My Response to the Feminist "Thought Catalog" Article About "What Women Bring to the Table"


The article in question. (NOTE: ThoughtCatalog is a anti-male feminist garbage blog similar to buzzfeed, anyone who writes for or reads it's trash has drank the feminist poison so they will likely live up to feminist shaming tactics and silencing methods.)

So here are some quick shaming tactic debunkers to start with:


- Pointing out general traits that women live up to is NOT "attacking women". Criticism is not an attack, even if you don't like it.

- I don't have to know most women to see the world around me and how women in general act.

- There are traits which are universal to each of the two sexes, and traits which change by person, saying "Not all ..." doesn't make the statement false. You need to understand the difference between universal statements and general statements.

- Being anon doesn't make the truth untrue, and age also has no bearing on a knowledge of society.

- I am NOT bitter, angry, lonely, a loser, fat, sexually frustrated, afraid of women, or any other personal attack you want to claim. (Althougth none of those things change facts from being true.)

- A female's concept of what they bring to the table in a relationship is not relative to what a man thinks. You are not a male, nor will you ever think like one.

My Response to the Feminist


The article starts with the paragraph...

As young women in America, we are brought up with one major objective: finding the best possible guy for us so we can eventually settle down. We are raised with a variety of ideals about what men can offer in order to keep us happy. We will create mental checklists about what a man needs to be and what he needs to do in order to qualify for our attention, but how often do we ask ourselves, “What am I bringing to the table in the relationship?

My Response to the Feminist

It's true that women want a laundry list of things from a male, many of them unobtainable, they expect a male to meet most of these and if he doesn't she will start to look elsewhere.

The idea that men want a similar list of things from a female is far reaching. Yes there will always be some fringe male who want more, but generally speaking, males want and expect very little from their partner. We simply want them to love us and give us our space.

We don't need them for companionship, we get that from buddies (because we can be ourselves around our buddies without fear of judgement or punishement for the things they don't like), we don't need them for protection, finance, stability, encouragment, their intelligence, public status, support, etc.

My Response to the Feminist

When a female says she "inspires him to be the best man he can be", it generally means controlling him and stopping him from doing anything she doesn't like or thinks is "stupid". Which is why society has an on going joke about the "Ol' Ball and chain".

My Response to the Feminist

Women get with men and try to change them. They narasistically think "it's for the better" because what they believe must be the only possible way, she must "know better" and "he is lucky to have her".

But if a young male asks almost any man over 40 who is or was married, he will tell you "don't get married!", why? For the same reason a person who was attacked in a dark alley will tell you not to go down dark alleys... they have been there!

He knows it's the end of his personal freedom, his finances, and his identity, his friends, etc.

Most marriages are a net negitive for men, divorce is even more.

My Response to the Feminist

So when it comes to "What you bring to the table"... The answer is simple... SEX (unless you remove that after marriage like most married women). You don't have to like this truth, and you don't have to agree with it. But for the vast majority of men, sex is why we need you, sex is why we "get to know you", sex is why we keep you around, and sex is how you keep us happy.

This is why society revolves around female youth and beauty.

My Response to the Feminist


My Response to the Feminist "Thought Catalog" Article About "What Women Bring to the Table"
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  • Keyboardkat
    As married man, I completely disagree with your anti-marriage screed. You sound like you have had an unfortunate experience with marriage and if so, I am sorry for you. But that doesn't make your truth universal for all men. Believe it or not, there are men out there (and I am one) who have been married for a long time to the same woman (in my case nearly 48 years) and who are very happy. I still love my wife, and I wouldn't trade her for the world. And I don't consider myself attached to a ball and chain! You obviously met and married the wrong woman. It's not fair to take her faults and failings, whatever they were, and father them upon the whole female half of the human race.
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    • Anonymous

      If you are 73, you disagree because women from your generation weren't entitled, spoiled, narcissistic children. I envy you sir.

    • It's not that we haven't had our ups and downs. But we worked them out. There was enough love and caring there to make us want to do so, and to get us over the rough spots.
      You just sound very bitter and angry. I can't believe that there isn't a girl out there for you who is a decent, caring person and not just out for herself. She's out there, my friend. You'll find her.

