I React to... Articles On How To Be Feminine! (Reaction #1)

Hey babybats, it's Mrs. Manson back again and this time I'm here to react to conformists on the internet! Here's a little message first:

I React to... Articles On How To Be Feminine! (Reaction #1)

Now, on to our first item. It's an article I found online. If you want to torture yourself by reading it, all links will be at the end. The article is in normal text and my comments are in bold. Let's start.

How to be Feminine and Be 10X More Attractive

Okay, that's... very debatable.

What your mom and grandma would have told you if they knew. As a young adult, it made me angry when someone implied that men and women are different because that showed they were prejudiced. I saw that as the old, unenlightened thinking. I smugly believed I knew the truth: everyone was the same, regardless of gender. I agree with young you, lady. I knew how to be assertive, speak up for my rights, and correct others for their backward thinking. I was charming like that. Huh, sounds like me.

But I didn’t know how to be feminine, or even recognize my own astonishing power as a female. Looking back, I feel so sad for the clueless younger version of me. Wowww... lmao "astonishing power as a female" I was so hopelessly ignorant of the valuable contributions that I bring to my relationship and to the world as a woman that I tried to avoid seeming feminine. I equated femininity with weakness. I was afraid my gifts were repulsive. They kinda are

Now that I know what it looks like to be feminine, I find there’s such ease, dignity and comfort in it—such relief! I feel such a sense of rightness when I’m my feminine self. When I say feminine, I don’t mean manipulative or overtly sexual. I’m talking about honoring my feminine spirit, which I’ll explain. Let me pause to vomit. Learning how to be feminine rocked my relationship and my world in the best way I can imagine. There’s no makeup, clothes, or plastic surgery that can come close to having the irresistible magnetism of the feminine spirit in a woman. We're in for a ride, folks.

Here’s what you need to know how to do:

Receive Graciously. Receptivity is the essence of femininity. I’m going to repeat that, just to make sure you don’t miss it. It’s the key to blowing the whole mystery of how to be feminine wide open. Receptivity is the essence of femininity. To be more feminine, be more receptive. Here’s how: Consider receiving gifts, compliments, and help graciously. Uh no. I'll receive them how I want, thank you, ma'am.

That means if your husband says you look cute when you have bed hair, you say, “Thank you,” and nothing else. No need to explain that your hair is a mess. He has eyes too, and he doesn’t seem to think that matters. Just receive. Oh god, this makes me think of that stereotypical "women are seen not heard" shit...

It means if a co-worker says, “Do you want some help moving the chairs back?” and you feel guilty because it’s your responsibility, you smile and say only, “Thank you.” Receiving graciously also means that if someone offers you a present—your man, a friend, a co-worker—you receive that too. Unless you don't want it... Hannah decided to activate her feminine gifts when her new boyfriend, Sam, offered to repair her dilapidated car at his shop. She agreed, even though she was afraid she would owe him something in return. Oh, of COURSE the man is the strong one who can repair cars. Eww... how stereotypical.

He also wanted her to drive his expensive luxury car in the meantime. To make it even more uncomfortable for Hannah, he put new tires on her car. SOMEBODY STOP THIS MADMAN. It was all Hannah could stand to let him give her so much. She was nervous because she wasn’t used to such generosity, but she was determined to experiment with being feminine by being receptive. Instead of demanding something in return, Hannah’s boyfriend was happy and proud that he had been able to help her so much. Sooo, the man feels good and the woman feels like shit, and that's the GOAL? He seemed intent to find and complete his next mission in service of bettering her life so he could make her beam with happiness again.

She got to feel special and got a road-worthy car and he got to feel like her hero. Win-win! Imagine if she had said, “Oh you don’t have to do that,” and missed the chance to receive? She would have cheated herself out of the special treatment he wanted to give her, and he would have missed out on feeling proud and heroic. Lose-lose. Women are Built to Receive Think of your body as a metaphor. When it comes to sex, you are built to receive. Okay, so I'm a sub, but femdom IS a thing, and women are not delicate little flowers. So is your spirit.

