A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads


Eli Rezkallah, a 31-year-old artist and photographer from Beirut, Lebanon, recently created a photo series called “In a Parallel Universe.” he recreated 1950s sexist adds from a reversed gender roles point of view. I find them extremely funny.


A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads

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A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
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  • lumos
    Very interesting to see the roles reversed. I hope it made people reading this uncomfortable, because this type of sexism *should* be uncomfortable. The feminist remake is not to illustrate how things "should" be (that's not what equality is), it's to illustrate how absolutely insane those old ads were because people would have been outraged if it were men who were put in a submissive and ridiculed position like that. It's merely mirroring the awfulness of the ads, because nobody deserves to be treated like that.
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    • HereIbe

      It's not feminist, it's sissification fetishist. The roles have not been reversed. Instead, a feminized male is used. This allows men to exempt themselves from actually internalizing the intended meaning, since they can say "That's a sissy boy doing that stuff, not a real man."

    • I like the idea and concept. But considering those original ads would never be accepted today and any man* seeing them would react to how bad they are the message is a bit too on the nose.

      (*Guys who think the original ads are ok are not men in my book)

    • Jersey2

      Zero fucks

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  • Cool
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  • abc3643
    I DO love it!
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  • ThisDudeHere
    Some of them don't really come off as all that offensive.
    Like, the one about not burning the beer. It doesn't imply anything, it's just a joke about the beer being okay when something else suffered because of cooking. The cook being female isn't that big of a part of the joke.
    The next one about opening things, though silly, makes even less sense in regards to men because men are far more likely to be able to open hard to open things due to the difference in strength.
    The next one about a vacuum cleaner is just targeted marketing. Regardless of gender roles, women use cleaning tools far more than men. Makes perfect sense to market them in a way that gets more women to use them - even if it's the men who get the tool for them.
  • Britantic
    Only 2 of these are sexist, the rest are just marketed at women at a time when women generally housewives.
    1. Not sexist.
    2. Sexist
    3. Sexist or just foreplay.
    4. It would be quite upsetting for a newly married housewife to burn dinner considering the amount of planning, time, effort and love she put into it. Her husband joke about not burning the beer would be just the kind warm hearted gesture that would cheer her up.
    5. Men have much greater strength than women and at the time a lot of jars and bottles were tough for women to open so these new fangled devices on jars and bottles would have been appreciated by most women.
    6. In the 1920's- 60s era yeah most housewives would have preferred a Hoover as a Christmas present because it was such a time saver giving her more free time to herself as at the time housework was extremely time consuming and hardwork.
    7. Is kinda funny.
    8. Is not sexist either, anything in this era that could help a housewife get her work done quicker and more easily was greatly appreciated.
    9. Kinda funny.
    Honestly the artist who recreated these was going for shock value but it's all been done before and misses the mark. It's kinda pathetic and a clear case of liberal virtue signalling.
    • Nadim171

      Britantic, please stop lowering your self esteem just because you want to please your Male right wing friends. Think for yourself. It's just an advice.

    • Britantic

      How about you start treating women as equals rather than little children. It's not 1950 women can think for themselves.

    • Nadim171

      They can yet you don't want them to.. you said it's not sexist that "women belong in the kitchen"

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  • menina
    I can why some people are bothered by this. But they also don't understand what's the purpose of these ads. Women were humiliated and this shows how normal sexism was at that time.
    This isn't about making women feel superior and men inferior, this is about showing how wrong those ads were.
    • menina

      *can see why

    • Nadim171


    • menina

      Thank you!

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  • silvermoon84
    This is why I hate modern feminism. The feminist movement was intended for equality but this is not equality. What it is is subjective men to the same oppressive mentality we went against years ago. That’s bullshit.
    • *subjecting

    • the point of this was to show the contrast and how wrong it is. Noone says we actually need to do ads like this with men in them. But showing what it would look like sure does feel uncomfortable in a good way, so that if we don't like to see men like this, women should not be put that way too.

