We Need More Male Feminists.

We Need More Male Feminists.

Feminism. The belief that both men and women should have equal rights.

It isn't the belief that are women better than men.

It isn't the belief that all men should be humiliated.

It isn't the belief that men should be belittled in society.

It is the belief in equal rights between women and men.

Yet, the word especially on this website, can be highly frowned upon. The word has been twisted.

So many males I have talked to believe that feminism is cancer, and that it was set out so women can take over. That is not the case.

I was born and raised in England and 100 years ago women got the vote. Feminism did that. Before it was highly frowned upon for a man to stay at home and look after the house and children. Because that was not seen as a 'real' job. Of course it is. Anybody who does that, man or women is helping to raise tomorrow's voters, tomorrow's workers, a piece or pieces of tomorrow's society. Feminism is the cause that changed people's viewpoints on stay at home dad's. Feminism made the majority of people realize that staying home and looking after the family isn't just a woman's job, and it doesn't make a man any less of a man to do so.

I've also seen people claim, that modern day society doesn't need feminism. Personally, I believe that is utterly false. How does modern day society not require feminism when there is still so much gender inequality rearing it's horrific head lurking, in so many places? Women still face the gender pay gap. Men still face the struggle to express emotions without being laughed at.

Those are just two immense issues concerning society. There are so many more, in modern day society. Males, you face so many issues within society.

You are also victims of sexual harrasment.

Emotional abuse.

Physical abuse.

Imbalances in certain work-fields and sports.


We Need More Male Feminists.

And those are just a few I thought of myself, and as said before I'm sure they are more. Female feminists also want to change this as well as changing inequality against women and males should too. Feminists want to change society for the better.

To all the males who are not feminists, don't you want to change these problems? Let your voices to be heard with ours? The more of us there are the larger chance we have of putting an end to this.

We Need More Male Feminists.
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  • HughJass
    No, No No No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

    Stop emasculating men!!! In this age and time, we need MORE MEN not men who have been robbed of their purpose in life and turned into a pussy hat screeching feminist.

    "If men are not told to be “gentlemen,” some will be emasculated, but more will become destructive men. If men are not trained by good men, they will be trained by bad men; if they have no good males to follow, they follow bad ones. Feminists always speak about a world run by women and why such a world would create better men. But the most male-free environment in America exists in black communities, where well over half of black children grow up without fathers. This hasn’t made black boys less violent; it’s made them far more prone to criminality than their non-black peers. Many of these boys follow teenage role models, many of whom have lacked fathers themselves, and lack the training to be a gentleman. They live in a world of risk that requires masculine defense but have no one to teach them to distinguish between defense and aggression. "

    "The Left’s dichotomous choice between emasculation and toxic masculinity leaves men out in the cold — and leaves them searching for meaning. If they are not the defenders of their families, what are they? If they are not providers, what are they? They become non-entities — or they become societal tumors or at least tacit supporters of “men who are men!”
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  • Anonymous
    No.. Sorry not going to happen.. the reason most men dont align with feminism is because of the suffering that has happened at the hands of feminism.. Men automatically being assumed the abuser when it comes to Domestic violence (Duluth model, an invention of feminists in Duluth Minnesota). The fact that a simple accusation of sexual assault or harassment can get a man fired lose his job, and get stuck with jail time, no evidence necessary thanks to Title IX (another feminist invention). the fact that in Divorce court women almost always automatically get custody of the children and the man is forced to prove he is worthy to even see his children. and the fact that very large feminist organizations like NOW (National Organization for Women, the biggest feminist lobbying group on the planet) Actually oppose 50/50 shared parenting where child support is eliminated. The fact that the same group stands against expanding the definition of rape to include men. The fact that they believe idiotic things like the wage gap which has been debunked time and again.. No i will never be a feminist. I will be an egalitarian, I will stand for the rights of all, but i will never ever be a feminist.
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    • Anonymous

      Take as a for instance the right to vote.. Here in the US, women won the right to vote some time in the 20's Men have never had the right to vote, We have the right to sign up for selective service (the draft, We literally get to sign up to die) and that gets us the privilege to vote, But women simply by the virtue of their genitals get the right to vote at 18.

