Confessions of a Mixed Race Person: Interracial Marriage is a Bad Thing

Despite what the left-wing media may have led you to believe, interracial marriage is not a good thing.
Despite what the left-wing media may have led you to believe, interracial marriage is not a good thing.

I am a light skinned Hispanic. There are many people like myself. My ancestry consists of white people and brown people. In olden times, I would have been labeled a "Castizo," which, according to the extremely racist caste system that the Spanish used to classify people in the New World, referred to someone who was at the top of the hierarchy, second only to full-blooded whites. Despite what the left-wing media may have led you to believe, interracial marriage is not harmless and in fact is a bad thing that causes untold anxiety and depression in mixed race children.

Mixed Race Children Have No True Sense of Identity

The anxieties associated with being mixed helped contribute to Elliot Rodger's rampage.
The anxieties associated with being mixed helped contribute to Elliot Rodger's rampage.

Contrary to what the left-wing media and progressive politicians might have led you to believe, the children of mixed race couples face an untold amount of anxiety and depression.

It goes without saying that the main victims of race mixing are the children. This is not too often discussed, but many of us face an identity crisis at one point or another in our lives that causes us to question who we truly are. The truth of the matter is that, with few exceptions, neither side of our background fully accepts us as one of their own. As a light skinned Hispanic, the greatest anxiety comes from full-blooded brown people who do not accept us as one of their own. Most of us do not speak Spanish nor do we have relatives from Mexico. We are not Roman Catholic nor do we observe holidays like the Day of the Dead. Even so, we are not fully accepted by white people either. Though our skin is much lighter and we have some degree of European ancestry, white people will never truly accept us as one of our own because our blood is not "pure" enough. Even in the rare cases where white people do truly accept us as one of their own, there is always that little nagging voice inside to remind us of our mixed heritage and background. The truth of the matter is that brown people were oppressed by white people at one point in history, and while I do not believe that we should collectively hold a grudge against white people as a whole, the memory does not go away. There is a weird sense of inner conflict and even guilt that pangs our conscience and makes us feel inferior.

Mixed Race Children Feel Inferior and Humiliated

Having a white father and colored mother is the most painful pairing.
Having a white father and colored mother is the most painful pairing.

There is no single greater destructive mixed race pairing than that of a white father and a colored mother. It causes the male child to feel emasculated knowing that his mother betrayed her own kind for a white man and causes him to feel inferior.

There is a sense of humiliation and inferiority associated with being a mixed race child. This is especially prevalent among those of us who possess white fathers and colored mothers. In males, it causes us to feel emasculated knowing that our mother betrayed her own kind for a white man. We begin to feel inferior to white men because we are colored or mixed. The long history of colonialism and exploitation of colored women by the white man makes it worse. Latin America was literally founded by a group of horny, criminal white men who decided to sport bang the entire continent. Conquistadores raped, pillaged, and enslaved the entire indigenous population. To the white man, a colored woman was a novelty, a way of expressing his dominance over the indigenous population and emasculating colored men. The fact that it is literally the only interracial pairing that has never truly faced any sort of criticism or hardship in society reinforces this message - after all, how many beautiful Asian, Mexican, or Native American love interests did John Wayne have in his films at a time when colored men were being lynched for even looking at a white woman the wrong way?

Mixed race men need a strong colored male role model in life.

That being said, white women with colored males are a much more benign pairing. The male children from such a pairing feel much less anxiety and have a positive colored male role model to look up to. Even so, it is not an entirely harmless pairing. For one, mixed race daughters can also begin to develop an inferiority complex and feel like they are not as beautiful as white women. I can imagine that there is a sense of humiliation involved with knowing that your father preferred white women. In both instances, the message is the same: mixed race children often feel inferior.

Mixed Race People are Universally Despised

Mixed race people are universally despised across the globe
Mixed race people are universally despised across the globe

Second only to the Jews, mixed race people are the most despised group across the globe. Nobody really trusts us. Everybody questions our loyalty. We are held in utter contempt as this terrible scourge that destroys all nations.

This is a very disheartening and painful point, but it has to be acknowledged. The truth of the matter is that mixed race people are universally despised across the globe. Nobody truly trusts us and almost everybody questions our loyalty. We are viewed as a burden upon society that has no real sense of belonging or place in the world. In many instances, we are held in utter contempt. This is especially true for nationalists of all varieties. Whether they are white, black, brown, or yellow, nationalists all universally despise mixed race people and look upon us as if we were the Antichrist.