    • On the other hand, men want to get the right to punch women whenever they want and some of them even stopped protecting women when they are in dangerous situations, because "if they want equality, they have it!!!"
      This is exactly the same case, but the roles are reversed. Women want equality so they treat men like the men in the commercials treat women.
      And now, I am not saying men cannot punch women and women can punch men. I am just saying what you say, that we can reach equality in other ways (without legalizing ANY violence), except you said that only feminists want to reach it by oppressing men like they oppressed women before. It is not true, men want to reach equality too, by getting the right to treat women badly in the ways that are so far acceptable for women but not men.

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  • Ámayas_20
    I really don't understand the need for these to have been made other than some radical feminist wanted to get her man hating on again. People know those ads were bad this is just another example of feminism being sexist and doing something that proves they don't care about real issues or women.
  • BrittBratt2416
    Wow those ads were nothing but disrespect. I have no problem with a man being the leader or head of the household sense God appointed you to do that, however, that doesn't give you the right to treat me like shit. I think a lot of men let it go to their heads, God said to lead and provide for your family as men not disrespect your wife because your the leader/head or become tyrant.
  • MajesticTwelve
    This is art? I hope she chokes on a ham sandwich.
    • Nadim171

      Why so serious?

    • I hate feminism and their ideology. It should be purged from this planet. On top of that, to take something, and recreate it, only change the gender of people involved, then call yourself an artist, is a joke.

    • Nadim171

      He had actors doing the stuff, edited the pics, brought the same outfits and furniture. It is art regardless. And hating feminism means you want to be a Locked in the kitchen and denied the right to work or even vote

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  • sawno
    I get it, its trying to reverse it to show the pain women had to go trough and show how redicilous this is.

    But there is quite a lot going on here on a lot of different levels.
    At one point its making its intended statement that this is just weird advertising, we get that even if its not reversed. But at another point it also speaks on how men feel about feminism, like they are now forced to submit to female bullies that make them do things they do not wish to do or accept things they do not wish to accept. Forced into a feminine role because they are constantly blamed for being a man.

    But in reality this is not depicting feminism at all, because feminism isn't about female superiority as some people may think. Its actually about eliminating strengths of both sexes. So if you really wanted to make feminism posters you'd add a few more posters to this about women suffering in the workplace. And depict both sexes suffering together as robots stripped from their strengths and identity. Because that is what equality is all about for them, the loss of your strengths and character. An attack on the successful in an attempt to make them more equal. But deep down its secretly because they are jealous of someone elses success.

  • Kurαȷ
    The originals were funnier, more clever and less sexist than the remakes.
    The artist didn't do anything apart from switching the genders and removing the parts he has clearly deemed non-sexist just so they would fit his agenda better.

    The original message was lost, and the new message is either just plain nonsensical or sexist.
    All in all, I would give this artist a 1/10 for cleverness and creativity.
    • Nadim171

      What's the original message anyway? That women are kitchen maids?

  • Ally247
    They're good to show how gender roles are ridiculous, but it doesn't promote equality.
    • Nadim171

      It doesn't, it's a joke. It's to make men realise how bad those gender roles are

  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    Normally I have a real problem with this kind of pretentious "Look we finally got them! Those awful monsters!" self-victimising attitude. Especially when the real monsters are the handful of "Harvey Weinstiens" who are still getting away with it and caused problems like these in the first place. But this! This is actually really sobering... and strangely encouraging. As a woman, you get used to companies telling you how ugly/unprepared/guilty you are for not having a certain product it just becomes second nature after a while. But seeing it like this, really makes the awful stand out.

    Not only was the guy awesome for helping out with these shoots but it shows just how far things have come and just how MUCH Western society has changed as a whole. I think if these pics were posted with the right article and captions, they could be really encouraging and a wake up call for discrimination towards either that's hanging around today. It's so easy for companies to exploit guilt and insecurity to sell products, unluckily for many today they've no idea of their worth. There will always be lazy, a-holes in advertising but these will make a pretty good yardstick for measuring sexist discrimination in advertising.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    You can't use it to end it. The most you can do, is point out the absurdity of the thing. But if you enforce it going the other way, you accomplish nothing except to reinforce what came before, and make it feel validated.

