My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions


I've been very busy and therefor didn't have the energy to write MyTakes lately, but now it's time for a new one. This is my most controversial and unpopular opinions I've. Some are only controversial in my country and others are only it in the US, while some are unpopular in both of the countries. Since this internet forum is American, therefor I'm including the opinions that's unpopular in the US.

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

1) Pro-Life

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

This is one of my most controversial opinion in both Norway and on this website. I'm pro-life and against self-determined abortion. If someone don't want to be pregnant, they should be responsible using contraception or avoid impregnating sex. It's because of I'm valuing the human life. In addition I believe everyone deserves a chance in life. Adoption is also a possibility. There's only two exception where I think abortion isn't wrong.

* When the woman's life and health is in danger where it's one survive or two dies.

* When the person is a child. It's more dangerous for children to be pregnant than adults. But the parents should be questioned for not taking properly care of their child and be sent to court.

I'm elaborating more about my view on abortion in this MyTake.

2) Every consenting adults should be allowed dating

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

I think it should be legal for all consenting adults to have sex and being in a romantic relationship. That includes heterosexual and homosexual relationships. But also incest as long they don't get biologically children. If a sister and a brother wants to date or cousins wants to marriage, I see no problems with that if they're adults. Step-, adoptive- and foster- siblings should also be allowed dating if they wants to. This opinion is controversial in most countries.

3) Welfare and basic income

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

I'm a Scandinavian social-democrat and my views are unpopular in the US. I support welfare like universal health care, free education, pension and family-, unemployment- and disability-benefits. I think a system like this makes the gap between poor and rich lesser. I'm also for basic income in the future because if the technology is continue developing and the robots are taking over many jobs, the unemployment rate would increase and this solution may solve the poverty problem.

4) Stricter gun laws

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

Another controversial opinion to have in the US. There should be stricter mental qualification rules to own a gun in addition to being old enough. For example having 20 years as an age limit. In addition the person have to be part of a sport or hunting club to own one if they're civilian because it's the only reasons to own one. If you've no sport hobbies like that and is a civilian, then you don't need a gun. If you don't feel safe enough without one, then the justice system and the police in your country may be questionable.

5) European isn't synonym with white

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

Not every Europeans looks the same like how not every African or Asian looks the same. Racial diversity exists in every continents. Picture of a Spanish woman.

Not every ethnic Europeans are white in my opinion. If it's possible to exist different "racial" groups in Asia, Africa, America and Oceania, then it's possible in Europe to. The term "white" sounds like a term used about someone who have little pigments and is closest to the color white appearance wise like albinos and people who are either blonde or ginger with blue, green or gray eyes and light skin. Many people in Europe like Italians, Spanish, Portuguese and Greeks tends to be black haired, brown eyed and have light brown skin. Not everyone in Africa looks like Congolese and not everyone in Europe looks like Finnish people. All continents have diversity. Both Norwegians and Americans are disagreeing in me on this.

6) Cultural appropriation isn't wrong

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

People should be allowed to dress the way they wants to regardless of race. Clothes, food type, music etc. don't belong to only one race. Styles, inventions and cultures can be shared.

As long you're not mocking a culture, it's okay to dress like other cultures. Maybe people do that because they're enjoying and liking that culture. It's actually a compliment. A culture don't belong to a certain race. Thinking so is both prejudiced and racism. I'm a Norwegian and have a Norwegian culture, but I'm not white. That's not cultural appropriation. This opinion may be unpopular among left-wingers in both Norway and the US.

7) Nazism is worse than communism

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

Surprisingly many people from the US on GAG is disagreeing in me in that. I think nazism is worse because it's an ideology that's promoting racism, segregation and genocide. Communism isn't. Communism is about creating an utopian society with no social classes, poverty etc. It's about equality. Stalin and Mao were two power hungry and bad leaders. They can't call themselves communists like Karl Marx since they didn't follow the ideology. Just because communism don't work doesn't mean it's evil.

8 ) Religion isn't the root of evil

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

As long humans have a violent and greedy nature, conflicts would happen regardless if religion existed or not. Not every dictatorships and violent ideologies are religious. Mao and Stalin wasn't very religious and wanted a secular state. Yet, violence and oppression happen. Religion may be abused, but that don't mean there isn't any advantages with it. It can give people hope and a meaning with life. Every useful inventions can be abused. Example cars, knives and electricity. Many people in my country thinks religion is the root of evil and the majority are none-religious.

9) Conditional pacifist

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

In principle I'm against all wars and violence. I think conflicts should be solved with peaceful solutions like good diplomacy and agreements. I refused to join the military in my country because of this. My opinion is very controversial in my own country because I thinks even if Russia or another country would invade us, I would be willingly to live in an union with them as long they respected our human rights and we could keep our welfare system - for the sake of peace. Many other Norwegians would be angry and want a war against the invader if that happen. Especially if it's Russia.

