Why are teenagers often called troublemakers?

Teenagers. Some people would say the bane of society.

Why are teenagers often called troublemakers?

Here's how teenagers feel about the way they're stereotyped. This isn't a sympathy thing; I'm not trying to say that nobody ever listens to any teenager at all. I'm just posing the question as to why the media often plays on the stereotype of troublesome teens.

But what exactly is a stereotypical teen like? Well, a lot of people (NOT ALL- I don't want to start a fight) assume that:

  • That teenagers are all addicted to social media.
  • That they're all lazy.
  • That they're all aggresive and are easily provoked.
  • That they're all always up to no good.
  • That they're all selfish and only care about themselves.
  • That they're all dressing and acting innappropriately.
  • That they're all too young (and some people would say foolish) to understand what real life is like.

Just type in 'teenagers' in google and on the first page it says:

Raising Teenagers: The Mother Of All Problems

And I won't deny, adolescents are probably really difficult. Obviously, I have no experience of looking after a teenager, but I can guess.

Furthermore, some of these stereotypes are true in some cases. For example, 81% of American adolescents are on social media. It is also well known that young people are social media savvy and a large chunk of them spend a good amount of time socialising online. However, that doesn't mean that they're all addicted. I've actually seen parents and relatives of teens go on rants about how all teenagers are addicted to social media- on social media. In addition to this, 72% of adults are also on social media and reportedly 44% of those adults are actually addicted themselves.

Another example is the laziness idea. The fact that teenagers often (not always) sleep and lie in bed later than adults. This is actually because they need more sleep- not because they're all lazy. Although I reckon a lot of you lovely G@Gers knew that already! Especially considering some of us are teenagers anyway.

I could carry on giving examples about why these stereotypes are true etc. but I think that I've made the point.

I certainly won't disagree that some teenagers are irresponsible and some are lazy and some are aggressive etc. Although, this occurs in children and adults and senior citizens too. But these other 'generations' and age groups never seem to get bashed for it like teens.

Obviously, all age groups have a stereotype (along with every other type of person that has a stereotype) but the adolescent stereotype is probably-what I would call- the most influential and the most damaging.

I, as a teen, probably don't fit into the stereotype above. Yes I do use some social media, but I don't spend much time on it- I don't visit the sites everyday, or even every week. Yes, I sleep in when I get the chance. However, I get up at 6am on weekdays and leave the house at 7:30am. And please don't tell me to go to bed earlier- I choose to go to bed at 8:30pm. Yes, I do get angry quite easily, but that's because people look down on me when I tell them "Oh, I'm 15". As for getting up to no good, I doubt it. I go home most nights and spend 2-3 hours working for exams at school and doing extracurricular activities. And yes, you're right I don't know everything. I wouldn't claim to. But everyone has different experiences and trust me, teens are trying their best.

But when people look at me, or I tell them my age, they don't know this. They don't see what my life is like so they assume what I'm like from what the media tells them. And the media says this:

The word most commonly used to describe [the teens] was "yobs" (591 times), followed by "thugs" (254 times), "sick" (119 times) and "feral" (96 times).

These are the most popular words to describe teens- taken from 1,000 separate articles.

This makes people fear and look down on us, when actully there's no reason to. 85% of teen boys said that we're unfairly represented but meanwhile 74% of adults say teens scare and/or intimidate them!

The part that confuses me the most is that almost everyone on the planet was or has been a teenager at some point. Almost everyone knows what it's like. studies show that your feelings and hormones are fluctuating faster and in a more intense fashion when you're an adolescent than any other time in your life. On top of this, teens are trying to work out who they are; some struggle with sexuality, you become aware of your body, you become more aware of the world around you. And everyone knows it's really really tough. So why add more pressure to the pile by taking the small minority of bad teens and make them the poster boys and girls for adolescents?

It doesn't make sense! Do you really think- as adults- that this is true, or indeed fair?

Just to explain; this myTake isn't to say that only teenagers are stereotyped or hurt by stereotyping- I'm just putting across a teenager's point of view.

