My take on feminism


Feminism (n): the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

I would say this definition is flawed. The word 'rights' remits the true benefit of feminism. Instead of women being allowed to freely offer their talents to the world by taking on responsibilities, they've made it about the oppression of women. And sometimes it's even said that feminism is resisting the oppression of the common man, too.

I dont believe in making people self conscious and hateful. Which is all this definition of feminism does. So I dont believe in this fake kind of feminism.

Maybe I've been manipulated. It could be that feminism hasn't ever been a noble cause. So forgie me if I'm misusing the word.

But to me, as a feminist, feminists need to focus on expressing their talent and not in ensuring their right success. With a participation trophy mindset.

My take on feminism
My take on feminism
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  • Bee-Hatch
    Thanks for mansplaining your thoughts on feminism to us.
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    • iBeowulf

      We're about to make women register for Selective Service and take away their Affirmative Action. Meanwhile, marriage, cohabitation, sex and childbirth rates are at all time lows. You did this to yourselves.

    • @iBeowulf Don't forget about people with a penis being allowed in the highschool girls locker room showers being "he feels like a girl".

    • *because

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Nice illustration!
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  • MCheetah
    I've studied so much about a topic I don't even like, such as feminism, it's made me feel ill. I agree with most of what you said here. That definition was written and advocated by, feminists. But it's not what they actually preach or work towards (since women legally and officially have more rights than men in every Western country in the world, by a large degree). It other words, the definition is a flat-out lie by modern standards and severely outdated by second-wave feminism standards (which ended 51 years ago). Feminism HASN'T ever been a noble cause. It legitimately hasn't, because women are involved, people like to put on their blinders and become extra stupid.
    Do these two look like they love their husbands and are happy, loving women?
    Do these two look like they love their husbands and are happy, loving women?
    I seriously can't respect anyone who is a feminist, especially those who don't even take the time to see what it is they're pretending to be. Feminism literally ALWAYS has been an anti-male hate group. Like, literally, Susan B Anthony and Millicent Fawcett were known misandrists and they founded Western feminism in 1948, over 150 damn years ago! And yet 99% of feminists still have no f*cking clue what it is they advocate for. Which is male genocide and the destruction of femininity and the Nuclear Family. People who just say "feminism is about equality" really piss me off, with both their sheer ignorance, as well as laziness to do basic research on what they're trying to push onto everyone. It's maddening. It's become more obvious in 2021, but it's like the more you try to shine light and truth on something, the dumber and blind people get.

    In short, there is no "radical feminism." It's literally always been radical. It's like saying "National Socialism is just about betting our community. What's wrong with that?"

    Feminism is now one of the oldest long-cons in the book. There's others I won't get into today, but almost all of them, coincidentally or not, have become modern Liberal talking points and straw campaigns.My take on feminism
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    • MCheetah

      they founded Western feminism in *1848

    • I agree with most of what you said, but I'll add this.

      There was a time when women had less rights. There were many women who wanted EQUALITY, and had the right to fight for it.

      But, that doesn't mean they all had good intentions, and the fight needs to stop at equality, not keep pushing to tip the scales the other way.

      There will never be peace until the majority of us can agree to meet in the middle and not try to go any further, which means, it will probably never happen.

      Same shit happens with racial movements, religious movements, gay rights movements.

      I explain it this way, you'll never meet in the middle by playing tug of war. If you pull hard enough you will break the rope, and all land in the dirt.

      The trick is to stop pulling. Let go of the rope, stand in the middle and let the other guys fly back and bust their asses with their own misguided efforts.

      The women's rights movement wasn't all bad. It was mostly good. But there will always be greedy people who take it too far for their own selfish goals.

      Best we can do is let go of the rope and wave.