    Thus is the beginning of the folly of the zero-sum mindset. A better way to end such ads, is to simply not make any. And most advertisers wouldn't be caught dead making ads this horrible today. So to bring it back with a role reversal? Just more stupidity, but going the other way.

    I once pointed out how monumentally uncool the song "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood was, by making a parody called "Serial Bomber" going the other way. Except, nobody was laughing at the role reversal. A man trashing a faithless woman's car? Gasp! Not funny!

    And then describing in graphic detail how he planted a car bomb in it to blow her up on top of it all?

    And then going on a rampage of bombing any other cheating women he can find, culminating in nuking a motel because of a runaway bride inside? While laughing hysterically amidst escaping via helicopter?

    Yeah. Nobody laughed. Which is why I couldn't understand why so many at the time were laughing at Carrie Underwood's song.
  • Dont worry darling you didn't burn the beer

    That ad is cute! <3 haha How is that ad sexist in any way?

    Some of the others I find funny.
    Some are obviously sexist, but that was 1950, things were different. I find it funny when young women get offended for something they werent even alive for.

    Ohhhh God! the horror! washing dishes and cooking for your provider! the dread! the despair! lmao
    • Nadim171

      Women can be the providers too, and they should be and will be

    • Why would any Man want a woman to provide for them?
      Most women want a provider

      Not saying they can't, they shouldn't

    • Nadim171

      They can and they should and gladly that's how it will be in the future, the future is female

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  • Phoenix98
    I actually like some of the original ones.

    Also not all of the original ones are really offensive or even sexist, but rather are just having their jokes misread or are just clear examples of targeted marketing which is no different back then then it is today.
    • Nadim171

      Sorry sweetheart, but are you girls for real? You keep commenting on all my questions, just askin ❤❤

    • Phoenix98

      @PatriciaLove Go away thot.

    • Phoenix98

      @Nadim171 you can block her, after that she won't be able to comment on any future questions.

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  • Purple_Summer
    Wow. Never seen any of these. I know women were suppressed but did not realize it was to the point that it was mocked in the media too.
    • Nadim171

      These adds were very popular in the 50s. That was the norm

  • Red-Blaze
    I personally preferred if they really change it, not just try to make a copy of it that some look cheaper (its fair as one is a painting yet I think could have looked less like a set

    I think this is cute but could have been done better
  • WhiteSteve
    My mother was ahead of the curve back in her modeling days in the 1950s lmfao. She was a BOSS😂

    A feminist remake of 1950s sexist ads
  • MsShyasf
    It’s weird how the women in the old adds is serving her husband like she’s a maid/servant.

    The gender roles swapped still doesn’t make me happy either because if I were in a relationship with a man I wouldn’t treat him like shit.
    • How where women treated like shit? Do you want to do manual labor for fifty hours a week and then give every dime you have to some one else? Because that was the mans role (as well as to physically protect his wife and family even if it costed him his life). Their is a reason women where happier in the fifties then they are now by such a large margin.

  • janna_jcb
    It shows how ridiculous it is to put either gender above the other. I think it is a great initiative.
  • Janncis
    @Nadim171 why you dont put woman in man gender roles, putting one gender above other is not equality, and you now enforce toxic feminity. Why you just switch gender roles you like, but not ones you dont like?
    I mean, whats wrong with you?
    • Nadim171

      How am I putting one gender above the other? What makes you think so? Build your accusations on evidence

    • You aren't fourteen, and even if you were old enough to drink with friends, who the hell calls you "Nadim"? You're quite a contradiction on multiple levels.

    • Janncis

      @Nadim171 should i wisit all your takes and give you a list? Or would you look at this take? Sexism is wrong but somehow you have no objection doing it to man.
      Yes in past there wassexism against woman, but it doesn't give you rights to dig up 70year old posters to now attack man. I can give you a lot examples where americans fucked up at past, i dont use themto talk about now.