Another controversial thing with me being a conditional pacifist is that I'm in a way open for exceptions. War and killing would be wrong anyway, but sometimes it's necessary to do a bad thing to avoid something worse. I can understand the Kurdish women defending themselves and fighting ISIS for instance. Some people believes every pacifists are against self-defense and that all pacifists are the same. If we don't fit the stereotype, some may think we're hypocrites. Even if we only think violence is the better one of two evils and should only be used as the last resort.

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

ISIS does both torturing, raping, suicide attacks and oppression of women and minorities. Therefor the victims have no other choice than defending themselves since ISIS isn't a peaceful organization.

10) Asking someone where they're from is often impolite

My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions

A question than seems harmless can imply that someone don't belong.

I think it's a personal question that you simply shouldn't ask a stranger before knowing them better. Not everyone likes this question since it may imply they don't belong to their own country because of the way they looks and it can turn very racially fast. Some also ask because they wants to say a cliche phrase or talk a foreign language to strangers. I'm Norwegian and I'm not less Norwegian than my brothers and sisters just because I'm not white. I'm elaborating more on this topic in this MyTake here. People from both Norway and US is disagreeing with me in that and think it's fine to ask.

Thanks for reading! If you've some controversial opinions, you're welcome to share them. Please keep the discussion peaceful and civil. :)

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My 10 Most Controversial & Unpopular Opinions
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  • BlueCoyote
    Nice MyTake :-).

    1) I completely disagree. I believe a regulated form of abortion should be legal. People who are already suffering shouldn't be criminalized. And research shows that making abortion illegal actually increases unwanted pregnancies (especially teenage pregnancies).

    2) I agree.

    3) I strongly agree with the Scandinavian model of the welfare state but I disagree with the idea of the guaranteed basic income. The problem with the basic income is that it would be given to people who really don't need it. For example why should Bill Gates or Paris Hilton receive $2,000 every month? They are already swimming in money. Instead, I prefer the idea of a negative income tax for poor people.
    Another problem with the guaranteed basic income is that it would actually destroy the welfare state. If you give every person a certain amount of money every month, this means that you will have to use up all the money in the welfare system. However, some people need much more than others. For example some disabled people need more than $2,000 a month. So, for them and for other vulnerable people, the guaranteed basic income would make their life worse, not better. They would be less protected.

    4) I agree, though I don't think this is a controversial opinion. The only country where this might be a controversial opinion is the US; everywhere else in the world, it's considered a common-sense opinion. And even within the US, a majority of people actually support stricter gun laws. It's just that the NRA lobbying makes reforms impossible (93% of Americans support universal background checks for example).

    5) This is an interesting one. I agree.

    6) I agree. Cultural appropriation usually is a compliment, not an insult. And more importantly: it's unavoidable. So, why fight about it.

    7) On principle, you are right here and I agree. However, the big problem is that nobody really knows what "communism" entails. Karl Marx spoke very little about it. Calling Mao and Stalin "not real communists" sounds like a "no true scotsman" to me. But there's a caveat: right-wingers only think of Mao and Stalin. There have also been many, many self-discribed communists who were pacifists. Think of Rosa Luxemburg.

    8) I hold it with Steven Weinstein, American 20th century physicist:
    "With or without religion, good people will do good things and evil people will do evil things. But for good people to do evil, it takes religion."

    9) I agree.

    10) I feel kind of neutral about this one.
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    • You've a good point when it comes to basic income may not work that well. I didn't think over that. But how is calling Mao and Stalin "not real communists" a "no true scotsman"?

    • BlueCoyote

      Do you know the "no true Scotsman"-fallacy?

    • No. It's a new term for me. Do it has something to do with people in a group being different?

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  • Guanfei
    1) pro-life is nice if you believe everyone wants and is able to take care of a child, which isn't the case.
    2) Nope, there is a reason we don't allow relatives to date, it's because their relationship will eventually turn serious and that's when a baby come. Except that baby have much, much more chance to have some kind of handicap.
    3) Welfare should be a thing, yes. But it should be limitated only to citizens of a country and denied to immigrants as a whole. Also, it can be suspended for a time, or definitly, if you commit a crime and depending on how serious it is. Basic income is bullshit, it will never happen as governements and companies want you to work more for less, not paying you for nothing.
    4) Kinda agree on that one, but only if your country is efficient at protecting its people. As soon as it doesn't do it (as it often happen in mine), then you should have the right to protect yourself.
    5) Yes it is. European are white people. Anything else has another origin.
    6) Cultural appropriation isn't wrong because it doesn't exist. Having dreads or wearing a kimono isn't "appropriation", it's just wearing something you like. And you don't have to know where it comes from to wear it. Why would you care? It's just a clothe or a hairstyle. Do black people care about where jeans come from?
    7) Nope, it's equally worse. No communist regime ever turned well. And most of the time ended up in a dictature with thousands dead.
    8) Religion is just a tool to manipulate and justify your actions. As any tool, it's bad if you use it badly.
    9) Ok, agree on that one. No violence unless it's needed. And by needed, I don't mean waiting to be on the verge of extermination to retaliate.
    10) Depends. Having the nationality doesn't make someone really from the country. An ID card make you a citizen, but your actions, your respect for the country and its people, your will to integrate if you're an immigrant, that's what made your a part of the country. You can't just come in a country, act like you did where you came from, and pretend that you're the same as the others.
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    • Guanfei

