More teens are revolutionary, than are rebellious

More teens are revolutionary, than are rebellious

Often parents refer to their teenage offspring as "rebellious"; but when they say this they are usually using it to describe a behavior that is independent (or in rare instances contrary) to current sosciol, societal, and or political practices and norms. But their is a different word for such behavior *revolutionary* is the word which I would prefer be used, my reason for having such a preference is simple.

Gangs are rebellious, the Beatles were revolutionary; historically people have revolted on corrupt regimes, as well as rebelled on noble leaders; the American Civil Rights Movement is known as a "peaceful revolution", but I have never heard of a "peaceful rebellion", thus it can be concluded with confidence that the word "rebellious" is uses to diminish, discourage, and even offend, while "revolutionary" is used to respect and except.

More teens are revolutionary, than are rebellious
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  • rjroy3

    1. No lol.

    2. You sound like you're 14-15 years old saying this.

    3. Saying most teenagers are "Revolutionary" is like saying the average YouTuber is a "Visionary".

    They're not doing anything new or creating anything that's never been done before. It's by and large just a remix of the same shit, with their own flare on it. It sounds nice and might make you feel good to say, but the average teen is not revolutionary in any generation. Revolutionary people are actually rare individuals who make very dramatic change and it effects hundreds of thousands of people.

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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    The youth is susceptible to propaganda more easily. They were turned into revolutionaries.
    The rebellious youth, is normal occurrence. But the revolutionary youth is created through television, the education system, and music.

    American Civil Rights Movement was hardly peaceful and its intention of integration was destructive to black political power. Revolution is a euphemism.

  • I was revolutionary as a teen. Did all kinds of activism and the tables turned quite fast since then.

    I daw my vision blossom in society.
    Of reforming the anti male consensus on campuses. I hope it gets better

  • HereIbe

    Bullshit. Teens wouldn't be able to handle revolution, except as cannon fodder. Teens never led any revolution in any part of history. They did participate as cannon fodder.

    • your taking it too literally, also Bolshevik revolution

    • HereIbe

      Teens were nothing but cannon fodder in the Russian revolution. There NEVER WAS a Bolshevik revolution. There was a revolution in Russia that was spontaneous. Then, some months later, there was a COUP started by the Bolsheviks against the revolutionary government. IN NEITHER CASE DID "TEENS" PLAY ANY WORTHWHILE ROLE! Show data to back up your ridiculous claim that "teens" were a big deal.

    • In the Bolshevik revolution there was no use of cannon fodder

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  • Curmudgeon

    That very much depends upon the revolution. Many Revolutions, from the French to the Russian, led to utter horrors and disaster.

  • Anonymous

    When kids are beinb rebellious they are usually just being little shitheads, so it fits

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