How to stop feminism, fat acceptance (body positivity) and other SJW bullshit


I'm sick of this stupid sjw bullshit so I've laid out a plan to stop it.

1. Voice your opinion to companies and social media: did a company hire a plus size model or a fat activist? Make many comments on social media and withdraw your support completely. Share your post and encourage others to do the same. Tell the companies precisely why your are withdrawing your support.

How to stop feminism, fat acceptance (body positivity) and other SJW bullshit

2. Post your opinions actively on social media and blogs etc. Post facts about what is actually attractive, and facts about fat acceptance and feminism (aka it's not real).

How to stop feminism, fat acceptance (body positivity) and other SJW bullshit

3. Stop paying attention to these girls, no matter how desperate you are. If you are horny, use your hands. Don't engage in conversation and walk away.

How to stop feminism, fat acceptance (body positivity) and other SJW bullshit

4. Support companies that haven't subcummed to the sjw agenda. This would be higher end brands such as Saks, luxury brands, Theory, Sandro, Victoria Secret, TopShop etc. Tell them exactly why you are supporting them and tell them that you will stop supporting them if they start catering to sjws.

How to stop feminism, fat acceptance (body positivity) and other SJW bullshit

We've been playing defense too long my friends. It's time for us to move and stop the spread of this bs. Do it. Go team.

How to stop feminism, fat acceptance (body positivity) and other SJW bullshit
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  • finster777
    So like some peeps have actual health problems so they can't really be anything but fat but I feel they body positivity isn't something people need body acceptance is what's important don't lie to yourself. It's not important what you look like if you want actual love
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  • Anonymous
    let me guess. a lot of the women in the comment are going to say that this is a fake female profile and that you're actually a man. anyway this is a cool take i hope one day we can smash feminism
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    • Anonymous

      no im an Asian girl. i like ben shapiro, jordan peterson, steven crowder.

    • Anonymous

      i like them too. Jordan Peterson in particular

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  • Nikkiyogi79
    Good take but they need to make healthy food that’s affordable unhealthy food tend to be cheaper. I get heavy women wondering why my program isn’t work for them I can’t do the work for them.
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    • Anonymous

      No. Healthy food is cheap (its like $5-$20 dollars only jeez). Healthy food is more expensive because its more work to make healthy food. i don't want them to make it cheap because it will mean more pesticides and harmful ingredients.

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  • kespethdude
    Look here, another 12-year-old MAGGOT pretending to be a girl...
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    • Anonymous


    • Giggletr0n

      Look here, another 14-year-old MAGGOT pretending to be a intelligent...

    • Anonymous

      @Giggletr0n WRONG AGAIN.

  • Pintakus
    I dont think you really have to do anything, SJW insanity and illegal will push people so right that most of the world will have right goverments in couple of years... then it will get violent maybe but Left is bringing this upon themselves.
    • Pintakus

      Illegal immigration* i dont know how to edit comment.

  • AtramentalIvory
    Women's rights and people accepting each other regardless of size is bullshit? Excuse me while I go record the day rational society died.

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    • Anonymous

      i have no issue with people accepting each other's bodies or whatever. But forcing companies to "include" them when the companies don't want to is unacceptable. Companies have the freedom to cater to whoever they want to.

    • Nobody is forcing companies to do anything, companies will include who they eant to include.

      I got a different impression about accepting each other's bodies from your MyTake.

    • *want, not eant (first paragraph)

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  • colorfuldarkchaos
    Honestly i remember when some people refused to buy victoria secret items bc their models were all skinny. Imagine wishing that a company would promote obesity.
  • TheFlak38
    they are the most suicidal group of people. sooner or later they will breed themselves into extinction with their open borders insanity. Like everyone else before them with similar ideas they too will lose. The real question is who will become the winner from all the chaos they create.
    If we become africa and middle east then they have served their purpose anyway. The useful idiots who helped the enemy to win.
  • Yessir12
    I won’t support Victoria Secret because they hired a tranny.
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    • Anonymous

      They hired a tranny for their low cost brand, not the premium brand. And we dont even know if the ad will be published. Lots of ads get filmed and then not used. Support them because they will do it more if we don't support them.

  • Giggletr0n
    I just pay these sorts of movement ANY attention. I like to use the "I can't see it so it's not there!" idea, it's worked so far.
  • Smiley_face101
    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read
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    • Anonymous

      then get off myTake..

  • gaymanwayans
    Or just ignore it. Winners don't pay attention to losers
  • Longyanyar
    I think feminism (equality between men and girls) is good. The others are bullshit
  • ROCKS128
    That first picture really got my attention.👍
    • ROCKS128

      Most men fail at 3rd point.
      Many are desparate and fall easily.
      And hence women start trying to become what they are not
      The unhealthy cycle continues.

  • namelessyoungold
    Don't call feminazis "feminists". I feel offended.
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  • andrermm
    Let em die
  • Garlan
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Speak your mind with facts that is how i do it