      Take the VAWA (Violence against women act) Its a special law that makes any violence against women (the most protected class in our country) carry more severe penalties. Men have no such protection. Men commit suicide at a far greater rate than women do, and yet we hear feminists like Big Red say things like "Cry me a river" or "Thats one thing men do better than women and more power to them"

    • Anonymous

      Or take a new holidy that some feminists want to have happen.. International castration day.. Its a day where boys at age 13 are marched out in to the streets and down to a clinic where they have their testicles removed. Only a select few will be kept as breeding stock.. No thank you.. Untl feminism becomes less toxic to men it will never be an ok thing for men to be faminists.

    • Anonymous

      Keep the down votes coming cry babies i know the truth hurts.

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  • Cccgala
    "Women still face the gender pay gap. Men still face the struggle to express emotions without being laughed at."

    Both statements seem to be hasty generalizations.

    Feminism neither addresses the gender pay gap nor the struggle to express emotions and intercepting ridicule thereafter, for it is primarily particular about the advancement of women's political rights rather than it is particular about personal circumstances of people. In practice, feminist movements harbor a tendency to overlook men and their concerns, despite feminists' claims that they are advocating for 'equality'.

    The gender pay gap is a non-existent phenomenon which remains to be a pervasive assertion of people who partake in identity politics. Wage disparities across industries are not ultimately determined by gender; wages are determined by a myriad of factors that are independent from one's gender— performance, attendance and punctuality, feedback, interpersonal skills, negotiation, etc.

    Curtailing ridicule in expressing emotions seems vague to be incorporated and enshrined as an advocacy in a political movement, particularly when instances of expressing emotions vary, and when an expression of ridicule is free speech, in a technical sense.
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    • DJZest

      Ah, wise words spoken by a truth-loving person. Wonderful.

  • kellyg83
    No the word has not been twisted at all. The actions of feminists have shown us that they do not care about men at all. They will use and abuse them so long as it suits their needs. Just look at divorce laws, custody arrangements, punishments for the same crime, the way men are constantly degraded. It's disgusting, and solves nothing.

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  • JimRSmith
    I believe men and women are, and should be, equal but different.

    I'm not aligning myself with some bullshit ideology because I believe that.
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    The world needs less feminist not more. Their is no gender inequality for women (their is quite a bit for men however, if you look at the statistics and data that is (most feminist actively ignore or outright try to hide said data however)). Their is no gender pay gap, that has been debunked so many times the fact that ANY ONE could still believe it is just insane (they debunked it within a month of the claim):
    The idea that men are not allowed to express emotions is also a lie, men express emotions all the time and quite honestly its rather sexist that you and other feminist would presume that since men do not express their emotions like women do that some how men are broken and need to be fixed. We are not built to express emotions like women do, this has been well documented even within infants and other primates i. e. its biological not social. For instance males have fewer tear ducts, wider channels (more tears required to fill up the channel and spill over), less of the hormone that causes tear production etc. so we are actually biologically less capable of crying then women are. We are also more likely to be "proactive" that is we tend towards anger/aggression which fuels us to rectify the problem rather then to cry about it or seek out others to socialize our emotional issues. This has been shown in babies, when separated from their parents (I believe they where two years old) then shown them through a window the girls would all sit and cry seeking aid from others, the males would equally cry but they would attack the window trying to get through it to reach their mother. Again, this is biology and the fact that you would effectively demand that men ignore their biology and do things the way you do it because it is the "only" right way of expressing emotion is quite twisted and thus further proves that feminism is horribly toxic to society, to women, and especially to men. As for all the other issues, feminist actively fought AGAINST fathers rights, mens reproductive rights (we don't have any, women have them all), actively cultivated the mindset that domestic violence was perpetrated by men (when in fact statistically 70% of all nonreciprocal violence (one victim and one perpetrator) is perpetrated by women against men making men more likely to be the victim) etc.
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  • fashionguy17
    LOL. Feminism is what's destroying society. The way I see it, women already have more rights than men when it comes to the law, for example:

    -Child support - more men have to pay child support than women.

    -Domestic Disputes/Crime - Men get into more trouble/more time than women for domestic violence and other crimes. For example, if a man has a sexual relationship with an underage teenager, he may get life in prison. If a female does it, she may get 5-10 years plus probation.

    -Divorce benefits women more than men. I know men who have to pay alimony for life to their ex-wives.

    Then, women also benefit from the unwritten societal laws:

    -If a man doesn't pay for a first date, he is a bad guy/not worth dating, even if you are more than likely going to ghost him after he pays.