In The Turner Diaries, mixed race people are summarily executed by whites on the Day of the Rope. This is the most famous white nationalist book of all time. If these people like to fantasize about murdering my own kind in cold blood simply for being mixed, I do not even want to imagine what they would actually do to me if they came to power for real. Similarly, the Black Panthers literally consider white people to be the Devil or "White Devils." If I have white blood inside of me, then does that mean that they consider me to be the Devil or "part Devil"? Again, I do not even want to imagine what they would do to me if they came to power either. I have visited forums for nationalists of all racial varieties and the one thing they have in common is that second only to the Jews, mixed race people are the single most despised and hated group of all among them.

Multiculturalism and Diversity Are Not the Solution

Despite their noble intentions, the emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity itself is a form of colonialism.
Despite their noble intentions, the emphasis on multiculturalism and diversity itself is a form of colonialism.
It is foolish to assume that multiculturalism and diversity are the solution, as if the introducing of more race mingling will somehow make these problems go away.

There exists a notion on both sides of the political spectrum but especially among those on the left that tolerance, diversity, and progress are somehow the solution, as if the introduction of more race mingling will somehow make these problems disappear. This is not the case and is actually counterproductive to their cause. The truth of the matter is that this basic assumption arises from a position of privilege. It completely ignores all of the scars, humiliation, and pain that mixed race people experience, as well as our own pride and desire to preserve whatever little identity we actually do possess. What if we do not want to sacrifice our own unique cultural identity and heritage? What if it is not our desire to be completely assimilated into the progressive vision of a single race?

Left wing ideology is rooted in benevolent racism. It is about privileged, white intellectuals trying to mold colored and mixed race people into their own image of the perfect human being. It assumes that the scars we bear are not there and that we do not possess any pride in our own identity. It reaffirms what I mentioned earlier about white men using colored women to emasculate colored men and express their dominance over us. Race mixing is essentially the same thing. It is about breeding us out of existence so that they do not really have to deal with the problem. Interracial marriage is a form of genocide against the races.


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  • I can appreciate why you may have had a negative personal experience, but most of this is just right-wing crap.

    Humans have interbred with humans of different heritage as long as society has existed.

    Some children who are mixed race suffer a lot of racism, but not all, and certainly fewer and fewer as time goes on, because people are growing more tolerant and open minded about this in general.

    Left-wing/progressive/liberals are not imagining, planning for or trying to achieve a single racial identity for all humans. There is no such thing as a perfect human being.

    Race also isn't a biological designation, it's a social construct.

    I agree, some people do fetishize people of a differing heritage, and it can be it's own form of racism, but it is possible for people of differing heritage to just genuinely like each other and want to date, and there's nothing racist about that.

    Yes, some people in the dominant class overlook the struggles and difficulties of the non-dominant classes, but that certainly isn't everyone.

    I don't think keeping people from mingling is productive at all. I think we all benefit when we learn to appreciate what is unique about each person we meet, including how they look, what their heritage is, and what their experiences have been.

    There used to be this grand idea that America was a melting pot where eveyone's cultural identity would just magically meld. But we don't even really talk like that anymore, especially on the left.

    People getting to know other people with a different background tends to increase empathy, and increase harmonious coexistence.

    • Just wondering. How is race not a biological designation?

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    • 7d

      I've heard it all before, babe. Politics is my hobby

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      @viginian None of those were particularly political. It's just science. Science is apolitical.

  • I should've known that with that Elliot Rodgers Pic that this was some crazy right wing ideology, but that whole "mix race is genocide of races", pretty much sealed the deal.

    You're projecting your own psychological issues and blaming it all on your race (s). If all you have is your race, then that's really fucking sad and you need to develop a personality.

  • Why people in America seems to care that much about race?

    In Spain we all can ourselves white, but we are all mixed AF. Through history have been here different invaders, somo from North of Europe, some of South, some from North of Africa or from Middle East. There have been Celts, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Jews...

    So it's not weird here that I have a girl friend that look Mexican or a guy friend that looks from Middle East and both call themselves white or are called white even if they are not as white as some other Spanish people who look German. Here there are more than one shade of white. Also I feel we don't care about racial identity that much after years of invasions and mixes. We only distinguish black and asiatic people from the rest, because we weren't mixed with them in the past.