      To those opinions i'll add mines:
      -Immigration should be extremely controlled and limited to what the country needs, and those who don't fit should be denied and sent back immediatly.
      -Religions and their customs should be, by law, limited to the private sphere, your home or your place of worship. Any expression of it, of any kind, outside of those place should be forbidden, like praying in the street, proselytism, or worse, like forcing your customs on people.
      Unless it's for a cultural occasion, like a traditional celebration as we have sometimes here.

    • I've white ethnic Norwegian parents and are Norwegian myself. When ethnic Norwegians are adopting children from abroad, it would by law be counted as the same as if they gave birth to them.

    • Guanfei

      That's the thing, law consider anyone with a paper the same as a local. But that's not exactly real. You were adopted, you grew up in that country and you have been raised to be like any local, same language, same culture. Therefore, you're a real Norwegian.
      But there are many who come and don't want to integrate, and follow the customs and the culture of the country. Here we even have people born here who refuse to consider themselves as local, and they do everything they can to show how much they don't want to integrate and how much they hate us.
      This is unacceptable. For you, the problem would be if at any moment you decided that your parents and the country you grew up didn't matter, and you consider that you're not a Norwegian, and you don't have to act like it.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Pamina
    1) 100% disagree. And this is actually one of the issues I stopped debating. I'm tired of debating pro-lifers. There is no common ground. We just have to accept that we fundamentally disagree. And since my side is winning anyway in the western world (pro-lifers can only slow these developments down), I see no reason to put energy into pointless debates.

    2) I agree. Regardless of how we personally feel about it, there's no legitimate reason to prohibit two consenting adults from being together.

    3) and 4) Nothing to add. I agree.

    5) "White" is a very vague term with mostly cultural meaning. But by the most common definitions, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Greeks are definitely considered white. You are right that there's clearly a lot of racial diversity among Europeans, but the term "white" simply doesn't cover it. Racial terminology is generally garbage. Just look at Asian diversity and how we lump them together in broad groups. It all makes no sense and we should start abandoning these meaningless and unscientific terms.

    6) There's positive and negative cultural appropriation. So I guess I agree.

    7) I agree. And this is something that actually really pisses me off, because it either stems from wilful ignorance as a right-wing tactic to deceive and distract, or from actual ignorance and lack of proper political education.

    8) Religion itself isn't the root of all evil, but it's been one of the most (if not the most) used tools for evil throughout human history.

    9) This is something I'm never 100% sure of, but I guess conditional pacifist comes closest to what I am.

    10) I think that entirely depends on the context of why someone asks.
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    • Pamina

      You were clever putting that space between the 8 and the bracket. lol

  • Pink2000
    Since you’re so pro life are you gonna help the child who was forced to be in this world and made to suffer th consequences of not being wanted when they could’ve easily been aborted while they were the size of a peanut?
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    • I'm not capable to take care of a child. I've my mental stuffs and I'm honest with myself. But I'm also a careful person and would avoid accidentally pregnancy. In dating I'm careful. Still a virgin. So abortion won't be a problem.

    • Pink2000

      Ummm condoms break. Birth control fails. Sometimes it just happens.

    • I would keep my pants on doing that thing with my partner if I gets a partner, so that wouldn't be a problem. Off course I would try to find one who is agreeing and that don't want children.

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  • lilaqua
    I don't agree with every part of these (the incest thing) but for the most part I do, with the big exception of being Pro - Life. People are not pro-choice because they don't believe in the beauty of life and childbirth but because the alternative is much worse. Being pro-life is a personal position which can be upheld under pro-choice regulation, you can still have a child you didn't plan, but being pro-choice is mate based on what is best for the state. In a situation without adequate abortion rights you're likely to get a massive uptick in things like, deaths of women due to home abortions, infanticide, post and antenatal depression, hospital expenses, a larger proportion of single mothers = more less adjusted children, greater welfare expenditure, lower wealth/income per capita, a massive pressure on the already imperfect foster system which proves to produce children that are more likely to go to prison and with mental health issues. I know it sounds somewhat horrible that unborn children are considered a pragmatic "drain" on the economic and social elements of the state, but it's an issue especially for me as a woman. If I was to get pregnant currently and didn't have abortion as an option I can tell you it wouldn't be smooth sailing towards adoption, but likely end up harming myself if I couldn't find an illegal abortionist. Abortion, whether you legalise it or criminalise it is going to exist, but if it was illegal it would make it more expensive, dangerous and likely fund other illegal activities.
    • The only choice that pro-choicer supporters chose is death.
      If abortions were illegal except for real life of woman cases they are not all mindless people as you would imply. You color a picture of woman walking around with pale faces searing for the dreaded illegal back room butcher. These Midevil pictures are ony popular with advocates of abortion. And all the ophans and foster homes people I know are secret crimals who are mentally ill. My friiends will be shocked to find out. These 'people will only be a 'drain' if the parents don't do their job of being a parent. Good enough to hang around for unprotected sex but to take responsibility. And if you aren't ready for children, for gods sake stop having sex without birth control. It's what gown-ups do.

