4 Things People Need to Stop Saying About Feminism

Since there been nothing about people bitching about feminism and I'm getting annoyed enough to write about this. So here it is things people need to stop saying about feminism.

1. I'm a man hater

Funny the people who says I'm a man hater because I'm a feminist but doesn't have ANY evidence I said anything negative towards the male gender. Also funny how I am getting grouped with people that said this shit (as feminists) when in fact I never said these kind of things. Funny when I look online I see way more people bashing women then so call feminists. People who hate feminists doesn't want feminists to group people and judge every man for one man actions but.... your doing the same thing to feminists.

2. I don't not think men or anyone is less then women

Someone please speak to every single feminist in the world and ask her if she feels this way then to assume I feel that way. Assumptions don't get you far and make you look stupid when you have no evidence to back up your assumption that every feminist feels that men are less then women.

3. I promote hate against men.

I laugh at this all the time all the time because you see way more online men and women bashing feminism.Also what's funny is you say feminists are promoting hate but how are you getting far if your promoting hate as well.

4. I am not sorry about the extreme feminists

When I see people who are so against feminism it makes me realize. I am not sorry for the extreme feminists because lets face it if you going to hate me for no reason or not getting to know me because I'm feminist.I'm not sorry that the extremists are getting on your nerves I say GOOD. Plus if I'm not doing the crap they are doing I'm not going to say sorry for them and I'm not going to defend their actions but I can defend the movement.

Plus not every crazy extremist online shows the whole group views. Don't assume when you have not talk to every single feminist. Plus don't assume what you think its true if you not talking to every person part of the group. When you only see extremist behavior you seem the worst about people who are part of the movement.

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  • If you support feminism then you support all of those things. Whether or not you personally believe in those things or not is irrelevant. From a sociological perspective you are supporting a movement that derives off of entitlement and supremacy. You can support equality without being a femininst.. feminism is cancer. There is a good reason as to why people dislike feminism OP.

    • This isn't true at all. Women are taking over with third wave feminism. Sluts walking around NYC in skimpy outfits getting cat-called doesn't constitute as rape culture. Feminist in the US are fucking ridiculous for the most part.

      The women are the one divorcing these men and they are the ones leaving their children without a father figure in their life.

      Gender wage gap is a fucking myth and no reputable economist will ever vouch for that.

      Domestic violence in the US is increasing at a staggering rate with women initiating it.

      The American Justice system is extremely sexist and will always favor a woman over a man. Regret is not rape and the justice system seems to think so and this is a direct result of liberal media and third-wave feminism.

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    • don't forget to add in shaming men through ear bursting musicals, promoting fat acceptance and being proud of their sexual diseases on social media and promoting them. Because we all know syphilis is just awesome right? among many other horrible acts.

      O and don't even get me started on how feminism is massively hypocritical while they claim to be for women's rights they do nothing to really help it and they're back by massive banks that are the trade mark of what they hate.

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  • The fact that you completely blew over men's issues and laughed at them because you see "way more" of it happening to women shows you're the problem that people have with feminism. People see what they want to see in order to feed their delusions. Feminism is a work of the devil and you're one of his pawns.

    • Maybe there a reason why I'm laughing at this people on here if you didn't notice they assuming crap about me then want me to them seriously why should i?