    Besides, I feel it's not wrong for me to be mixed race. As far as I know a extremely mixed race tend to be genetically better than a extremely unmixed. At least that's what extremely unmixed Spanish king Carlos II the "Bewitched" shows, he was genetically worst... if you too similar DNA for generations you'll get a Calos II, a man who's life was a real pain, who was dead before being born.

  • As a mixed race person, I completely disagree with pretty much everything here. Contrary to popular I do not suffer from identity crisis. Just like many young people we are all trying to figure out who we are, but I know where I come from and proud of it.

    Now be gone thot

  • For some reason I don't this k you're actually mixed race. This was written by some white guy who is against interracial marriage.

    • Do you want to see a picture of my brown grandmother? Because I can prove it.

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    • I don't see why a white guy would write this.

      If anything, it's just bad press for white guys lol.

    • @azzntittiz He's mixed, lol. There are a lot of guys like him that think the same, mostly half Asian half white.

      They bring up good points, but they are also wallowing in their despair.

  • not everyone has it this way. im also mixed race, half Hispanic half white. and I've never felt inferior to others (or superior.) I've always had a sense of identity in the world. i'm proud to have a Hispanic mom and a white dad and proud to be myself, because hell im human. Race does not define who an individual is. Being mixed doesn't mean you are erasing heritage. you are sharing multiple cultures.

  • "Mixed children have no sense of identity"

    Maybe the issue isn't that they're mixed, but that some nations OBSESS over the concept of ethnicity-based identity.

    • In the age of globalization everybody is rediscovering their roots. Ethnic and cultural identity are our destiny.

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    • Well, that's a hot load of garbage if I've ever seen one.

    • @esotericstory "Ethnic and cultural identity are our destiny."

      Until someone reads something that upsets them, lol. Like if I drop the bomb that all Europeans alive today have large swathes of Middle Eastern ancestry in their DNA. Anywhere from 30 - 80%, depending on the region.

      But that destiny doesn't get explored, because it makes the white majority nervous/defensive.

      Ethnic and cultural identity are only praised to the extent that they fit existing beliefs. The minute the facts say something unsavory, they get discarded.

  • If your identity is solemnly based on what “race“ you are, than you are without doubt the biggest racist I have ever seen, on this site and in real life.

  • Wait... who voted you in as the mixed race peoples spokesperson? Oh right no one.

    Good thing you’re only speaking for yourself.

  • Speak for yourself! I'm happy being mixed race, I get the best of many worlds.

    Also, Elliot Rodger's lunacy has very little to do with being half Asian and half Caucasian. I can't believe you actually used him as an example.. wow.

    • "Also, Elliot Rodger's lunacy has very little to do with being half Asian and half Caucasian"

      Eh, I wouldn't completely agree with that. The fact of the matter is that there's a portion of women who will date a guy simply for being white.

      That means that there's gonna be a lot of white guys who otherwise wouldn't have reproduced, who will be able to get with women outside of their race (in this case Asian women). The stereotype of the sex tourist in Thailand exists for a reason.

      So it stands to reason then, that the children of such pairings are going to be more fucked up than average. Not because the pairing is inherently wrong, but because the social circumstances self-select for more broken, maladaptive personality traits, which the child will inherit.

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      Here is the reply rate chart for male senders: Confessions of a Mixed Race Person: Interracial Marriage is a Bad Thing
      Here is the reply rate for female senders; Confessions of a Mixed Race Person: Interracial Marriage is a Bad Thing

      White males have a 29.2% reply rate on average. Black females have a 34.3% reply rate on average. So no, white women do not really benefit "equally" from this, white males are the ones who benefit more.

      Whites of both genders benefit, but it's like giving food stamps to someone who's poor vs. someone who's rich: they technically benefit the same in raw terms, but it's really the poor person who's benefitting more because the rich had no need for that benefit.

      Reply rates to males are so much lower to begin with that even the most preferred males are still less preferred than the least preferred women.

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      @Omega_brie most people on these sites are men though-so, it makes sense. right?

  • There's a female YouTuber I've watched before. She's mixed her father, whose black, raised her to hate black females. Told her she's over every black female, that all of them are jealous of her, and want to put her down. She seems pretty good and nice. Her dad messed her up though. Some people also have a fetish for mixed raced children. To show them off as trophies like they're objects. I believe all the issues come from others or the wrong reasons.

    • There's nothing wrong with mixed raced kids it's really just the people around that are the problem.

