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People of my city been here..
People of my city been here..

Trump’s Yanked Support for Hudson Tunnel Angers Those Who Saw a Done Deal

Mr. Trump has promised to spur “the biggest and boldest infrastructure investment in American history.” So his opposition to an established project that is widely considered a solution to one of the nation’s most critical infrastructure needs has confounded even veterans of his own party. Some fear that Mr. Trump is jeopardizing commerce along the Eastern Seaboard simply to spite Senator Charles E. Schumer, the Democratic leader from New York.


Ah yes. Temper Tantrum Turd is crying yet again....


As the NY Times states (Sorry Keyboard Warriors, this is an INTRASTATE ISSUE, you won't find it on your Fox News Channel, Brietbart or Sean Hannity hit parade)

Supporters of the project emphasize that the New York metropolitan area produces about 10 percent of the nation’s economic output.

These tunnels are vital flow for people commuting from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and using the Amtrack and Long Island Railroads..

But this wasn't only the douche canoe who caused problems....

The Turd buckets other appendage. AKA Chris Christie
The Turd buckets other appendage. AKA Chris Christie

This would not be the first time the plug was pulled on a plan to add capacity to the overburdened trans-Hudson rail network. In 2010, Chris Christie, the Republican former governor of New Jersey, halted construction on a different project, which was known as the ARC tunnel. Representatives from New York and New Jersey had already arranged full funding of the federal share of that project.

Trump Admin. Says NY-NJ Tunnel Funding Proposal 'Unserious'

A Trump administration official does not believe that a proposal between New York and New Jersey's governors for funding of a tunnel project is a viable deal, The Washington Free Beacon is reporting.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, announced Thursday that they were committed to funding their states' half of the Hudson River Tunnel Project, while the federal government would fund the other half.


Oh Im sorry. your fake fucking crisis which you and your klan created on a FENCE to keep out supposed illegals and drugs is top priority over infrastructure.

This is the commute which people deal with out here...

What happened to infrastructure, health care, education, drug abuse, security FOR THE REST OF THE COUNTRY NOT JUST ONE. and to protect you while you go golfing every single weekend on the tax payers dime... FYI... - Donald Trump-loving Staten Island is New York's Idaho Why Trump triumphed here: Staten Island voting by the numbers (BEST PART - THESE JOKERS GOT THE WORSE COMMUTE ON THE PLANET)

Like I give a fuck, they will still vote for me..they love me..believe me...
Like I give a fuck, they will still vote for me..they love me..believe me...

You give what you get. You like sitting in a crowded train, be my guest, being stuck on the highway, bravo! You deserve it since you chose a wall..which is no where by you, than infrastructure

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  • I dont see what the issue is here? Trump isn't advocating scrapping the whole project, he's just saying not to hand over the money right now.
    Which seems pretty reasonable since according to the newsmax article you cited, both NY and NJ haven't even started the paperwork for the project yet. We also just had California cancel their high speed rail project after we gave them 3.5 billion for it 10 years ago, so if that's anything to go by I think waiting a little to hand over the money is a decent idea.

  • He said it wasn't a viable deal. Prove him wrong.


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