      Also to talk about sexism at past you should know about rest of that period and culture then. About halfof posters are totally ok, if you look at them with a knowlage from that time. Like with a girl and dishes, at that time there was no dishwashing machine, and most of chores was done by woman. So washing fluid could be advertised as that.

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  • GreciaJackson
    I feel the difference even knowing that both are wrong, I can see why the artist did this but the whole idea is sexist either way
  • Guffrus
    I find things like this to be completely retarded.

    The point was made and accepted a very long time ago, anyone keeping this shit alive is just looking for attention or has an agenda other than equality in either case they can go fuck themselves.
  • HereIbe
    Cute joke, but poorly executed. The man in the remakes should have looked as conventionally "male" as the men in the original ads. Otherwise, it just looks like s photo shoot for a sissification fetish site.
  • sophie2002
    It's interesting to see the reversal but none is correct. These ads shouldn't exist at all to start with.
  • InTimoreDei
    A Lebanese person made it... of course... the land of the botox inflated women.
    • Nadim171

      doesn't make sense. Lebanese women are the best!

  • Thomas_Shelby
    I’m actually really surprised at these early depictions of women, but does stooping down to their level really make a point or even right? I mean I find the guy being “used” by the woman as humorous, but the man standing on the women’s head as kinda cruel and dehumanizing
  • Both ends of the argument are invalid.
    Frankly, I'm surprised the immaturity of the 50's are reflected by modern feminists. I had hoped that they would know better than some stupid ad-makers.
    Sexism? A social construct, and a poor one at that.
    Bitterness and resentment? Far less justified.
  • Chuck21
    This shows the total lack of respect for each other as humans bout man and woman insulting each other with stupid childish behavior.
    One acts stupid, so the other fallows it's path. We can't get right from knowing what is wrong. I see this in every day life. color V color woman V man. Man V animal. If we took time to value each other instead of degrading each other maybe we can start helping and healing and appreciating life and this world. That's just my take.
  • June871
    1. i hate this
    2. why does the man in pic 4 have boobs?
    • MsShyasf

      The man in the 4th pic doesn’t have boobs. He just works out his chest, in other words pectorals 🏋🏻‍♂️

    • Nadim171

      1• Idc
      2• he doesn't

  • sejla
    It's kind of icky to me. Either way it's offensive.
  • genericname85
    it's funny that woen always only see the upsides of being a man in the pre feminazi world but never see the downsides and straight up only want "equality" as in also profiting from the benefits while rejecting the obligations and drawbacks.
  • smølf
    Those adds are sexist for sure, reversing them doesn't make it any better or less offensive.

    It server no purpose, those who genuinely sexist won't change their minds based on feminist propaganda poster and those of us who are not, won't become more sympathetic to your cause by radical propaganda.

    Sure it said to illustrate the obvious, but since it obvious and hardly anyone agrees with them any more then what's the point?
  • UnicornLobotomy
    LOL, he's doing this satire to strike a nerve in his fellow Muslim brethren. A creative and funny way to showcase and mock modern Western civilization. It's a warning. You probably can't understand it in that way, "it's a parallel dimension".
  • lernulo
    I would like to know, how much did they sell with those posters... It was supposed to be their objective.

    About the initiative, yes its disgusting, as it's supposed to be.

