Breaking: New Zealand terror attack on mosques yields several casualties

Warning: violent content ahead

The incident:

Earlier this Friday morning, 49 innocent unarmed Muslims, including elders, women, and children were murdered in mosques, their places of prayer, by mass shooters, in addition to 20 seriously injured.

The suspect planned this crime on Friday morning, since mosques are the fullest at that time because of Muslims' Friday prayer.

Live broadcast:

The incident was even broadcasted live on Facebook, the horrible terrifying footage spread widely on social media and the websites are still struggling to remove the video and keep it from spreading, shows how poor their management of harmful content on their sites is.

The manifesto:

Just before the attack, an account believed to belong to the gunman posted a link to an 87-page white nationalist manifesto online. The unsigned manifesto is filled with anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments, as well as explanations for an attack.
In the manifesto, he identifies himself as a white man, born in Australia, and lists the white nationalists who have inspired him.

In addition, the manifesto's language highly mimics that of ISIS and Al-Qaeda writings, except that he took it from an extremist crusader's perspective, saying the attack was carried out by the "Reborn Knights of Templar", and his messages were to unleash chaos and wars between peoples.

Democrats' reactions:

Breaking: New Zealand terror attack on mosques yields several casualties

Many Democrats expressed their feelings of grief and sent their condolences to the friends and families of the victims, these Democrats included Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and most importantly, Donald Trump.

Breaking: New Zealand terror attack on mosques yields several casualties

William and Kate, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have said they have all spent time in Christchurch and its "open-hearted and generous" people.

They condemned the violence on the Muslim community, calling it "horrifying assault on a way of life that embodies decency, community, and friendship."

Breaking: New Zealand terror attack on mosques yields several casualties

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the terror attack in New Zealand and vowed to work with the country "to take action against violent extremism."

Here's what he said in a statement:

"To the people of New Zealand and to Muslim communities around the world: You are in our hearts and minds. We join in your grief and stand with you at this incredibly difficult time."
Trudeau also said the world must "recognize diversity as a source of strength, and not a threat."

"We must all confront Islamophobia and work to create a world in which all people—no matter their faith, where they live, or where they were born—can feel safe and secure," he said.

The witnesses:

Breaking: New Zealand terror attack on mosques yields several casualties

One of the witnesses prayed the shooter would run out of bullets, but unfortunately, the shooting continued for 15 minutes.

Another witness who was passing by the mosque saw a man who's been shot in the leg and a father with his injured 4-year-old daughter begging for an urgent ambulance, the witness quickly gave them an instant ride to the nearest hospital.

FBI ready to help:

Breaking: New Zealand terror attack on mosques yields several casualties

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that they are "ready to help" in this situation in any way possible, "The FBI stands ready to assist our New Zealand law enforcement partners." they said.

The FBI has special agents posted in the region, including in Canberra, Australia.

The FBI normally becomes involved in a non-American investigation only at the invitation of a foreign country, it's not clear whether this is the case in this situation.

In addition, many countries of the world have reinforced their security on mosques to prevent any further attacks, claming "nobody should be afraid to practice their religion in their worshipping places"

How you can help:

CNN's Impact Your World is vetting organizations where you can donate to those affected.

One of them is the New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups. It has launched a crowdfunding campaign to collect funds helping victims of the attack and their families.

You can find these organizations (and soon-to-be-vetted ones) here:

My opinion:

This is why white supremacists and Islamophobes shouldn't be treated like everyone else, they need to be given mental therapy and they need to be schooled from zero, why does color, religion, and origin matter when the thoughts of killing innocents is okay to have? You have no right to hate a group just because a tiny percentage of them commited unacceptable crimes and actions, that's a serious mental illness that leads to several hate crimes such as this one, many of those mentally ill people wouldn't hesitate to commit this same crime if they were allowed to or if there were no consequences.

You don't fight hate with hate, you're just adding to the fire.

If you want to hate for no reason and stay ignorant, fine, there's no changing the purposeless grudge in your head, but just like we don't shove our religion in your face, don't shove your hate in our faces, especially in the form of BULLETS.


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  • Governments isn't dealing with terrorism seriously. Be it Muslim terrorism, Christian terrorism or hindu terrorism etc.
    And in result innocent people are dying, while governments are secure behind their security guards.
    I'm ashamed on them. 😔

  • This a very well-written take, @Syrian_survivor. I agree with you. Thank you for sharing. May God comfort the families of the victims and their entire community.


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  • I am so proud of you and I wish you read mytakes but I think you don't like me.


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  • you need to learn how to see through the bias in the media.
    Also, being a "white supremacist" is not limited to being radical right wing, this guy was a radical Leftist.

    • didn't the manifesto specifically mention Trump though?
      Also no one is blaming Trump they're blaming islamaphobic people and white supremacists. And I distinctly remember the killing of the gay people by Muslims was treated as a joke by conservatives who said "Who will the democrats defend now"

    • @Hypnos0929 Yeah he mentions Trump and his views were in line with left wing news source narratives about Trumps policies. He was 100% a leftist.

      Plenty of news sources, journalists, etc.. are blaming Trump and conservatives, equating being a Trump supporter with being at fault. This shouldn't even need to be said, it's literally been all over the news.

      First there wasn't a massive media campaign saying "Who will the democrats defend now" so you can't compare the two. Also it wasn't a "haha joke" it was pointing out how insane the left has become, how the only standards they now have is double standards. You can't even tell satire from truth now when it comes to the left, that's how radical it's become.

  • who cares? the Federal agencys around the world have been busting mosques that have been harboring terrorists living in the mosques since the early 1990's. why should we be forced to intergrate with them? THE ONLY REAL REFUGEES FROM SYRIA WERE THE CHRISTIANS FLEEING FROM ISIS, AND THEY NEVER RECEIVED "REFUGEE STATUS"!!! not to mention 99 out of 100 refugees in Europe are men, seem like a plan for a future attack? OBVIOUSLY!

  • I dislike Muslims but this (killing them just because they are Muslims) is sick. He killed innocent people when ISIS terrorists are present.

  • "why does color, religion, and origin matter when the thoughts of killing innocents is okay to have? "
    Sorry but there are genocides in the Bible. Thus that's OLD

  • By the way did it include men? You mentioned only women, elders and children. Only one group of people is missing. 😃

  • Thanks for sharing your take

  • What's fucked is how everyone is playing right into what the shooter wanted.

    This kind of "schooled from zero" attitude and "don't treat" them the same is exactly what he wanted. He wanted to stir the pot and polarize people to bring us to war. It doesn't matter who you alienate, his only intent was to push people apart, even if it means white supremacists get disenfranchised. Because if that happens you make violence inevitable as it is their only option.

    And this is why he said shit like "subscribe to pewdiepie" and other things, because at the mere mention of these things preceding the act makes everyone freak out about those things. Name a bunch of superficially controversial things, do something insane, and everyone flips out about everything said by attacking the innocuous things talked about and ignoring the real facts he observed.

    Yes he is adding to the fire, that's his goal. So there's no point in arguing with him as if he didn't understand what he was doing. But everyone's reaction to this is what is fanning the flames. Banning the guns. Censoring people. This is exactly what he wanted. Expect reprisal attacks from extreme Islamists, and around and around we go. It would be a miracle if things don't get worse before they get better.

  • Damn he should have killed more


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