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Women are not to blame for societal problems and failures.


Saw a question about feminism possibly “killing off” marriage.

This will be short and I will be deleting this Take.

I am not going to get into the feminist movement because that’s not what this is about.

Are women just supposed to not able to provide for themselves?

Are we supposed to be helpless and ignorant to adult responsibilities such as being able to feed yourself or sustain a home of your own?

In a lot of situations where men are traditionally called to provide, they get advance in self sufficiency when those are skills that everyone, regardless of sex and gender identity, should know.

Overtime that just creates a culture where women are almost thought of as children or incapable similarly like children. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with being a child, but my point is that if men feel like they can’t marry because they prefer women who are held back in progressing to their level or higher, then how are women supposed to digest that and be content without acknowledging a superiority complex that exists in most “traditional-minded” men?

No one wants to feel inferior or intentionally put down or held back due to another’s insecurity.

There is no other way around that. That is TEXTBOOK insecurity.
That “I don’t have this, therefore I’m less” mentality!

Even I think more highly of men than that.

Don’t complain about the lack of “real love” when love obviously is not your priority. Structure is. And that’s fine. Just SAY that!

And with that, acknowledge that not everyone wants the same structure as you and if the collective happens to change their mind together well then...you’re just gonna continue to be mad? Baby, that’s evolution in culture and group thinking. You are wing left behind and it scares you.

Men have more to offer than just resources and women have more to offer than just babies. Even when it comes to other animals the females aren’t just tending to their young. The only reason why that’s so important is because the babies clearly cannot physically function in wild without getting its nutrients available only through the mother. At that point make or female, that “child” learns independence from both mom and dad. That is how it works In many species.

We can say that the males are primarily responsible for protecting the “pack” but that doesn’t mean the females are supposed to sit on their asses and whine if they happen to be threatened.

No, they take their babies and find shelter because they keep the species alive and don’t have a problem with incest 👀😂

But guess what? We are not in the damn wild! We aren’t living in a hunter-gatherer world where those behaviors would be necessary.

In case some of you have failed to notice...we have...EVOLVED.

Shocking. Yes.

So it’s not entirely fair to compare humans to everything else that exists on this earth to heavy extent when they have rules and habitats of their own.

We’re the only ones placing emphasis on gender roles because we are more social and more willful creatures that aren’t slaves to instincts.

Men (who are insecure) benefit from gender roles more so than women (who are too comfortable).

Because with time, that insecurity gets ugly. Life happens. Circumstances change. And *enough* of those women were no longer comfortable. They got irritated *enough* to take it upon themselves and shift the culture, no matter the consequences.

And yeah, there were A LOT of consequences 😂

So that whole narrative that marriage is supposed to have a male provider or sole bread winner is entirely made up...by us. Humans. We made rules just because and over time some of us didn’t like those rules and decided to do something else because they can and they want to. Like what do you think was supposed to happen?

by the way, please don’t take my words the wrong way. I’m just confused as to how people Think gender roles and certain social rules are supposed to live in a rigid box when we are too fluid intellectually and emotionally?

Yeah we should have standards but we’re talking about marriage. Two people spending the rest of their lives together. Millions and maybe billions of pairs. You can’t set a standard for that kind of thing and hope things don’t change.

Again, deleting soon ☺️
Again, deleting soon ☺️

Excuse any typos please. I’m not going back into it. If you get it, you get it. Also English is not my first language.

Women are not to blame for societal problems and failures.
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  • bluetoblack99
    Men are just confused nowadays. Women don’t know what they want and men don’t know what to give them.

    It would be nice to just “talk it out” but there are deeper impulses at work that make people act irrational.

    I would like to take what women say at face value (you say you like “emotional” men... cough). But that’s not reality. I’ve seen way too many women say they want “this kind of man” and turn around having feelings for the exact opposite. I can still remember a girl in college who I liked snd was friends with blatantly saying “I’m nervous about this new guy I’m dating. I know he will likely chest on me. But I have “feelings”.

    This made me sick to my stomach. She was one of the few girls who seemed to be smarter than that but she wasn’t.
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    • elisa_0

      You do know that feelings can be fleeting and there are many women with commitment issues, just like men?

    • @elisa_0 how often do you hear men say “I did this stupid decision but I had feelings”?

      Men have the exact emotions women have. But we expected to repress and overall that’s a good thing. I wish it wasn’t but that’s the ugly truth.

