Dumpy Donald Does It Again

US President and Chief
US President and Chief

Well, Russia moves several steps closer to their goal of unraveling NATO this week due to Dumpy Donald and his inability to recognize anyone as an equal, peer or even with respect.

He went straight ahead attacking German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, whilst POTUS Chief of staff cringed and rollled his eyes as Trump spoke.

Trump will be greeted in London tomorrow by tens of thousands of protesters with a Macy’s Day Parade sized balloon with US president Donald Trump pictured as a fat crying baby. Since this is how much of the world sees him, certainly a man unfit for the office he holds.

Meanwhile, back home both houses of Congress passed an overwhelming bipartisan majority vote in support of the NATO alliance.

Now: Off to Russia for he big crying baby.

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  • To be fair, The USA spends close to 3.5 % of its GDP on NATO and its widely acknowledged that the USA is by far the biggest contributor. Germany spends roughly 1% of its budget on its defense. They're supposed to reach 2 % by 2024 but they've no plans to do so. No matter how you look at it, they're shaving off your tax payers money. Germany's dependence on Russia as a major suppler and still depends on the US to foot their defense quota is a bit too much. It creates a conflict of interest.
    The situation is delicate. On the one hand if the US threatens to cut the NATO funding, the Russian influence will grow. On the other hand by demanding that the other members of NATO double the budget (which they agreed to when Obama was president and they should), they have rejected the proposal which is unsurprising given the complete mess the EU currently is. You have a stake in this, why would you wanna pay someone to protect themselves when they are playing hooky with one of your biggest rivals?

    • To be fair: America gets a lot out of NATO, and a portion of the NATO budget does not fund NATO. The Ramstein Airbase in Germany, is a very important staging area. Though under NATO, it serves American interests in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Germany already is near 1.5% of GDP for NATO. Some NATO countries are already at 2%. Many NATO countries have been raising their spending amounts, with 2024 in view. The one and only time NATO fought because an member was attacked, was for 9/11, when America was attacked. Hundred of NATO military members have died in Afghanistan, defending America. It is also in America's best interest to have peace in Europe, as it keeps trade going. Re. Germany. Germany has a similar situation with Russia, that we have with China. Germany buys Russian natural gas, and America sells bonds to China, to keep our government afloat. America plays it's own kind of hooky, but Trump expects others not to. And of course they rejected Trump's proposal.

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    • I haven's seen the European Union send out terrorists, to attack America. So they certainly haven't become what they fought, when they fought with us shoulder to shoulder, after 9/11. And consider, that they considered the Iraqi invasion just that, an invasion. And they were right.

    • "NATO was created to avert something like the migrant crisis"
      No it wasn't. It was created to provide a united defence against aggression.

  • LOL prepare for the racist/sexist losers to attack you en mass.

    They only know what Fox news tells them... heck most don't care WHAT Trump does as long as they can be a little more racist/sexist.

    • Surprisingly even Fox anchors were expressing pretty notable displeasure with the way the President of the US conducted himself in Helsinki yesterday.

      Tucker Carlson was apologetic as ever with whilst throwing in a dog whistle to try and distract and blame... Mexico. Fml these people.

    • lol their typical distraction tactic "LOOK!!! MINORITIES TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY!!!"

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  • Angela Merkel is a horrible woman.

    Also, why is it that some Americans don't understand at all how lucky they are that they can ridicule their president like this?
    And yet they act like the next Hitler is upon them.
    (Again, SOME)

    • Well journalist are being deemed ‘the enemy of the state’ with journalists now being barred. So how much longer Americans can speak freely is in question. Journalists are being murdered.

      “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a socialist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

      There’sa documentary piece called Slow Burn that walks you through the two years of Watergate leading up to Nixon’s eventual resignation. The antidotes and indictments of staffers are remarkably similar.

      It’s when you take such freedoms for granted they become threatened, and we’ve taken them for granted.

    • Okay, but journalists and talk show hosts talk a SHIT TON of crap about Trump. That is a sign of a pretty lucky country in terms of speech. Even in my country you'd be branded a sexist and racist of you spoke ill of some of our larger parties.

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  • Leaving aside the editorial cum question, you are missing the point. As Lord Palmerston famously said, "We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow." This is the guiding principle that should define the extent and limit of our commitment to NATO.

    One of the interesting things that has come out of the whole controversy with President Trump is the extent to which American conservatives and liberals have defined foreign policy in Manichean terms - good guys vs. bad guys. Not there are not good guys and bad guys, but rather that the international arena is far more ambiguous.

    NATO serves certain U. S. interests - and to that degree that U. S. should fund it. Yet, currently, in the Western alliance - as that term is understood, there are arguably only two states with an independent global reach - the UK and France. Three others - Germany, Italy and Japan - have restrictions on their global role as an outgrowth of their defeats in WWII. Two others are formidable but are restricted by their strategic circumstances - Israel and South Korea. Some are high quality but low numbers - Canada, Australia, New Zealand. The rest are either regional powers or are of minimal account,

    Taking that all together, the interests of the NATO alliance are fairly narrow. It mostly fears Russia. Yet the one thing that the United States should not do is create a strategic situation where Russia and China are drawn together. They are NOT natural allies, but if we pursue a policy that draws them together, we will pay the price of our interests in both Europe and Asia - as well as elsewhere.