    • Anonymous

      No sir, I am not "bitter" or "angry" or any other shaming tactic people use to silence criticism.
      I am actually a very happily married man with a beautiful wife and kids. I simply have knowledge of; the bias of family courts, societies attack on men, the entitlement and privilege of western women, alimony statistics, paternity fraud, false female accusations, and false victimhood, feminist lies and toxic anti-male attitudes, hypergamy, etc.
      When we stop listening to gynocentric media and look at actual data, it isn't hard to see that the potential number of "good" women is dwindling as the feminist toxin poisons and indoctrinates our females more and more.

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  • worldscolide
    A lot of this rings true.. Though it also depends strongly on the kind of woman you go after.. Take my wife for instance. She is a small town conservative girl who harbors virtually none of the normal millennial or feminist entitlements that you see. She is incredibly supportive of all of my choices, and has never, not once attempted to change me. she's very loving, kind and nurturing, and she knows when to leave me alone.
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    • Anonymous

      I agree, these women exist in small numbers but do exist. The issue is that they are like unicorns and most men seem to be giving up because the pros don't out number the cons.

    • Could not agree more.. Join TFRM on facebook and you will see what i mean. (TFRM = The fathers rights movement) I have been a volunteer for my local chapter for years.

    • Anonymous

      I am part of a couple fathers rights movements as well. Fathers4justice is one of them.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • My99legend
    The problem with this response is that you are not taking a anti-feminist stand (Which by the way this is NOT a feminist article, if it was it would be about some bullshit like how sex objectifies women, so they should not have it with their husband. Instead this article is saying how women should not only expect the man to put work into the relationship, and that the women should put in effort to be unique and worthy of him. This is actually a pretty conservative article. It's say hey just because your a attractive woman, doesn't mean he has to kiss your feet for it.) Instead you are taking a MGTOW stand.
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    • I don't think the issue is with her stating women should contribute, its that the woman is stating that what women want men want which is of course absurd, and that she is trying to be reasonable enough (and that's not a bad thing) but that she is doing it through the lens of feminism, that is that we are some how interchangeable and that what a man needs from a woman is the same thing a woman needs from a man and that is far from the case. It basically ignores what men have been saying they need/want from women while trying to be "equal" which of course makes it seem less genuine.

    • Anonymous

      I am not taking a "MGTOW" stand, you are just using buzzwords that are used with negative connotations without any actual understanding of what it actually means.

      I am NOT MGTOW, I am married with kids. I do on the other hand understand MGTOW and why they are leaving women in the dust.

      My Response to the Feminist "Thought Catalog" Article About "What Women Bring to the Table"

    • My99legend

      Why I said you were taking a MGTOW stand is because of this statement:
      "So when it comes to "What you bring to the table"... The answer is simple... SEX"
      This is not a anti-feminist statement, because just because you are against the feminist mindset, you still would view women as something more than a creature purely for you pleasure. I don't agree with the feminist movement past like the 1960s. When it first came out it gave women basic human rights. But now it has blown into a smear campaign that blames all problems on men, and acts like women should be not only equal but superior to men. So the vast majority of women today would say I'm way to traditional.
      The MGTOW movement says that women aren't at all necessary, or if they are it's just for sex. that's why I said your taking their side.
      So your telling me that your happily married, but you only view your wife as a sexual object? You don't like anything about her personality? You don't like to talk to her?

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  • Anonymous
    You know, you are correct that because you are an anonymous it doesn’t make the truth untrue.
    But, we can’t take seriously someone who chooses to hide behind the anonymous bar when talking about something so controversial.
    It’s like wanting to avoid the backlash and the consequences that they’ll come for writing that.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Okay but your basically admitting you wouldn't take him seriously to begin with so whats the point? I mean he would almost certainly be blocked by many many women (I find its primarily women who do the blocking), he will be personally attacked even though again, if you have an argument against what he says then it should be against what he says (hence his disclaimer because this is a favored tactic, to attack the person not the argument). I am not going anonymous so if I where to say he is relatively accurate would you take what I have stated seriously?