    • lilaqua

      @Johnnie1000 "picture of woman walking around with pale faces searing for the dreaded illegal back room butcher". That's what happened. I've talked to both my grandmothers and my grandfather, hell even mother can remember how horrible it was for women. Women dying from self and homemade abortions was super common place. The argument that people should not have sex before they're ready to have children is not a valid argument, it ignores the fundamental nature of human beings and is not based on pragmatism but on religious moralism. This is the same as telling kids that abstinence is the only option and then wondering why the teen pregnancy rate is so high.

      Birth control isn't 100% effective either. For a couple having sex a lot, the chance of getting pregnant may only be 2%, but couples easily hit round 100 within a couple of months. There is quite a large window for pregnancy if you are in a monogamous relationship.

  • amarahorrorstory
    I'm a little unsettled by the incest thing, mostly because I often think incest is the byproduct of a deeper rooted issue, and also, if someone got pregnant that's going to make for a really troubling experience for that child.

    Also cultural appropriation, while I don't usually count hairstyles, I think the problem with things like dreads and braids, people have trouble getting jobs or are seen inappropriate, when for many people who are black, those hairstyles exist not just for aesthetics but to maintain healthy hair, so when people see them as ghetto or inappropriate, many people see on people of other ethnicities as them unique or a free spirit. But I don't think that means people shouldn't be allowed to, but a nod towards the culture they were inspired by should be expected. Cultures should be allowed to be shared but only in a respectful way, and should be presented as exactly what they are, pieces of the culture they come from, and nothing else. Meaning, I don't think sacred pieces should be worn. Native American headdress is not meant to be worn to music festivals so people can do molly in them.
  • Tomblebee
    I have some issues I would like to enter a friendly discussion about If that is okay...
    Do you believe it is okay to spay animals?
    And what if incestuous couples did accidently have their own kids.. can they abort?
    Unemployment benefits do seem a bit unfair: someone on the minimum wage is only actually earning a pettence relative to what an unemployed person recieves. Money is not in endless surplus... some sacrifice is needed.
    If people don't feel safe... they will choose alternatives to guns...
    And if peoplea re mentally unfit.. are they then free to roam with kitchen knives? And arguably.. if they have the potential and the mental instability to kill a person.. wouldn't you ratehr they had a gun and not an aweful stabbing weapon/batting baton? A much slower death?
    Also - apart from the whole Jew thing Hitler did some pretty good things... Like roading..
    Religion ain't all bad.. unless people believe in one being supreme and better than others... which causes conflict..
    About asking people where they're from.. Is it okay if you share soem of your own non-native ancestry.. to make it more normal... is it better to just look and wonder trying to place it?
  • blackisnotacolour
    I'm basically a libertarian, therefore people saying that they would decide for me how should I live (especially when my decisions don't impact their life in any, even minuscule way), are considered 2nd class citizens.

    1&2) Basically legalizing incest and forbidding abortion when cases like when a condom broke would surely be a great idea!

    3) If the country is rich enough to provide a free education and health care, cool. Remember that no government is spawning money - they get it from taxes. Just because it works in your case, doesn't mean it would work in every case. Moreover, benefits should be carefully thought-trough. Somebody lost his job? Help find a new fishing rod, don't straight give out fish. And if equalizing people is the major goal, then deep down it's a communism. Which, proven many times, doesn't work, because people are not equal by design. It's like saying that midgets should get leg surgery so they would have at least 5'7" (170cm) and don't feel bad for being short while giants should have their legs cut instead. Utter absurd.

    4) Criminals don't give a sh** about the law. If somebody wants to rob you, shoot you or do any other harm while holding firearm, they'll get it and do it. And normal citizens have to go through hell in most cases to get a gun permit. And then (depends on the country) they even can't legally have it on them (huge penalty) and if somebody would assault them, shooting the bastard wouldn't be treated as personal defense but an attack. Somehow you'll find a gun in every home in Switzerland but you don't hear about mass shootings there, do you? Guns don't kill people. Other people do.

    5) But it is. Just because somebody has more melanin in their skin, doesn't mean the person is black. Just look at facial features. Blacks have wider noses for example. Asians have those specific eyes. So in general, Africa is black, Europe is white and Asia is yellow. How is that bad?

    6) Dress in any way you like, but bear in mind that not everything is deemed appropriate everywhere.