    Mr. Trump's outreach to Russia has drawn some suspicion at home - and some panic in Europe - and it is not clear if he fully grasps where he is going. (One senses or fears that he does not.) However, that outreach is not without some strategic sense.

    NATO was conceived at a time when the USSR was the principle strategic threat. It remains something of a threat, but absent the overriding ideological contest of the Cold War, it is not the sole focus of U. S. foreign policy. Thus there is a divergence between the U. S, and some of its NATO allies.

    This is not surprising and the alliance should be seen, in that context, as a tool and not a work of art. If the NATO allies have use of it, they must do their "fair share" to sustain it. The U. S. is under no obligation to go beyond its interests.

    • While I agree with your points, I feel compelled to mention that Japan, New Zealand and Australia are not part of NATO. New Zealand and Australia undoubtedly would be NATO allies in any Russia vs. NATO conflict, but they are not formally part of the alliance.

    • @JZ909 Yes, I am aware. I was referring to the Western alliance more broadly - which is why I used that term in my reply - taking NATO as a subset of the Western alliance generally. (The latter term referring actually to a variety of bilateral, multilateral and other agreements.) I included them all because, as you rightly pointed out, they would likely back the U. S. in any conflict with Russia.

  • Trump is playing right into Putin's hand. It's important for Putin, for NATO to be weakened, so he can get a freer hand in controlling or taking over new territory.

    • 👍🏻 Yep. Yes annexes just a tiny part of a country so as not to cause too much international outrage but it’s enough to landlocked that country to Russia and out of NATO. Trump called an emergency meeting to demand 4% of GDP on defense to avoid him pulling the Us out of NATO all together before going off to Russia (yes Finland is Russia to me because it soon will be).

      Heaven help the US if we don’t get some kind of balance in Congress during the midterms. Anyone that doesn’t vote is damning the country to hell.

    • sjoes006: For too many, it's politics before country. We very badly need balance after the midterms, but I wouldn't be surprised if nothing changes.

  • Trump is doing very good. And there is no reason why the USA should support defending all those freeloading European countries. They can pay to defend themselves.

    • They should and are building up there own defense but for different reasons. The US only occupies or holds a base in countries it took over by force of war for the most part in Europe. So it wasn’t Germany’s choice to have the US be based there. Germany has a pretty good sized military of her own and the Us certainly isn’t going out of its way defending France.

      The idea of them needing to spend more on defense is so that they can hold up there end of the bargain should the US be attacked.

      I think the number I heard this week was 800 NATO military troops lost their lives in Afghanistan after 911.

      So I ask you to remember that, please. The only call they didn’t answer was on Iraq and that was because the US broke international law by invading before the inspectors had done their job. History has proven the US to be on the wrong side of that one.

    • Untrue, there are U. S. military bases all over Europe. In addition, while many are in Germany, connecting that to the results of WWII ignores the political reality of Europe from 1945 to 1991. In any Warsaw Pact vs. NATO conflict Germany would be the first line of defense, so the U. S. massed troops there, to defend Germany.

      I have no idea where you get the idea that the U. S. needs NATO allies to spend more to defend the U. S. The U. S. is at no risk of invasion and counter-terrorism/counter-insurgency operations benefit Europe more than the U. S. given greater immigration issues, terrorism etc. in Europe.

      Iraq was based on a faulty premise, I think we can all agree on that. But saying that history has proved that the U. S. was on the wrong side of it ignores the plight of the Iraqis under Saddam and is inconsistent with other examples on how long it takes to create a successful society after a major conflict.

  • Trump has probably effectively strengthened NATO more than any other U. S. President in recent history. This has a lot more to do with policy decisions than rhetoric. Let me explain:

    1. Trump risked direct military confrontation with Russia in Syria over Syria's use of chemical weapons, twice, in the face of state of the art Russian aircraft and air defenses. Obama was unwilling to do this. This has to cast some doubt in Russian strategic calculation when it comes to Crimea-like actions.

    2. Trump has confronted Russia for their actions in eastern Ukraine, by approving the sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, something that Obama was not willing to do. These missiles are a direct counter to Russian armor that has been moved into Ukraine, and makes Russian proxy conflict more expensive and less effective.

    3. Trump has motivated European nations to increase their contribution to their self and collective defense, without actually backing out of Article 5 commitments. To be fair, the trend started with Obama. This isn't simply an issue of what's a fair deal for America, it's vital from a practical military standpoint. Military equipment takes time to move, and U. S. military support during a conflict in Europe is meaningless if European nations can't hang on long enough for the U. S. military to get there.

