3 reasons why Donald Trump is undefeatable

3 reasons why Donald Trump is undefeatable

I picked my major to be political science because fortunately I grew up in Bay Area, it was a very politically involved community that got me interested.

The first reason is that because of actually Obama so the unemployment rate went down, and the other accomplishments from Obama, Trump will and has lied about and took credit for.

The second reason is religion, fundamentalism, and the anti sexuality/reproductive rights of American society. Americans have been looking for a politician that can legislate sexuality for years and the idea that Trump could make gay people afraid to come out of the closet or make people more celibate attracts the vast majority of Middle America.

Third reason is marketing. Trump is a marketing genius, that knows how to bullshit the public mass. He uses social media, to his advantage and has other popular radio, and tv hosts, celebrities in great support of him such as Ben Shapiro, Milo, Steven Chowder.

3 reasons why Donald Trump is undefeatable
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  • Anonymous

    He would have lost if it was Bernie no if and or butts. But this is why he won.

    1. he's doesn't bullshit. he's full of shit but he will tell you his honest opinion.
    2. A group White people felt there rights were being infringed upon
    And felt they well being pushed out and told they were wrong for what they believed. And other ethnic groups like middle eastern people and some Latinos thought they were white so they voted for him.
    2/3 of white woman dont like working so they rather be at home be grabbed by the puss then work hard.

    3. They didn't like Hillary. So some people justified there vote for him by saying he's something new. I dont like her either. I dont like either party I'm loyal to who ever helps me. Dont care about your religion or politics.

    • Anonymous

      I’m saying why he’s impossible to beat this 2020.

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    • Anonymous

      Um no the American public wants someone as conservative and uncaring as an African dictator because that’s what they are used to and those people are scared shitless of change.

    • Anonymous

      Shit I’m from San Francisco and most people I know admire this motherfucker

  • Poormanscomedian

    Obama didn't do shit for the economy. He had 1% growth , Trump has 3%. The stock market picked up after Trump was elected , nothing to do with Obama. The off shore money stayed off shore so Obama couldn't get it and it came back with Trump. I could not find a second job with Obama in there , and found one right off with Trump. Obama warned terrorists US would be bombing them , Trump killed them. So, keep living in la la land with your outlandish imagination.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like your own fault, I don’t give a fuck about other countries when we haven’t had a major Islamic terroist or at least claimed by Islam or Isis in many years. And you know the second reason is true.

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    • Anonymous


    • Yee haw MHO

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  • SexyAshh

    Can there be a downvote for the entirety of this idiotic article along with being too much of a pussy to stand behind your beliefs by posting this anon.,?

    K, thanks.🎉🙌🏻

    • SexyAshh

      Make sure to post a comment when you downvote ladies so i can know how dumb you are as well❤️😘

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    • Anonymous

      Most republicans seem to be kind of apathetic about immigration. I think he won mostly because of social conservativism and marketing on social media along with his understanding of the public on a diverse level.

    • SexyAshh

      I really do not know anyone that I've ever met thats repulican that is apathetic about immigration. I followed his rallies when he was running, literally flew to a few. Im assuming people shouting build the wall with signs amd screaming cheering when he talked about his harsh immigration policies was definatly them feeling apathy🤦‍♀️ i have no apathy for criminals, nor people bringing up my tax dollars so they can live here illegally!. No way!.

      And yes he couldve used certain tactics but at the end of day he's here!. there's no point to keep trying to understand how it happend. He made it plain and square. he's doing a great job and will be re elected in 2020. The end

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  • I can't tell if your trolling or not. So your saying that Obama set up a system to make the economy better NINE YEARS after he became president? Why did he have it wait so long? Also the tiny issue of Obama being the only president in US history to have less then 3% GDP growth (he averaged around 2%). Not to mention economists actually admitted that Trump scaling back regulation, reducing taxes (which we know for a fact boosts productivity as every time we see a raising of taxes productivity/growth drops by the next year) has been at least partially responsible for the economy.

