Best Cover of U2’s Bloody Sunday is hands down by Saul Williams/ NIN collaboration and Here’s Why

I don’t love the music video representation for my example I tried to find a video where someone had plugged into the soundboard at a live performance but couldn’t find one so you get a lot of monitor feedback

BUT HERE’S THE THING WITH THIS SONG WRITTEN BY U2- it’s about Irish Troubles, specifically The Bogside Massacre in 1972. But there was also other events rightfully known as Bloody Sunday across the world, one being in Selma, Alabama in 1965 resulting in multiple deaths and inspiring LBJ to start the Civil Rights Voting Act.

Best Cover of U2’s Bloody Sunday is hands down by Saul Williams/ NIN collaboration and Here’s Why

Bono’s song is great because it doesn’t limit itself to the injustice experienced in Ireland at the time, it’s still today very relevant.

Saul Williams is one of the greatest performers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, see and experience live dozens of times. I’ve watched him perform for 30,000 people and for 300 people at Fader Label Tent.

To really successfully and thoroughly cover a song like Bloody Sunday one has to know the origins to make it their own.

“Fact is fiction and TV reality”...

The Irish Troubles were described as an ethno-national conflict, basically paramilitary civil war for 30 years, no one wants that again in the US, Britain, Territory known as Palestine.

My hope is that everyone can take this song and have it mean something to them in their daily life as a citizen of your respective country.

Congressman John Lewis was present in Selma and watched the beatings first hand, he played an important part in the Civil Rights Movement.

Let’s do more than hope to never see ethno/ race related violence on our streets again. Find a resolution and stick by it.

Best Cover of U2’s Bloody Sunday is hands down by Saul Williams/ NIN collaboration and Here’s Why
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  • AndrewMG

    Reading a fascinating book at the moment - In Sunshine or in Shadow: How Boxing Brought Hope in the Troubles... One of the main characters (who was one of the few people protected by both sides) Gerry Storey is a genuine hero of mine, a remarkable man who helped so many people but also lost a number of friends/relatives during the Bloody Sundays shooting.

    • sjoes006

      Well I appreciate that and where you’re coming from. I was trying to bridge the gap to link Bloody Sunday experience in Ireland to that of what was Bloody Sunday in Alabama.

      There’s a common thread and the fight isn’t over when you look at Palestine, we need to help these people have agency.

      I thought the cover was masterful. To actually show graphics of the beatings would have been horrible and unnecessary. We have a sitting m’emmener of the US House, who can still give first person testimony to the beatings on that day on the bridge in Selma.

      The occupied counties were truly apartheid bac when my Da was young. So I always see the same thing in Palestine but also the US voting South where minorities are still being disenfranchised based on income and access to the poles, shutting down polling stations and lies.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour

    I'm a U2 fan and the message of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' was touching.

    • sjoes006

      It’s touching, it’s moving, it moved people and still does.

      I like that it can be picked up and out back down for different artists to make relevant to their own Bloody Sunday.

      For me, I always only just thought of the Bogside incident.

      Like I said, I don’t love the video representation of the Artist covering the song because he’s known as more of an art of the spoken word performer.

      So if you see him perform live it’s completely different. He has the house lights up when he wants you to actually make eye contact even in large crowds. He needs to know you hear him.

      He moves you. Most of his words are his own, almost all of them with the exception of the colab with Trent Reznor.

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  • spartan55

    I know I'm getting old when U2 songs are being hacked.

  • Billy96

    I should listen to this too
    U2 is good
    My uncle listens to them
    It is a great song the lyrics
    And what they stand for
    Where ever u may live

  • tenukitanuki

    I prefer The Hungarian Suicide Song by either Billie or Bjork. I literally will not listen to anything by U2. Hard pass.

  • coolbreeze

    It's a great song.

  • pinkhoodie53

    I gotta listen to this

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take