    Problem with that is that it isn't impressive at all, I think I have seen so many things as this, that it has lost their power to impress.
  • Mrwonder
    It’s like they want revenge on someone who already died. Those ads are pretty old and we’ve moved on from those times. I get that just because they are old don’t make them right, but it’s like someone victimizing him/her self without ever being wronged.
  • This isn't really the point though. I would have expected everyone to move on not do exactly what happened to them this is basically women reversing the role. Isn't the point to move forward with equality not turn it on the other. I mean should black people now enslave white people?
  • ChefCurry
    We men still rule the world. We just let women think they're in control to keep them happy.
    • Nadim171

      We never really ruled it. In the future we won't rule anything

  • Snakeyes7
    Oh I’m sorry, I thought feminism was for equality. That’s what they keep telling me and referring to the dictionary definition while they pull this crap, handwave any male specific issues and actively make them worse. You want examples? They are making it nearly impossible for a man to be a victim of domestic violence, being able to steal a man’s sperm by taping him and sue him for child support or chop a man’s penis off or force a man to jump off a balcony and a female talkshow host and her audience will laugh about it. Thanks for finally setting the record straight.
    • Staiby

      yeah... look, feminists are individuals with different opinions, identify with different schools of feminism and do different things from each other. Feminists contradict each other like all individuals from any ideology

      Plus this is supposed to be art. artists don't always condone their subject matter. like Picasso painted Guernica but he obviously doesn't condone the actions depicted in the painting. This artist may have wanted men to understand how it feels to be degraded, mistreated and oppressed the way women were in the 50s. It was upsetting for u yeah? I'm a feminist and I found it interesting seeing these role reversals but it also makes me uncomfortable because ultimately what I want to see it equal partnerships freed from traditional gender roles, not a complete role reversal.

    • Snakeyes7

      @Staiby I don't think the denomination matters. The politicians only listen to the ones who are the loudest and only want female supremacy. I just call myself an egalitarian because I don't believe that we live in a patriarchy that favors men to the detriment of women and several of the feminist conspiracies can easily be proven wrong if you look for any reason that any of the things that happen other than crying sexism such as the wage gap and rape culture.

      Yes I get that artist make stuff like this all the time but at least they make them extremely ambiguous and left up to the interpretation of those who behold it. These don't even try to hide the messages and it is fallacious to assume that everyone back then had the same perspective, even the women. I'm sure some women were even okay with this back then just as much as mothers want to stay at home today as bad as these ads make it sound but treating women like slaves was a crime even back then.

      I understand that you want to free us both from traditional gender roles but any man I know embraced the role that men are the providers and protectors of the ones we love and if it wasn't for those roles, humanity wouldn't have lasted a single generation. This kind of thing is biologically hardwired in our minds and it tends to conflict us when we go against it. That's why there is a lot of truth to the stereotype that men have fragile egos and cannot take failure lightly.

      Now, I am not agreeing with these ads. If a woman wants to go a have a career that's her prerogative, I encourage it in fact, but if she doesn't that good too. My problem is that it seems that feminists love to make content like this that is antithetical to their cause and actually fool people to still think that they advocate for equality.

    • Staiby

      You should know where the artist is coming from. He's from Lebanon where women's rights have not progressed as far as women's rights in America, U. K, Australia etc. He spoke about a recent sexist ad in his country that was like "chocolates make her fat so buy her a dishwasher" which had inspired this art.

      And what politicians are listening to what female supremacists? I'm sick of feminism haters making vague claims about the evils of feminists and just expect it to be a good enough argument. dates, names, citations etc. please

      Also, Sexism does contribute to the wage gap. a big chuck of it is women leaving the work force to have children but after a woman has recovered from giving birth, why can't the father take paternal leave and the wife go back to the work force. Women don't earn as much because caring for children is still seen as the woman's job. and wouldn't fathers want to take time off to spend time with their children?

      and there is rape culture, people trivialize rape all the time and people aren't taught what constitutes rape and what doesn't.

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  • Curmudgeon
    Some of these so called adverts are FAKE. The first one from Hardee's is a case in point. Hardee's DID NOT acquire "The Famous Star" logo until they merged with "Carl's Jr." until 1997 and both chains (Hardee's in the Eastern and Southern USA, Carl's Jr. in the Western USA) adopted similar logos.