    -Women get into bars/clubs/lounges for free just for being a woman while men have to pay.

    -Women get way more attention than men on social media and have way more earning potential than men by utilizing social media.

    -Women can form a #metoo movement and talk about abuse they faced, but if a man talks about his abuse, he is called a pussy and told to suck it up.

    Those are just a few examples I have. So why do we need more men supporting feminism?
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  • passinby
    How about you just cut my blls/dk off? Really what feminists need is to eliminate men and keep a few around for enforcement and sewage cleaning. The quote "The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female” might actually be happening in the culture now. You might get your wish after all.
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  • pooonmyleg
    What self respecting man would join a movement that hates him, ridicules him and wants to displace his role in society? Women should be VERY suspicious of such men and call his intentions into question. Male feminists creep me the fuck out.
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    • FatherJack

      This comment !! Exactly , it is a misandrist , Cultural Marxist hive , mind movement. Well funded too !!

    • A lot of them have been rapists, just saying.

    • pooonmyleg

      @AmerRestInit Oh I know. Male feminists are not the types of guys I'd be alone with.

  • AlienParasite
    The thing is that feminism isn't that simple now. Feminism have grown up and gave birth to new different kinds of feminism. Now there are many feminist currents each one based in different philosophical and political thoughts.

    There's marxist feminism, cultural feminism, individual feminism, radical feminism, ecofeminism, transfeminism and many more if we keep going.

    Many girls and guys are not aware of this complexity. Many don't even really know what feminism means. Feminism doesn't mean "woman and men are equal" that's is a statement of individual feminism which makes legit the fight. Feminism it's a movement which based in individual equality fights for women to have same rights as men. But it has always been women's fight. Feminism has never fought for men. I mean, women could have fought for men like no do obligatory military service, or for both men and women to have same responsibility and go both to military service. Did feminism ever fight for men? No. It only fights one side. That why is called feminism, "fem", for "femmes", for women.

    I could say many more things about how complex is feminism nowadays or about how developed. Just let's end saying that currents like radical feminism or cultural feminism are getting popular and are not as male friendly as in the begging of feminism with individual feminism. Those not male friendly feminisms are making men feel insecure, hated and therefore they put themselves against to any feminist current (cause they don't understand there's more than one feminism).
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  • Mr_Smile
    No, we do not. We need less feminism, not more. Yes, 100 years ago it was an amazing movement and one that was esssential to changing the world for the better. But now? Now? Anita Sarkessian, Ashley Judd, Triggly Puff, Big Red, and many more, all whining about "this video game is sexist" and "im fat and lazy and if you don't accept me being lazy you're a biggot" and calling anyone who does not agree with them a misogynistic racist cry baby trump supporter, all the while sitting on their mountains of cash, which the likes of Anita and Ashley were gained through deception, manipulation and "I'm a woman complaining on the internet, give me money" and ignoring the real problems in the world such as countries where women have their genitals mutilated, aren't allowed to drive or go to school and can't even leave the house without their husbands permission. Oh, and the fact that men obviously can't be raped, so it's perfectly ok for a woman to sexually assault a man and get away with it, and yes this has happened, on several occasions in fact I believe, and that it's ok to attack a man but if he fights back and hits a woman it's a gender rights issue, oh and lets not forget about calling people racists because they like to be historically accurate when creating a piece of media.

    But despite all that, I do get that there are some actual good feminists out there that do only want good for the world. I myself discovered a channel named "The Factual Femenist" quite some time ago and was pleasantly surprised at how intellectually honest she was and how she wasn't just a foaming at the mouth, mouth breathing man hater. She is a good example of what a feminist should be, but unfortunately, that's not reality. In the real world, people are fucking arseholes, I mean heck, we even argue about what food you should eat because eating some kinds of food hurts peoples feelings, so you know, when it comes to things like femenism, it's quite a problem to deal with.

    The reason femenism has the reputation of being the cancer scum of the world is because of all those things I mentioned above which are not hyperbole by the way, those are real things, and it barely scratches the surface. This might have to be a multi parter, by the way, I'm kinda ranting.

    I myself don't like labels, but if you had to throw one on me, you could call me an egalatarian. I want equality for everyone. I don't care about FEMinism or MENimism, I want equality for everybody.
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  • jellyroo
    Blah blah blah, "feminism is what I say it is and isn't what I say it isn't".