    7) Another "being stabbed in the chest is worse than being shot in the back" case. Right now the exact reverse of nazism is happening, so dozens of thousands of rapefugees are invading Europe - how would you refer to that?

    8th) Steven Weinstein quote on that.

    9) Agreed.

    10) Asking a woman how old is she - taboo, asking somebody where he's from - taboo. Soon asking for a name would become taboo since you might assume, basing on name, where's he from.
  • ScaryCool
    I agree with #2, #3, #5, (haven't decided on 6), #7 is a given, and #8

    #1 I agree with parts of it but not all of it.
    #4 I think I'm on the fence of taking guns away here in America. Mainly because I'd like to see another decade of other countries without theirs first. I don't trust governments in any part of the world enough to become completely defenseless. Totalitarianism could thrive from something like that. We've seen it in sci-fi/fiction movies and while some can say it's just movies, they're based off of past events in history and lately a lot of shit that I've seen in movies has also come to pass actually.
    #9 As much as that'd be a nice to have no wars, I'd much rather fight to keep our rights than just hope for the best and hope we get to keep them in the end.
    #10 I think getting offended by that is a little too soft. If someone thought I was from somewhere else I'll just simply say no I'm not. Don't take everything to heart or your heart will eventually break in this world.

    Great MyTake overall.
  • Jon_25
    Good for you that you aren't shy or shamed by your views; and you seem to be at least decently educated on them. So you aren't just following the crowd. I definitely agree on all but 3, 4, and 9.
    3 and 4 I just blatantly disagree with-- on principle-- in almost every way. No offense, of course. I respect your opinion. But I 100% DISagree on those two points. I just think differently.
    As far as 9, I agree with you to an extent. I don't think violence should be the go to method for problem solving. It should be used sparingly and not taken lightly in any means. Life is very valuable and shouldn't ever be played with on such a prospectively massive scale.
    BUT at the same time, I think we should be ready to use violence when necessary. Not just in immediate self defense-- but in defense of those around us. And not just on an individually imminent level-- but on a larger scale where an individual needs to rally with the masses to defend them. I have never been drafted. But if I was I wouldn't hesitate to join. I believe we need people ready to do the dirty work of violence to defend and protect the people and their rights. As well as their beliefs.
    It shouldn't be a first resource, but not a lady resort either-- we shouldn't hesitate to take this action when we need to. But we shouldn't jump the gun either. It's a tough line to draw, but I think it's somewhere just on your side of the middle. Not on either end.
    This is just my opinion, of course. Thanks for sharing yours. Have a nice day.
  • levantine99
    communism genocided more than 90 million humans youo unhistorical mron and still today poisons society through its cultural marxism and liberal tentacles.
    • the perfect communist is a nationless, brothers' slaughtering and betraying killing machine with no borders and values. communism is the plague of the earth. you haven't been hit by it thats why you spew your nonsense.

    • It wasn't Karl Marx's original ideology. He wanted a society without any social classes. He also wanted equality and a society without poverty. Stalin and Mao just called themselves communists. In reality they were just regular dictators wanting power.

    • WRONG. thats what they want you to believe. the old communist saying of "dat wasn't TRUE communism". in fact Marx was a masonic twat, son of a rabi, that hasn't worked one day in his life, and was funded by other elitists who knew very well what this theory will do in the longterm. communism sounds like honey to the untrained ear, but its premises are poisonous and nihilistic.

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  • Johnnie1000
    i read you article with interest. As you suggest there may be some differences of meaning or implementation between our countries. I visited you country 3 years ago and had a wonderful country. my ancestors are likely from your Denmark, Norway, Finland general area.
    I actually agree with much that you say and you can rest assured that many in the States agree with you on many items.

    Karl Marx would not like today's Communism. It has drifted so far from a works movement that it is unrecognizable. The fact

    If existing gun laws were enforced in the US then much of the problem could be solved. I don't think there is much resistance to strong age and heath limits. Simply put gun cubs would spring up on paper and make the law useless. I tell you what. I'll turn my gun in if all the criminals do the same.

    As far as expressing yourself through clothes I have to believe the US differs. Some ethnic groups will be in horror if I as a white man dressed in African ceremonial garb. Many objections are placed against re-enactors who wear the confederate uniforms. Many people are in jeopardy where the clothes take on as a war cry..

    I don't know what to say about Nazism. Think of all the words for bad and evil and they apply. Communisium is a tamer form of social nationalism. But it not nazism.

    I am mixed on your basic income issue. At least here there is a whole class of individuals that will not work as long as handouts are available. Again if existing qualifications were closey followed there would be less resistance. Ou system of economics does dictate what salries should be. Items such as well fare that rewards non workers with the same life style is unfair to everyone. I have mixed thoughts on this item. Those who need help should get it. Handouts should not.

