5 Reasons Why I Support Donald Trump


I first learned of Donald Trump in 1990 from tabloids. (National Enquirer, The Daily Sun) Anyway, fast forward to The Apprentice in 2004. Loved the show but didn't like the asshole. That has all changed and I would like to share my 5 reasons why..

1. He loves where he lives

Yeah I don't know why it says INFOWARS, I do not support Alex Jones. Anyway the first 6 minutes is very telling about Mr. Trump's character over quite a bit of years.. I did not make this video so don't come bitching to me about the incredible hulk sounding music.

2. His announcement to run (for real this time)

Once again I don't expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but I found this amazing. Most of Trump's stances are ones that have been juggled around in United States politics long before I was even born..

3. He stuck in and beat 17 other candidates in the primaries

Yeah me and long ass videos.. Really at that time it seemed like everybody was out to stop Trump. From this (right before taking Florida in a landslide and Rubio dropping out) to the BS collusion from Cruz and Kasich. It was quite amusing to see them both suspend after my home state of Indiana received so many for Trump that the usual "winner take most" became "winner take all."

4. His change from boasting to talking about actual policies and guidelines within

This is the video that I would like others to watch. Opinions from a man that actually supports the Libertarian party. Great talking points.

5. I also support Trump because of his fabulous children and the deal makers he possesses the opportunity to appoint as his cabinet

Hey, a short video for a change! Usually very rich men have rotten children and NOBODY can stand them, but still supplant the lips. Not the case here. The man had Ben Carson and Chris Christie on his side while there were still 4 actual politicians in the debates lol.

I would just like to end this, my first mytake, with saying a few things that I dislike about Trump:

I am completely against mass deportation

I am against the NSA and Trump's stance as well

I wish he would stop with the "What do you have to lose" pandering BS

I agree with preventing further sanctuary cities, but you can't just shut the current ones down

Alright that's it. Go easy on me.. Nah lol say whatever comes to mind, I have tough internet skin.

Thanks for reading or whatever you're supposed to say at the end of these things.

5 Reasons Why I Support Donald Trump
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  • Waffles731
    Donald Trump the fuckboy king
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  • chickenflipper
    1. He's not hillary
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  • Callieeee
    So 1. You're ignorant
    2. You're ignorant
    3. You're ignorant
    4 You're ignorant
    5. You're ignorant

    That's all you really said because those are the dumbest reason to vote for someone I've ever heard of.
    • jman46241

      Hillary? Is that you?

    • Callieeee

      Nope, just someone who's not a moron and is certainly not voting Hillary either. In the choice between Donald trump and satan (Hillary) you pick Jill stein.

    • jman46241

      Lol! Stein is rather nutty, still better than the devil incarnate herself (Hillary).. Are you up to par on the ridiculous stances of the green party movement, or are you just with her because she's a woman?

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  • Fizpop
    I think Americans should all vote for Trump. Because although I despise his racism, I know that he's the only one who can ruin America once and for all. It sounds mean but as a communist I do believe that when the American economy ia broken Capitalism will fade away like a bad dream.

    I'm so excited for it. I can almost taste the proletarian revolution.
  • FemWorship
    #1 = He's NOT a monkey, puppet politician
    and has always looked to share the burden of money/children to be employed in solutions to problems with others more responsible & closer to the problem... not doing their jobs!

    #2 = NO MORE SOP and NO PLANS to stop this waste of human lives, displacement of families while US Royalty pampers themselves with smug faces listening to the bad news
  • ginny_weasley
    People still read the National Enquirer and the Daily Sun?

    Wait this isn't shocking. Because people believe the shit Fox News spits out.
    • jman46241

      I was referring to those from back in 1990 genius.. Yep, fuck Fox News.. Gotta go with good ol trusted MSNBC and CNN!

    • I like to read their latest headlines for a good laugh. As time goes on, their headlines are getting more and more far fetched.

    • jman46241

      I will admit it was quite humorous to see CNN turn their back on Hillary "The Cleveland Cough" Clinton lol

  • QuestionMan
    I can see why you're on the Trump train but personally I'm not quite there yet.
    • jman46241

      Thanks for reading and I'll take a look at your Brexit post..

  • Dred1614returns
    These are some decent reasons. Maybe add which of his policies you support, then these libtard morons won't attack you as much.
    • jman46241

      Eh, I don't mind the attacks lol some of them are actually funny. I actually support some Libertarian views but the party as it stands now is beyond retarded.

  • zagor
    You know, you're still not getting into Ivanka's pants...
    • jman46241

      One day she will donate those pants..