    • elisa_0

      @bluetoblack99 I know. I’m not talking about suppressing your emotions. Lol

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  • 19vetteman91
    I'd love my women to be the bread winner so I'm not a guy in disbelief however a lot of what your claiming is bullshit thst it's ovbvious that you don't know any different as it wasn't just cuz some women chose to go to work our society and the spending of family's made both the husband and wife needing to work to pay the bills it's not cuz women stood up to men another thing is God made women with certain instincts that guys weren't giving for raising children kinda like giving women birth giving hips on women !
    Now I'm all about equality but that means all you bitching women need to to shut the fuck and do what your bosses tell you to do just like what the men's bosses tell them to do. we don't get a say either should you
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    • And one other thing if it's not the women to blame as it should be both men and women but your saying it's NOT THE WOMENS FAULT who does that leave of course it's always the MANS fault IN ANY WOMENS EYES! AFTER BEING MARRIED AND TAKING THE BLAME FOR EVERYTHING I think its way past the time for men to stand up against women who never take the fault as you want to be fucking equal then all you women need to be at least wrong 50%of the time. Then we men will let you be equal to us. Just think about that !

    • Sorry for going off but it's such bullshit if you actually just think about it like in a court room 90 % of the time men get fucked over while women get it all even when they don't deserve it the man looses yet we are supposed to just take in ass well it's bullshit I done I welcome all women to be equal but the act like you should be

    • Yes this is my opinion only some of you will admit it being the truth but it's not equal when a wife is offered 3months off for having a baby but the man isn't offered more then 1 day it's not equal or when the kids are home sick very few men are able to stay home from work cuz it's not acceptable in our society point blank so to be equal those rights need to be the same for both men and women

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Rebeccalions
    The men who want uneducated and unemployed women are usually those who are insecure. They are afraid the girl will ditch then, so by her being more dependant on him, she can't.
    Strong men love women who have their own shit going on. When I went to Paris, guys fell on my feet bc they said how much they live American women bc we are so strong.
    The women ruin marriage lie is conceived from MRM groups who scapegoat women for their failures. The major cause of divorce is infidelity. There are several other reasons for divorce: domestic abuse, drug addiction, etc. How do these MRM guys know the woman didn't divorce the main bc of abuse? They don't. They just blindly take any statistic that villifies a woman and run w it wo questioning it's sources
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  • MzAsh
    You’re right, men have more to offer than resources and women have more to offer than babies. This message is increasingly becoming clearer as it should be. Both men and women need to have a full understanding of what it is they bring to the table. There is no one size fits all way to life.

    Good men won’t cut down a woman who wants independence. He’ll support her and do what he can to help her in her ambitions and achievements.

    A man is to be your partner, not your parent.
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  • Bananaman177
    It isn't women's FAULT, but women are the only ones who can fix it. Everything men used to be able to do to fix this current situation has been made illegal or at the very least, socially unacceptable.

    And if women don't even realize that there's any problem or what the problem is, then we're all just going to have to keep suffering. Male and female alike. And children too. The suicide rate for children has literally tripled in the last 10 years and the suicide rate for men and women is also increased dramatically. These are all different symptoms of the same problem. Everybody can feel that the world is completely out of balance and that the social order is verging on total collapse.

    But since women and government have effectively collaborated to hamstring men, well guess what, girls, you'll just have to do your own saving from now on, and so far I would say you completely fucking suck at it and we're all gonna die at this rate, you dipshits. Pull your heads out of your ass!Women are not to blame for societal problems and failures.Women are not to blame for societal problems and failures.Women are not to blame for societal problems and failures.
  • Twalli
    My issue is that some women like men to pay for everything and still think they can work and mbv make money themselves. If they expect men to pay for everything they should be homemakers and stay there to raise the children and make their man dinner.
    • elisa_0

      She’s not talking about gold diggers.

    • Twalli

      @elisa_0 they prefer the tem traditional. They just focus on only one part.

    • elisa_0

      I repeat, she is not talking about gold diggers.

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  • Nalix
    Well. societal problems are complicated, and by definition are not the fault of any one person, and not the fault of any one group of people. Women should be free to do the jobs that they want to do, within their individual capabilities, just like men.

    Women are uniquely able to birth children. This requires a lot of work and support and should not be attempted alone, even in a modern age where it can be done (as opposed to women even a couple hundred years ago, much less ten thousand years ago, where this would have likely been a death sentence, it is merely exhausting and traumatizing now).

    But as a society we need to face our problems. Fatherlessness is a huge problem in modern society. This is a perfect example of something that men and women, collectively, need to work together to solve. Individually, men and women will work out what works best for themselves, and make the choices they think serve them best.

