This land is My Land, This land is Not YOUR LAND, From the Redwood Forrest... THIS LAND IS ONLY MADE FOR THE GOP


Will someone please tell me something, you pay your taxes (if you don't thats no business of mine), you raise your family, you go to and from work via public transportation or your vehicle, and during those election months, you vote for THE PARTY OF YOUR CHOICE. Whether it be liberal, independent, republican. Oh wait. I'm now told, if I am an immigrant, or I dont vote for you, this country is not mine, but the land of the Republicans. Trump Campaign: ‘Remind AOC and Democrats That This Is Our Country, Not Theirs’

Last Friday, Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued that Republicans oppose electing presidents by a national popular vote because “they *know* they aren’t the majority” and “rely on establishing minority rule for power.”

Her Republican colleague Dan Crenshaw took exception to this tweet; not because the Texas congressman felt his party represented the preferences of a majority of Americans, but rather, because he felt it anti-American to advocate for majority rule.

This land is My Land, This land is Not YOUR LAND, From the Redwood Forrest... THIS LAND IS ONLY MADE FOR THE GOP

Lets see, the "Electoral College" is what gave you the win supposedly, and when something is taken away from something, which could possibly give you the nod for a possible win like last time, you throw a tantrum.

Someone please tell me, since when was the United States name The Republican States. Last time I checked, they were 3 main political parties. Democrat, Independent, and REPUBLICAN.

This land is My Land, This land is Not YOUR LAND, From the Redwood Forrest... THIS LAND IS ONLY MADE FOR THE GOP


What it really boils down to is this paragraph in the end:

It remains unstated exactly what is in the complexion of Trump’s base voters that renders them more American than Democratic voters. Regardless, it’s clear that, for our present, the question of who has a legitimate right to rule this country — and who does not — is a real black-and-white issue.

I guess this land isn't met for me, or the Democrats, Independents, or immigrants from other countries which don't fit, or adhere to the homogeneous mindset, so while the Republican Party claims this land is only for them. While breaking every single commandment and passage in the Bible, following their "CHOSEN ONE", what is going to happen when you really meet "Him" what are going to to? you are beyond redemption

This land is My Land, This land is Not YOUR LAND, From the Redwood Forrest... THIS LAND IS ONLY MADE FOR THE GOP
This land is My Land, This land is Not YOUR LAND, From the Redwood Forrest... THIS LAND IS ONLY MADE FOR THE GOP
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  • markscott
    Republicans know they are having difficulty maintaining enough votes to win elections. That is why they have been so bent on voter suppression over the last several years. Republicans fear majority rule.
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    • Burtonfan

      Cause the majority of you are uneducated. I swear only people with skin in the game should be able to vote. Property owners.
      Everyone else shut up. We pay all the taxes. All of them. You want to vote. Buy the land.

    • markscott

      @Burtonfan : You are really ignorant is you think only property owners pay all the taxes, 'all of them' as you say. Just about everybody pays taxes, and a lot of taxes. And just who do you think rental property owners get the money from to pay taxes? I mean, use a little common sense.

    • Burtonfan

      Ok yeah. you pay some sales tax maybe depending where you live.
      Income tax if you make any decent money. I forget the percentage of what people actually do pay. Maybe I exaggerated but it doesn't come close to what property owners pay, they pay all of the regular taxes plus property and school tax. That's right my children are done with school but I'm still paying for others to go. Renters dont pay for schools, property taxes.

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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yeah now the Republicans want people to vote for them
    or you don't belong to America. Yes makes no sense.
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  • nightdrot
    Oh good grief. Talk about bayonetting straw men.

    Abolition of the electoral college would be a horrid idea. To start, it would effectively disenfranchise huge swaths of the country as both parties would camp out in California, New York, Texas, Florida and maybe Ohio, leaving the rest of the country to itself. This would also very likely set the stage for the rise of regional parties, with all that would entail for the balkanization of the nation's politics.

    Moreover, if the nation enjoyed the spectacle of the 2000 election, it should be prepared. In that year, the fight was over Florida's electoral votes which confined the battle - as a legal and political matter - to the vote in one or two counties in that state. Turn the battle into a nationwide popular vote and instantly the fight would move to the count in every close vote in every closely fought district across the country.

    There is irony in this. 2000 was effectively resolved by a ruling in the Supreme Court - that bastion of elitist judges and lawyers. Abolish the electoral college and close votes across the country will invariably end up in the courts as a routine matter.

    The perhaps more disturbing irony in all this being that populists, because prone to the passions of the hour without any broader philosophical predicates, become their own worst enemies. They fail to recognize that, as Disraeli said, "A nation's freedoms are embedded in its institutions. The march of intellect is not enough."

    They then, as night follows day, fail to recognize - as the American public is in general won't to do - that the more complex things that the public wants government to do, the less public opinion must matter. No amount of tinkering with long established institutions will compensate for that basic reality.

