It is Time to Love Your Alarm!

As you can tell , this is about best alarms to wake to !

Just enjoy your alarm
Just enjoy your alarm

I hope i get all the good ones


If you are hard sleeper ,this would wake you up slowly and then you will be banging your head , and rush all over the place .


Soft , nice voice of Amy lee , with a good distortion guitar, it is a good way to wake up , if you are a moderate sleeper .


This is a nice way to wake up, classy ,smooth , if you are a light head sleeper , you will wake up with a smile .


Annie, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Annie? that is enough to make you wake up, and move to the groove .


Twist and shout your way out of bed ,it is a new day .


Everything is going to be good, feel good and wake up.


I Feel good indeed, get up it is FREAKING JAMES BROW Waking you up.


Smooth , and sound you wake up to a moving sound of violin.


If you are always late, then you better have this alarm lol.


My cousin had this one, waking him up for prayers , haha it was good.

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  • You've chosen nice songs, but it's better to wake up to melodies that gradually get louder and with a faster rhythm and are calm in the beginning. Otherwise you wake up fast, but its a huge shock for your body and mind and you might end up being more tired later in the day than if you used a calmer melody for an alarm.

    • Maybe
      But some people needs a lot to wake up xd

    • Trust me, when I sleep people can mistake me for being dead, I've tried evertything, I've had half the songs from your list as alarms, I've had 10 alarms and I've had one. But those fast rythm songs are a great shock in the morning. They're more like for after waking up.

    • Maybe lolz
      I am crazy , i put some loud music in the morning ride XD

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  • This is a nice idea but I've tried waking up to music before and somehow it just became a part of my dream, so I was late for highschool a couple times. The only thing that works for me is that repetitive beeping sound that I loath.

  • So far I ended up hating each song I've put on as alarm tone after just a few days...

    • hehe you have ten
      so that is two months of alarms ;)

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    • Nothing ๐Ÿ˜… I'm used to my preset alarm by now anyway. at least I do not "lose" songs I liked this way ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • That is nice :)
      Which song here do you like the most?
      Cuz there are a lot of different genres

  • Alarms are for the weak
    I wake up when I want to

    • haha

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    • No wonder you have huge biceps ๐Ÿ’ชโ˜บ๏ธ

    • AW Thnx :)
      not finished yet lol , gains on the way ;)

  • This is a great list :)

  • interesting mytake

  • I don't need an alarm to wake me.


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