    Trump has his issues for sure, but being a weak supporter of NATO is not one of them, at least not when compared with another recent U. S. President.

  • Why is Russia seen as a threat again? It's not like we're in 1962.

    • Because they're a nuclear power obviously... you know, that thing we keep trying to stop everybody else from becoming?
      Have you not seen what a nuke does? YouTube it man, unless you just trolling 😛

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    • @ThatPersonOverThere France, the UK, Israel, Pakistan, India and South Africa, PRK , China too have the Bomb.

    • @jacquesvol immediate worry. It’s a long game with small grabs. It’s not unreasonable for Norway be having concerns.

  • Well to the rest of the world. He's a reflection of the US.

    • Of course, that he is. That’s why Senators have taken on task normally filled by the state department and Congress randomly held vote in support of NATO this week as the president tried to tear it apart.

      We know what it looks like and means and we know it may be beyond Repair.

      He lost by millions of votes and many democrats abstained from voting altogether thanks to the Russian propaganda.

      He’s a clown and I cringe and almost get sick to hear how he spoke to Chancellor Merkel.

      London is making good on their promise to make sure he is aware that at least by its people he is persona no grata on a big scale.

      I’m very proud of that. Every white majority nation needs to just slam him down. Say I’m white and I dont like you, or these stirrings of divide along skin color you support.


    • Haha thanks for reinvigorating this one. I’m just a tad too young to have collected Garbage Pail Kids, but I inherited a Lego box full of these little sticky cards from an older kid that was friends with my family.

      Anyway, not sure if they ever made it to Sweden but I hear they are making a comeback in the US.

      If this one is for sale I’d pay bucks.

  • His meeting with Putin should be in Helsinki, I think.

    • That true... Poland, soon to be Russia.

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    • @jacquesvol thanks for leaving me out of the convo. I see the war planes.


      Switzerland was also complicate with gold dealings. I’d like to know more but these things are rarely taught. I only know about Swiss through studying there and their shame.

    • Germany paid the oil its army needed by looting occupied countries. Oil companies accepted the gold.

  • NATO doesn't pull their weight that even they agreed to.
    Merkel is retarded and screwed her country over.
    When another country rivals America's greatness it can be respected as an equal.
    English also screwed their country over but somehow want to hate on another leader of a much more successful and free country. Talk about jealous.
    Congress and I reluctantly support NATO, as these fools will kill themselves without us.

  • This is what I've been saying all along. It will be interesting to see how he treats Putin after roundly disrespecting his European allies. Of course Putin has the *(cough)* photographs.

  • Russians are not enemies, Donald Trump did not affect NATO in any way. There are many point where he is right, but he is not the most tactful person in the world.

    • So you’re a Marine Leone supporter then, yes?

      Your profile says you’re French. This forum doesn’t allow languages other than English but feel free to DM me in French. It sounds like I have a better command of your language than you do of English, which is fine.

    • I do not support any candidate in particular. I have some personal opinions, and I choose the candidate that represents them the best.

  • This is what I've been saying all along. It will be interesting to see how he treats Putin after roundly disrespecting his European allies. Of course Putin has the *(cough)* photographs.

  • You forgot the Senate saying fuck your tariffs.

    • Like seriously when did the gop legislative branch start actually practicing checks and balances

    • They’ll put up with a vast amount of shit to get their domestic policy shoved through before they lose power.

      But when the President starts picking fights with our only allies and causing trade wars that are very hard to roll back they act. At least in some degree to say this guys not the will of the people and we stand with you.

      Though that means very little when we have to start saying this every other presidency. Bush was a war criminal, this guys just an ass who has no idea what is going on and attacks to ward off being attacked like a rabid animal back into a corner.

    • Cause the Russian brat blocked me
      A. He is definitely not our most Racist president, that probably goes to Andrew Jackson who was absolutely batshit.
      B. Your leader is a ton pot despot who kills journalists

  • I have a bad feeling about tomorrow`s protest tbh

  • so much winning

  • This is funny

  • Aren't you being entertained?

  • I love Donald Trump


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    мудила ёбанный

    • Not our fault your country has repeatedly tried to undermine our democracy

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    • Are you lying about being 17, Russian, or a girl?

      In any case, why would anyone be worried about an admitted liar online?

    • @goaded No, no and no
      Get off my post

  • The whining about trump needs to stop

    • Why? You talk like it's unreasonable to expect our leaders to not act like clowns in public.

    • I agree, his whining needs to stop. Luckily Britons are really taking him to task in that as they protest outside his house of slumber ahead of the massive protest tomorrow.

      I really must say that my heart fills with warmth knowing that Britain is usually there to call out bad US leaders without turning against the US completely.

      It’s this collective feel of when you do bad things we all (US and England) get lumped into doing bad things and we have to hold each other accountable.

      I’ll be up bright an early tomorrow for the news.

  • For a long time, it has been a rigged game of two men. If you do not recognize that, you have to be blind.


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