    Trump supports the LGBT community: https://youtu.be/lSVLpzGseXwhttps://youtu.be/J2aK2AgvKXs

    Which is ironic as the left does not support gays if they do not vote democrat: https://youtu.be/kbiZUMirPAQ

    He has also done nothing to suggest he is particularly religious nor has passed any laws that push for religion so that's just objectively untrue (unless you can actually point to some kind of evidence?(I can't find any)). He also has done nothing to control sexuality unless your suggesting that abortion laws (which he has not altered (he only ended public funding of abortions which shouldn't have been happening to begin with) are about sexuality? IF so then you don't understand sexuality or reproduction as killing of ones offspring is not a contraceptive its murder (by law a pregnant woman in the case of murder, counts as a double homicide so legally a fetus is a person. Its only recently that this notion that a living being with separate DNA and sperate organs and a separate heart and heart beat are some how part of a womans body (which is objectively false, they are separate being)). Also that has nothing to do with Trump as these are states who have made these laws and not the federal government (of which Trump would still not be responsible for as he doesn't create laws, he enforces them (he gets minimal say in laws through veto's and such but he doesn't create them so if your thinking this then you really need to learn more about how our government works)).

    As for your third point, well that's absurd. If anything the almost entirely left leaning media (over 90%) would work against his "marketing" as they are over 90% left leaning, they present 90% negative coverage and if you look even within the government itself those who oppose trump are primarily left leaning (for instance the Judge that blocked Trumps LEGAL claim to the boarder wall security was an avid Obama supporter and donated to his campaign. The FBI in charge of the Russian collusion investigation was rabidly anti Trump (as shown in many texts and the fact that they, under Obama's supervision, ILLEGALLY spied on a political opposition party (highly illegal) and used an illegally acquired FISA warrant and a democrat paid for unverified (an according to the very anti trump foreign "intelligence officer"(also all illegal) who made the dossier was completely unverified and was unknown if any of the information was true) dossier to instigate the investigation) etc. etc. So again, completely false on every account. Its almost as if you have never actually asked any questions or done any research onto this topic at all as information that proves what you stated was false is readily available.

  • nightdrot

    Actually, none of these reasons stands up to much scrutiny upon closer inspection. Leave aside that President Trump's highest approval ratings to date are about where President Reagan's were at his lowest points during the 1982 recession and the Iran-Contra scandal. If that suggests unbeatable, the bar has been lowered significantly.

    To start, as regards the economy, Mr. Obama's economy grew, but at rates well below the historical average. Indeed, such that Mr. Obama argued that because of demographic and other factors, growth at or below 2% would be the new normal. It did not help then that growth rates under the first full year of Mr. Trump's policies reached over 3%.

    In grown-up world, those who understand economics and politics realize that something as large and complex as the economy is not that easily controlled. Policies can create a context for greater or lesser growth, but they do not ultimately determine it.

    That said, it is axiomatic, when a President is in office in bad times, he gets the blame. In good times, he gets the credit. Beyond that, Mr. Trump can fairly argue that after his program was passed by Congress in 2017, the economy began to grow faster. The correlation is not absolute, but it is not accidental either.

    As to religion, religious observance in the United States has been in decline since the early 2000's. It reached its peak in the 50s, declined in the 60s and 70s, rose again somewhat in the 80s and 90s, and since then has been in decline.

    It is not the force that it once was and, as the yawning acceptance of gay marriage after the Supreme Court ruling in the Obergefell v. Hodges case demonstrates, it is less influential as a cultural matter than is assumed. Throw in that abortion divides the country and that - contra the thesis in this MyTake - there is a consensus on first term abortions and it is problematic that it is a factor in Mr. Trump's success, such as it is.

    To be sure, those who are religious are not unhappy with Mr. Trump's court nominees. However, at the end of the day, they are not a majority. Suffice to say, you could not swing a dead cat in a crowded city and hope to conk on the head anyone who could even name the President's most recent judicial appointments.