    • MCheetah

      The truth is that women had less rights. The lie is that feminism helped in gaining women rights. How many people actually know that the Suffragettes actually hurt women's voting rights by nine years? They were supposed to get that in 1910 (at least, non-land owning women; land owners always had the right to vote). The Suffragettes hurt public opinion and delayed it by nine years because everyone, women included, saw them as assholes and didn't want to support them. The modern equivalent would be like saying ANTIFA got gay marriage legalized in America. Just because a group advocates for something, doesn't mean they are helping that cause. Oftentimes they'll hurt their own cause, like the Suffragettes did.

      Second wave almost did the same thing, and second wave feminists, despite their marching, had little to do with getting women equal pay. This passed because it was previously hurting everyone to not have it; women were being used as cheap labor by companies after World War II (yes, the only time we had an ACTUAL gender wage gap in America), meaning men couldn't get decent work and women were getting paid less to do men's work. Equal pay benefited everyone involved and would've passed even if second wave feminists weren't there.

      On the black Civil Rights end, you have MLK, who helped actually end segregation in America, but then you have Malcolm X, who did nothing but hurt the cause and set things back. Yet people elevate Malcolm X on the same level as MLK. This is what I mean.

      But I generally agree with you that the extremists tend to ruin things and it's sometimes better not to fight them, but to let them fail in the public eye.

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  • Lost_in_the_Woods
    Racism, marksism, nazisism, sexism, capitalism, agracultrualism, industrialism,

    None of those words represent a balance between two opposites.

    Ism is a sufix that means "the (usually very strong) belief in"

    Racism is the belief in a certain race. Sexism is the belief in a certain sex. Feminism is the belief in females.

    It's another word for the same thing. It's deeply misused. I believe it was first used to describe the Amizonians and then barley used at all until the women's rights movement in America.

    I support the fight for equal rights, but saying that is what feminism means would be like me saying "whiteism" means the fight for racial equality. It just doesn't. You are either ignorant, a liar, or both.

    I made up my own word. They say feminism, I say Equalism.

    Filters the pack so fast they turn on eachother sometimes. "This isn't about Equalism this is about women's rights!"
    "Aren't they the same thing?"
    "No, men are evil!"
    "That actually sounds pretty sexist to me..."
    "Fuck you fake man loving feminist"
    "Shit, I'm out. I prefer equally. EQUALISM ROCKS!"

    It's like saying all lives matter. Either we can agree and work together towards a common goal, or you have to admit that isn't actually what you were trying to do.

    Equalism is power. One word can destinguish a human rights activists from a Nazi supremisist in 30 seconds or less.

    The sad thing though... You'll find out how few people actually want equality. 😕
  • Wester1967
    Dude. Instead of proffing these cliche definitions of what feminism is or is not, based on some weird arbitrary thing like how it affects you personally, why don’t you go out and read all of Andrea Dworkin, Emma Goldman, Audre Lourde, bel hooks, Kate Millet, and Naomi Wolff before you start saying feminism is X or feminism destroyed humanity because it’s a bitch to get dates these days.
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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Females in the USA, still to this day, do not have equal legal rights to men. The ERA (equal rights amendment) failed because not enough states voted to ratify it. That was introduced in 1971 and is considered dead today because it's deadline for ratification has long passed.
  • bamesjond0069
    Feminism is misogyny. People who hate women are called feminists. They hate that women give birth, they hate women love to care for babies, they hate that women are not aggressive leaders but make better followers. But that is what a woman is, and they hate it, therefore they are misogynists.
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    • Don't forget men can now give birth.

      They, both females and so called men, are now birthing persons.

  • Celtero
    Below, I've written a factual list of accomplishments that Feminism has achieved to the benefit of human kind, and how they've made the world a better place.