    Wise societies realize that. Which certainly suggests something about the state of American society.
  • TenPoundTabby
    So much wrong, so little time to correct it all. So I'll just pick a few things. This inchoate overgeneralizing and failing to understand basic civics is why the Democrat party (now beholden to its progressive wing) lost and why they will keep losing.

    The United States is a republic for many reasons. One of them is to prevent mobocracy, which is the tyranny of the majority. The founding fathers understood the danger of mobs very well (see the French Revolution for an example of mobs in action). That's why the electoral college exists - to prevent sheer votes alone from determining an election. The candidates must make a play for a majority of the electors, instead of just hitting the states that are most populous. The same principle is evident in the national legislature -- the US Senate equally represents each state, because it puts a check on the House whose members are apportioned based on population. Because we are the "United States", the more populous states can't run over the less populous states -- the federal government arbitrates between them.

    Give up lying about immigrants. It's a stupid game the left plays, oh-so-coyly omitting the most important adjective "illegal". People are really really tired of this purposeful misrepresentation. Illegals are the problem. Go look up "rape trees" to understand the price coyotes extract from the people they smuggle in. Look at the trash that illegals leave behind. Look at the public costs they incur because they don't pay into the system. Look at the trail of dead bodies, abuse, and rape victims they leave behind. Oh, in case you forgot, 9-11 was committed by people who were illegal immigrants -- visa overstayers who forged documents to get around.

    Oh, and you think a nation having laws against illegal immigration would turn away Christ? In that case, every nation on the face of the earth is equally guilty. You don't have a nation without borders. Jesus is the one who paid the temple tax imposed by the Romans upon the Jews, saying, "Render to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and to God, what is God's." This is a defense of the law. I'm afraid you don't understand much about Christianity.

    I think it's fantastic when common-sense immigration laws provoke hysteria and unhinged effluvium. It shows that so many do not know even the basics about the country they live in, have no concept of history, and do not understand what "e pluribus unum" means. Yes, in America, you are going to be expected to fit in. America is a place with its own laws, customs, and approach to life. If you don't care for it, you're free to leave. You're already demonstrating you have no problem lying and seem to have a hard time understanding or getting along with others. Practice this long enough and you'll be in jail.

    P. S. You'd better believe that Germany, France, Russia, etc all expect you to assimilate into their culture and support yourself and come in through the front door. To ask these things is not unreasonable.

    You, however, are unreasonable.
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  • FaolanGrey
    This country was build by white people murdering a shit ton of Native Americans and slavery. So why the fuck is it supposed to become open to everyone? The reason it's so great is because it was build by white people for white people. Now we have a bunch of dirty immigrants jumping fences, abusing birth right laws, and saying they have a right to be in the country. News flash NO YOU DONT!
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    • Burtonfan

      Ehhh. Most natives died by wars with other natives or from diseases. So... yeah we did murder many. But not most.

  • SueShe
    If only those elections would be over or the US just limits this verbal pollution to their nation instead of making it a world event.

    The rest of the world is so fed up of America and its demagogic views, imperialistic behavior and childish campaigns promoting those kid like, temper tantrum throwing intellectually handicapped politicians.

    America, please put a block on broadcasting these sub-human behaviors to the rest of the world.
    Put a magnetic field around your country so that nothing enters or exits the US until a new president is elected and even if that is in 5 years from now.

    Do the world a favor and stop propagating your toxicity outside your borders.

    On behalf of the entire world population.


    A concerned citizen that thinks like several billion others.
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    • markscott

      I live in America, and I'm fed up with it too. It will only get worse if Trump is re-elected.

    • It didn't used to be that way this just started non stop politics around 2004-2007

    • markscott

      @Chadnelson1973 : It's not just the politics, but the racism and nastiness and hate that Trump has interjected in our lives.

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  • Smegskull
    By land mas the country is GOP. The democrats want popular vote because they have a majority by bodies the GOP want the electoral college because they have a majority by property/land interest...
    Both parties want the system to favour their group interest? *Gasp* shock horror, who could have predicted that?
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  • zagor
    The electoral college is unlikely to be eliminated anytime soon, as it would require a majority of states to vote it away, and the sparsely populated places like their disproportionate power.
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  • Chadnelson1973
    I'm tired of both parties. Our elected officials all the way from the smallest on a city or state election all the way to the top on the federal government presidents , Congress take a constitutional oath to uphold the Constitution and I don't mean that 1886 Rothchilds piece of crap ! To most politicians the oath of office is just words but their actions of violating the Constitution is grounds for treason all parties are guilty of using the Constitution and the office they represent as means for profit
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  • Snakeyes7
    You just read some shit that politicians tend to do to gain support for the election. This isn’t really anything new.
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  • pizzalovershouse
    yah it's goibg yo get more crazy closer to election more dirty tactics
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  • Joker_
    This is your land