Men are fundamentally attracted to the feminine. So the more receptive you are, the more feminine you will be. The more feminine you are, the more attractive you will be. Not true. But it’s not always easy. It wasn’t for me at first. I found it nearly impossible to be receptive at times. So I rejected lots of gifts, compliments, and help. I always had my reasons. I thought I would owe a debt. But that’s not possible—by definition, gifts are free! Same with compliments, and offers to help. Sometimes I was trying to prove I could pull my own weight. Reasonable

Other times I had another agenda: I didn’t want my husband to buy me flowers because it was a waste of money. I wanted to save money. Also reasonable Often I felt undeserving, if I’m honest, and vulnerable. And each time I rejected the things that were offered to make my life easier and more pleasant, I missed a chance to feel special, to get special treatment. I missed the chance to feel intimate with the person who was trying to lighten my load or delight me, especially my husband! Poor Receiving Made Me Less Attractive When my husband discovered he couldn’t make my life sweeter and easier with his efforts because I rejected them for whatever reason, the intimacy suffered. Today, my priority is to have the intimacy—to choose to be feminine—above my other silly reasons for not receiving. I have good receiving muscles now that I’ve been practicing. You can start practicing too.

If a man offers to put your bag in the overhead compartment on a plane, say, “Thank you.”

If the bagger at the grocery store offers to help you out to the car, consider saying, “Thank you.”

If your husband offers to change the comforter cover, and you fear he’ll put it on sideways, say only, “Thank you.” If he says you’re beautiful on a day when you don’t feel beautiful, accept his point of view and honor your feminine spirit by saying only, “Thank you.” There’s nothing more feminine than knowing you deserve to be admired, helped, and adored. But I don't...


How to Nurture Your Feminine Side
We all share energy that is both female and male. Think of it as yin and yang, complementary and both necessary. Dr. Deepak Chopra refers to God and Goddess energy in speaking about the collective soul. Whichever way you look at it, we have both. So we're fucking gendering ENERGY now?!

In today’s culture, there is a push toward gender neutrality. On one hand, it’s helping to create equal rights but on the other hand, it’s denying what is hard-wired and natural. Let’s take a look at how women in particular can nurture their feminine side because it’s something that has been lost in our highly fast-paced and competitive world. Actually it's a good thing

Appreciating the Feminine Within
When I was a student in my early 20s in France, I went with a boy to see his family in the French countryside. Both of his parents were physicians. His mother, a beautiful slender woman, was dressed in a skirt and blouse with her hair and makeup perfectly done. Eww There was no special occasion as it was the weekend and this was a country home. She was ironing her husband’s shirt while all dolled up. Somehow I found myself in a conversation with her about being a working woman and still catering to her husband. I will never forget what she told me: with a twinkle in her eye, she said, “You know. All we must do as women is fix ourselves up, iron a few shirts with a smile, and our husbands will be eating out of our hands.” what the fuck? iron your own damn shirt, and I'm not smiling. At the time, it seemed like an outrageous statement. But I think the reason it has stuck with me so long is that there is a grain of truth to it.

Femininity is a special gift. It makes us softer, gentler, kinder, nurturing, more compassionate, and naturally loving. Not all of us, honey As women we are naturally more vulnerable and open. We are created to bond. We are designed for relationships. We are designed to create life. (unless you're a lesbian or just don't want kids) And yes, our soft gentle features are meant to attract males.

Self-awareness is about appreciating who you really are. It’s about looking inside to understand your gifts and talents. There is nothing shameful about being a woman and embracing your feminine side.

Relationship experts like John Gray, who wrote the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus series, explains that the reason there is much confusion today is that we have been taught to deny who we innately are. Women have taken on more masculine roles and have pushed themselves to act, think, and talk more masculine. So when she goes home at the end of the day and wants to be a woman, she doesn’t quite know how. So? That's not bad.

While I grew up when feminism was at its peak, I learned through much work in relationships, that I need to accept and embrace my feminine side. And I love it. Like the French mom, wife, and physician, I love it when a man opens a door, gives me his jacket, or fixes my toilet. I’m proud to embrace my softer feminine side. I'd just be like, "Hon, I can open doors, which is WHY I FUCKING HAVE HANDS!/ If I wanted your coat, I would have asked for it.../ I can call a plumber, asshole."

