Why society turns a blind eye to the omega male's suffering and become shocked when he commits violence.


That short guy with a weak jawline, small body frame, ugly face, receding hair and piss poor genes will never be loved by any girls. In middle school he'll be treated like shit. In high school he'll be bullied to the point of becoming suicidal. All the girls are in fact sleeping with the guys that mental and physically abused you.

Why society turns a blind eye to the omega male's suffering and become shocked when he commits violence.

In college you learn that NOTHING truly changes. You see the same shit every single day which is the hottest girls dating either soicopathic assholes or upper class alpha males. The average woman still wants an upper high ranked beta. The below average girl normal wants a badboy.

So then there is you the genetically flawed loser. Slowly you are losing it because all you see are pathetic delusional animals playing dressup acting all important when in fact they are all brain dead animals mating, fucking eating just like random animal in the woods. Humanity is basically a bunch of animals playing make believe. All omega males see this harsh brutal truth because reality brutalized him

Why society turns a blind eye to the omega male's suffering and become shocked when he commits violence.

Into adulthood you realize very fast that as an adult male you can't show weakness. You realize very fast that you the male are expendable and nobody gives a shit if a grown ass male is raped, beatup and killed. The media helps enforce this view by ONLY speaking about female issues much like how politicians ONLY care about womens issues.

The omega male wakes up every single day wondering why even bother. You try hard to better yourself only to be told you aren't trying hard enough. You dress better, speak better yet it's never good enough because we I've in a society where all females can get either an alpha or high ranked beta male. Even omega male females get beta male lovers.

See here in the west and as an American myself I can tell you society relations are brutal. American movies, video games, music videos and books are all about being the alpha male that gets the girls. In American social life you are told to compete 24/7 and bully those that lose. You are taught to not feel anything for your fellow male brother.

This is why the omega male asks why even bother talking to females if 100% of them on earth will reject hi and look at him as gross. Women treat pedophiles and rapists better than omega males. He knows the male hierarchy is brutal so he refuses to even make male friends. Madness creeps into his mind along with depression. He can't get help because all the doctors will give him cliche predictable liberal advice and blame him the expendable male for all the problems.

Laslty, the only reason they become shocked when the omega male commits violence is because they never viewed him as a human being. Even after the crime is over they'll still view him as a nobody and won't ook into what made him the crazy killer.

Why society turns a blind eye to the omega male's suffering and become shocked when he commits violence.
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  • TenPoundTabby
    I get it. I've been there. One of the things that made a difference was the ability to be creative. If you look at the people who have been great painters, musicians, artists, writers, and so on, how many of them were "alpha" men? How physically attractive was Van Gogh?

    The whole "alpha" male thing is a lie that shallow extroverts tell others. You can't do anything about the shallow and the stupid people who think they know what life is about. They don't.

    Your mistake is valuing what they value. Find something you like and develop your skills and abilities around it. Soon it won't matter what others want or think, because you'll have something of your own. Strangely, that even becomes a source of attraction.
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    • I agree that the whole alpha beta omega thing is all Bullshit but it did bring up a few good points about how a man can be abused by societies standards of men until a breaking point and then be somehow suprised that he broke

  • Wvguy
    That’s a very interesting take on things. I see that daily, without the violence of course. I work in the school system and coach archery. Part of the archery rules include in school teaching. I try to encourage the kids that normally don’t take part in an activity to at least try. It gives them a sense of self worth and allows the non-athletic type a chance to compete and chill out. The sport takes so much focus that you reach a kind of meditative state and forget all surroundings. Plus some competitions and colleges offer scholarships that are often sidelined by more popular sports.
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  • Alpha09
    Yeah we've all read this before. Bullying isn't ok, and when it happens it's unfortunate and shouldn't be tolerated. But plenty of people get bullied thier whole lives and don't shoot up Schools. Basically this post should be called "self pity and being single is why I shot up a school."
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    • Alpha09

      Everyone has a choice. And wether or not they've been physically or mentally abused, that's no excuse for murder. It wasn't a self defense situation which is much different.

    • DWD94

      Saying "I went through this and I didn't do that" is on par with saying "Sure I may have smoked 10 packs of cigarettes a day but I didn't get lung cancer!"

      Its ignoring the obvious psychological effects of bullying. And bullying is only half the issue. The school system in general is stacked against young boys. Zero tolerance policies largely target young boys (especially young black boys), and young boys are treated as if they are 'defective' when in reality, they just learn differently. This is one reason why I believe schools should be gender segregated, that way boys can learn the way that suits them.

    • Alpha09

      @DWD94 your cigarette metaphor is a poor example. Your lungs will be fucked regardless of whether or not you think you will get lung cancer or not. You don't have a choice in the matter. Your most likely getting lung cancer. Wether you murder your school mates, well there you actually do have a choice. Yes of course bullying does have horrible affects on children, no one can deny that. Still no excuse.