    And even the ones which are NOT fake, feminist criticism of those ads betrays a shocking ignorance of the times. See the Hoover Vacuum and Lux diswashing liquid ads. When powerful motorized vacuum cleaners and effective solvent detergents became more affordable to common people in the 1940's, they were a savings of oh so many "man-hours" (woman-hours?) of sweeping and scrubbing, and yes, women DID want such items, even as Christmas gifts. If any of you still have now very elderly grandparents alive from those times, ask them about this.
  • Loving_Husband
    Theses are great! Perfect for my female led marriage!
  • loganstew
    Tbh the vacuum one wasn't that bad. During the times that was just good target marketing. I hated the other ones but woman were the only ones typically using vacuums and tbh if they got a Hoover vacuum they probably would have been pretty appreciative considering how much time those things saved back then
  • Xyline789
    These are definitely ads used in a different time and culture. Many women wouldn't have even seen them as sexist at that time and some of them still aren't. Remaking them doesn't do anything other than create new sexist ads toward men that don't seem to make sense. There are other examples of sexist attitudes toward men in the past, like, for example, men being expendable compared to women which actually still remains.
  • The 1950s were like Saudi Arabia

    Happy it is the 21st century now
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Okay, Now do ones that are sexist towards men (like how every Christmas I have to hear about how I'm suppose to want power tools and how I have to not be stupid and go to X jewelry store for her or I'm a deadbeat. Or how the add about women in the kitchen is incredibly sexist because it talks about the male role of provider and how he is expected to work his ass off for her (because apaparently it was only sexist when women had expectations not men (just like today) or how about the non stop attack ads we see today that are rampantly sexist (and the laws that descriminate against men, that would be an interesting take, sexist laws that descriminate against men (their is a lot of them) that affect us in the modern day vs. ads taken out of context from the fifties and sixties that are sexist (some of them are I guess)). I love how women being sexist today is justified by pointing to fifty years ago and proclaiming (quite frequently inaccurately) that men where sexist then.
    • Nadim171

      Well if feminism gains absolute power these expectations will go away. Women would be the breadwinners

    • No they wouldn't. Women can already be bread winners and they don't want to be. The more free the country the more we see a division of labor and interest not homogenization of interests from the sexes. We are different, that shouldn't even have to be said but here we are. Our bodies are different, our bone structure is different, our skin is different our biochemistry is different, our genetics are different, our brain structures are different. We are so different that these differences are even seen in other primates. WE. ARE. DIFFERENT. So suggesting we are the same and that sameness is also maleness is incredibly sexist, towards women. Their never was and never will be something wrong with being a woman and quite frankly I think that its really screwed up that feminist think that being a woman is something to be hated.

    • Nadim171

      That's true. But we are similar at some stuff. There is no such thing that says men should be the providers in our modern time. A woman can do an office job just as good as a man. It doesn't require phisical strength

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  • PhoenX
    Men and women are equal, no one is higher than the other. Men have to lead the family but don't treat his wife as shit. And women don't have to be in the kitchen always, but they have as well to treat their husbands well.
  • Loveherbut
    Wow who would have thought that US was this much sexist. The way they make fun of other cultures makes others believe that they have always been angels.
  • TenPoundTabby
    I did find this funny, albeit in a sad, pathetic way. This guy is creating fantasy out of fact. He takes real ads which people responded to, paid for, and ran, and creates his own fictional world which never happened. In this time where everything is an -ism and nobody has a sense of humor, of course, the only person left to hate and to run over roughshod is the man. It's always so easy to engage in chronological snobbery and condemn the past because it isn't now -- never mind any deeper analysis. People take ads as though they were gospel. The same people believe what CNN reports, too. Rage on.

    This artist should go work for a company that sells products that men buy. I hear Gillette's none too happy at losing $8 billion and would like for some other foolish company to lose more.
  • Malik00
    So no one thinks that this just comes off as incredibly petty? Well all i can say is, congratulations you're just as sexist as men were in the 1950s
  • Expecto_patronads
    So basically, feminists once again have come full circle
  • BenSylvania
    I don't get it. It was sexist and demeaning in the 1950s, and the artist created sexist and demeaning ads in the 2010s. Sexism is sexism, it was wrong then and it's wrong now.