What Embracing Your Feminine Side Won’t Mean

When you appreciate and nurture your feminine side, it will not mean you are plunging back into the Dark Ages. Just because you enjoy this natural part of you, you will not lose your rights to vote, lose your job, or become barefoot and pregnant. It won’t mean that you are politically incorrect. And it certainly doesn’t mean you need to go to extremes. Somehow I think some women are afraid of that or are ashamed so they hide their beauty under unflattering clothing or take on a more masculine demeanor when out in public. Why is this bad?

In Ayurveda, we learn our mind-body type to understand who we really are and how we can regain and maintain balance. If you are working in a masculine-dominated field or have denied the feminine part of you for some time, it’s important to rebalance.

4 Ways You Can Nurture Your Feminine Energy
Many mothers, in particular, express that after work, kids, housework, shopping, and dinner preparation there is no room to be feminine. Here’s some great news: You can do all those roles and still include femininity. "great" ahahahahahahaha

You don’t have to do it all. I used to be Super Woman. I did it all. Of course I wasn’t feeling feminine because I carried all roles by myself. Now, I watch myself. I’m raising boys who will soon be men. I do give my boys the traditional jobs of taking out the trash, scooping the cat litter, and carrying heavy water bottles. But I also give them dish duty and bathroom duty. When I’m at the grocery store, I now say “yes” to the bagger who offers to bring the bags to my car. But do you know what? For the most part, men love to help out and do these things for you because male energy is designed for carrying heavy loads, things like troubleshooting and, oh yes, gallantry.

Dress the role. Honestly, what woman wouldn’t want to go out and buy some nice clothes, makeup, and a haircut if you gave her money to do it? this woman right here who saves up her own god damn allowance and is independent I used to frequent a website called Flylady.net in which the writer, Marla Cilley, taught that women should take a shower and get dressed with shoes on every morning so that they can feel their best. Pick out pretty clothes, get a favorite lipstick color, wear your favorite jewelry, or buy a nice pair of fashionable shoes. okay that's fine Get up 15 minutes earlier so you can take care of yourself and look your best so you feel your best.

Do activities that foster feminine energy. Have a girls’ night out. Get your nails done. Engage in a creative activity. Instead of opting for extreme sports all the time, take a painting class, or learn to knit or how to dance. Feminine or yin energy is cool, creative, passive, intuitive, and compassionate. Find activities that foster these qualities. If it feels strange at first, keep at it until you feel like you’re becoming more balanced.

Feel confident and accept compliments. Beauty is a woman’s natural trait. not all of usWhen you start to allow feminine energy to flow back into your life, people will notice. In the past, I had a difficult time with compliments on my physical appearance. I would get embarrassed and brush them off. Now I smile warmly and say, “Thank you.” Feel proud to be beautiful. Enjoy the compliments. They are simply a recognition that your feminine energy is flowing more freely than before. It means you’re bringing your energies back into balance.

Finally, if you’re wrong form of your subdued feminine side is telling you that this is all nonsense, imagine this: What male would ever doubt that he should ever be more masculine? ones who don't want to be masculine? I’ve never heard a guy say, “Oh, I should dress it down, I’m looking too much like a guy.” Now if I’ve made you laugh, I’ve started the process because laughter is a feminine trait. Now go, and find your goddess within. nah thanks, I'm good

What should I react to next? Tell me below.


~ Mrs Manson

I React to... Articles On How To Be Feminine! (Reaction #1)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous

    People wonder why feminists reject femininity. It’s because of this kind of limiting horse shit that takes women back a hundred years and makes them boring as fuck.

    Look, I’m a woman who curses, hates cooking, doesn’t want kids, doesn’t wear dresses, and has a massive male ego and men can’t keep away from me. They love my tough as nails side and respect that I will do as I want regardless of what they think. That’s how you be a real woman.

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    • I agree with all of this. That's awesome <3
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • Are you dating any of these men?

    • englisc

      A lot of guys will fuck anything that moves.

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  • Volvagia

    here's my reaction summed up:

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • GreatnessBack

    Lots of women think femininity is a bad thing. They are usually single and wonder why no guy wants to be with a manly woman. lol.

    Fuck it, let them be single or with guys who are more woman then they are. No one cares.

  • Ellie-V

    In summary, according to the article, in order to be feminine we have to suck dick and make sandwiches at command—while being enthusiastic about it—without complaining.
    Hmm... if that’s what it means to be a woman then... god, please take back my vagina because that is complete, utter bullshit that I do not have the time or the patience for.