    • Anonymous

      Understanding the hate and vitriol of feminist and the tactics they use to silence and attack... the reason for being anon is simple. Feminist will try to destroy a life to silence someone, they will go to any means necessary.
      It isn't about "hiding from backlash"... it about keeping my family and friends safe from doxxing psychopaths.

    • englisc

      That's not gonna happen here, you're being a little paranoid. Most of my views are offensive to those kinds of people, nothing has happened to me.

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  • MzAsh
    I think it’s funny that you start with your own shaming tactics (calling Thought Catalog an anti male garbage blog).

    What you say men want and what they actually respond to are two totally different things.

    There are two types of men: high quality men and lower quality men.

    High quality men value a woman’s mind, support, companionship, partnership, etc and lower quality men want sex and food on the table, then for her to shut the hell up.

    So which do you think you belong in?
  • lilaqua
    ahhh I love the generalisations, oh and yeah coralee is right if you're not going to marry literally no one cares (except for maybe your grandma) so stop talking about it. Up until around a year ago I had decided i'd stay single for life and I didn't want all this ridiculous fanfare.
    • Anonymous

      I love how women get all butthurt when someone generalizes a common trait of females but have never had issues with men being generalized for endless numbers of things.
      Here's the thing... males have traits that are general across the gender, women have traits that are general across the gender. That doesn't mean EVERY person, it means the general populous. FFS.
      Learn the difference between general and universal statements. If you don't fit the demographic, don't get butthurt and vengeful, simply accept that you are outside the norm and move on.
      "Women are more emotional than men" is a general statement and is a true statement.
      "ALL women are more emotional than ALL men" is a universal statement and would be false.

      Also, learn how to take some criticism, not everything is going to be positive in life.

    • AlphaGhost

      If you can't understand the simple concept of "general statement" then I think you should have someone else making life decisions for you in the future. Your future and road ahead is gona be bloody and shit as hell cuz society is very cold and calculating,
      try to behave and learn harsh lessons about life sometimes you have to give up a little for greater good.

    • lilaqua

      The problem is there not even general statements, they're just untrue stereotypes. It kind of comes off like you've never actually been around any women in a non-mantic sense and had some really bad experiences.

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  • AlphaGhost
    Woman fuck up the concept of marriage pretty bad and crossed the line BUT now complains about it and tend to actually feed them bias, that of-course some people won't marry but others will,
    I can only speak about gen and we absolutely hate the marriage for variety of reason
    1) Marriage use to guarantee SEX but now its free and marriage actually decreases the amount of sex you can have rather than providing it.
    2) Marriage use to guarantee the continuation of generation but now you can even have kids at 17 and you don't have to put up with bias

    There is nothing that marriage can offer to guys cuz emotional support and stuff like that can be attained with G. f or guys. I am amazed How the woman still try to DEFEND The 10,000BC concept cuz it favours them, attacks everything traditional apart from it.
    There are consequences of every decision and its by time woman accept these new rules CUZ MAN have tasted the aroma of multiple pussies and its gona be very very hard to force him to taste only one this time.
    • AlphaGhost

      The woman leaving dislikes can bother to explain them?

      or don't do it. I can understand "you are woman" and you can only think with hormones and emotions.

  • englisc
    Mostly true. Women, feminist women at least, complain that men are controlling and that we have such ridiculously high standards and expectations for them but it's mostly not true.

    If anything I think this is projection - in fact this is true for almost everything they complain about.

    Many women are all of those things, feminist women especially. They have lists of expectations for men as long as their arms. They love to dictate to men how we should behave, what we should do, what we shouldn't do.

    But if a man has a list of expectations, especially if the woman in question doesn't fit them, he's a sexist, misogynist pig. In fact it's almost like the list of thing they WON'T do for a man because sexism are as long as the list of things they expect a man to do for them.

    In the past men had places where they could go and hang with other men without any female influence. When women are around they have to tone everything down because women are more easily offended. As a result the place becomes more feminised as it changes to suit women as per their demands. They expect the group to adapt to them, they don't adapt to the group. There are few male spaces nowadays because feminists can't help but poke their noses in and force female inclusion, they can't just leave men alone. They feel the need to influence them everywhere. Meanwhile, they want female only spaces, which men do not care about and are mostly happy to give them, to be free from male influence.