Why are teenagers often called troublemakers?
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  • Justsomeguy9814
    I see it these days that more people in their early 20s are the worst for the laziness, that's where I live anyway. They are all on job seekers benefits and stay home drinking and smoking all day. Teens aren't lazy at all in my opinion, I for example am up at 6 am in the morning for training, then cooking for the day before I head to work or uni then straight to the gym after and then home mostly, I'm not in bed all day not am I out making trouble. As for social media that is cause they assume that every time you are on your phone that is what you are doing they don't understand these days the amount of things that you can do with a phone and quite often you can learn a lot of stuff from the things that are now available through a phone. These stereotypes are outdated and old, the rebellious teen shit is more I the past now I would say from my personal experiences, as I said to me the people that fit these stereotypes more now are early 20s (or it is where I live not saying all are like it?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Bards
    Yeah a lot are and a lot aren't
    Just another stereotype

    people pay more attention to bad eggs than good eggs
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      @Aeon_Flux_21 I'm an angel.

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  • creepycreeper
    Teenagers are fucking retarded and should not even be allowed to post opinions on the internet. I say this as someone who used to use the internet as a teenager.
    • Well not every teen is like you. You're one of the people who should think about this post because you literally just stereotyped all teens into being "retarded". I don't think it's teens, I think it's you with the problem.

  • Riggers
    It's just confirmation bias as with any stereotype.

    As soon as one individual does something that goes along with your belief, It only makes it firmer and prejudices run deeper and more solidified.

    We're all guilty of it and do it a lot, Just as if someone saw a teenager stabbing someone on the news, They would believe all teenagers do is go round stabbing people.
  • YourFutureEx
    For all those who say that teens are lazy,

    This teen boy has a net worth of $14 million and he earned it. (as of Sep 22, 2014)
  • nert73
    Wonderful take! Love it! I could go on and on endlessly on this subject. I agree with what you said completely and I love the picture you posted. I have much too much trouble with adults treating me like crap for being young. Even some adults at my church and school beat on teens for no reason. I don't get it. What experience do they have with every single type of kid there is? This is a small community. We all know each other (for the most part, anyway). There's no reason for it.
  • Mike99
    Well... when I was a teenager I was up to no good :D
    So maybe I'm a little suspicious of teenagers in general.
  • VampireEmpress
    adults do way more harm to each other than teens do to them if you ask me.
  • Thank you for sharing your MyTake i really liked it ,
  • meatballs21
    "The word most commonly used to describe [the teens] was "yobs" (591 times), followed by "thugs" (254 times), "sick" (119 times) and "feral" (96 times)."

    Do you know the context of those words? They are being used to describe chavs, who are violent, drunken, anti-social teenagers who take pride in carrying out criminal activity. The quote comes from the UK, where this is a major problem affecting society.

    They are NOT your average, everyday teenager, they are a specific grouping of young offenders.
  • Tomsta
    Media always focuses on the 'trouble' teenagers therefore the whole stigma of all teenagers are troublemakers snowballed from there. Also the amount of elderly people i've had snap at me just cos i'm a teenager when i'm actually wanting to do something right is annoying. I recall one time some 'mates' decided to do the "put their drink on top of my car" little prank

    Old laay came out thought it was mine snapped at me for leaving it out, i then asked has she got a bin i can put it in she then snapped "no go and find your own" - i mean grumpy lady or what
  • OrangeBoy
    The problem are adults. They are boring and dont support curiosity.
  • AngryHorny
    Yeah, eveyrone hates teenagers. They even hate themselves.
  • zagor
    Teenagers tend to be high on hormones and engage in more risk-taking behaviors. It is also a point in life where they question the values they were raised with, and the authority of their parents, as they prepare for adulthood. It has pretty much ALWAYS been this way - there is a Sumerian tablet 6000 years old where a father was writing complaining about his son not wanting to work and preferring to hang out with his friends.

    Even some animals have similar troubles in passing from child to adult.
  • planetnumb
    That is why they call it the troublesome teenage years.
  • tenofthepeaks
    i don't think this is true mostly old and envious people who say this.
  • The_Empty
    I'm a teenager and don't like teenagers
  • lime_rampljuset
    I know that feeling, by the way nice (My) Take.
  • angelling
    Awesome take :)