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  • JackSmy
    Yeah, I got bullied, beat up, and treated like shit, in school, but I didn't whine, and cry about it, I stood up, and learned how to defend myself, and have some pride, and be a MAN, not this 'thing' you are posting about!!
    What is this 'Omega' cry-baby nonsense? Is it called 'Omega' because you are the kinds of cowards that shoot innocent kids, and women, in schools, and then kill yourselves? Seems like!! Maybe on a 'Watch List' now, just posting this, fitting the profile!
    Guys, most SANE guys, know that most women they like, and 'hit on' in clubs, or bars, are going to reject them!! They move on, and find some others, and others, and then find one that likes them!
    I never heard of these 'Omegas' before this post, but I honestly find it the MOST OFFENSIVE THING EVER SAID, ABOUT MEN, AND I SAY IT IS THE WORST PILE OF BULLSHT AND LIES, AND TWISTED EXCUSES EVER!!!
    Life is hard, it always has been!! These Omega D-bags have it better, than EVER, in history with food, a home, car, job, and they whine and cry because they can't get a certain woman?
    What is the common denominator here? Is it women, No, is it life, jobs, anything but their messed up perceptions, and feeling ENTITLED to something that they are not!!
    So tired of hearing this cry-baby SHIT, when you have it so good, that you can't even be thankful for what you have!!
    Man up, and see what life is about!! You almost NEVER get what you think you want, and talking a lot of crap, and blaming women, for your own inadequacies it just GROSSLY OFFENSIVE TO MOST REAL MEN, that GET IT, and know!!
    Your post insults me, as a man, and you should be ashamed, posting that crap!!
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  • Unit1
    Sure. Bullying happens, it's shitty, depression hovers over you every day and if you're like me you are also a very poor boy. Shit happens and it's not acceptable to say the least.

    But there is still a binary choice to make.

    Either you accept yourself into the victim complex and blame women for not sleeping with you. (the popular choice among incels and MGTOW)

    Or you focus your energy you'd otherwise spend whining about how much of evil and hypergamous gold diggers women are for not sleeping with you to looking into ways how you can get a grip over your own life and lead your life yourself. Get a job (do more than just try) and don't think anyone owes you anything other than your salary. Realize that money is absolutely everything. A stay in flow of Money is the first step out. Everything else will follow up during it's course after a couple of years.

    Start now.

    Because women are doing what they're doing. Some of them don't want to settle for dead beats and it's understandable why they won't. So It's our job to get out of there because if we don't then nobody else will.
  • Leafpool2
    Lmao I've also been bullied and yet I'm still able to not make some factually incorrect study about wolves my personality while whining about how I should be allowed to hit people actually. Grow the fuck up dude.
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  • YHL6965
    I have had dark thoughts like that and have been bullied pretty much from 2 to 17, including by teachers and my parents. Therapy really helped me becoming a much more positive person by first stopping to give a fuck about that whole "competition", society rules and clichés. Now, only I define my self, I do what I want and I don't care about others want if I don't care about them. I am free, I live my own life, unlike a lot of people who just follow trends and herds blindly.
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  • Dchrls78104
    Reminds me of the Columbine school shootings. I read somewhere that Harris and Klebold were bullied for a while and that was why they committed these crimes.
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  • MackToday
  • MarkRet
    There's some truth in this, BUT there are ways out of this situation. There are 'omega' girls who have also had a pretty shitty life, and not every woman has self-confidence and focus in life. Stay positive, and work on being the best you can be. You may not get that perfect woman, but you have a good chance you'll get SOMEBODY who could make you very happy. I grew up as an 'omega' male, but after so many years, I simply didn't care anymore, and just did things that interested me. At the same time, the world just seemed to open up for me.
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  • Jaysonava
    I think that America lies to it's young men. In New Zealand we know that women dont like displays of emotion.
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    • Cait_Lyn

      Women here. Seems New Zealand might be lying to you... ;)

  • AmANiceGuy
    True as f***. I know it. Why care about women if you are never going to get one?
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    • MarketNews

      You clearly do care about women or you wouldn't be bitching about it. I'm just saying.

    • AmANiceGuy

      @MarketNews Sorry for the late reply, I haven't logged on G@G for a long time. I used to care about getting women but I just don't anymore. I'm not bitching, I am saying the truth

    • MarketNews

      No problem at all, it's always good to hear from you.

  • HereIbe
    Try working on yourself instead of having a pissy-pity party.
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
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  • DDpsy
    Oh... Cry me a fucking river!!!
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  • MarketNews
    Just give the guy a gun and enjoy the show.
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    • MarketNews

      Wait, did you say your name was Jennifer?

  • Anonymous
    I've been there. In general those who haven't experienced what you've experienced will never get it. Even now these commenters have completely missed the point of your post, talking about school shootings and wolves and shit, but I get it.

    People pretend to give a shit but they really don't. All of these feminist women here will talk all day about "toxic masculinity" and how harmful it is to men, how they want men to open up, asking why we don't. Then they shit all over men asking for advice, mocking them, mocking guys trying to improve themselves, just as they did in school. Guys do this less I notice, but they do it too.

    You're on your own, yes. Don't expect any sympathy from anybody, nobody else gives a shit about your problems. That means that writing a take like this is a complete waste of time, all that most people are going to do is mock you. Those same people telling you to be honest about your feelings are gonna mock you for doing exactly that.

    Nobody is gonna save you, and society isn't gonna change. The only person who can pull you out of this shit is yourself. That's exactly what I did.

    Your mindset is the mindset of somebody who has allowed the world to beat them down. The thing is all of this negative energy can be used as fuel. Motivation to improve and prove wrong anybody who ever wronged you, bullied you, mocked you or doubted you. Are you gonna lay down and take it like a coward or are you gonna fight tooth and nail to win?

    You're not fixed in this "omega" position. The others are right, it is kind of bullshit. You're just a guy who was dealt a bad hand in life and you lack confidence as a result of all that negative shit. You can better yourself if you want to and maybe be happy, or continue to wallow in self-pity. Either way, these kinds of posts won't help you.
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