    As to a marketing genius. One need only recur to Mr. Trump's dismal approval ratings to dispose of that one. A marketer who manages an average 44% approval rating ain't what he is cracked up to be.

    Just for contrast, Mr. Reagan hit - this absent a particular crisis or episode to spike it - an absolutely eye popping 71% approval rating in 1986. Keeping in mind that the best marketing in the world will not succeed when the circumstances do not support it. Hence Reagan fell to 44% during the 1982 recession - or about where Mr. Trump currently stands in far better economic times.

    Mr. Trump, it turns out, is fortunate in his opponents. The lower middle working class and blue collar voters used to be at the very heart of the Democratic coalition going all the way back to the New Deal-Fair Deal era. Yet Mrs. Clinton chose to call them "deplorables" and President Obama said that they "cling to guns and religion."

    Suffice to say, it does not take a marketing genius to figure your out that when you dismiss people's legitimate concerns and grievances with a dismissive wave of the rhetorical hand, they are not apt to take it well. To wit, they either stayed home or voted for Mr. Trump. (Indeed, over 400 counties that had previously voted twice for Mr. Obama switched to vote for Mr. Trump in 2016.)

    Put simply, Mr. Trump is very beatable. It only remains to be seen if his Democratic opponents have learned the right lessons from their defeats, or alternatively if they are still indulging in superficial analysis such as that found in this MyTake.

    • Anonymous

      No, once I leave my little city, and state, everybody votes republican that I’ve met. If you think he will win for different reasons you different communicate that very well. The type of autism you have fucks you up, even on the the internet.

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah Americans are Republicans you are in the vast majority like a right handed person. You just say he is beatable but don’t explain really how.

    • nightdrot

      Read what I wrote a wee bit more carefully. You will get some sense of why he is beatable. Whether he will be beaten is more problematic.

      The Democratic party is, at the moment, divided along cultural lines, with a populist wing that will not likely appeal - ironically - to the lower middle class that, as I noted in my reply, had previously been the heart and soul of the Democratic coalition going back to the 1930s.

      As to where I come from, for reasons of space, I offer my replies - under my "nightdrot" nom de guerre - to these questions from this site:

      1) Are you a conservative or a liberal? ↗

      2) Republican or Democrat: Which one are you? ↗

      Suffice to say, politics is more complicated than you seem to think.

  • bill_towers

    Donald Trump was always a man of his word. A strong leader of men. You got a great President, America.
    Greetings from Germanistan.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! same with Merkel, wanna trade?

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    • Anonymous

      And they influence their religious crazy ass friends to vote republican so they just become bigger assholes

    • No doubt. He knows just what to say and isn't particularly concerned with being truthful.

  • i1T2daty

    Staphylococcus is proving to be unbeatable also and it’s
    1) Smarter than Trump
    2) Comes in flavors besides “Obese Orange”
    3) Infects almost everything it touches
    * ironically both are fond of Big Macs

  • bangyourhead

    If you were that smart, you'd know Ben Shapiro isn't a trump supporter.

    Trumps chances of winning goes up the further the liberals move to the far left... which they seem to be doing with great abandon.

  • MarkRet

    Trump's undefeatable because the Democrats are deep in Wokeland and out of step with many Americans, and he's too much of a nasty bully for any Republicans to take him down.

  • BeHappy1985

    The only reason he is undefeatable is because the majority of the people in the USA have an IQ in the winter temperature range and they are drawn to people who are alike.

  • John_Doesnt

    Did you study about how Trump lost the majority vote? It seems like that should be the first thing they teach you in political science: one number is bigger than another number.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because most people live in a big city Vegas, NYC, Chi, etc. Inner city Americans are closer socially to Europe probably it’s like a different country. I’m talking about normal middle America.

    • The problem is the electoral college.