    The List:
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  • In order to display their talents or succeed in life, women first need equal rights and equal opportunity, which they do not get. That's why feminism is about fighting for equal rights and opportunity
  • iBeowulf
    No... hell no. Only men must register for Selective Service or become felons, be fined and lose voting rights and only white men don't receive Affirmative Action in universities and the workplace, both violating the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to the U. S. Constitution. There's also a laundry list of anti male laws to go over, like the violence against women act. The fist thing after getting the vote without registering for Selective Service, which is a felony if men don't register, women started the prohibition era which created the modern mafia and liquor laws which just gave the government more power. Meanwhile, only white men pay net taxes. You can't legislate away nature. Men... real men... are fighting back organically. Marriage, cohabitation, sex and childbirth rates are at all time lows, as I often say. You're the enemy.My take on feminism
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    • hahahmm

      Mostly agree but I'd add that it's a myth that black men benefit from affirmative action. 99% of the benefit goes to white women and secondly to black women. It's all one of the weapons used by feminist in the gender wars but they've fooled people into thinking it's a race thing.

    • iBeowulf

      No... stop... all minorities, namely everyone who isn't a white man, benefits from Affirmative Action; you sound like an Asian complaining about not getting Affirmative Action in certain universities, while receiving Affirmative Action in the workplace, because they don't get as much welfare. Do your research.

    • hahahmm

      Oh, I must have missed all the black men who took all of the jobs form white men. Or all of the universities full of black males. Get a grip. The reality isn't what you think but yes it's easy to think that "all minorities" get the same benefits. Ha.

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  • Dinosaursandanime65
    It was probably okay at first, but then things got a wee……… chaotic. It’s like sledding down a snowy hill and then accidentally falling into a well hidden stream hole
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  • snackthatsmilesback
    Uhh wasn't rights kind of the point of feminism though? They fought for rights that they should have had as people, that they were denied because they were women.

    Now just the rights that they're going for are a lot smaller and more subjective. So that's messy and some often cross the line into trying to get rights above what they should have as people, just because they're women.

    Personally I agree with a lot of feminism, but don't align myself with the movement because of how divisive it's been made recently.
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    • iBeowulf

      Only men must register for Selective Service or become felons, be fined and lose voting rights to this day... is this equality?

    • @iBeowulf no. You wanna do something about it?

    • iBeowulf

      Too late. I was part of the men's rights group pushing for women to register for Selective Service years ago and it's past the Supreme Court and headed to Congress, along with Affirmative Action, which only white men don't receive. You're asking with a tone because you're to weak, lazy and dumb to do anything but obey while uncritically swallowing whole whatever your female teachers and acquaintance tell you to... traitor.

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  • This_Is_My_Opinion8
    I believe there is bad apples I every group.
    Inside the red pill there are degenerates and then there are the ones that simply use it's philosophy to improve themselves.
    Same thing with feminism. My wife and my older sister both are feminists and both are married with the intention of having kids. They don't have pink hair, in fact they are both very feminine, they don't nag all the time about women's issues, in fact I don't remember the last time that was a topic between me and my wife.
    The ones that are virgin, punk hair nagging freaks are very loud on social media, but that's just because they are the ones who make sure to be loud. They want attention and to play the victim role. What we see on social media doesn't represent what most of them are.
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    • iBeowulf

      Fist wave feminism caused the prohibition era and to this day only men must register for Selective Service or become felons, be fined and lose voting rights... is this equality?

    • @iBeowulf What on earth are you talking about?

    • iBeowulf

      They're all bad apples. You're stunningly dumb.

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  • Kevhanma
    Here’s my thoughts on feminism: “SHOW YOUR TITS‼️“
  • OddBeMe
    Why are whites men such snowflakes? Either about this, crt, whatever.
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  • captain_voidwalker
    Feminism is cancer
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  • m33lad
    Deport all of them to North Korea
  • Anonymous
    feminists dont care about anyone but themselves. Female outnumber men in college and they outnumber men in college degrees. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? WHERE IS THE CONCERN? Clearly this can onluy happen because female teachers encourage female students at the expense of male students. The education system is systemically antimale and in the black community it is an apocalypse. Where is the concern for black men?

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  • Anonymous
    Feminists are evil cunts.
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