    Your thoughts on abortion are similar to mine and millions of others here at home. One of the conflicts than occurs are that existing laws protect the unborn. But loose requirements and willing doctors water down enforcement and many abortions are performd on demand. The time for bith control is before you are pregnant. I agree with you and it will be unpopular here as well.

    I am old enough to remember cousins marrying cousins. Usually second cousins but there were a few first. Bothers and sisters as well as cousins do fall in love and share many things together that they wish to continue. I don't have a problem. Except for 1st cousin conception I have no problem. But modern DNA studies can solve that
    • I don't think religion is the cause of violence and evil. Most religions promote lives based upon a 10 commandments that are really only a code of conduct for individuals to follow. Are there extremest. YES, And that includes non theists. What else do atheist have to point to for evil it not religion. Certainly not atheist like them. Extremist are everywhere.
      Killing is evil, war is immoral. I say it and mean it. But self defense is everyone's duty to its society. By the way Russia does not invade countries because the respect your rights so much. They want your labor, your resources and you money. It really looks like you are against violence unless it affects your causes. The killing is wrong but the cause is just.

      personally, I still don't believe that the guys that left the USA for Canada during Vietnam were pacifists. They were afraid. Who would not be?

      I think you are a little too concerned over the feelings of someone by asking someone where they are from.

  • MsMusic
    Just saying number ten surprises the hell out of me. I never considered it rude to ask someone where they're from. Where I live we're very culturally diverse and I'm curious. I tell people my ancestry. But we have people from all over here in Detroit.
    • Same, but I think maybe the OP was inferring that such an inquiry is a form of microaggression.

  • Oram52
    We are all entitled to opinions even controversial ones, and I have no problem with any unpopular opinions as long as they are not imposed on others.

    1) I am strongly pro-choice, no problem with you being pro-life as long as you don't use any means to force others to conform to your views, ie ban abortion.
    2) I'm against incest definitely.
    3) I'm definitely against Socialism, even Social Democracy. But I have support basic welfare, definitely opposed to Socialist redistribution of wealth.
    4) Neutral on this.
    5) True, not to mention people from outside have also made Europe their home.
    6) There is NO such thing as Cultural Appropriation to begin with.
    7) I agree, its not how many people died but also repulsiveness of ideaology. I do not find holocaust same as Mao being responsible of a famine that killed millions.
    8) But religious ideology itself has been cause of great suffering just like Nationalism. Religious beliefs have been used to justify a lot of violence.
    9) You think Russia is going to respect your Human Rights if they don't in your own country? Why not ask East Europe what Communism was like? What do you think would've happened if we hadn't defeated Nazis? At some point you need to defend Liberty, and I will defend Liberty at all costs.
    10) It could be. But sometimes you're naturally curious for example they are tourists.
  • pooper89
    Yes some Italians are so dark they look like Africans without the lips and hair. That's not an opinion though, it's a fact.
    I think sometimes I look like I'm from the east -like even Turkish maybe. But the other half of me is quite Anglo so I'm a nice mix.
    • The person that disliked is clearly uneducated.

  • DizzyDesii
    I agree with your opinions of #1/3/4/5/8 but #2 is fcked up with that nasty incest stuff. I dont really agree with #6 either. As for #7 I don't know what communist is all about but yes nazism was def bad. #9 is one i still question but #10 isn't offensive, just annoying
    • BlueCoyote

      Well, the idea behind legalizing (or at least decriminalizing) incest is that our personal, subjective tastes shouldn't be the measure for how we write our laws. For example 50 years ago, pretty much everyone agreed that homosexuality is disgusting. Now, I personally also cringe when I think about having a romantic/sexual relationship with my sister but I know there are people out there who don't feel that way. And as long as they're 18+ and they're doing it out of free will, they shouldn't be thrown in prison for it because the argument that we use for gay people still applies here: "their love doesn't harm anyone".

      Just wanted to mention that, didn't mean to budge in on your post ;-).

    • DizzyDesii

      @BlueCoyote i’ll never support/take part in either so doesn't matter much to me. Its whatever

  • Naydyonov
    Disagree with you on many points.
    2) Every consenting adults should be allowed dating
    — I don't think it should be normalized.
    3) Welfare and basic income
    — Welfare is just theft for lazy people with few exceptions.
    4) Stricter gun laws — I believe no matter how safe the country people should be able to use the best tools available to defend themselves and their country in the unlikely case that they should have to do it. Otherwise it's like digging a trench by the border but not filling it with troops - it makes you feel safe but does absolutely nothing for real safety.
    7) Nazism is worse than communism
    — I agree with everything but the part that communism isn't evil. Unless all people (including those born under such a system) agree to the conditions of communism; it is evil. It's the theft of ones labor.
    9) Conditional pacifist
    — This doesn't work for me. Almost every time my country was successfully invaded (Russia) it led to mass atrocities, famine, installation of a tyrannical or just shitty government.
    10) Asking someone where they're from is often impolite
    —Sort of, but at the same time it indicates your culture.
    I may have been born in Canada but cultural I am far from it, so asking where I'm from, or where my parents are from lets the person understand where I'm coming from when I talk about certain things.
  • AmBoi
    The whole "Nazism vs communism" thing is dumb as Nazism was created by Marxists (Werner Sombart and Johann Plenge). Just look at their platform:
    Banks were socialized and forced to buy government bonds and government regularly confiscated the balances of savings accounts and insurance companies. (1938 legislation)

