Why all Teens are no good delinquents!

Teens are eviilllllllll.....!

Remember when you were a teenager, plauged by acne, school, and the stress of fitting in to the tiny world around you. Remember all the regretable decisions you made; looking back now and thinking why did i do such a stupid thing!

Why all Teens are no good delinquents!

Maybe this myTake is a little biased because of my teen-boppyness but perhaps their is something to learn from this take...

Teens brains are wired differently from adults in many factors:

Risk vs reward

Because teens have a different style of information processing, Reyna argues. They may get lost in the details about specific risks and overly focused on possible rewards, while ignoring the overall “gist” of the problem — source 1

purhaps this is why teens seem to engage in risky behavior such as talking back to parents, skipping school, doing drugs etc. Because we see the reward greater than the risk especially when lost in the moment of peer pressure and fights.

although this doesn't mean our behavior is excussable, it isn't out of spite and complete lack of respect for our authorities 😋.Take this however you will.


Many parents claim us teens act like the sky is falling, but what might seem like nothing to perfect adults like yourself is a whole different thing to us.

By some estimates, human brain development and connectivity is not fully completed until about the age of 25. ....

During healthy teenage brain development the prefrontal cortex communicates more fully and effectively with other parts of the brain, including ares particularly associated with emotion and impulses. The cluster of functions that center in the prefrontal cortex is sometimes called the "executive suite," including calibration of risk and reward, problem-solving, prioritizing, thinking ahead, self-evaluation, long-term planning, and regulation of emotion. - source 2

This makes it hard for us to handle complex situations and high levels of stress. We tend to panic under stress and have a hard time fixing that overwhelmed feeling. So it helps if parents become more involved in helping us through our emotions and school life.

What inspired me to do this take was the millions or humorous commercials depicting teens as foul nasty little trolls that eat weed for breakfast just to skip school and party at night.

Obviously this isn't all teens

However their is somethivg magical about being so hated and steeyotyped as a teenager, almost like a super villan. So adults hate us more because it fules our fire of believing we are weird mysterious creatures that noone understands that we are scary and rebelious like a pack of unicorns ready to charge..... Maybe we are just unicorns in disguise



Source 2:



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  • Nope I was a good kid when I was a teen, hell I've had a job since I was like 10-11 years old lol, I haven't met a lot of teens from this generations but let me tell you the ones I have met are pretty much delinquents, who I would sick my dogs on if I found them on my property but I don't let that affect my overall view of under aged kids, I am sure there are tons and tons of fine young men and women out there, just haven't met very many of em yet.


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  • I think it's a shame people believe this. although i think you only wrote this half seriously. I haven't met a teen that acted worse or did more damage than any of the adult people I know yet.


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  • I acted like a teen, I admit it. Still do sometimes. But long as you ain't getting arrested and causing too much trouble we fine.

  • Kids these days... With their "studies" and "research" and what have you. I know in my heart of hearts that I only trust biased, anecdotal evidence! And I tell you teens are the worst thing since sliced bread. Now back to what I was saying about why this country is being ruined *continues racist tirade*

  • because of the media, society music and television.

    its that simple.

  • I never acted like a teenager. Their stereotypical behavior always seemed idiotic to me.


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