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    • Sayria Jade

    • I looked at video. She looks basic like a face I've seen commonly before. But yeah it's sad and sad that she hates a side of herself. I've noticed personally a lot of biracial individuals have identity issues and self hate and that some also choose to attack other groups that are commonly attacked. I don't call biracial people black, but I guess some what an identity and choose to consider themselves black.

  • I'm not mixed race but I fully agree with you and commemorate you for coming out and speaking the truth!

    • I agree. They don't fit no matter how hard you try.
      Culture is something that is not bred out. It is alive and well and mixing 2 different cultures may seem enticing and fun... but it is not.

    • I think the love is bigger than that. When for example the Hispanic guy of your dreams comes around, you might change your mind.

    • 5d

      @PrettyRegular, not likely. Only white for me.

  • Disagree.
    Sure identity issues is often common in mixed people, I’ve had them before, in the end it didn’t bother me too much, but identity issues can happen to even those who aren’t mixed.

    People have mixed throughout history, even those who believe themselves to be only from one ethnicity, majority of the time that’s not the case at all when they take DNA tests.

    I’ve never ever felt inferior for being mixed neither have I got shit for it.

    Personally think you have some deep seated issues you have to work on.

  • The only problem with interracial relationships and mix-race children is all the prejudices surrounding it and the unnecessary marginalization of mix-race children by society.

    And the thing about 'purity' being lost is a bunch of baseless bullshit. Like one person from your race married another and the world is suddenly upside down right?

    I have mix-race friends too, and never did I think they are not a part of us. In fact, with proper raising these children would feel like they are having the best of both worlds. We have one half-Japanese-half-Bangladeshi guy in school, I seriously think no one ever has as much fun in life as he does. I feel so jealous that he gets to enjoy both Bangladeshi and Japanese culture and he grew up with both Bengali and Japanese language PLUS English of course. And he's a National Champion in karate.

    One thing that I would suggest here is that parents should teach their kids their native languages and make sure they can speak decently, because it is mainly the language barrier that always gets in the way when mixed-race children want to socialize. That half-Japanese boy in our school can speak Bengali perfectly that's why he has no struggle in socializing with us. On the other hand we had one more guy in our school, he's 100% Bengali, has Bangladeshi parents but he grew up in America so he can't speak a single Bengali word. And he is marginalized and bullied even more than a mixed kid even thought he is not mixed at all.

  • Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha. First of all, you could've left all the crap about the left side out. Secondly, this Take is bullshit. As a mixed person, I ain't never felt inferior or humiliated. I know who I am. I have a great sense of identity. My parents made sure I knew about my Puerto Rican roots and my Italian ones. They never made me feel like one side was more important. I love being a mixxy. And people obsess over interracial mixing. To the point that it's very annoying and for the wrong reasons. So yeah I don't know where you're getting ya info from. Sorry if this how you've lived, but you don't speak for everyone.

  • nah... you make good points.. but the underlying assumption is that trying to fit in is the best thing...
    I come from a long line of racially ambiguous folks... only thing I get tired of hearing is "What are you?"
    Otherwise... my kids are fine, I'm fine... my family is fine, my husband's family is fine...
    Carry on... and thanks for the opinion

  • i have literally no problems with mixed race marriages, i dont care as long as my man treat me right, he could be a cute Scandinavian like @PrettyRegular *cough cough* ;) or an African American or even an Asian boy. i couldnt give a shit, infact im open to learning about their culture :)

  • I’m so sorry you are battling mental disease and hope you can seek help. Through intensive therapy, medication and education you CAN bring normalcy to your life. GOOD LUCK.

  • that's correct attitude about Asian girls marrying white guys. however i see the white guy marry her because he need some type of servant. white guy marrying black guy is the same thing. they all want someone like a maid. Asian girls are not smart when they choose marriage.

  • I am mixed race and I almost never experience racism, okay sometimes from white people but that is not because they see me as mixed but because they see me as African. But i feel like most view it positively. I agree with a few things, like identity crisis. But the parents can do a lot by letting the kids know their heritage and be proud of it. I know I am proud of mine. So there is also many things on this article i fisagree with.

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  • I'm strongly disagree with your MyTake.

    There are many people who are mixed and don't feel any identity issues. Most people are mixed in some ways and the pure race thing is a myth. People have traveled a lot through history and made children with each others. There are also many people who don't feel inferior or superior based on their race and if they're mixed or not. The experience you had are subjective. Therefor we can't say that interracial marriage are just negative. It can be as positive or negative as any other kinds of relationships. It really depends from person to person.

