Its time to wake up and smell the covfefe

I tawt I saw Robert Miller..
I tawt I saw Robert Miller..

President Trump claimed Thursday that he didn’t really mean it when he repeatedly promised on the campaign trail in 2016 that Mexico would pay for a wall along the border.
At nearly every rally and in almost all television interviews he took part in, Trump pledged to his supporters that Mexico would be footing the bill for the barrier.
He encouraged the crowds that fawned over him to shout “Mexico!” whenever he asked them who would be paying for his long-promised partition.
On Thursday, Trump did his best to deny the fan favorite was meant in earnest.

Okay folks...



step right up.. step right up. and see the man with blonde hair make a wall to block mexico COMEOUT OF THIN AIR
step right up.. step right up. and see the man with blonde hair make a wall to block mexico COMEOUT OF THIN AIR

January 2017: No WALL Emergency
February 2017: No WALL Emergency
March 2017: No WALL Emergency
April 2017: No WALL Emergency
May 2017: No WALL Emergency
June 2017: No WALL Emergency
July 2017: No WALL Emergency
August 2017: No WALL Emergency
September 2017: No WALL Emergency
October 2017: No WALL Emergency
November 2017: No WALL Emergency
December 2017: No WALL Emergency
January 2018: No WALL Emergency
February 2018: No WALL Emergency
March 2018: No WALL Emergency
April 2018: No WALL Emergency
May 2018: No WALL Emergency
June 2018: No WALL Emergency
July 2018: No WALL Emergency
August 2018: No WALL Emergency
September 2018: No WALL Emergency
October 2018: No WALL Emergency
December 2018: No WALL Emergency
January 2019: Mass Caravans of illegals. Bigly caravans...

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  • The present stalemate is nothing more, and nothing less.

  • Yes Trumps a living lie and he will continue do so no matter what
    while 800,000,000 American people suffer. We will lose Snap
    benefits , SSI Governmental funded payment part will be cut,
    Disabled on Section 8 and HUD housing will be evicted cause
    the landlords won't get paid. Simply this is case the rich get
    richer and the poor get poorer. Pharmacies who accept Medicaid
    won't get paid for reimbursements for payment but they will get
    the co-pay portion from the customer getting prescriptions filled
    yes this is crisis situation we are in and it's not getting better.


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  • Well to be fair he did say pretty early in that he didn't mean Mexico would literally purchase the wall on our behalf and instead it would be funded by tariffs against Mexico, but repeating the explanation everytime is bad marketing. Also we've been hearing about the approaching caravan for like a year, it was just less of an issue until it got here.

  • No one who voted for Trump because they were a believer, is interested in facts.

    Anyone who voted for him because they thought Hilary was worse, now regrets it.

    Either way, restating the facts is not going to influence anyone at this point. If they haven't turned on Trump after the last two years, they never will.

  • 6d

    And? Do you think this will change a single mind? He is a living embodiment of the totalitarian ideal. He is in the tradition of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot (among many others). If The Leader says it is true, it is true or shall be made true.

  • 5d

    I am not that good when it comes to politics but i do a lot of reading and do watch documentaries about a lot of things and immigrants is one of them. The highest percentage of illegal immigrants that made it to united states from mexico is just by walking the border and UNDERGROUND TUNNELS. So just let's say little Donnie gets his stupid wall, isn't it just waste of money and supplies because the smugglers will find a way like digging more tunnels or find a new way to fly over? I mean! Even a 14 year old idiot would think of that while watching a rabbit digging a hole under the fence or see a squirrel jumping over some hedge. Just saying ! And the wall idea is coming from a guy that is a president , hhahah WTF! A PRESIDENT OF A NATION. Anyhow! So what Donnie up to at the moment?

  • Thats what they do every time, there is a speech from obama about how they lie every time...
    Im not pro obama, but in this case im with him...

  • 800 million Americans will suffer? That's about 475 more Americans currently in existence.

  • Its ALL politics, there is no good guy. Politics in general 👎🏽

  • I"m smelling something, but it's not covfefe

  • Trump's face in that first pic is priceless.


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