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  • 1. Feminism is about man hating, you cannot claim to believe that all men oppressed all women that women are mistreated by men while men only benefit and not hate men. That's just absurd.
    2. Again if you think men are morally inferior in every way, that is they are inferior enough to treat their mothers wives and daughters as property and abuse them and mistreat them as per the tenets of feminism, if you believe that women need more privledges and rights despite having more then men have by a significant margin then yes you do believe that men are inferior. You cannot claim moral superiority for an entire gender and moral inferiority for an entire gender and not believe yourself to be superior because of your gender.
    3. Feminism does promote hate against men as again its the primary belief structure of feminism that men are to blame for everything ergo by extention it pushes others to hate men. This is why we have the "real men don't rape" campaigns despite the fact that few men rape and the small percentage that do have an equal percentage of women as men. That's why we have laws like the violence agains women act and the Duluth model of domestic violenc that views men as primary aggressors ironcily so since statisticly women are actually significantly more likely to abuse men and children then men are. You cannot claim that all or most men are violent and not promote hate towards men, you cannot claim that most men rape and not promote hate towards men, you cannot claim that everything wrong in your and every other womans life is the fault of men and not promote hate against men.
    4. All feminism is extremist as for the reasons already stated. Feminism and feminist groups like NOW have pushed for unfair laws that benefit women to the detriment of men hence men having no reproductive rights, no marital rights, no parental rights. Its not a judgment of an individual but of the movement, you complaining is like a Clans member complaining about being judged for being apart of the clan if you share the same beliefs then everything presumed is either accurate or with in an approximate accuracy. Its a judgment you have pushed for you cannot run from that. If I say I am a misogynist would you not judge me? So whats the difference? The fact is as long as you profess to be apart of a hate movement you will be judged accordingly. People don't judge the movement to be mean they judge it because its actions show it to be wrong morally scientificly and statisticly.

    • This is not something stated simply because I hate feminism, a very simple minded view I might add, their is a reason for it people do not hate simply to do so. I hate feminism because everything it claims is provably false, I hate feminism because it indoctrinates every one it can into believing its ideology despite all evidence showing them to be wrong, I hate it because it obfuscates the truth, I hate it because its a hate movement that has considerable social, legal, and academic pull enough that its caused catastrophic damage to our society and to men and women. These are legitament reasons to hate an ideology. If you cannot handle that then its only because you have become so invested in feminism that it matters more then the truth or the well being of others and that's a dangerous mindset.

  • When feminists stop fighting against the way men sit, we may start believing that you don't dislike men.
    I mean, seriously, is it really sexist and oppressing that I sit with my legs apart because it's more comfortable?
    Also, when you stop saying it's sexist that the AC is colder than what you want, we may start believing you.

    Feminists can't say stuff like in this Take and then do the complete opposite. Actions speak louder than words.

    • never heard a single feminist i know complain or even talk about the way men sit... sounds like the feminist you know are a bit loony

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    • @madhatters4 I agree with that (except for the fine part). And I'm not saying it's ok to occupy two seats because you have balls, my problem is with making it illegal, getting arrested, or even fined. Yes, it's rude to have two seats while people are standing, but if you have a problem, go there and tell them you want to sit down. If you don't say anything, you won't get anything. If a baby doesn't cry, his not gonna get fed.
      The problem is that it's not just about occupying two seats, it's having your legs opened no matter what. I've seen pictures of guys sitting like that, taken by girls and complaining about it, but if you look at the pic, the subway/bus is almost empty. So it's not because you're impeding people from sitting down, it's simply just having your legs opened.

    • in those situations it's the personal problem of a female. but no rider has been arrested simply because their legs were spread and a rider found it offensive

  • Your title is "4 Things People Need to Stop Saying About Feminism" but people who say these things don't NEED to stop saying them. Actually, your title should be "4 Things I Wish People would Stop Saying About Feminism." There is a great deal of people-not-saying-what-they-mean going around.

  • Feminism is:

    1. Something clearly no longer needed in the Western world, unless you start fighting for men's rights, too
    2. i have seen no evidence anymore of anyone campaigning for men's rights. Rape statistics, divorce settlements, like seriously wtf. Jail times
    3. You're not sorry about the extreme feminists, therefore you indirectly encourage the idea. Congratulations, you're a feminazi.

    • Also I advise u to look at Mr. Fearless Banana's opinion, truly compelling

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    • And here is a video with Erin Pizzey. In 1971, she observed the true, dark, beginnings of Feminism in England

      - Feminist movement is a marxist movement
      - Feminist are saying...
      Men are Shit
      All Men are Bastards
      All Men are Rapists


    • Lol because I don't know anything? Ha ha har dee har har. How can I not group you as one when you refuse to even criticize extremists, therefore raising them to your level! You are one with the feminazis! Congrats!

  • When you REAL FEMINIST don't turn a blind eye and be silent at the campaigns made by the VOCAL feminist to slander your name I'd be more incline to not say these things. The problem is many REAL FEMINIST remain silent and let the CRAZY come up up with fake statistics, and voice ridiculous claims about men and female oppression in society and just remain silent.