    --State provided welfare for citizens (NSDAP party program point 7.)
    --Equal rights and obligations for citizens (NSDAP party program point 9.)
    --Citizens must work physically or intellectually (NSDAP party program point 10.)
    --Abolition of rent and interest (NSDAP party program point 11.)
    --Abolition of profit from "immoral" activities (NSDAP party program point 12.)
    --Nationalization of all major industrial corporations and trusts (NSDAP party program point 13.)
    --Redistribution of profits from heavy industry (NSDAP party program point 14.)
    --National Pension system (NSDAP party program point 15.)
    --"Communalization" of warehouses and depots to help small businesses (NSDAP party program point 16.)
    --Eminent domain without compensation for farmlands and criminalization of land speculation (NSDAP party program point 17.)
    --Death punishment for "immoral" profiteers (NSDAP party program point 18.)
    --Forced public school system, and free higher education (NSDAP party program point 20.)
    --Banning child labor (NSDAP party program point 21.)
    --Press censorship (NSDAP party program point 23.)
    --Secularization of religion (NSDAP party program point 24.)
    --Totalitarian government (NSDAP party program point 25.)
    --LGBT rights (Ernst Röhm the leader of the Brownshirts and his entire staff were all gay and in favor of legalization of it)
    --Social equality (the Jewish people have high intellectual capacities and higher than average IQs therefore to create an equal society every socialist must be an anti-semite by definition in order to oppress the Jewish people)

    Erich Hilgenfeldt had also disbanded all private charity.

    I'll leave you with some quotes:

    "If we are socialists, then we must definitely be anti-semites—and the opposite, in that case, is Materialism and Mammonism, which we seek to oppose… How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-semite?" - Adolf Hitler

    "There is no license any more, no private sphere where the individual belongs to himself. We socialize [enslave] human beings" - Adolf Hitler

    “We and we alone [the Nazis] have the best social welfare measures. Everything is done for the nation.” - Joseph Goebbels
  • Celtero
    Ooof... At least you're pro life, that's pretty damn good for a Scandinavian.

    The only two I majorly (as opposed to mildly) disagree with are gun control and welfare. Welfare encourages and rewards people to be lazy and more gun laws just makes it harder for guns to get into the hands of law abiding citizens.
  • girl_with_questionz
    I agree with most of that especially the pacifist one. I want to join the marines and be proud to serve, but only an idiot psycho actually craves war and violence. Guns are things people should have and hope to never use. But in the end it is better to have and not need then need and not have.
    • frankross

      the government is satanic do not do it
      you will just be used like the rest of them

    • @frankross satanic you say? Where do the poliyicians do their goat sacrifices?

    • frankross

      its called spirit cooking
      they cut bodies up and drink the blood to get high

      this goes all the way back to george washington its nothing new
      nothing has changed just the covering to look nice

      and this applies to every government U. N included
      why do you think the world is in shit?

      cause they are in charge

    1. Disagree (no point back and forth)

    2. lol

    9. Controversial. A good war is a quick war. Best war, you end it and cut the roots off before it starts. Break some eggs, play the bad guy, but at least you're not going enrich international banks and destroy your own economy over some dragged out war.
  • zagor
    Number 4 is BS. Not every country is like Norway. There is a saying, "when seconds count, the police are minutes away". If I had a family and lived in a dicey area, I would definitely get a gun, even if local laws prohibit it, and fuck those who don't like it.
  • castratedwhiteguy
    Well! We could have some heated arguments here! At least Hitler understood the global banking system and how wealth is created, which is more than the Communists could ever comprehend. Personally, I'll take Hitler over Stalin any day.

    It's attitudes like yours that are bankrupting the world economy! Do you have any idea what hyperinflation actually looks like? If not, than you are in for a rude awakening!
  • Dchrls78104
    Some controversial and/or unpopular opinions include:
    1. Homosexuality violates nature and is an insult to the Creator.
    2. First cousin romance is an issue of relative morality.
    3. Blood transfusions should never be forced on anyone for any reason.
    4. Age of consent issues are overblown.
    5. Every person convicted of murder should be put to death.
    • 1. Disagree. It don't harm anyone and can be effective against overpopulation.

      2. Depends on the situation. If it's an abusive relationship or someone trying to take advantage of a family member, then it's a problem. If it's voluntarily, then it's not.

      3. Children should get blood transfusion and should only be allowed to decide when they're adults since they don't understand the consequences of not getting it.

