This touched my heart.

This touched my heart.

I went to my local Social Security office today to get a replacement card.

As I approached the door there was a couple outside. The woman was in a wheelchair and the man was holding a full plastic trash bag that may have contained all of their possessions. The woman was yelling at the man and even letting out screams of utter frustration.

I entered the office and one of the two security guards instructed me to punch info into a terminal that gave me a slip with a number. Then he asked me to put any metal objects in my possession into a tray. The other guard waved a metal detector over me and then said I could have a seat. Both officers were courteous and professional. Once inside, I was immediately motioned by a nice lady at a window to approach.

As I was being assisted, I overheard one of the guards telling the couple I had seen outside that they would not be allowed back in today. The lady in the wheel chair began yelling loudly at the officer who remained calm and resolute. The man with the lady told the officer that they could not come back the next day and that the lady badly needed to be served. The officer remained engaged with the couple and managed to calm the woman who obviously was not fully in control of her mental faculties. He made her understand that her behavior was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. He remained in control and de-escallated the situation. Over time, she managed to gain control of herself.

When my business was concluded and I turned to leave, I noticed the woman in the wheelchair being helped at one of the windows. As I passed the guard at the front door, I told him that he had done a really, really nice thing. He could have easily turned the couple away. Instead, he had displayed compassion by helping someone who obviously needed help. He told me how loud and abusive she had been when she entered the first time. She had even called him the "n" word.

Few people would have handled a similar situation so well. What I witnessed was true professionalism on the part of that officer; both officers. It is what public service should look like.

This touched my heart.
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  • Anonymous
    That’s sweet. I had a complete opposite experience at the airport but it’s nice to hear about these stories.
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  • sidhesh
    Yes very good behavior by the officers
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  • MarciOwens
    Sounds to me like the officers were played like a proverbial fiddle. The lady in the "wheelchair" knew exactly how to play the system, and she did.
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    • What

    • Lliam

      Actually, MarciOwens, she didn't have the mental capacity to play anybody.
      That officer could have easily remained steadfast after he kicked that couple out the first time and said they could not come back inside that day. That lady had already made herself persona non grata. After her extremely abusive language and behavior, he would have been justified in doing so. Lots of cops would have done just that and even called for a squad to arrest her if she didn't vacate the area. They would have used their authoritarian voice instead of remaining calm.
      Instead, he remained engaged with her and let her know that her behavior was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. At first she shouted and kept interrupting. He kept at it until she brought herself under control. He didn't cave in. He saw that she was a troubled person in need of help.

      I considered this more like a situation in which someone recognizes a person in need of assistance and steps up to help. It's like taking a homeless person into McDonalds and letting them order whatever they want, or paying for a person who is sleeping on a sidewalk to sleep one night in a hotel room so that they can take a warm shower and sleep in a soft bed.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Is that the Security Guard in the pic?
    • Lliam

      No, DeDe, I just had to post a pic. What's funny is that it's the only photo of a cop that I could find that didn't have them standing there with their arms crossed and looking a macho, authoritarian and threatening.