    After all bad publicity is still publicity.

  • feminism is about female superiority and has been for sixty years. its a political organization that actively lobbies for extra rights for women. women currently have more legal rights then men.

  • extremist feminists have already done enough damage to society. saying that you are not sorry about it is not gonna solve anything. people hate feminism because it takes an authoritarian approach to things and it forces its beliefs on to people. if you agree with this approach then people are in their right to hate you and to despise you. i dont force my beliefs onto others, and therefore others should not be doing that to me.

    if feminists get a law passed in the UK that hatred against women for the sake of them being women is now illegal but nobody says anything about the hatred against men for the sake of them being men then that means that feminism has created an inequality between men and women in the disadvantage of men. this decision was taken outside of the democratic process. thats why people hate you and your entire movement, because of your authoritarian approach and totalitarian tendencies.

    if you get laws passed that support inequality for men than you are going to get hatred for that and i am not sorry for the hatred you receive at it is justified.

    • I'm not sorry how they pissing you people off because look at these comments why should I feel sorry? tell me again me why I should feel sorry for anyone who saying crap about me or judging me?

  • I do not have a problem with individual feminists, I understand that many feminists are good people who feel that they are doing good things. My issues are with establishment feminism, those who make policy, control financing, create laws, etc.

    When I see feminism, I see it by the results of its actions. By such things as funding disparities between programs that are gendered. By laws and policies that favor one gender over the other, by criminalization of neutral acts, by state sponsored war style propaganda directed towards men and boys. Etc.

    • There is a big issue where law making is affecting certain groups and no one is really doing anything about it.
      -wants to ban abortion and force women keep children
      -take away programs that help mental health and so on
      This is a issue where governments are just catering to certain groups for bullcrap

    • No, it's where special interest groups such as feminism lobby to effect law. A good, recent example of this is where the "dear colleague" letter was quietly slipped into law. This is the same policy that allowed a rapist to have her victim prosecuted for rape. Or the "man spreading" law, or the blocking of the recent attempt to change the rape law to be gender neutral, or the British anti-street sexual harassment law, etc. etc. These are your brothers and sisters actions.

  • 1. Yes I agree. You just don't hate men. You hate white European men only and women who don't agree wit you destructive ways too. In other words people should be free to only agree with you. Non white men like the millions of muslims invaders in Europe are the love of feminists. You love them so much that you encourage them to rape you ( I thought feminists are against rape). You even handed flowers to your own rapists in last January in Cologne shortly after the sex attacks on New Years Eve.

    2. You sure? I got another impression with your movement's reactions after the gold medalist said “I feel like I was born to have babies and play volleyball”. Your lovely movement brought us to a point where a woman declaring her natural desire for raising a family is considered not only controversial, but a "hardcore quote".

    3. You don't just promote hate against men. You promote hate against anyone who does not conform with your sick ideology.

    "The nuclear family must be destroyed and people must find better ways of living together. Whatever it's ultimate meaning, the break-up of families is an objectively revolutionary process." - Linda Gordon, Jewish feminist in "Women: a Journal of liberation" 1969

    "To call a man an animal is to flatter him. He's a machine. A Walking dildo." -Valerie Solanas, American feminist author of the scum manifesto.

    4. You just cancelled everything you said above. We don't hate you for no reason. We hate because you're a feminist: the symbol of hate towards anything that is not sick and degenerated contributing to the destruction of European civilisation. You fight hate with hate. It is not immoral. No go complain about sexist air conditioning: www.telegraph.co.uk/.../...sexist.-True-story.html

    while supporting the import of muslim rapists into Europe.

    • Muslim don't rape that much as compare to already established rappers colony. If they do hang them for it.

  • Its about hypocrisy,
    - Feminists encourages women to be strong and independant, yet many of them still expect m
    an to pay for the date.
    - Being strong fearless and independant all goes down the gutter in a one on one encounter with a cockroach.

