Skinny Shaming Is A Real Thing And Needs To Be Stopped

Well,hello everyone.

It's me again.

You know reader.... I try to make my mytakes fun and enjoyable, I really do.

I also try to write about more fun and ridiculous topics, I want to talk about nail polish, Kylie's Jenner's new baby and lip shades...But,the world doesn't let me.

Why do all of you have to hate on something constantly?

Like seriously, don't you have something better to do?

There is one thing that I dislike in the universe more than people that hate on things without a valid reason and that is hypocrites.

In our decade we all talk about acceptance.

We talk about equality.

We talk about freedom of being different.

If I could give a quote to what people say more often in 2018 but isn't true at all it would be "Every body it's beautiful."

How the hell are you saying that lie so easily when people that theoritically started 'body positivity' can't even accept other bodies/body types than theirs?

You are all talking about body positivity and different body acceptance yet still won't accept that not only being over- weight is okay, but also being under-weight is.

Why in your head being over-weight is fine and we should all show love and sympathy to the 'bigger girls' but those who are being naturaly under-weight aren't even 'real women' to begin with?

Even if you take it with medicine and logic after all, anorexic and obese, are both equally bad for the human body.

Many of those who were overweight in the past suffered from bullying because of how their body looked, what made them think that it’s their turn to bully people that are slimmer than them just because themselves started getting more accepeted by society?

What logic is this?

And how much do you think it will take till this whole situation backfires?

Being underweight is OKAY.

I'm not talking about starving yourself for god's sake but hell there are people out there who are having hard time gaining weight because of how their body naturally is.

I feel extremely ashamed as a human being myself that a few weeks ago I saw a girl's comments that basically said that "Every skinny female looks like a 12 year old boy.","Everybody is disgusted by how skinny looks." and “All men love curves, none will ever be attracted to a skinny woman.”

...Are you for real?

So I guess with this specific way of thinking,all of us that we don't have Kim Kardashian’s butt and Double D cup size we need to just kill ourselves?

Skinny Shaming Is A Real Thing And Needs To Be Stopped

I’m slim and I wear C cup, but guess what?

I never had the tiniest problem with finding someone that is attracted to me. AND I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE.

But even if I did have problem ,I still wouldn't change who I am and how I look, not because I can't, but because I've accepeted and I do actually like myself.

You want to feel better about how you look?

You want to actually accept who you are?

By trying to make other people insecure, you won't achieve that.

I'm slim and proud of my body.

And that is ladies and gentlemen, body positvity.

And just for the record...Oh well, she doesn't look like a 12 year old boy to me.
And just for the record...Oh well, she doesn't look like a 12 year old boy to me.

That's it for today babydolls.

Till next time, stay sassy.

- AngelicEmpress

Oh and by the way, no matter how many ridiculous comments that show off your insecurity wanna make in the comments section, I will just write your name on my small butt and ignore the satan out of you.


#bodypositvity #skinnyshaming

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  • "Every skinny female looks like a 12 year old boy.","Everybody is disgusted by how skinny looks." and “All men love curves, none will ever be attracted to a skinny woman.”

    Sounds like a bunch of jealous bitches hating what they don't have.


Most Helpful Girls

  • STAY skinny and fit and healthy! let these fat bitches hate on it !!


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What Guys Said 76

  • Very good take - It is a pity it has come to this - I agree we should be in the era of acceptance but there is definitely a bit of backlash built in - It even transcends to other aspects of society - Back to the body shape of people , the only time it should be of concern is when the person is so overweight/underweight that it is a danger to their health and all that entails - To everybody in between, be happy with what you have, you may be able to change it, if you want to do it, if you don't want to or can't so be it once you are comfortable - In terms of romance there is probably someone out there for each of these people and more than likely the person will eventually fall for your personality than your looks - In all the general beauty surveys I do have preferences but the most intelligent thing I can do is realise it would be foolish to discount/dismiss everyone else in fact most of my girlfriends have been outside my type in both looks and personality so that tells me I DON'T HAVE A TYPE but I THINK I MAY HAVE A PREEFERENCE NOT A VERY STRONG ONE IT WOULD SEEM.