    Circumstances have changed, technology has changed, and expectations have changed, and we as a society need to figure out how men and women should relate to each other as a result. I don't think that there is, or even should be, a single answer to this question, but there need to be a set of answer that people are aware of and can choose from.

    Men and women who like the traditional arrangement where the woman is a homemaker and the man the breadwinner should be free to do so, and the rest of society needs to treat this as acceptable. There are other arrangements that society also needs to treat as acceptable, especially if they can produce a stable environment for children. Some bit of experimentation will be required to find out exactly what these arrangements are, so I say let people try, and let everyone else stay honest about the results.
  • Apple1996
    Ah I definitely disagree with you here. Men and women have roles in society for a reason. Nature set up us to thrive that way. I dont think it's any type of evolution, people are being selfish and choosing on focusing on their own life instead of foucsing on the future of our species. Which is fine for the moment but one day it won't be. People in the future will have to go back to traditional roles eventually.
    • Apple1996

      By the way no offense to what you think. Were all allowed to have our own opinions. I was just stating how I feel

    • I agree with you. Shame it’s come in my lifetime. I’m prepared to be what used to be considered a good husband and I’m already a good man but by time this shot clears up my desire for kids gonna be a sweet dream.

      Not only this but until people realize just how special a good relationship is they can’t understand how much happiness their missing out on and many men are missing out on because of the feelings towards each other sex.

      I’m curious hit you feel about mgtow. Think it will have any effect positive or negative?

    • I disagree about how it's natural. Ever since I was a child, I wanted a career. I was not conditioned by feminism or society bc I was not yet exposed to that. I never played w baby dolls bc I never had a maturnal instinct.

  • Reaperbot666
    • the internet, social media, smart phones, dating apps/sites and hook up culture.
    • all ruined the dating pool for both sides.
    • plus the current legal system for relationships. make long term relations not ideal in many cases. even living together can be harmful long term.
    • why many guys avoid the topic of marriage in western culture.
    • because modern marriage is no longer a guarantee. that either person will remain loyal and committed to their partner. over half of first time marriages fail within 5-10 years of the couple saying "I do's" and roughly 70% of the time it is the woman that files for divorces. because many people rush into marriage now without getting to really know their partners true self.
    • recent studies show that typically. the woman is the one to get bored of her partner sexually first. even more so if she has been with many partners over the years. because she'll tend to compare all her former partners to him.
    • http://pauldavidphd.com/wp-content/uploads/Pair-Bonding.pdf
    • https://www.medinstitute.org/articles/pair-bonding-and-the-brain/
    • https://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/news/20131125/how-the-love-hormone-works-its-magic#2
    • https://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/releases/a-48-hour-sexual-afterglow-helps-to-bond-partners-over-time.html
    • https://www.thetrumpet.com/7750-the-emotional-corrosion-of-casual-sex
    • so once the man stops being able to get any from his partner. he starts to think about out sourcing for his needs. also likely she will start out sourcing for her needs over time. as she becomes board with their sex life.
    • if you get divorced the guy is likely to lose roughly half or more. of his money and resources to her in court and legal fees. more if they end up having children together. because 75% or more of the time. the woman gets full custody with child support or 50/50 custody with child support.
    • only ways a guy can get more then 50% custody. is if he can claims she is an unfit parent. while having the proof to back up his claims in court. or she passes away for whatever reason.
    • exactly why western culture needs to remove the legal system. from all types of relationships married or otherwise. with how the current world works both males and females. have their own right to earn their own wealth and recourses. without needing to be given part of their partners due to a bad breakup. from the legal system stepping in and forcing them to divide up their wealth and resources.
    • some places have common law marriage where if you live together for X amount of time. the local and state government consider you married. which if you have a bad breakup their is a form of divorce. with which you can try to claim wealth and resources for time spend together. so that is why they need to remove legal system from all types of relationships.
  • joeblow123
    "Are women just supposed to not able to provide for themselves?

    Are we supposed to be helpless and ignorant to adult responsibilities such as being able to feed yourself or sustain a home of your own?"

    There are a lot of MRA groups that will agree with you and march alongside you to get this enacted into law. We would love it if women provided for themselves without encroaching upon men.
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    So I'm not sure what your summarizing point is supposed to be, but women are surely at least in part responsible for societal problems and failures, that should go without saying.

    Women can provide for themselves, sure. But that doesn't necessitates that it be a stable societal structure. This is nature we're talking about. It just is. It doesn't give a damn about what anyone wants or thinks is fair.