    • PREACH
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • So, you would have a problem making a man a sandwich I take it. In other words, it's all about you because that's exactly what you're implying, you are a selfish individual that wouldn't want to do anything for a man. Yet you'd expect him to daily bust his ass to take care of you, right? Also expect him to be the one to go die in battles, right? Don't get too lazy, the next battle you women will be going to fight, I, my nephews and quit a few that I know, we won't go in your place, so saddle up should the time come.

    • It also says that men should basically be drones who live to serve... If two people decide to live like that, I can respect that. They are both making the sacrifices THEY chose, and if they are happy with it, more power to them.

      The thing is that people should be free from the expectation to BE LIKE THAT. A real woman is a woman, who who wasn't told what a real woman is her whole life.
      A GOOD woman is a good person, who happens to be a woman. Same goes for men.

  • Raha17

    I'm 17 and i used to be a boy without a c**k for like MY ENTIRE LIFE.
    Till last year. I dunno what happened but i suddenly decided to let my hair grow, put on makeup sometimes, do my nails, learn how to cook etc
    I'm a GIRL now. I don't like fragile women so i'm a BADASS one. But i'm a girl
    And i'm enjoying it AF
    And the recieving thing was a great advise i'll use
    So thanks

  • QueenofCups

    I agree with all your comments except the ones about you not being beautiful and not deserving to be adored.

  • lilaqua

    Guys on here keep saying "this is true" and "modern women are the devil" but after reading this I still have no grasp on what is considered actually 'feminine'. It's such a fluid term that encompasses so many things. Even then, parts of our society that is deemed 'feminine' or 'masculine' are completely arbitrary and only specific to our society eg. dressing a certain way, physical exercise. If gender behaviours are so rooted in biology (which they are) why are people having to 'work' towards them. Shouldn't they just be inherent? I don't really see how 'dressing up' and being 'pretty' is all that feminine, it just kind of sounds like what men want women to do, not what they should do.

    • lilaqua

      I also just realised all the responses and 90% of the articles refer to attracting men. If you're not interested in attracting men eg. asexual/aromantic, queer or like me are in a relationship, it's kind of irrelevant.

    • Some examples of femininity women associating them selves with things like flowers such as flowers in hair and dresses, things that look beautiful on females. But she can also look sexy or cute wearing things like crop tops and daisy dukes. But what femininity is absolutely not is dyking hair, stone age exotic piercings face nose lips tongue or tattoos. Those things destroy femininity.

    • lilaqua

      @ThisAndThat that’s very dependent on your culture and not to mention relevant to your taste. Stuff like scarification, piercings and tattooing have existed for milennia and have been considered very feminine attributes amongst some groups of people. Not to mention it’s what YOU like not what some women and men prefer. Do you see how all this shit is rooted in not an actual desire for feminine ideals but for the consumption of men? Daisy dukes and bikini’s really?

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  • ATuairiscean

    This is very true - I know you can feel singled out but we can also flip it a bit - Let you go your way and the girls who subscribe to this line of thought, they can go their own way too - Live and let live.
    Not a rebuke of you just saying be careful you don't get dragged down to pushing your views on others. You seem a nice girl in your own way (react but don't get pulled into the quicksand is all I am saying)

  • OldSchool_Metalhead

    sweet reaction lol. some of the things you said reminded me of an old take I made about a year ago on an old account. I had one made about the difficulties of being a female metalhead, and it had quotes I've gotten from people before. Stuff I know goths could relate to as well, such as "but your so pretty, why dress like that?" or instant assumptions that not dressing feminine makes you lesbian. Or the dumb assumption over girls in general that they can't handle the sight of blood. bitch please.. chicks have periods all the time how the fuck would we not handle that? lol. I made a joke once that periods were the most metal thing for female metalheads to go through because it involves blood, pain and anger lmao

  • pitzi

    Hmmm well okay. I still love being feminine and I think femininity is great.

  • ThisAndThat

    Only feminist would appose femininity and the loss femininity in society not exclusively but was what helped give me a huge push toward MGTOW.

    • Volvagia

      oh nooooo, u became a mgtower!!1 How will women ever recover from such catastrophe.../s

    • @Volvagia XD
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • @Volvagia When they are the ones that have to fight and die to keep the rights they stolen from men.