    We do not need male feminists. And men certainly don't need feminism. Will you give up on this cult mentality already?
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  • AlphaGhost
    That's the problem here "NObody in the fucking world accept the simple truth" its doing more harm than good right now. The very of FEMINIZING THE MAN is funny cuz you want to force change him but yet want to built Muscles and work Jobs like males.
    I would say always remember the truth and I support rights for woman but change the word with "Egalitarianism" for both Genders BUT IN REALITY ITS RIGHTS FOR WOMAN BY DEGRADING THE MALE ONES"
    Its working in opposite way too cuz I mean look at the tech gap covered up Asia and our population decline, We are society that used to have tech advantage but now its gone and Asia is beating us on every turn.
    The have huge population and glorious past and they have civilizations that survived for thousand and thousand of years and in the end. We are just 700 Million strong against the world (on decline divided in to countries size of their cities) that we have killed with out reason (Iraq and Syria) they will try to revenge and they are known to extinct the entire races.
    Last thing we need is this idiocy !
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  • ksoma
    I'm tempted to fill in all 2500 characters worth of reply space with links to:
    a) articles and tweets which highlight sexual abuse, assaults, and rapes done by "male feminists"
    b) blog posts, tweets, and articles, from women who are feminists, who write long winded, and very angry, explanations for why they never have, never will, or never will again, date or even befriend men who call themselves feminists.

    Simple facts?
    A man who calls himself a feminist is more likely to, know or some point in the past, been a sexual violator of women, than a man who hasn't.
    And women, even those who are ardent feminists, are more likely to despise a man, either because she thinks he's a beta pussy loser, or because she is suspect of his motives, if he is a feminist.

    I mean, I could discuss your take on feminism. Explain some things. Totally debunk others. But why bother, when I can point out that the least desired, least trusted, most despised and reviled type of man, even according to feminists, are male feminists?
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  • EpicDweeb
    Around the age the United States was founded a man named "Adam Smith" wrote a book titled "the wealth of nations." The man was an economist and a brilliant one at that. He was the first to write the concept that free trade between two parties results in a growth of wealth for both. He was the first to show that there is not merely one big pie whose pieces are moved around, but an ever growing pie of which all could eat. Anyone who reads the book will see much support for capitalism and free markets... but there is something you will not find anywhere in the book. That is support for capitalists.

    Adam smith despised capitalists. He saw them as greedy and... well all the other negative things people STILL consider capitalists to be. He was not opposed to capitalism but to those that were considered capitalists.

    I bare a similar perspective on the subject of feminism. I'm for feminism in the sense that you have proclaimed it here. I'm all for the equality of the genders so long as the differences between them are likewise acknowledged and supported.

    However... I can never be a supporter of the feminist movement. Call them feminazis or what have you, but those that claim to represent feminism, just as capitalists paint capitalism, display it merely as a promotion of women to power whilst seeking to bring down men all in the name of equality.

    I will never support feminism or call myself a feminist because the word no longer means what you say it does. Words have only the meanings we give them, those meanings that we truly recognize. The word "feminism" may have once meant equality of men and women, but it does no longer. Feminism in the ears of many means the promotion of women with no limit. The word itself is derived from the word feminine with the whole notion being to redefine what it is to be feminine. That does not communicate that men should be equal to women, only that women should be seen differently than what they are.

    I will always support men and women as equals because I believe they are humans. I believe humans to be equal. We have differences but they do not and cannot make us unequal. I will never support feminism, not because I am against what it once stood for, but because of what it STANDS for in the here and now in the eyes of the world.
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  • Knighted2170
    I see what you're saying. But, the entire movement has been taken over and twisted.
    But, there are subtle nuances that the movement never wants to take into account. One is the equal pay. Most females are paid equally (key word most). However, when or if they decide to raise a family they take time off from their work. The calculated time off shows a pay imbalance. It is not that they are not paid equally. They just take more time off.
    Women are moving into more and more job roles that were traditionally all male. In England the British Royal Marines do not have a ban on women joining. They just don't have any females applying. Just like the NFL in the U. S. There isn't a ban, just no women try out.