      4. What do you mean? Anyway, 18 is a good age limit.

      5. Mistakes might happen and with death penalty it's a risk of killing innocents. In addition it would be double moral if the common man isn't allowed to kill, but the state is. If the state wants to learn killing is wrong, then they should put a good example.

  • breakerecho
    I accept all except 9 actually I accept 9 too but your example is wrong. Kurds are fighting with isis but at the same time they are trying to invade countries like syria turkey etc. They are just bunch of terrorist
    • No, they're not. Some groups are actually fighting against ISIS. Example the female group.

    • Yes they are terrorist. they are tring to invade peoples land fighting against isis doesn't make them good people. İsis is bad too but kurds are worst.

    • ISIS is worse since they're torturing more people than Kurds, are more sexist etc.

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  • Angelina25
    No, I don't agree with you on the first two points.
    I'm strictly a pro choice.
    I'm strictly against incest, polyamory.
  • Dog19
    It's so hard to judge a woman who has an abortion because the world is such a messed up, horrible place... I want to judge her but it's just so hard seeing the world now...
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Most people who ask where people are from are rooted in interest about them and the place. Asking how that’s rude is like saying it’s rude to ask where they bought a pair of j’s
  • Fatslob
    I want a gun, I don't like hunting and I don't belong to a sporting club, I just want to kill Roman Abramovich!
  • EpicDweeb
    I agree with a lot of these and disagree with a lot of others. xD I disagree on guns, relationships, and welfare. I think statistics showing that 98% of all mass shootings happen in gun free zones communicates that gun free zones encourage violence in those areas. I think the constitution of the united states says that all restrictions on guns are inherently unconstitutional and are wrong, thus whether or not it's agreed that they're a good thing the government itself has no right to restrict guns in any way. I think welfare is a very bad policy based on my understanding as an economics fanatic.

    Other than that I don't know that I agree with you on Nazism vs. Communism, but I think the fact of the matter is that both of them are just plain evil. Which one is more evil doesn't matter to me as I don't think people ought to settle for or accept the "lesser of two evils," at any point.
  • FakeName123
    Nazi body count: 6 Million
    Communist body count: 100+ Million

    That might be the reason why people disagree with you.
    • @Shutupman

      Even if you were to rise Nazi-Germany body count to 20 million, you would still be a good chunk behind the body count of communism.

    • But hey, after a few 10s of millions you can stop counting. What's another bloody body on the foundation of the communist utopia.

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  • Gedaria
    Yes I can agree with you on just about everything. The difference is not to note. Shame more people don't think the same. THANKS...
  • Logan27
    Being Pro-Life isn't an unpopular opinion. Many people are Pro-Life. In the US it's pretty much 50-50 Pro-Life, Pro-Choice.
    • Thanks! I didn't know that. I hears mostly from the pro-choicers. In my country between 80 - 90% are pro-choice.

    • Wow. Out of curiosity what amazing country is that?

    • @Inneedofusername, amazing? Not if you're a pro-lifer. x'D It's Norway.

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  • AlexEfron
    I would agree with almost all your opinions. Maybe not so with #10. But that's your opinions. I respect it :)
  • ManOnFire
    I definitely agree with you on most of these, especially about gun laws, not all Europeans being white, and not hating religion. As someone who's studied European history (with still more to learn) I do know for a fact that not all Euros are really white and some nations that look white don't think of themselves as that. I also remember you saying in another take how you think it's rude to be asked where you're from, yeah. I think that depends really.

    However I absolutely disagree with direct incest but not sure if it's really wrong for cousins to be together or not. And cultural appreciation just looks more ridiculous than offensive I think.
  • LegateLanius
    I disagree on several points but, I don't feel like having a back and forth. Thank you for sharing.
  • AlmightySkelator
    Some of your opinions are more asinine than controversial.
  • 390Pendolino
    I agree with you on 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. I'm pro-choice and against incest.
  • BronzedAdonis
    I guess you and me have a different interpretation of the term "controversial"
  • legalboxers
    interesting and insightful
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • MelaninDoll
    I agree with most, good take :)
  • Whatthefluff
    Hm. I agree with you in several aspects
  • larswisner
    hey i agree with all of this!
  • VOLcel
    Brown hair + Brown eyes = NOT white
    • Thank you

    • Pamina

      That's not the usual definition of white though.

    • VOLcel

      @Pamina the usual definition is wrong then.

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  • You_Cant_See_Me
    Such a liberal snowflake.
  • Roje_Kurdish_Gil
    Nice my take
  • CT_CD
    Great myTake
  • Kingkennys
    tame questions.
  • Anonymous
    Nice myTake
  • Anonymous
    Good take!
  • Anonymous
    I agree seldomly
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    #1 is complex for me. While I am personally pro-life, I vote pro-choice because not to have an abortion is my choice and I would never force that choice on another person. I also disagree with 10, because of 6. Sharing of culture isn't possible if you aren't able to ask somebody where they are from and what their culture is.