  • I agree. Shaming should NEVER be tolerated. HOWEVER, people should not ignore someone who is being unhealthy, whether too little or too much. That is practically the bystander effect - you notice something bad is happening but you don't do anything about it. Otherwise, they would die and they would likely be missed by someone or some people.

  • Who isn't shamed?

    Who isn't judged?

    My people have been shamed for 400 years stop crying over nothing

  • Preach girl I'm always getting skinny shamed and made fun of for not eating all the time. Like some of us actually only eat our 3 meals a day.

  • Yeah I don't think anybody should be body-shaming regardless of if they're skinny or not. Beauty is beauty and it's the personality of a person that really makes a difference in a relationship. But they always said you can't care about nobody until you care about yourself so kudos to all of you who are taking that first step or working on it.

  • couldnt agree more with what you said, but first off, great take… you really do know how to write good stories :)

    I've had this Problem for years before I got into Fitness, so seeing something like this really ups my mood.
    I just think its stupid that the fat People are getting mean all of the sudden… they´ve had the same shaming Problems before the Body movement, why do something that you know hurts others?

    Anyways, great take enjoyed it a lot. Personally I can say that the skinny Kind is the hottest Kind, as you can see in the last Picture lol.

  • Guys can get skinny shamed, too, by the way. It does need to be stopped for both genders.

    • That’s correct, sorry that I didn’t made it clear enough on the Take

    • I was skinny shamed a lot by my creators and i know quite well what she means. 😫

  • Skinny is underrated and overweight is starting to become overrated. (Or at least among guys.) What the heck? Wasn’t it the other way around by a long shot before?
    As long as they’re more than skin and bone, skinny girls are hot too in my opinion. I don’t understand why guys might find overweight ones hot. (They can be very pretty sometimes, but still.)

  • Ok, I got up to "it's me again", I'm sure whatever you're taking about I will agree with. I'm really just posting this for the points. Although, I stopped for a while to stare at the sexy chick... is it you?

  • I just had a quick flick through, and from what I could make of it was people shouldn't skinny shame and you have c cups. I shall make a mental note of this. Oh, by the way is that last pic you? (the sexy girl on the beach) hehe

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What Girls Said 44

  • Yes, yes, and yes.
    This has been the point I’ve been trying to make for years.
    So Thankyou for this.
    I’m 5’7, and only 55kg’s, (used to only be 50-53kg’s) and wear a size 8. This is my natural size/build.
    I was bullied at school for being “anorexic”, “looking like a 12 year old boy”, being “under-developed”, and “having no boobs and no ass”.
    It continued into adult hood aswell. at least three times every week, I’m told to “eat”, and to “get some meat on my bones”.
    On one occasion at work (I work as a registered nurse), I had an overweight middle aged female patient take one look at me and say “gee I feel sorry for your husband/boyfriend, you’re such a stick, he wouldn’t be able to find you in the bed”.
    A colleague also confided me that everyone at work were saying that I’m “too thin”. This really hurt.

    I’m not anorexic at all, and I do have body fat, and I’m actually quite curvy, yet thin. I’m just quite a small frame, but tall for my body size. And people need to get over it.

    And If I show that I’m even the slightest bit hurt by these types of comments, people ask me why I can’t take a joke.
    But if people said only half the amount of these types of things to an overweight person, they’d pretty much be crucified.

    I’ve spent the majority of my life eating high calorie foods, to try to gain weight (without success), and just to prove to judgmental people that I DO eat.
    I can’t be bothered anymore though. As I’ve come to the point that I love my body, and my build. Yes, still some insecurities here and there. But God made me this way, and I now like the way he made me.
    And I’m getting past the damage that all these skinny hating people caused.

    And last time I checked, I’m pretty sure I’m a real woman.

    So thanks for your post. And good on you :)

    Just out of interest, do you have any good come back lines for when people criticise you for your build?