    They paint men as dictators, but they love to dictate. They then complain about guys who play video games, without realising that the reason guys play those games is largely because that's the only place they get to be men anymore without some bitch trying to dictate their behaviour - and in a way, telling them that they're stupid for wanting this is another example of them trying to dictate and control men. I'm not a video game player myself but even I can see this.

    When it comes to marriage and children, or just a relationship, it is possible to avoid that trap of being under the thumb of the woman. You just have to be very clear about your boundaries, be willing to walk away if she doesn't compromise, and take steps to protect yourself if you do decide to leave. Just take away their power. Most guys who are under the thumb like that just lack backbone.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    I disagree. I mean I definitley understand where your coming from and I would say it is a reasonable statement you have made however I would disagree on the notion that sex is all women have to offer. I think women have far more to offer then sex, the problem is they simply don't. Women are not nurturing as they once where, they are not loyal and loving they are not willing to cook clean or do anything else, they currently have been taught to feel entitled to everything and superior to men in all ways. This has removed all the valuable traits that are non sex related which leaves us with just sex. So I would say they currently have only sex to offer because they refuse to act like women, they refuse to concede that men and women are in fact different and treating mens needs as interchangeable with women's needs is just idiotic and any basic interaction with men should have divested them of such an absurd notion but for some reason hasn't. But other then that yes I agree, I don't need her financial success because it means nothing I don't have access to that and I am still expected to be financially responsible for her, I don't care about her being "strong" because I actually AM strong and I don't need her to pretend like she could some how protect me (she couldn't, at best she would be a detriment in such situations), I don't need her to act like a man because if I wanted a man I would go after men not women.
    • I do agree about the sex part as well.

    • @ThisAndThat Its a real shame too.

    • MzAsh

      Many women such as myself need men to also be nurturing and to cook and clean. None of this "Me Tarzan, you Jane" nonsense. None of my relationships have worked that way.

      Maybe for a hard trad con woman that arrangement will suffice but not for the lot of us. Maybe this is at least part of why women just simply don't anymore.

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  • coralee
    It's interesting how you think men know what women want but women can't possible know anything about what men want. But anyways if you don't want to get married, don't. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you too. Plenty of people stay single their entire lives and live highly productive lives. Be who you are don't make apologies for it.
    • Anonymous

      At no point did I say that men "know" what women want.
      Also, I am married. Very happily. None of that has any relevance to the truth of my statements.

      The post was a response to a twat feminist article who specifically went on a rant to me in another post about how men are scum because they no longer want relationships with women, then she sent this article she wrote.
      The stats show that men are generally getting the hell away from women (outside of sex) and there is a lot of reasons why. Most of them are because of the entitled, child minded female mentality of today.

    • Smegskull

      I think it states women do know what men want. I think the point is women are just in denial about what men want because of the implications it has on them.

  • Curmudgeon
    Sadly, this is all too true. In recent decades, the risks and penalties of marriage for men have substantially increased and the benefits of marriage for men have decreased.

    When something rewards less and pays off less, you get less of it.

    Helen Smith's "Men On Strike" is a very spot on book.

    As bad as ThoughtCatalog is, Jezebel, Vox and The Huffington Post are worse.
  • Nicebutnotlast
    I think, generally speaking, you associate with a group of very homogenous men if they want little more than for a woman to love them and give them their space. It sounds to me like most of your experience of men and women comes straight out of some pretty unimaginative sitcoms.
    • Anonymous

      My experience with women comes from "my experiences with women" and every male I know and their experience with women, not in any way sitcoms.

      You can't honestly tell me you have never had a female try and stop you from doing something "she didn't like", or hang out with someone, etc.
      Famous lines are "I'm not comfortable with..." "I really wish you wouldn't...", etc.

      You have never had a female use emotional or physical punishment because you didn't do what she wanted or did something she didn't like? No sex because "you fucked up", sleeping on the couch because you "should have known better", etc.

      You have never had a female try and "change you for the better" by stopping you from being who you were?

      I am very skeptical about that unless you found the unicorn this early in the game.