    Its about empowerment of women , NOT about equal rights, at least accept that.
    - Courts/judges give less punishments to women than men for the SAME crimes, don't believe me? Google is your friend. Yet I see no feminist dare to demand equal punishment for women.

    Its about victimization and exaggeration
    - to the point now every time someone imagines rape the victim is always a woman and the perpetrator is a man.
    - free the boobs campaign.. Nuff said.

    I am all for equal rights for women but when you blow things out of proportion like the feminists do.. You realize there's nothing more but dumb-fuckery going on everywhere.

  • I agree with this

    • To the people who downvoted me,
      I'm a feminist because of how I was raised by my parents and my mother does actually promote mens rights as well.
      She promotes equal paternity leave
      she is very outspoken about advocating for having women sign up for the draft (My mother is ex-military)
      She also is pro have shelters for male victims of domestic abuse.
      To me, if you don't want any of those, they you aren't really promoting feminism

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    • @Bobbyhill1 I'm not going to read your shit I"m just going to block you off here ass

    • @Bobbyhill1 by the way shut the hell up and don't act like you know what I'm doing like of course I'm all for human rights but a feminists is that too, if your so smart you would know extremists twist that for their own gaining but you think know everything. Plus calling me a sexist for what? I'm calling ALL you morons both men and women morons because you all are morons. I don't even condone male genital mutilation so stfu about that. Since that more of a religion thing and I'm atheist so no I"m not condoning it or part of that. Again you think you know what your talking about but feminism is for men and women but its more towards women because lets fact it back then you guys have way more privileges then women did. Just because its not fair today doesn't mean its not better then the older days. So stfu with your bullshit.

  • Four things you should stop saying about feminism:
    1. They fight for men's rights.
    2. Feminism is still needed in the western world.
    3. It is not a sexist moment now.
    4. Men benefit from feminism.
    There is my list of four things. I kinda like my list better.

  • honestly you can call yourself whatever you want i dont react based on labels but rather behaviour, if you're a bitch, sleep around, bad quality... etc you can dowhatever you want but i ain't dating you, basically all this "rights for women " things is not needed in the west anymore these days and the simple fact is that men are going to treat women as they see fit not the way women want, iam going to act like a guy and be attracted to women that act like women and have good values so basically you're irrelevant.

    • Well I agree with you judge on actions not a label I choose for myself.

  • sigh... You 'feminists' just don't get it do you?

    You associate yourself with the exact kinds of people who you claim not to be under the exact same name and expect to be treated differently.

    That's like Martin Luther King joining the Black Panthers in an attempt for civil justice. Or any religious person saying their religion is good because they themselves aren't blowing shit up, shooting up a club, and etc.

    And why are you "real" feminists not credible, nor respectable, either? Because you haven't done anything for your movement, aside from letting the lunatics dictate what it is. Who got to speak to the UN for internet harassment with doctored facts? Who got to be invited to Google to give a presentation about harassment? Who started up a pointless stifle about themselves using the gamergate tag?

    Your position as a "feminist" comes off to me as just another idle soul that lets the loonies do whatever the fuck they want.

    Do I have the time to learn about you specifically? No.

    • I am not going to even bother to try to understand you if you just going to be like that bye Felicia.

  • 1) The problem most anti-feminists have with feminism is that the views are very biased. The basic idea behind all kinds of feminism, even the "nicer" kinds of feminism, is that we live in a patriarchal society designed to benefit men over women. And what all versions of feminism have in common is that they ignore, downplay or often try to censor any opposite viewpoint.

    As for generalising, feminists do that all the time with men. Patriarchy theory is a massive generalisation of men. Men are the majority of the homeless, the unemployed, the suicide deaths, yet under patriarchy theory these men are apparently privileged over women. How?

  • great take. i agree

  • So you defend the movement and you refuse to address the extremists?

    So basically, you're this type of feminist:


    They're USING the movement, so by defending the movement, you're defending them indirectly.

    If you won't bug bomb your house to get rid of the roaches, don't be surprised if no one wants to go in

    • You think I don't address them I didn't want to address them in this mytake because you know there a bigger issue on this site about people being idiots about feminism then the so call extremists you guys are talking about.