    And really it's feminist advice and it's co-morbid ideologies that tell everyone to act in ways they want to rather than ways they need to, outcome be damned.

    You can't just magically change culture to be the way you want and even if you could, what you want is not necessarily desirable for health, survival and growth.

    There's no magic that's going to make women in general suddenly tolerate men of lower status or resources, and it's takes like this that are used to protect that mentality, not shift it. By insisting that men are insecure and blah blah blah, that's rhetoric that all too conveniently still results in the outcome of women not "dating down". Funny that.

    Really the essence of your objection is that men and women inherently have different bodies and want different things. Submit your complaints to your deity of choice.
  • RingOfFire
    Why is it that women are so indignant when they demand equal benefits, but are completely silent when it comes to shouldering an equal share of the difficult duties necessary to earn those benefits?

    The US military is 86% men and 14% women. It's an all volunteer military. Where are the women who are demanding equal benefits?

    It's easy to demand equality when it comes to the good stuff. Where is the equality when it comes to the hard parts.
    • RingOfFire

      Don't get me wrong, I love women. And as a man I am thrilled to do more than my fair share to make sure women are protected, respected and treated fairly. But let's not kid ourselves. Men do the lions share of the things that produce the security and prosperity we all enjoy in America, not women. No one ever talks about equality of responsibility, it's only about equality of benefits. I'm fine with women enjoying the things that I earned. As a matter of fact as a man, I feel it's my responsibility to protect and provide for woman. And I'm not saying women don't also make an important contribution to our society and country. They do. None of us would be here without a mother. I just don't like the fake narrative that men and women are "equal" when it excludes half of the equation.

    • Lmao do you really want a bunch of girls defending our country, especially against armies of men? I don't.
      Maybe you should try squeezing a melon out of your piss hole, then talk to me about equal physical rights

    • RingOfFire


      HAHAHAHA That gave me a huge laugh!

      You'll be surprised to know that I agree with you. Women are not designed for combat or to take lives. They are not physically and mentally designed for that job. They are designed to GIVE life.

      You are 100% right.

      My point was that there is a phony narrative in our society that women are equally equipped to do the same job as men and then this is used as an argument for "equality." I think there IS equality between the contributions men and women make to society. But their ROLES are different. Nature designed them differently. And we need to stop the fake narrative that they are both the same.

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    Men are to blame for allowing women to even affect society lmao
    Women belong in the home, not in society.

    Societies will always have problems, women trying to solve them or comment is unnecessary, they make every situation outside the home worse.
    • Bring on the rain...

    • No, you the non jungle fag makes things worse! REPENT YOU NON GAY TREE WORSHIPER!

    • Lol! Women belong in the home and slaves belong on the plantation.
      You're a moron

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  • 007kingifrit
    women are not to blame... feminists are. they and many other large scale problems caused by left wing manipulation of the social fabric

    this is a common tactic by feminist extremists that when you criticize feminists they say "oh you're criticizing WOMEN"

    to equate feminism with women is a sneaky bitchy tactic... it also goes against the stated claim that "feminism is about equality" which we all knew was a lie anyways
  • jshm2
    Who the hell other than rabid Christians blames women for societies problems?
    • Me... women don’t value average men enough causing men to become toxic and spreading feminism and mgtow...

    • @jshm2 the guys on this site. They are very salty. That's why she did a mytake bc she's sick of hearing these sexists blame women for everything. They probably blame us for covid too

    • joeblow123

      Real men hold women accountable. It's soyboy cucks that are afraid to do that.

  • Chris_u006
    Nothing wrong with beeing truthful. No one can blame you for this. Those who would try anyway are prude uptight boring woke-ish hypocrite people who thinks everything is the man's fault because they are brainwashed by the evil rich "powerful" people in the world who complains about a silly thing which isn't a real problem, only made to blame someone for something others made and can't solve themselves. Fuck the controlled "New world order" society and do what the fuck you want.
  • Dongtai
    I like your perspective on this topic. I personally have never been attracted to women who I didn’t see as my equal or greater. I’ve always felt weird for not being attracted to the cliche media submissive and soft woman and sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to find my ideal wife. Girls with a little edge have always been the ones who turn my head. I look for women who are strong minded, confident and proudly individualistic. I

    When I imagine being married I imagine having a team mate/companion. She walks beside me, not behind me. We help eachother, instead of having one designated provider of whatever. Especially since I want children a “need” my partner to be my equal so that I can rely on her individual strength and not have to “take care of her”. I don’t mind doing things for her. I’m romantic and I like to give to and please My woman. But I need her to be a woman, not a little girl, if that makes any sense.