    • I would only imagine that by space he means having a little time to be with his friends or so some things that he'd like to do.

  • passinby
    Great take, piece of shyt article. But what do you expect from that site. That article sounded like it was targeting me. The fact that I don't want a piece of shyt woman is my pretending according to that article. Well in about 60years I will quit pretending.
    • MzAsh

      It was not targeting you.

  • Benedek38
    I actually agree with the article for the most part, and I don't see why you are ranting. You don't want to get married. I get it. It's not exactly a life insurance.

    I am as tired of feminism as the next person, but this was actually an insightful article. I highly encourage women to read it and think long and hard about it.
  • RolandCuthbert
    Yeah women! Y'all better get your crap together!!!

    My Response to the Feminist "Thought Catalog" Article About "What Women Bring to the Table"
  • CasaNorba
    I agree all the way brother!

    feminists really can't handle the truth. they can't seem to grasp that concept of "you're either part of the solution or part of the problem."
  • abetterme
    That list sure makes a lot of assumptions about what women want that are pretty extreme. It’s pretty offensive and outright slanderous to the character, intent, and hearts of women as a whole. And men only want a loyal sex partner? I would like to think there are men out there who also want to be with someone who was a friend and teammate aim life. His is a pretty warped viewpoint.
  • maiave
    That's a very sexist mindset you have there. Haha. "Women are like this", "men are like this". Personality traits have nothing to do with your gender. You seem like you are one of those guys who blame women because no one wants to date you.
    • You you say is the common misconception women have about MGTOW men, them not being able to find dates etc etc. However the majority of MGTOW men are highly educated to include engineers doctors lawyers just to name some that quit dating for the fear of women and the system.

  • Mickey9999
    You’re far too you to be that cynical of women so it makes me wonder the type you choose. We tend to generalize the sexes with the bad experiences we have had but no, not all women are controlling and in it for a man’s money nor are all men cheaters and emotionally unavailable. The problem is any relationship is a risk. A big risk. A risk because you don’t know if they are being their true selves honestly. We see and believe what we want/desire to unfortunately.
    • The steaks are way too high for men not to generalize women. All women control the same system men have to live by. I'm glad I'm MGTOW.

  • SkipStop
    Excellent. 100% true for the majority.
    Especially in the 21st century.
  • jacquesvol
    Some guys make bad choices and pretend it'women's fault.
    • Anonymous

      Being a White knight at your age is sad.

    • jacquesvol

      Sad for you...

    • Anonymous

      Sure bud if you say so.
      Nothing dries up a pussy faster than a little bitch trying too hard.

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  • Gedaria
    You could be right. Been married twice didn't regret either of them. As friends I would sooner be with a woman than with a man. You have your views sad as they may be. BUT WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT THEM...
  • Wifflesnoofer63
    Everything you wrote is 100% true. Notice all the shaming language from the females here.
  • Rangers
  • Puppylover_129
    I respect every person opinion, I dont execpt EVERY man or woman to get/want to get married. However, I dont believe a lot of the statments about women. Out of the billions of women and marriages put there, I expect a portion of them to not work out. For many reasons, got married to early, got married for the wrong reason, or just one partner was a piece of shit. And the thing is, a lot of people believe that marriage is this thing that is suppost to be all sunshine and gumdrops and that the simplest things like an argument or disagreement proves one spouse isn't what you thought they were. While sometimes it can show who a person really is and it would be better to divorce, a lot of the time people don't put in effort. And the list of women and men things are VERY stereotypical. Men too want more in a partner. Men also want a independent woman who has a nice job, money, stability. And there's nothing wrong with wanting a partner who has their shit together.
    • If a man only has those things on his list of requirements or preference, ots low key the reason they get hurt so often, because the things a person is, says a lot about them. Men should have standards to, cause that's how they can get into trouble. The same goes for women. Also, sex, it is important. Idc what y'all think of it. That's why communication is key. In my opinion. And understanding. Nobody is a sex servant. I can't personally relate to many because i like it to much, to me its a great stress reliever (no im not a whore, im in a relationship with the only guy I've had sex with) and I think its needed in most relationships (asexual this doesn't involve you lovelys)