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  • computergeek357

    Well it is not an article but the video made me laugh

    • It was even more funny because it's a guy who is talking, smh

    • lilaqua

      You're right this video is really strange, if you take out the word 'feminine' pretty much any of these things, it's just general advice.
      1-2 Being in the present or being in touch with your senses aren't really gendered, they're pretty well established psychological mechanisms to be more positive and reduce anxiety
      3. again exercise? isn't this just general advice saying that people should exercise for health and mental reasons
      4. Wot. Again being both a leader and follower is important for everyone, it's an important balance.
      5. UHHHHH whaaat
      6. can be reworded as "wear clothing that makes you feel good". I personally like restrictive clothing it makes me feel hot and confident
      7. masculine people aren't creative?
      8. stop being a cynic and be positive
      9. being open to other people
      10. connecting with your sexuality.

      I'm so confused this is just general advice

    • @lilaqua Well anytime I see a guy in a pink shirt with the word feminine I am pretty confused.

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  • LtJackass

    Not trying to call you out but.. your take on sex when you say "I'm a sub but femdom is a thing."
    Is approximately the exact reaction every woman to the subject. Girls who like to give more than they like to receive are the exception.
    It could just be a consequence of my ignorance. But femdom, even in it's lightest form, just appears to be a male fantasy. So I would argue that women are naturally more receptive.

  • Helloitzapartaih

    Nice take. To be honest , those articles are stupid as fuck in my opinion.

    • Don't wait for your phone to ring on the weekends if you're expecting guys to call.

  • Wammu

    Look, you can be what you want. . . It's your life, I don't really care.

    But, you lack experience. . . . You're a 16 year old girl who is surrounded by unactualized boys and probably feed them more attention than the girls they would typically want. It's not hard to make men love you, they don't love you for being as course and rude as you come off. They probably love you because in a world full of pretty girls who say one thing and then turn around and hit a block button, you're like a breath of fresh air.

    It's not uncommon, it's just another form of seduction.

    Cleopatra wasn't the finest looking beauty, but she knew the thumbscrew of the men she wanted to seduce.

    Marie-Therese of Austria was homely and her family was embarrassed by her appearance, but the greatest Monarch in France's history fell in love with her.

    (It wasn't for her appearance.)

  • ILikeRamenNoodles

    I didn't read the whole thing. I recommen not to read this.

    I will also suggest not to feel pressure to be a famine girl if it's not who you are, 😁.

    • Thank you for the white knight input, Mr. Soy Simp.

  • Muhammad1999

    Live the way you like as long as you don't force your ideas on others

  • young_blud

    How to be feminine: Be a female. Destroy societal stereotypes.

  • stormbreaker06

    what do feminists want? a penis?

  • QueenOfBeers

    Ew, femininity

  • Kaneki05

    Ugh stuiped article

  • Good take

  • Jo1991

    Well said

  • LegateLanius


  • GayHowellMeme

    Wonderful myTake


    Great take

  • BellumEtPacem

    Excellent MyTake.

  • Anonymous

    Wow... it's interesting to see how a woman can hate femininity so much! No need to preach about it! We all should just be ourselves...

  • Anonymous

    The majority of guys on this site are conservative, expert women to smile, be obedient and dress in stilettos and tight clothes. If you to disagree with them on any subject or challenges these conventions, they're like "then be happy with 10 cats"

    • And it's like "what the fuck is wrong with having ten cats"
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • Anonymous

      One guy already dislike this 😂 that's how well they can take different opinions

    • Even leftylou's like femininity, some are too soyboy simps to admit to it, or they're gay one.

  • Anonymous

    Well, regardless of where the author ended up in the first article, it was probably in a much better place compared to where she started:

    "As a young adult, it made me angry when someone implied that men and women are different because that showed they were prejudiced."

    Ummm. . . OR it showed that they had the power of perception. Because, you know, men and women ARE different. If they weren't different we wouldn't need words that distinguish between the two. We wouldn't be able to immediately sort large groups into men and women with over 90% accuracy. Things like that.

  • Anonymous

    Most of what these women are saying is true. Femininity in a woman is more attractive to men, masculinity in a woman is less attractive to men. You've been brainwashed and you don't even understand how you're being set up for failure.

    • lmao not true
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • Anonymous

      It is true. Feminism teaches you to see things ass-backwards.