    I'm not mixed, but my race is different than my parents'. But it's not a big deal. I'm adopted, but I knows who I'm and that I belongs to my country. People can't go around and dictate who should marry with who, keeping the racial purity and who's superior. There's people who thinks I don't belong to my country because I'm not white, but me not being the same race as my family or the majority of the country's population aren't the problem. Ignorant, misinformed and racist people with so narrow and biased views is the problem here.

    If the idea of adults marrying who ever they wants to marry and interracial marriage gets normalized and more socially acceptable, less people would be ignorant about it and more would accept it. As long something is rare and seen as foreign, people would be more skeptical. Same thing applies to interracial adoption.

    People should stop making consenting adults marrying each other a problem. It's the people around them that judge that's a problem.

    • People don't see me as "mixed". With that I mean you can't look at me that I'm mixed. If you mix a black and a white person, you can often see it at them. I just looks like a regular East-Asian. But most people and maybe everyone on this planet is mixed some ways. *

  • well this doesn't make interracial marriage bad it makes your experience as an mixed race person bad... and i know people who are mixed race (my half sister among them) and not all have this experience

    i have heard your experiences mentioned but they are not characteristic of all.

  • The disagreement with your opinions reminded me of the quote from Dr. Ben Carson, referring to liberals: "“They are the most racist people there are. Because they put you in a little category, a little box. You have to think this way. How could you dare come off the plantation?”

  • I'd like to congratulate you on the single most racist piece of propaganda I've read on GAG.

    I accept your experience may have shaped your attitude, but the poison in your words is born out of nothing but hate and hurt that you have fed yourself on.

    The vast majority of people actually don't realise someone of "mixed" race is not "pure" (and what an abhorrent way of putting it those terms are).

    People may look at me and see "white", but my heritage is from Viking, Saxon, Norse, Norman, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Neanderthal roots as any anthropologist could tell you by looking at my skeleton's build. There is no such thing as "pure" blood, and those who try to convince you otherwise (who seem to have done a great job) are at best ignorant, and - more likely - malignant members of society.

    I realise being a Klansman is fashionable again since the advent of King Donald of F*cktard, but you SERIOUSLY need to get your head out of your backside and recognise the hate-speech you're spouting.

    I'm no left-wing sympathiser or right-wing bigot either. I'm nothing more or less than any other human being because I happen to be of European descent, any more than my wife is because she is of African descent or my son is because he is of both.

    And if anyone ever tried to tell my son or my wife they are "less" based on their skeletal structure and the melanin in their skin, I'd be happy to "educate" that individual in the error of their thinking.

  • Confession of another mixed race person

    - I have a sense of identity and do not face anxiety nor depression
    - I don't feel inferior or humiliated. Honestly, I never feel something so ridiculous as 'emasculated because my mom betrayed her own'. That's bullshit.

    - I don't feel inferior at all lol.

    - No, we're not universally despised. Most people are pretty fine with it, they just don't care.

    • Have you ever actually spoken to real white nationalists or black militants? For that matter, any sort of radical race nationalist? Again, read “The Turner Diaries,” these people freaking hate mixed race people. We are second only to the Jews.

    • We generally don't have that stuff in the Netherlands.

      And yeah, I know plenty of people hate me. Why would I care about what some extremists think? It's not something I give a shit about

  • Sorry man, but I just can't agree. My mixed heritage comes from the hundreds of years of interracial interactions. Thats what many Puerto Ricans are, White (Spaniard) African and the Indigenous people of the Caribbean Islands. I'm proud of who I am, and none of my problems have ever come from me not loving where I come from or my mixed heritage. Though admittedly I am not proud of my white ancestors for the most part. Many were slave owners, but I put them where they belong: out of mind. It has no impact on me and who I am today. But my identity lays more rooted in what I've made of myself, not what I was made of. You're identity is your own, not your parents or your ancestors.

    Anyways, I sorely disagree with you that growing up I needed a role-model of color. People need role-models not from a particular race background, but role-models who will raise you right. My Step-father is white, and frankly a much better role-model than my father was. Outside of family, I have role-models from a walks of life because I knew having only one makes you limited in perspective. You need to explore all perspectives, from everywhere and everyone.

    This post feeds into the dysphoria, it isn't helpful like you think it is. You have an incredibly cynical and closed-minded view of the people. People just fall for each other and have certain and even broader preferences now. loving someone from another race isn't betraying anyone. Its like saying if a rich person fell in love with a middle class or an impoverished individual, then they are betraying their socio-economical class.