    • You're welcome and I'm happy that I actually did something that made you feel good!
      Most of the times I just sass back or make faces showing how unpleased I am with the stupidity lol

  • Damn right! I'm 5'4 and weigh little over 8 stone. That's a healthy weight for my size. I constantly get compliments from men saying I have a nice body... but then there's my family. I'm the only one who isn't overweight. Most of them are almost obese, with the odd one or two that are just one or two stone overweight. I'm constantly being told by them "You're too skinny!" "You need to eat!"
    Well, you know what. Never once have I said told them "Your too fat, you need to stop eating!"

  • Omg yes, I hate it. "Don't you ever eat." Yeah infact I just sat in front of you and ate two Whoppers a large fry, and drank a whole soda, and the Hershey pie. Geeze. I can't help it my metabolism is too fast, doctors can't even figure out how to help me gain weight. I'm stuck being 25 pounds underweight until I have kids. At least that's how it was for my mother. I hope I gain weight.

  • Great take, I agree with anything you said. Others do not have any right to judge one if anyone is slim or skinny.

    Sometimes some girls have psychological disorder to keep be skinner the more and it has serious health issues. I could understand that, but for us for being slim?

    Nope, they don't have right to judge us.

  • The majority of thin women have not been ‘skinny shamed’ by the general public. Fat people on the other hand are pretty much constantly shamed and judged. Despite ‘thicc’ being ‘in’, skinny is still the ideal beauty standard for most women.

    • That doesn’t mean that this should be ignored just because it is the minority.

    • THANK YOU.. just cause something is a minority doesn't mean it should be ignored... say it louder for the people in the back!

    • @aes321 I’ve been skinny shamed in public, it might not be as talked about but it definitely does happen often and has affected me several times. body shaming of any sorts should not be tolerated

  • Personally being made fun of by a bunch of overweight, lazy, and unhealthy individuals wouldn't make me feel bad about my body. I would honestly be worried about them and their health. Look where I'll be in a few years, and see how they'll be doing in a few years.

    • The only reason they pick on skinny people is because they are insecure about their own bodies and feel the need to make some else feel bad about their own to make them feel better about themselves

  • I’m 5’3” 107lbs and a size 1 but can honestly say I’ve never been “skinny shamed”

    • There's a certain demographic of people who -would- if they had the anonymous ability to criticize you on social media. It's reprehensible behavior, and the people who do it are typically incredibly immature, miserable people who take out their personal frustration on others.

      It's good to hear it hasn't happened to you, though. It means you're not surrounding yourself with those sorts of people, which is certainly a positive.

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    • @aes321 I’ll be the first one to make fun of my tits. Lol.

    • literally same... im part of the no titty commitee... and im always making jokes... lmao

  • Who the fuck has ever been skinny shamed. The only comments about my body have been "omg you're so hot" or "you have the perfect body" or "what do you eat to stay so skinny". No one has ever said anything negative about it. But I have seen larger girls get bullied.

    • wdym... I've been skinny shamed.. people told me im too petite and made fun of my super flat tummy, my lack of tits, and lack of ass

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    • @Nxtawm Families have a tendency to do that. It's more of a care thing, especially if you come from an ethnic household. My nonna would constantly try to feed me, she wouldn't say I was ugly or too skinny but it is a weird cultural thing for some families. Also your families have a tendency to say things that are rather mean-spirited and nitpicky at times. My mother has been very harsh about my body in certain ways (like that I have a fat ass) but I know she's in some sense being an asshole for the sake of it/is trying to motivate me into exercising, but I wouldn't put this in the same category as fatty being yelled at you down the street or have people making pig noises at you.

    • I’ve been skinny shamed tons of times 2 examples are when was at my aunts her exact words were ‘your so thin, eat some food and maybe you’ll be beautiful’ other incident was at school I said I was cold and this girl said “maybe if you gained some weight you wouldn’t feel the cold you are literally just skin and bone” in front of the whole class”

  • yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Good take. It's too bad that people can't just worry about themselves and bettering their self-esteem instead of crapping all over others and constantly comparing. It's important to remember that we cannot choose our genes, but we can choose to love ourselves, and we can choose to be respectful :)

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