My Response to the Feminist "Thought Catalog" Article About "What Women Bring to the Table"


The article in question. (NOTE: ThoughtCatalog is a anti-male feminist garbage blog similar to buzzfeed, anyone who writes for or reads it's trash has drank the feminist poison so they will likely live up to feminist shaming tactics and silencing methods.)

So here are some quick shaming tactic debunkers to start with:


- Pointing out general traits that women live up to is NOT "attacking women". Criticism is not an attack, even if you don't like it.

- I don't have to know most women to see the world around me and how women in general act.

- There are traits which are universal to each of the two sexes, and traits which change by person, saying "Not all ..." doesn't make the statement false. You need to understand the difference between universal statements and general statements.

- Being anon doesn't make the truth untrue, and age also has no bearing on a knowledge of society.

- I am NOT bitter, angry, lonely, a loser, fat, sexually frustrated, afraid of women, or any other personal attack you want to claim. (Althougth none of those things change facts from being true.)

- A female's concept of what they bring to the table in a relationship is not relative to what a man thinks. You are not a male, nor will you ever think like one.

My Response to the Feminist


The article starts with the paragraph...

As young women in America, we are brought up with one major objective: finding the best possible guy for us so we can eventually settle down. We are raised with a variety of ideals about what men can offer in order to keep us happy. We will create mental checklists about what a man needs to be and what he needs to do in order to qualify for our attention, but how often do we ask ourselves, “What am I bringing to the table in the relationship?

My Response to the Feminist

It's true that women want a laundry list of things from a male, many of them unobtainable, they expect a male to meet most of these and if he doesn't she will start to look elsewhere.

The idea that men want a similar list of things from a female is far reaching. Yes there will always be some fringe male who want more, but generally speaking, males want and expect very little from their partner. We simply want them to love us and give us our space.

We don't need them for companionship, we get that from buddies (because we can be ourselves around our buddies without fear of judgement or punishement for the things they don't like), we don't need them for protection, finance, stability, encouragment, their intelligence, public status, support, etc.

My Response to the Feminist

When a female says she "inspires him to be the best man he can be", it generally means controlling him and stopping him from doing anything she doesn't like or thinks is "stupid". Which is why society has an on going joke about the "Ol' Ball and chain".

My Response to the Feminist

Women get with men and try to change them. They narasistically think "it's for the better" because what they believe must be the only possible way, she must "know better" and "he is lucky to have her".

But if a young male asks almost any man over 40 who is or was married, he will tell you "don't get married!", why? For the same reason a person who was attacked in a dark alley will tell you not to go down dark alleys... they have been there!

He knows it's the end of his personal freedom, his finances, and his identity, his friends, etc.

Most marriages are a net negitive for men, divorce is even more.

My Response to the Feminist

So when it comes to "What you bring to the table"... The answer is simple... SEX (unless you remove that after marriage like most married women). You don't have to like this truth, and you don't have to agree with it. But for the vast majority of men, sex is why we need you, sex is why we "get to know you", sex is why we keep you around, and sex is how you keep us happy.

This is why society revolves around female youth and beauty.

My Response to the Feminist


My Response to the Feminist "Thought Catalog" Article About "What Women Bring to the Table"
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