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    • So let me get this straight so its perfectly ok to judge me and make assumptions like you people are on this comment and its not ok to tell you don't judge me because I'm a feminist? wow ok. With that type of logic might as well support hate speech.

    • Strawman much?

      Read what you say and think about it. "Talk to every feminist."
      Not only is this impossible, but it's not required. You can say "humans are born with legs." Are ALL humans born with legs? No, but enough are to where you can safely say humans are born with legs

      This same thing goes for anything. You don't have to have 100% unanimous to have an opinion. If enough feminists are man-hating superiority advocates, that stains the whole movement. If you're part of that movement and you defend that movement, BY PROXY you're defending the extremists, especially if you won't address them, which so many moderates don't do.

      No one's judging you simply because you're a feminist. You're getting judged because of this take (more specifically the last point).

      If you defend the movement and won't call out the bullshit IN THAT MOVEMENT, you're indirectly defending that bullshit

  • My only question is to why even label yourself as feminist in the first place?
    Just label yourself as a human; a normal person like everyone else. You don't have to keep on broadcasting it to people, or even label yourself anything.

    People who defend animals, or cars, or houses, or whatever don't label themselves anything. They just live normally, and have a set of values and beliefs, that's it.

    "Stop labelling yourself, and other will stop labelling you"

    • First of all I broadcast it a lot but I'm but ashamed to say it why should I be ashamed of being a feminist? before extremists no one had issues with it until extremists came. Plus I'm not scare what happen have to say to me about feminism and I feel like if you afraid to stand up for what you believe it that just means you letting them win. I'm not going let people belittle me where I change my views because they scare me or punk me into.

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    • Well people bring up divorce and blame feminism for letting the woman getting way more in the divorce settlements even thou courts are always one sided. There are cases where women lost full custodial rights for her children to her ex husband but they don't why know the truth they just want to blame feminism for that shit.

    • I guess they blame feminism for not taking part into the bias.

  • The hidden agenda of feminism is to destroy the family and divide en and women. Any woman who calls herself a feminist, avoid her like the plague. Feminism is a cancer to relationships and has nothing to do with equality. It's a hateful cult of angry women who have nothing better to do than whine and complain.

    • I love that claim please provide evidence that there feminists who are destroying the family? don't bring divorce into it because courts are always going to on one person side over things the couple owns.

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    • The evidence is based on what feminists say, how they attack marriage and family, and how the rise of feminism also led to the decline of the family unit.

    • @hellionthesage there are some lines where a woman can't keep her kids like in Canada if you going to trial for a serious crime (murder whatever) you have your kids taken away. Since a little boy died because of that. Some women lose their kids due to drug addictions or the man just makes more money then her. So no not all women keeps their kids. But regardless some laws are one sided and that is a issue that needs to be changed.

  • My main concern with feminism is how they often have a tendency to ignore the problems of men (murder rates, homeless rates, drop out rates in school, suicide rates, probability of developing mental health disorders, etc. all these men are more likely to suffer from). They also attribute characteristics of men (such as propensity for violence) to their upbringing (they say men are raised to be violent), or ignore the issues that clearly need to be addressed (the rate o abuse present in the lesbian population). Lastly, feminists usually use the guise of fighting for equality to gain advantages over men. I am in medical school, and women had a portion of the tuition paid for, got free books, and a free laptop. These things they were given were most likely paid for by ME, and my male colleges. When a woman or a man says: "Women have it worse than men." I have a huge problem with it. This morosophic statement shows how ignorant they are, and how truly uneducated they are. People have it bad, and people need help. Not men. Not women. Just people.

    • Well I agree some feminists do that but there so many groups that need help its hard to help them all. But do I think we constantly need to do something for women in the west? no I just think people need to do stuff when someone being abused. Like in the work force, home etc.

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  • The problem is that the radicals aren't just a "fringe group" anymore. The National Organization for Women gave an award to a false rape accuser, yet they do nothing against the blatantly sexist Duluth Model? I cannot call myself a part of that movement.

    • That is because there no uproar about the national organization for women and someone needs to bring to light their are not true feminists and should be disband or replace the people that run it. Besides the evidence of the mattress girl lying came out after that and during that time only a small group of people were questioning whether she was telling the truth. Now we know she was lying and she a piece of shit.