    • Lastly, when you have a woman thats got her shit together, you have a friend and a partner. Im grateful to have had parents together for over 49 years, my mother helped and stayed by my dad through some tough shit. They are each others rocks, he gets the emotional support and someone to help him with stuff, chores, bills etc my mom made it clear with my two sisters and I how to act. We arnt any gold digger, petty ass bitches. I dont understand why women do shit to husbands, just like how some men can't understand some men who do bad shit in their life. People suck. The trick is to file through the assholes and start looking for cues. There out there. Cause bitter people who have had bad luck are trying to spread their "wisdom" about marriage when it's really not the case. Marriage is like a gun. In the right hands nobody gets hurt, everyone is safe and protected. But in the wrong hands, marriage is a weapon, a tool for murder or many things (money, jobs, reputation, etc)

    • AlphaGhost

      You can't tell and force men in to believing "What's good for him?" by giving woman perspective about things.
      That's what the guy is trying to tell ladies "You can take care of your own shit" and let him take care of his shit and DON"T TRY TO force it upon him.
      You can't tell what a man want and judging by your age I am 90% sure the guys won't have told you truth either, they would have feed you bias in order to "get in to your pants" but you bought it for truth or wisdom.
      You can and can't blame him for that cuz its our way of winning and woman offer defence by making it hard for us to get it from her.

  • A-man-22
    The one question women can't answer, what does marriage give men that a relationship doesn't?
  • bubble_tea
    The equations in the last graphic are pretty hilarious.
  • groundbreakingpost
    Both sexes "stay single" because it is popular culture, not what biology compels. If you want sex, you want to breed. Breeding compels bonds... I. e. romantic entanglement s...
  • MeganTheButterfly
    Haha, I guess we now all know one person who's gonna die alone
  • SouthernGirl23
    Damn who broke your heart? u just as bitter as a lemon
  • Kayla45
    I'm going to be honest with you fam, this was boring to read.
  • BonnieBunny
    Holy crap the comment section is a mess ฅ (๑⊙д⊙๑) ฅ!!
  • ThisAndThat
    Feminism is communism.
  • CT_CD
    Interesting myTake
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • giovannimontolivo
  • MarketData
    Man, you nailed it. And I love women.
  • Aan9wr
    Interesting mytake
  • sophieea
  • Anonymous
    Feminists are just man haters who complain and bitch constantly
  • Anonymous
    F*** feminism and the horse that it rode in on.
  • Anonymous
    What women bring to the table
    1. Dinner
  • Anonymous
    You know, you are correct that because you are an anonymous it doesn’t make the truth untrue.
    But, we can’t take seriously someone who chooses to hide behind the anonymous bar when talking about something so controversial.
    It’s like wanting to avoid the backlash and the consequences that they’ll come for writing that.

  • Anonymous
    ah poor guy, hard to be born an a***hole... i mean male, isn't it.

    you really shouldn't get married though. You're not man enough.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks for proving my points.

    • AlphaGhost

      We don't need a woman to tell us what Man is and anyone that ever listens to woman are pussies (95% of time) and its the reason Why?
      the majority of successful man treat woman properly (according to femI)

    • Anonymous

      and thanks for proving mine.