  • Browneye57

    Well, you're likely to flunk this one, cuz you're clearly clueless. ;)

  • MarketData

    Don't forget the "discouraged workers." People of working age who want to work but can't get jobs and for some reason aren't considered unemployed.

  • Chthou95

    Honestly he'll win again because liberals don't know how to separate facts from feelings

  • blythely

    Very few incumbent presidents fail to secure a second term

    Americans tire of "progress"ives. No more fucking socialism!

  • DWD94

    4th reason is that the far-left is way too divisive. The left has been continuously alienating any potential support it could've gotten whereas the right ended up uniting many groups together. Groups/people that previously never saw eye to eye (such as atheists and religious people) all of a sudden became united when they realized they had a common enemy. Donald Trump noticed the division in America and used it to his advantage to get votes, and it worked.

    (Obviously not all people on the left are lunatics. I myself have some views many would consider left-leaning, but in general, the left has become way too divisive)

  • Nadim171

    Trump is one of the best politicians. But as a person, I discovered he ain't as good as I thought

  • kelsey_disney

    100% agree, Trump is completely ruining America

  • ConfusednClueless

    I support this break down!!

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • Anonymous

    Trump is not that bad

  • Anonymous

    He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and barely won in the electoral college against a flawed, hated candidate.
    He's the most unpopular president ever who's approval rating has never gone above 50%
    His reelect rate in key states is about 30%
    He's likely to destroy the economy with a trade war he can't win.

    His odds of winning and path to victory is very slim.

    • Anonymous

      Most Americans live in either NYC, LA, SF, Chi, or Houston so yeah of course dems are getting the popular vote go outside those cities and see the rest of the states and the country it’s much different. I still don’t get how Obama got the the E-college.

    • Anonymous

      US total population: 327.2 million
      LA population: 4 million
      NYC population: 8.623 million
      Chicago population: 2.716 million
      Houston population: 2.313 million

      Population not living in the cities you listed: 309.548
      Facts and math. You might want to look them up before you speak.

    • Anonymous

      LA county is 10 million, it’s the second most blue county and I’m also talking about Miami Dade, Detroit, Seattle, Philly, DC, etc I didn’t feel like naming all the dem leaning cities.

  • Anonymous

    The third reason you gave is the number 1 reason, the guy knows how to get publicity, he knows how to market himself, he knows how to make himself seem relatable to his voter base (even tho he isn't relatable at all), and he has the money and power and a household name already, so it's very easy for him to get his way

  • Anonymous
    • SexyAshh


    • Anonymous

      He will win, no doubt

    • SexyAshh

      We all know this, i literally want to speed up time and have him re elected so everyone saying he's a joke and he won out of luck will see he in fact did not!.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations. You'll go far in the liberal politics. You're just as wrong about everything as they are. :P

  • Anonymous

    1. He talks about helping Americans
    2. He talks about ending us military interventionism
    3 He talks about limiting immigration
    4. He winds liberals up and they look crazy

  • Anonymous

    1. You're wrong if you think Trump isn't significantly responsible for the drop in unemployment and improvement in the economy.

    2. The right to life for all humans is not an issue of sexuality; it is one of human rights.

    3. Obama himself was a marketing genius and used all those same means to his advantage, as will most other candidates.

    I did not vote for Trump, I am not a fan and I hope he does not get elected to a second term. But if he does get reelected it will be because his ideology and values are perceived by a majority of voters as being consistent with their own. He was elected to his first term because of a backlash among Americans to political correctness and extreme liberalism. Sadly, the left is going down the very same path of extremism and intolerance this round and, in my opinion, are likely to lose again.

  • Anonymous

    You want gay people to stay in the closet?

    • Anonymous

      The American public does. I don’t think about shit like that but Americans over the age of 40 do.

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    • I am straight baby , I could prove it to you.

    • Anonymous

      very predictable let me guess women who terminate pregnancies are “murderers” too 😂 abortion is funny.