    Your argument only makes sense if we consider the correlation between facts mixed with a bunch of propaganda and hate speech, but still only loosely. No, all the problems you specified are actually solved with good parenting practice and a good community you choose to surround yourself by.

    I do agree that the much of left is rooted in a benevolent racism, but you seem to be applying what you saw in the movie "Get Out," to the entirety of the leftist people. It's a childish way to see anything.

    Simply I disagree with you. Many of your points don't have merit and only belong in the conversation as a warning as to how blind people can become to the truth.

  • I'll agree with some point that us kids that are of mixed race do have it hard. However I'll completely disagree with your rant that it work better having a man be "colored" creates a better pairing. At that point your just trying to push an agenda. Mixed race regardless of what gender is the mix the child will still potentially deal with hardships growing up. What makes or breaks is how old school each respective family is and their values and also the outside environment that treats and kid and family. I grew up with. Mixed colored father who was a druggy and an abuser. So where is your strong role model. Look at the prison systems for violent crimes which skin colors are predominantly in prison. Which skin colors have more same skin color crimes against one another also include violent crimes. Your notion that just because the mix color father would make a better pairing is completely absurd and biased to suit your own agenda. My current father who adopted me and made me his own by legal definition is white a d has proved to be a way better Dad who tried to instill good core values and work ethics. Bottom lines regardless of who the parents are, their parents and society will ultimately determine if the kid is shunned like I was and possible other kids like me.

    • Tell me again how it is okay for you to have an Asian woman? You’re putting words in my mouth. Never once did I say that a colored father is perfectly benign nor did I advocate it. I simply stated that, at least for the male children of such a union, that having a colored father is easier for them. If you’re speaking of an agenda, then why don’t you refer to my last section wherein I specifically and unambiguously condemn race mixing as a form of genocide?

  • I don't care about mixed race couples or genetics, and I never have. I grew up in north Texas, and aside from "Black History Month," race was never an issue. It didn't even register in most people's minds that anyone should be treated or seen differently, and that was the norm pretty much until hurricane Katrina, and after that, suddenly EVERYTHING in the entire country was a race issue - an idea that was pushed by rap artists and the Democratic party as they prepared to embrace Obama as their presidential candidate. Thanks to Hollywood and Obama's administration, we successfully rewound the clock of social progression about 50 years, and thanks to the wannabe social justice warriors of the day (who aren't doing anyone any favors), it's probably going to take another 50 years before those feelings are mostly erased again.

    The fact of the matter is that eventually, the human gene pool is going to be made up of a mixture of everything across the globe. Recessive traits such as blue and green eyes will eventually die out. Trying to stop it by ostracizing mixed race couples and their offspring is not going to stop it, and we shouldn't be promoting it either. Let people be with whoever the hell they want- it's not the business of your neighbors or your government to decide that.

  • Interracial marriages have a lower rate of success when their respective cultures are very different. That's all there is to it.

    When you compare how whites, blacks, Asians, hispanics are raised, they can be on opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm Asian, so perhaps I can speak to how I was raised. It was fairly typical. My parents drilled me all the time about my grades, and told me to become a doctor my whole life. Every sentence ended with "please" or "thank you". Asians are raised with the expectation that they will take care of their parents in their elderly years. This experience is probably the same for most Asians.

    But is that the same for blacks or hispanics? Maybe for some, but you only need to look at the black community in America to know that education and politeness are not at the top of the priority list when raising children. The concept of a black person taking care of their 70 year old parents is absurd... the default is to ship them off to a seniors home.

    When these children grow up and get married and have children, they will have expectations for their family. Those expectations will be similar to those they experienced. So if a black person gets married to an Asian, there are huge cultural clashes, and this will quickly sink a relationship.

    When different races share similar cultural beliefs and values, those types of marriages tend to work out better.