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  • Anonymous
    OK, I am BEYOND confused and I'm not sure whether to praise or dispute. I guess I'll do both, cause while I support aspects of MGTOW, I prefer some feminist thoughts over conservative/traditional anti-feminist thought. WHY? Because MGTOW supports giving men the power to be free and happy whether he wants a woman in his life or not. I take MGTOW at face value, the "going my own way" part in particular, meaning, I can both agree and disagree with popular aspects of MGTOW? Men's Rights, but do the same with feminism. I guess I'll begin with the first pic. GROSS over generalization for BOTH genders! On one hand, this seems to be an ATTEMPT to make men look better, but it makes us look STUPID! FLAT OUT STUPID! I don't just want "sex, loyalty, and being left alone" when it comes to relationships! That stuff is reserved for SEX TOYS not other humans! I would agree that women often demand a lot, but if it can't even get the gender it's attempting to praise right, WHY would I trust it's opinion on women or anything at all?
    Moving on, I'm glad you seemed to clear up the pic a bit in the next like 3 paragraphs. Kudos. I do wish you got into the topic of women often offering SEX and that's it. Because it's a VERY important factor! This is a HUGE reason why I am not 100% anti feminist! Feminism SUPPORTS women to go out and WORK! To SERVE in the military! And to do whatever the fuck they want! As how it SHOULD be! On the other hand, the conservative, traditional, housewife kinda role that anti feminist women seem to LOVE (and many men don't realize is a way of FUCKING THEM OVER until it's too late!), is GOLDDIGGING! This is why I think you should have gone into the sex thing more cause this is a HUGE reason men don't marry! GOLDDIGGERS! Women who simply think their very existence of being a women that can be used as a sex toy and somebody to do simple housework/child care deserves recognition and praise, meanwhile, let's be honest, it's FEMINISTS that are FINE with BOTH housework/childcare AND making their own money! And THEY are the ones willing to keep the house afloat financially should something happen to their husband's job! Meanwhile, these conservative/golddigger types would rather divorce, get child support money and find some other sucker to be a sex toy for! Now, this isn't to say I won't call out feminism for it's hypocrisy, bc it DOES exist, given they often only like men that fuckin hate them, but still, it surpasses golddigger mentality if you can getone
    • Anonymous

      Also, if you agree with what I'm saying, I'm basically echoing the article you claim not to like. Think about it. How many "anti feminist" women, the conservative, traditional, selfish, gold digging sex toy robots in human form would agree with this: " If you live together, are you being an equal or appropriate contributor financially and doing household work? " Is this NOT something that's an issue? Do you WANT to be the sole provider for a women just for sex? Hell, UN GUERENTEED sex? Think about this m8. I know it's easy to jump on the anti feminist band wagon, but MGTOW and feminism share some values if you look closely. And anyways, MGTOW isn't supposed to be a mob mentality, but independent thinking for any man who wants to go "THEIR OWN WAY." Men need to open their eyes! Start supporting EQUALITY between men and women! DEMANDING it! They have demands on it, but so do we! (think child support, divorce, etc) Let's gain benefits for all instead of constant bickering!

    • Anonymous

      That AND wipe out golddiggng sluts for good! A thing I may add, is I am in FULL SUPPORT of sex robots for both genders. I think it's STUPID that some "feminists" consider it bad and it shows the hypocrites within them, while further making the group of actually true and smart ones smaller with MORE of a undeserved bad look on them! Sex bots OBVIOUSLY are going to be built for everyone, no matter sexual preference. If it actually gains popularity like I hope, while yes, social isolation and problems can occur, as with ANY technology, the benefits are NUMEROUS because it no longer makes another human a requirement for sex, and I think that'd be GREAT! It'd put golddiggers in their place, killing them quickly, It'd lower sexual disease, and perhaps, NO HUMAN will be sexualized because that's the job now of robots :) With that, why would harrassment, cat calling, and rape occur anymore when any sexual urge is taken out on the robot?

    • Anonymous

      In this world, women would no longer carry any kind of sexual appeal whatsoever. Maybe a bit would remain there, sure, but it won't be as serious and crude anymore. There'd legit be no reason, even from the most sexist guy, cause sex robots took it away. Health can finally stop having underlying themes of looking sexy, but actually what it's meant for, which is to take care of yourself! I would hope with all this, a huge wave of men would no longer see women so different from themselves as it should be. As after all, a big underlying reason men see women differently is sex isn't it? The whole "be a certain way" to get sexual pleasure would be pointless. This would FORCE all women to find work that's not about sexualizing themselves, and I would think lesser sexism would put a more even number of women in any position. I think this sounds pretty ideal don't yall? If ya want to attack feminism on hypocricy, THIS is a point to do it on! Praise it where needed, call it out where needed!

  • Anonymous
    Why was this question on the front page of GAG illustrated with a picture of what appeared to be Kate Upton topless, but when I clicked on it, no sign of topless Kate Upton?
  • Anonymous
    I think we should take to saying the "not all of them" line whenever women point out their good points.

    "Oh, yeah? Well women can have babies!"
    Not all of them

    "Women are pretty and have style"
    Not all of them