    Keep posting. I enjoy your posts.
  • Truthatanycost
    I blame thirsty simps... the enablers of a failing society.
  • Jjpayne
    I guess you are deleting this soon but still want input 🤔 I think both genders have caused societal problems equally not just one gender.
    • Jjpayne

      I totally agree with what you have said! We should not fall into expectations, assumptions and stereotypes. We should strive to learn to handle things ourselves but I do want to say that we should be open to sharing and accepting help because thats humility. But sharing in a relationship is such a beautiful and wonderful idea

  • DWornock
    Naturally, women will take what they can get. However, women don't make the laws, the courts, and the rules. The rules are made by our masters that own most of the money, the politicians, the courts, the media, and the schools and colleges.
  • Lliam
    Right on, girl. (fist bump)
    by the way, damn good writing, considering that English isn't even your first language.
  • Soul_Mountain
    Women are able to take care of themselves today because you live in a society of abundance. Nothing less. Once survival is dependent on more than just dollar bills you can hand over, then women will truly see their independence... or lack thereof.
    • joeblow123


      Or they lobby their leaders for special laws that are advantageous to them while being a detriment to men.

  • elisa_0
    I don’t think you should delete this Take!
    I understand and agree with what you’re saying too. We’re slowly drifting away from old traditions and that’s a great thing for men and women! I myself make more than every ex boyfriend I’ve had and they’ve been 100% supportive and okay with it. Also a lot of men nurture and care for their kids while the wife goes to work, or they do 50/50. Both of these are okay!

    Gender doesn’t have to be boxed into two rigid and fixed categories. It’s too narrow minded to keep us caged in like that.
  • jsincal
    Nonetheless, they always blame women for EVERYTHING.
  • Daniel3035
    Complete rubbish women in general are the issue.
    You may have evolved but not far enough in equivalence to men your about as far as a 17th century women with her brain compared to men in power who knew how to lead etc you girls still lack common sense. https://www.youtube.com/embed/DZTIbHIsIYwhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/IU7vwi0OodkAll you want is take take and take to the highest standard need to start waking up before it's too late to go back.
  • bamesjond0069
    Men aren't insecure or intimidated. Modern women just seem useless. If they can do everything i can... what exactly do they add to a relationship?
    • I highly blame stagnation of innovation. The things wives usually did should have been replaced by robots by now and it would have definitely helped men adjust to women matching their capability. We haven't had true game changers since the first smartphone, which has barely changed in like a decade, despite far more promises.

    • @errorgoodnameunfound i dont think that would help really. So if robots replaced all the housewifing and women did all the things men did... i still dont see what they have to offer to a relationship.

    • At the very least, then a lot of chores somebody has to take care of would no longer be a worry any longer so if kids are around, there'd be much more time to dedicate to them, hopefully by both the mom and dad, as their jobs with robots would hopefully make them easier, not replaced.

      The REAL game-changer would be fully customizable sex robots being as popular as smartphones. When that happens, FINALLY we'd be able to differentiate between who really loves a man or woman for who they are and not their body, money, etc. I think WAY better parents and MUCH happier children with a far smaller population would be the result.

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  • Be4rdy
    Few things

    Women dont know what they want these days, then complain when they shack up with the first spice boy who shows them any attention... and tells everyone all men are the same because he pumped her and dumped her

    Yes all men are the same

    Just like all "women use men as atms"

    Also the internet has given people this unrealistic view on what their life should be..."my friend got this nice house... I want a better one the man must buy it then I'll take half it in the divorce"

    When I can find a woman who isn't a psycho, can have a life outside of me without it getting to the point where we never see each and is happy to try and make an effort to make a life with me is when I will settle down... if you just want to ghost everyone well expect to be single all your life
  • mrgspoter
    Just kill of all the stupid manchild's make em fight to the death on ppv be amazing
    • Good idea. Breed them out. Then we could bring more real men back into the gene pool

  • Great job girl❤️💪
    • Ellie-V

      But you live gender roles 😅 I thought you wouldn’t care for this one

    • WowwGirl

      I respect everyone's views I don't have to agree with them their yours and you are awesome plus and it was written well so 👍 to me

    • WowwGirl

      And I'm not on of those idiots that think a generalization means just pointed at ME🙂

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  • michael1469
    So you are not going to make me a sandwich, clean the house, all naked.
    • Ellie-V

      No but I’m sure someone else would love to do that for you

    Amen sister!!!
  • BlackCatBone
    Well said.