not be welcomed. They need to be deported. Welcoming them results in mass rape and crime.

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  • Which minority?

  • one question.
    who is creating these refugees by destroying their country?

  • I don't get it. Where are you from?

    • I hope there is a take from not a governments point of view. Or else we really live in a world that is not real and no creativity.

  • I have nothing against war refugees. But in all that mass forcing its way into Europe, they are a minority. Most of those people are economic refugees, which in itself is not bad. The problem is that they don't want to work and be productive members of our society. They come here, sit on their butts and demand to be sheltered, fed and clothed as if they are entitled to it and it's our duty to support them. It's not right. We have people in Europe that are worse off and our governments should take care of them first.


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