    A problem with the feminist movement is the degredation of child rearing. Since the movement took hold in the late 70's, strengthened in the 80's, became organized in the 90's, and made headway in the 00's. Kids have lost their value systems. They get their values from songs, TV, and movies. Somehow the schools are supposed to teach it now. Kids born in the 70's and raising families in 90's believed in a hands off approach with the failed "time out." Kids in the 80's raising kids in the 00's believed more in being friends than raising. This induced a entitlement mentality that prevails today.
    Why? The extremest feminist movement that doesn't believe in traditional gender roles that has worked for a millennia. No one is accepting being accountable for raising kids.

    Men and women are equal. At the same time, men and women are different. That is what feminism fails to realize.

    That's my two cents on the topic. Disagree if you want, but I can show the historical facts if required.

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  • JustMyTake
    Why... why does it matter what I call myself. I honestly don't understand. I'm giving feminism a bad name if I don't use the term- I don't care. I want to address the problems men and women face, I don't care what the movement is called. If feminism said "here's the problem, here's the solution" I could be on board. I would be on board with solving the issue feminism is also trying to solve- I still wouldn't call myself a feminist. Depending on the issue of course.

    Name an issue and a solution and if it doesn't hurt one gender and helps the other, I'm all for it and I will join in the fight with you. I don't join movements and I do not like labels on the whole. I hate radical feminists, they make my blood boil. I hate radicals in general. But I have no problem with fighting for something feminism is also fighting for. Just tell me what I can do to be of service, what the issue we're trying to solve is, and how it will benefit one gender without being detrimental to the other gender.

    I don't need to agree with you on the science or data, I will stand alongside and fight for equality.
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  • Juxtapose
    Equality = egalitarianism.

    Feminism is the false premise that you can solve the issues of the two genders by focusing on ONE gender.

    Male feminists amount to nothing more than pathetic white knights.
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  • Logorithim
    I think there are tons of guys interested in equality, but thanks to misandrists, "feminist" has become a pejorative term.
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  • Anpu23
    Hi there, Anpu, anti-feminist and Men's Rights activist here. I think that you miss the point, feminism in my eyes is not now, nor has it ever been about equality. To me it is a movement designed around two things:
    First judging a society by how it treats it's women. (This is by judging a society by how it treats it's women, to the exclusion of how it treats it's other members)
    Second by Patriarchy Theory as put forth by such works as "The Second Sex" that society has been ruled by men for the betterment of men at the expense of women. Which is demonstrably false.

    Take as an example your women getting the vote, when women got that right in your country many men did at the same time, but feminism sees that action as exclusively effecting women.

    For feminism to be palatable for men it would have to take quite a few steps
    One recognize the harm to men and boys that it has caused
    Second to understand that rights must be ballanced between the sexes that if a right of one sex impeads the rights of another that any legislation must ballance the two.
    And lastly to stop dismissing male issues as secondary to female ones, to understand that if group. A is suffering that it does not excuse the fact that group B is also suffering. That suffering is not a zero sum game and neither gender has the right to dismiss problems of the other with the excuse that "we have it worse." (Whoch is neither provable nor relevant)
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  • TheSoundOfSilas
    The name itself carries a connotation that likely adds to its dubiously perceived nature.
    It's called feminism, which contains 'feminine' as a prefix, so naturally people tend to assume that it's all about women.

    We already have egalitarianism which covers not only the sexes, but races, religions, and social classes (to name a few) as well. As it stands for the equality of the sexes, egalitarianism does often overlap with and compliment feminism.

    Then there exists individualism, where all are assumed to have equal rights and opportunities, but are solely responsible for their own actions.

    I personally agree with feminist and egalitarian tenets, but I'm probably not *a* feminist or even an egalitarian due to the extra baggage that comes with full devotion.
    I will always be aligned most with individualism and Social Darwinism.
    All of humanity should have equality under the law and in opportunity. But once a person, be they female or male, proves themselves better than another, equality is replaced by superiority in all fields outside of the law.
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  • Lance1965
    Feminists want to change society but only if it benefits women and only women and double standards is one of the main things that is wrong with modern feminism.
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  • Under_Maps_OF_twigs
    Men and women are not created equally. Only men can be fathers and only women can be mothers. Men and women are not interchangeable.

    We need to make men masculine again.
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  • sawno
    Why would any guy be a feminist? Its a moment that tries to rob femininity from girls and then blame guys for there misery if they fail to be like guys. Feminism isn't about women's issues anymore, and its about creating inequality specifically to put men down. There are much better movements to take part in.
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