  • 6d

    No. That's stupid. First and foremost because its circular logic, you claim you don't belong and the reason you don't belong is because you parents betrayed your heritage (ignoring the fact that your from both heritages so you couldn't possibly be betrayed) and you know they betrayed your heritage because you don't belong. I'm irish and german and god knows what else, so does that mean I don't belong? Or is it only when your non white? This is an excuse for racial purity and racism against whites from what I have gathered. Their is no pure race in existence. Your not Mexican, your Spanish and Aztec and god knows how many other tribes where mixed in their. But of course even your Spanish side wasn't pure Spanish, they interacted with romans so probably some Italian, they also invaded Ireland so probably some irish as well. Also really, "White" father? So were all just some homogenized group now? Every one else has different ethnicities but suddenly if your of European ancestory your just "white"? Sounds like this is a troll post, either that or your kind of a bitch. You don't belong anywhere, no one does. You earn your place within a group through actions, nothing else. If all you have going for you is skin color, if that's the only trait that matters and you have nothing else to offer the world, then your absolutely useless and your never going to belong anywhere because no one will want that kind of dead weight. You don't get to belong by contributing your existence, you have to do something of value. So put your big girl panties on and suck it up.

  • No, no and NO. Man, you are a disgrace, and unfortunately the reflection of a reality that never started in the US, Canada or European countries. All start in Latin America. We are still mentally colonized by old Europeans conceptions related to race.

    In Latin America, more specifically Hispanic America the idea of having white skin still impact society. That is synonymous of beauty and wealth. Having dark skin, or been black is viewed as the worst, as been of a low uneducated class (classicism is alive in the region).

    Although I disagree with you, I understand the problems of identity is there, it's just that you got to look closer and know to difference modern interracial relations with the ones that appeared during colonization. In colonial times most mix children were a product of rape, that's why the region is disfunctional. With so much violence that went on, there is no way it was gonna get better.

    In today's society things are different. There aren't mass rapes, and kids who born from interracial relations have the chance to live a normal life, but it depends. If both or one parent feels self hate, or hate towards their child bi racial identity, and try to hide one of child's ethnic identity, we got a problem that can become a identity crisis.

    Like how I always say: Multi cultural and multi ethnic societies are no burden. What makes the difference is how they are manage. If they are manage good, we will have an inter ethnic and cultural society, if not, there will be segregation.

  • Hello obvious white guy.

    We all are pretty sure why your identity is hidden... you're not fooling anybody.

    This weak type of crap is one of the reasons your type have to impotently seethe about the women you want choosing other men over you.

    • You really think a white guy would defend colored male white female pairings are less harmful?

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    • So you can dox me? How stupid do you think I am?

    • Pretty stupid actually... Because your worthless cowardly ass is so worth doxxing A smarter person could have made a better excuse up.

  • Eliot... Fuckin'... Rodgers... XDDDDD

    I can't believe you're unironicly using him as an example.

    I thought this post was a joke while I was reading at first, up until that point where I was almost certain it was ironic.

    • If you read his manifesto and online posts being mixed played a huge role in his frustrations. On the outside he pretended to be proud and comfortable with his identity, but on the inside it was a whole different story. Fun fact: the majority of his victims were full blooded Asian males.

  • Dumbest shit I've ever heard! Confessions of a Mixed Race Person: Interracial Marriage is a Bad Thing

  • My son is mixed race.
    I teach him that he's an individual with a mixed backround.
    He doesn't have to fit in to any specific group.
    He's my son and I love him, he's a very happy kid.

  • "Second only to the Jews, mixed race people are the most despised group across the globe"

    NOT by me or my wife.

    It's a reaction from race supremacists, RACISTS thus.

    D o NOT let racists influence your life and happiness.

  • I've been in a few mixed race relationships. Race was never an issue to either if us but only to people who saw us together. I'd say religion differences is a much bigger issue. My ex wife is Muslim and I'm Jewish and it became a huge issue with both our families. Her's especially. Her friends told her she's going to hell.

    • 4d

      The reason why her friend told her that is , it’s in the rule. Muslim woman can’t marry Christian man.


    Hello Elliot Rodger. I see you were reincarnated. Are you glad to be back? Have you sold the devil your soul for a second chance of committing a better amok run?

    • Oh and i didn't read more than a few lines. 😆

  • Come on, this is pure politics. Things like 'nobody trusts mixed race people' or 'white father black mother equals epic fail' are sophisms, and politically incorrect ones... I wonder how many people here want to find new sources of anxiety. The U. S., the U. K. and Sweden, for instance, have special policies to fight this interracial marriage bias.

  • I'm sure there's some truth in what you're saying. An interracial person will be seen by a lot of people as an 'outsider', but on the other hand, there have been some interracial people who have conquered all those obstacles. People think of President Obama as 'black', but he's actually half white. Michelle Branch is part Indonesian, but that never stopped her.

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