  • Saoirse_Nua
    It is a fair and reasoned take on why you support Donald Trump. I only respond hysterically to loaded takes and questions. As you say in your remarks there is freedom of speech and freedom of suffrage in the US, that said I don't support Donald Trump and hope he loses. Apart from the fact I extremely dislike the man and his policies, I think a win for populism will create a dangerous precedent. The person who wins is the person who says you can eat ice cream 3 times a day, we won't worry about things like cost, diabetes or obesity until much further further down the line when we realise that it was the Democrat system he inherited that prevented him from implementing any of his outlandish promises successfully.
    • jman46241

      I am glad that you show some appreciation to the take man :) I generally value your thoughts within your answers (and supported your decision to start all over on here) But, in this case I have to partially disagree.. Trump's policies do not echo that of a high school class election.. I am a bit confused as to what you mean by cost.. The wall along the southern border? Strengthening our military? Imposing a tax or at least a payback (One Hillary even claims to be about) for companies that wish to leave the States? I support any and all research towards cancer research and hope that it is an important topic in the general debates. With that said, i believe that Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are much more of a concern than diabetes or obesity.. All of which are sadly not being pressed in our democracy on either side sadly.

    • The obesity and Diabetes was a reference to an ice cream diet - Yes Clinton does engage in populism as well but not as much as Trump - The costings on a lot ofTrump's measures assume everything works out to the best degree and take the best possible guesstimate - Long term costings and plan B's are very scarce on Donald's platform.

    • jman46241

      What measures are you referring to? Assuming that Mr. Trump gets elected in, mass deportation will get shut down by the House. I hope that his cabinet lobbies against nuclear proliferation as well. I'm a little lost on the ice cream diet, my apologies.. I also don't like to use comparisons, but I have not seen an effective plan B since the first Bush was in office as sad as that is to say..

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  • Alex88F
    Trump = Ronald Reagan part III with a dash of George W. Bush & Berlusconi
    you're doomed buddy, totally fucking doomed
    • jman46241

      Well at least you didn't compare him to Hitler and Mussolini.. Haha what's the comparison you draw to Herbert Walker Sr?

    • Alex88F

      Herbert Walker Sr? who's that?

    • The American economy was terrible under Reagan!

      ... Said no one ever

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  • Righttobeararms83
    funny thing about Trump is that if the Democrats had actually put up a worthy candidate he wouldn't have a shot in hell. America hates Hillary.
    • jman46241

      Yeah That's why they are still neck and neck.. Are you referring to Bernie?

    • Im not a democrat but I would have voted for Bernie over trump so would have most republicans but Hillary is incompetent and corrupt. Hell I would have voted for Michelle Obama over Hillary.

    • jman46241

      I'm not a Republican, more of a Libertarian. Bernie would not have lasted if even given the nomination. His heart wasn't just there towards the end. I disagreed with his socialistic views, but liked his demeanor.

  • Triss
    I agree trump loves America but he is racist
    I can't stand racists never
    • jman46241

      Not a racist by any means.. This is a man that went to bat to allow "minorities" into prestigious clubs in South Florida. ijr.com/.../ This is a good entry type article, as there are many more to debunk racism or sexism on Trump's part. Many written in the previous decade..

  • Nitanica
    Hillary Clinton is the devil.
    • jman46241

      I kinda thought so but she coughs way too much..

    • Nitanica

      @jman46241 Smoke inhalation from hell lol

  • Tarvold
    "Reason" to support Trump is such an oxymoron.
  • ITalkYouListen
    These are not reasons.
  • Anonymous
    I genuinely believe Trump says a lot of things he doesn't believe, just to get elected.

    I am hoping the extreme racist anti-science stuff, is the stuff he's faking.

    I could be wrong.
    • jman46241

      You are wrong.. Racist? really? A man that employs thousands of American workers regardless of skin tone or gender.. Lol @ anti-science stuff.

    • Anonymous

      You're denying that he's said some pretty extreme racist things?
      You're denying that some of his comments (especially regarding climate change) have been of a denialist nature?

    • jman46241

      I am absolutely saying that climate change is a ridiculous non-concern. Are you deflecting my point of track history as an employer with what he may have said?

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  • Anonymous
    • jman46241

      This myTake was promoted and now featured, so.. Bad judgement on your behalf?

    • Anonymous

      So? doesn't mean anything. plenty of horrible takes get promoted...

    • jman46241

      I suppose the same could be said about your comment..

  • Anonymous
    I support him because he is white! Finally someone standing up for WHITE America! God Bless Him
    • jman46241

      While I do support freedom of speech or text, I do not like your weak ass racist comment lol anon

    • Anonymous

      Why is it racist? People can love to be black or hispanic or Asian. I love being white. Trump's rallies look beautiful. All my people are there. Love for my people is not racist.

    • jman46241

      It's not White or Black, nor Asian or Hispanic America. Just The United States of America! Lol your people?

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