  • Personally, I think the bigger problem at large, as that so many of us get stuck on labeling both ourselves and others. I don't like labels, and try my best to not use them... but I'm sure that I'm not 100% successful in that effort.

    While, I can identify with SOME of the typical feminist objectives and beliefs, I don't identify myself as one. A new user labeled me as "a feminizi" the other day, because I was telling some dude how wrong he was about why most girls that wear padded bras, don't do it to "get attention fro men". He knew nothing about me, yet he drew that conclusion.

    I've been called a "feminist, a slut," and I can't remember what else, because I hate to see people judge others and use slurs to label them. So I must have an agenda, and therefor I must be labeled as something.

    What's with all the labels anyway?

    For instance, I try to eat healthy. I mostly eat fruits and vegetables, but I do sometimes eat meat and fish. I don't hunt or fish, but some of the people in my family do. I love animals. But do I have to join PETA or be a vegan to not be labeled as something that doesn't respect animal life?

    It all starts to sound pretty fucking ridiculous to me. What's next? Fruitarian?


    • Labels are so important. If we let gays live as they want. their asses would be so wide that shit happens

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    • I'm sure that you're right about that. My point is that because we all choose to label each other, extremists get lumped in with the more level headed ones... and you can point to any group that labels itself and see that happen.

      I just choose to state my positions on issues without the labels... and even that gets me labeled (incorrectly) once in a while by people that jump to conclusions and make assumptions. ✌

    • I agree 1000%! if you have an opinion that disagrees with a guy your a feminist or feminazi. If you disagree with a Sl*t shamer you are immediately a sl*t. I have opinions on a variety of subjects but won't let anyone else label me for their lack of understanding or reasoning. If you want to use a label on me, refer to one of the ones I've used for myself in my profile.
      As for the carrots, Those poor old carrots. That's beastly. Lol.

  • As a feminist myself, I can't not agree with this.
    It's just ridiculous how many misconceptions people online have of feminists, when logically, labelling all feminists these ridiculous things, it's the exact same thing as labelling all Muslims "terrorists". Only that one is frowned upon by society and the other celebrated. I don't even know where people get this idea that every feminist out there is an extremist when I can testify that I haven't encountered an actual feminazi in real life AT ALL so far, while I'm almost 100% positive that I'm walking past men and women who identify as feminists all day every day so it can't be that overwhelmingly many "feminazi" after all.

    • Right? I only ever see this talk about feminazis online never saw one in the flesh. But I see it too much now on social media where women will excuse men bashing women /feminists and men just like to bash men and feminists.

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    • Yeah there's those guys on here, they are usually the misogynist kind that isn't worth a second of your time, as well :P Whenever I encounter such a guy on here and notice there's no arguing with them because they are just way too far up in their "all women are evil"-mentality I just cut it off right there.

  • If you won't criticize the 'extreme ' feminists, you are defending them, in practice. And since the 'extreme' are most of the modern feminist movement, you're joining with them when you defend the 'movement.'

    • I never said I agree with them so don't tell me I agree with them if you never heard me said it.

    • No, you pretend not to support them, but Ike a lot of people, you stick to political correctness an refuse to apologize for them or criticize them.

      Guess what, That means you support them in practice. It's like Trumo refusing to criticize David Duke. He claims not to support him.. but, guess what?

    • No I don't please provide evidence like I said to someone else they being extreme. Also don't sit here and try to tell what I support I don't support them. They call themselves feminists for all I care because I know they not real feminist. I never be sorry for this bullshit.

  • Why don't feminists stop lying? The 78cents to the dollar myth has been debunked so many times.

  • Sorry, I've never seen a good feminist. Honestly, you seem like a radical feminist by telling people what not to say.

  • A-fucking-men sister!

  • yes!!!

  • Agree 100%

  • I'm not a feminist because I think it's a movement that hates men

  • When feminists stop hating men, I will stop calling them man-haters.
    When feminists stop saying that women are better than men, I will stop saying that they think women are better than men.

    • When guys stop making pink accounts, I will stop replying to their comments.